Clones Removal

Now we ask to Soul if she is aware of the existence of any copy of the present physical body/container: these copies must be destroyed, or, through their activation, the Soul would be captured again against her will. Then we ask to the Soul to go looking for these copies in the holographic grid, (obviously we’ll use a term that she is able to understand, like… look for it now, or… look for it in the present moment, or… look for it around you.)

We’ll tell her that she knows where the copies are, and that she can easily connect to them and we invite her to look in those places of the universe where these copies are. It takes to the Soul approximately 50 seconds to find the 1st place, and within 3 minutes she finds the main three places where the copies are. One of this places is always a closet used for preservation. It is guarded by the military. Another one of these places is usually where there’s the corresponding alien specie. This corresponds to the active alien memory in the subject; here there are transparent cylinders where the copies are floating in the usual preserving liquid. A third place usually corresponds to the place which is characterized by copies stored in a horizontal position, and which are usually linked to the alien called Horus, or to the Growl. The number of copies varies from one to three, depending on the place and on the procedures used. We then ask to Soul, every time she finds one of the places where the copies are preserved, to bump them off, while encouraging her and reminding her that they are not alive, but they are fake, in order to avoid crisis and internal conflicts. In this module we can use some time to verify where exactly the copies are when they are destroyed, so that we can also verify who is actually keeping the copies. In this way we’ll make sure one of the following presences: military, AAM, which is confirmed by the data obtained with the previous module, and also the extra-dimensional parasite: Horus (which contains RA, the parasite without a body,) or Growl (with its alien content that can also be without a body.) (We want to remind here that Horus, Ra e Growl are just conventional names that we gave to these aliens in our previous works.)


Actually we recently found out that, when Soul describes the place where her physical body/containers are stored, she also sees physical body/containers for other unknown abductees.

We presently have the tendency to ask to Soul to eliminate all the physical body/containers that she perceives, both hers and the ones belonging to other people. This operation doesn’t seem to have any cost, and gives the indirect advantage to help freeing other abductees, which are still unaware they have been abducted. (End of fifth module.)


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