Removal Of AAM/APM, Lux & Trans-dimensional Parasites

 Only after eliminating the electronic interferences we ask to the Soul to check the subject’s cranium: we will tell her the following sentence:

…in your physical body/container, there’s something alive which is not yours …… you can see it clearly from there … it looks like something with a different color than your brain …Look closely…

The Soul tries this, and within approximately 20 seconds she finds the Lux and the AAM, either one first. The Lux always appears as a shining little ball which moves in order not to get caught by the Soul’s beam of light, and which tries to exit the cranium going, at times, on the solar plexus. The Soul needs to be helped with words and must be encouraged to eliminate it. The Soul can do that in a second but she is often time scared by this thing, which moves on its own will: but we must insist and we must find a way to make the Soul consume it, eliminate it, coventrate it. The Soul needs to be informed that if the Lux is not eliminated, it will come back. Being successful in eliminating the Lux really depends on how efficient is the external operator in working with the abducted person. The Lux often escapes out of the physical body/container before being eliminated. In this case we need to say to the Soul to chase it and to get rid of it, since this is the only way to break free from it. At times the Soul doesn’t want to get rid of the Lux, but she chase it away from her physical body/container. But at least the Soul has learned to recognize it and chase it away.

Now we take care of the AAM.

We want to show to the Soul a certain cerebral hemisphere: the Soul finds it alone, which goes along with the left-handedness of the subject, if this is present. (It is never wrong, and it always positions the AAM in the left brain for right handed.) We ask Soul to look inside that area of her physical body/container’s brain, which has a different color, and to see a shape, a body, something that occupies that area.

The Soul now sees the shape of the AAM’s body, and she realizes what kind of AAM the person has always carried within.

Now we ask to eliminate the AAM too, using words like:

...your will is like a shining sponge which goes on that area of the brain and cleans it off… off everything that is not yours… just like it has never-again been there.

This operation requires on average anything between two and five minutes.

When the Soul has completed her work, we ask her to try and verify how she feels in her physical body/container now, without all of the other stuff.

The Soul answers that she feels as is she has more room, and her physical body/container answers in a relaxed way, and even the facial expression seem to be more relaxed. (End of the fourth module.)


In some cases the subject, or the be more precise, his Soul component, perceives at this level the Tran-dimensional parasite, which is the one who stays within the Growl or the Six-fingered. This parasite is perceived as some kind of black shape without any three-dimensionality, which is archetypically linked to the cerebellum, or behind the abductee anyway.

If this happens, it is just in this moment that the the person needs to get rid of it using her will. This experience seems a forced separation which is violent at times, but the Soul’s will always win. Always! It is not always true that this particular parasite shows itself, and this is due to different reasons; the first one is that this kind of parasites are continuously present and hooked to the abductee’s body. They live in another universe and they are “over there”. Often times they are hooked to the physical body/container, who doesn’t see them at this point in the procedure, but he will see them later on, in the photo album module, (read the rest of this document.) A different hypothesis is that the parasite has the tendency not to show itself. Anyhow, it will be eliminated in the following modules.


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