The Photo Album

At this point, since Soul has perceived herself within her physical body/container that now has no interferences, we are able to reprogram her for her future. But in order to do this, Soul needs to see and recognize all of the aliens which used to interact with her physical body/container. These are aliens that she doesn’t remember, but that she will soon recognize. We ask to the Soul to create a photo album and to show to her physical body/container, in his mind, a picture for each one of the species that used to come. Now the Soul, without any apparent difficulty, creates a photo album containing all of the alien species that we describe in our studies. For each image that the Soul briefly describes (we don’t want to dwell PMon these descriptions for too long, because they only serve for the Soul to verify which is the type of alien that she needs to keep away, and for us to understand what kind of aliens she is looking at,) we will encourage Soul to create the next image.

The Soul needs to see:

Alien Races by Valentina Z.

  1. the Saurus / Reptilian
  2. the Insectoid / Mantis
  3. the Heart-shaped head ( a sort of a grey alien, little bit higher, elephant like skin and highly telepathic )
  4. the Five-finger Blond / Orange ( with a blue jumpsuite, usually accompanied by a female looking alien )
  5. the Frong-finger amphibian alien
  6. the Lux / Orb
  7. the Human military
  8. the Six-finger blond ( the Growl) or the Nordic.
  9. the Horus / Draco  (the alien which looks like a winged anthropomorphous and which is linked to the Egyptian civilization)
  10.  the Ebe (the classic Gray, with all its versions
  11.  the Black spot (content of the trans-dimensional parasites: Horus or Growl)
  12.  anybody else that she can recognize

It is possible that some of the above aliens won’t be remembered, and this could happen because, PM till now, we are not sure that all of the abductees had something to do with all of the above species. If the Soul, at a certain point, cannot remember anything else, that means she hasn’t had that kind of interferences, and so we need to put it off at this stage, and possibly use generalizing sentences, (in transformational grammar the generalization process is used when there’s no description for any class which uses a categorizing element, so that it is possible to include anything that can be included,) which will teach the Soul to avoid being captured by anybody.


It is just now that we need to inform the Soul that the Horus and the Growl are just physical body/containers for other things “without a body”, which usually she sees as black shapeless and bi-dimensional spots: while the “Six-finger” is a fake physical body/container and the “Horus” is an alive physical body/container. Soul must be informed also that destroying or chasing away those two physical body/containers is not sufficient, but that she must be able to recognize within them “the other ones”, so that she won’t  allow them to get close to her anymore. If we ask to Soul, at this point, where these beings which are contained come from, she has no doubts, and she says that these two entities, without a body, come from another place, where there are no “physical bodies” or where everything closes in itself. In conclusion, even if the abductee person doesn’t know anything, the Soul turns out to be very well informed once she is aware and well informed about the state of things.

When the Soul is aware of all of this different kind of aliens and military (the subject, who  doesn’t remember anything before this simulation, is able to exactly describe them, because the Soul shows him the images which she gets from the holographic grid,) she can be re-programmed. We will ask her is she wants these “gentlemen” not to come and take her anymore or take her physical body/container. It must be always underlined the idea of her and also of her physical body/container, otherwise the Soul re-programs herself so that nobody can get her, but she will not consider the fact that the aliens can still interfere with her physical body/container. We need to always remind to the Soul that even her physical body/container shouldn’t be abducted anymore. If the Soul agrees, we’ll ask her if she wants us to teach her how to “send them away.” The Soul always answers yes to this, and so we ask her to see this physical body/container’s future in just a moment. We could match these words with the usual visual-kinesthetic help with phrases like:

…see this physical body/container’s future… do you still see those “gentlemen” coming to get your physical body/container?…

Obviously the Soul answers yes, and she says:

…yes they come back, but they cannot do anything anymore…

Or she might say:

…only Tom and Dick come back…

depending on how well we did in the previous modules.

Now we ask to the Soul to clean her future from these images, so that we’ll automatically clean even the reality of their presence.

We’ll match this visualization using the words:

never-again, not-anymore, deleted, stop (the term stop is interpreted by the Soul as “never happened”.)

We will ask to the Soul to look again and to observe if these guys come back again.

Soul observe her future and describes what is now in her future. Usually she says that the aliens will come back, but they cannot do anything anymore. They don’t take neither her, nor her physical body/container, but they come back. At times she says that they come back looking for some acquaintances or relatives living with that physical body/container (children, partner, siblings, parents.)

At this point we ask to the Soul if she will let them take her: either take her, or her physical body/container; (in this way we project in the present that confirmation about the future.) Soul says NO, firmly!

Now we need to get the Soul ready to give us 2 important information, and that’s why we ask her to look in her future, and in her physical body/container’s future. We ask her to count them. Soul see all of the physical body/containers at once, but she doesn’t know how many they are, unless we ask her to count them. In this way she sees them one at a time, and so she can count them. The Soul says that the number of physical body/containers is between 0 as a minimum (meaning the present one, which is the last one,) and 6 as the maximum, all the time.

This type of question is meant to let the person understand what is his destiny in this future, and also to let us understand if the answer is statistically consistent with all the others, so that all the other answers collected can gain credibility. Moreover Soul becomes immediately aware about what the future is saving for her, and she often describes, “When everything is finished over here we go over there, in a dimension made of light.”

We want to remind that the person is not under hypnosis but he is in a state which is linked to his Soul component, and he immediately answers without being aware of what he says, since the left hemisphere in the brain has been cut off from 80% of the communication. The second testing question is about the very first physical body/container for the Soul. We ask the Soul to tell us how is her very first physical body/container. It is necessary to use the present tense because Soul goes and see her present first physical body/container, which is still present, and actually co-present with our time. The goal for this investigation is to verify if the Soul we are dealing with comes from the 1st or from the 2nd creator. If the Soul describes the body of her 1st guest as a giant human, we are dealing with a Primordial Man (PM) and it is necessary to use another Soul deprogramming module; instead, if the Soul’s physical body/container is any other physical body/container, it is not necessary to use this module, and we proceed asking the Soul if she wants to try to join her Spirit and her Mind, through a fusion experiment. Usually Soul is hesitant at first, but then she tries and she gets an immediate advantage from this. So we teach to the Soul how to cooperate in the triad, and we set to zero all of those schizophreniac attitudes which are typical of many abductees. They acquire a “map of the territory” which is complete, at least for their virtual neighborhood.


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