Reprogramming the Soul Component Towards The Primodial Man

If the abductee’s Soul component comes from Primordial Man (PM), she usually feels some nostalgia for her first physical body/container, which is at times deified as the father or the owner or the creator.

Soul desires to go back to it as soon as possible and she often time remembers that she’s been abandoned here, and she lives waiting for PM to come back to take her again.

The Soul shows a complete unawareness for what actually happened, and she wrongly believes she must wait for PM to come back.

But we know that things are really different than this. We know that PM has blocked within itself its Soul component, in order to make its physical body/container immortal, but also blocking the ability for the Soul to experience, because she cannot experience the only thing for which she has come to this universe, meaning experiencing death.

PM doesn’t want to die and it behaves towards Soul exactly in the same way as the other aliens do, since they crave for the Soul to be blocked in their physical body/containers, so that they can be immortal, even if they prevent Soul and all Conscience to experience.

PM uses a trick to solve this problem.

It has taken its Soul components and it has shared them with the men’s physical body/containers, so that Soul could experience death using the human physical body/containers.

But it seems that at the end of this experience the Soul wanted to go back to her original owner, PM, who put her in a cage forever. Soul is still here with us because she has been abandoned by PM and she is totally unaware that she’s been used and exploited by her future jailers.

When we remind to Soul in this module about her role in this matter, she shows anger against PM and she doesn’t want to go back to it anymore. Through this realization we try to let the Soul component understand that the weird tall man who seems an old wise man (that’s the way the Mind sees it,) who appears at times during the SIMBAD practiced by the freed abductees, and who wants to convince the Soul to go back to him, it is actually a smart human lair, who wants to cage Soul after she has experienced death, using her in this context and having her being abducted often times by the aliens, and using her as a Trojan horse during the alien abductions.

PM uses also mankind as cannon fodder, causing the human race extermination every thousands of years, in order to avoid that the Soul component gets to be taken by the aliens, and to avoid that mankind obtains self consciousness and realizes the way things are.

As we already said in a different venue, mankind has no advocate, neither alien nor the human military, and not even PM (who created the aliens, which built us afterwards so that they could, through us become just like PM.) PM itself somehow committed a sin, wanting to become immortal and maybe eternal just like its first creator.

We deprogram the Soul via this last module from following PM, and we gift her the opportunity to be free and to choose her own future.


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