List Of The Alien Races Involved In Abductions

This is a list of Alien races involved in abductions, I’ve seen only the greys and the Lux, the lux was the most scaring one.. here the complete article from Malanga’s blog:

This is a quick list, but you cannot miss it! I’ll be back on this topic with more details, soon.

These are the alien races interfering, as it came out from our studies and statistics. 40 years of research, ok? Other races might be around but they don’t make themselves visible, they may keep “in the shadow” for the time being:

The Greys: yes, the classic alien you see all over: short, 3,94 feet, big black eyes, three/four long fingers.
They are biological machines. Robots. Slaves. They stink like hell!!
They are the ones you remember most because the are in the front line, in charge to “take you away” and “bring you back”.
Are mentally strong and use telepathic communication.
Have a “magic stick” to deliver painful electric charges on you, in case you don’t want to follow them. Yes, we use this treatment on dogs…….

The Lizards: as you see them on web, more or less. Military race. Rough. Usually accompanied by English speaking military. Seem always nervous. When getting angry their eyes become red. Vertical pupils.

The Insects: brown, green and white. Very diplomat but the same sh*t. Usually accompanied by Hebrew military.. Ugly enough. Big black eyes, as grays. Very tall when they stand up, from 13 up to 32 feet.

The Orange or The 5 Fingered Blond (but actually the hair is reddish ); humanoid, vertical pupils, around 7,2 feet. Wears a blue stretched uniform with a two entangled triangle symbol on the chest. Has a feminine counterpart. Usually accompanied by French military.

 Horus-Ra: chicken like head, very ugly and totally different from what you might have ever seen! Very tall, more then 13 feet, dark skin, almost violet. On the forehead has something like a Third Eye.
Great resemblance to the Egyptian deity, Horus.
This is just the biological body, inside resides “the real thing”, the bodyless alien: “Ra”. So this one we call it “horus-ra” ( it may be also called Shiva )
Horus-ra, in its real form ( bodyless, bidimensional, something like a dark ghost ) parasites the abductee. You carry it all over…
Has great mental control over the abductee.
Very mean.

8&9 – The “Growl” or The Fake Blond – 6 fingers. Very tall, very fair haired, very mean. Wears a long white gown. This is not a real body, It’s a machine made by Insects for another extra-dimensional alien which in its real form it seems like a dark spot floating in the air ( Castaneda’s voladores?)
It parasites the abductee thru a special joint on the back. Has great mental control over the abductee. This is the one from “The Exorcist”

LUX the Light Being: bodyless entity which appears like a moving flame, sometimes as a flying child made of light presenting dark “eyes” and dark “nails”. Enters through the solar plexus and dwells in the brain. May have a great influence on the life and personality of the host.
Often the person hears an “Inner Voice” ( !! ) or sees the “inner guide”(!!)
Please be aware.

The Primordial Man ( IT: l’Uomo Primo, UP ). Very tall human, 20 feet up. The one who created the tridimensional aliens ( 5 finger blonds, insects, Lizards and others ). In our earthly traditions he’s the Adam Kadmon. He’s Vishnu. And others.
This one plays the “good father” whith us but he’s actually a liar and very egocentric.
Once in a while he decides to destroy the humanity so that Souls cannot gain much awareness about what is REALLY going on, on one hand and the aliens won’t grip the Souls, on the other hand.

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  1. Mona Scotia said:

    Well then you should probably be told, so here goes…Those things have been just hanging out in my bedroom for quite a few weeks. I know what they are. I have video I wish I could send to SOMEBODY! I’m freaking out here. I will not sleep in that room and my narrow minded, ignorant, uninformed boyfriend, he does. You don’t know what I’ve been through. I’m trying to save myself, alone and now him! They are after him because he doesn’t even care! So, I put up camera’s with security. I started receiving alerts immediately that something was was making the sensor’s sound a quiet alarm. Not only that but I watch what is up all day and night, via my cell phone. Who should I call to help me rid myself and house of these???? One must not be challenged when making statements about seeing aliens and ufo’s, Camera’s don’t lie. In early evening if he is sleeping, two things are present. They stay all night and maybe they are just living here now. Shit! One alien has no body it is a erie scary moving black soot, or black fog, though it has eyes! He mostly hangs back while the whitish, with no body, chamleons into a place where she blends, like a folded bedspread. Her face is right there clear in the video and she smothers him and he doesn’t wake up, and if I go and wake him up, he’s mad. She brings her family it looks to me like. She will hover and attach herself. I have ran screaming into that room and begged him to not sleep there. He yells at me bla bla bla, and goes right back down into a coma state. Last night, I was so freaked out! I saw all these creatures in my room around him harvesting him I guess, I don’t know, stealing his soul energy, says Dr. Malanga. Oh where is Dr Malanga wtf am i suppose to do? So I blurted into that room, to confront whatever was there, with a flash camera and started snapping away. Nothing happened, they ignored me it seems. I can only see them on camera so I couldn’t tell what was happening after the flashing. He was startled, and mad at me so I walked back out still arguing that he should sleep on the couch, and I went to look at the pictures. What I saw, Around the bed, according to my pictures, are several tall lizard, insects, F—k!!!!! just looking back at me and my camera. He was surrounded by many. Oh my God poor Sam….Here I am again tonight. It’s like this every night now. I can’t even seep at all. If you have any thoughts you want to share, please do, well you’re all I got. No pressure. lol

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