FMS – The New Technique

FMS – The New Technique

The mental simulation needs to be guided by an external person who doesn’t need to have any special information about the NLP and the hypnosis techniques, but needs to have a very good expertise about the abduction phenomena based on the results of our studies.We must underline that this simulation, even if it could seem a game, addresses and activates the four archetypal channels of a human being, and so it must be guided using great skill and experience in order to avoid the person from going involuntarily into a deep hypnotic state, which the person guiding the session would not be able to manage, if he/she is not an expert on these techniques. When we say that it is not necessary to have special prerequisites to use this technique, it doesn’t mean that anybody can use this technique without any caution.

In this mental simulation the person is required to create a specific place, which will have to be described beforehand, in which he sees andperceives himself flying.

This first stepwhich is the first module, or introductory module, willunconsciously draw close powerful archetypes through the mental simulation, and so alert in this way the different components: soul, spirit, mind and body of the person, even without openly calling them into play.

Using simple words, one will evoke, for example, the soul component of the person without giving the possibility to the internal parasites or the active alien memory (MAA) to be conscious of what’s happening.

Actually we were able to notice that some person were not able to achieve good results through the SIMBAD technique, because of strong alien interferences in the virtual room used in the SIMBAD itself, because of the influence of three components: Lux, MAA and the extra-corporeal parasite: something we extensively talked about in our previous works. Instead, through this new procedure it does not happen that an alien parasite takes over the situation and is able to prevent the correct development of the procedure.

This was at least one goal that we can now achieve.

In the starting module we link up the body of the person with the ideas of air, water, earth and fire, unconsciously activating in this way the man’s four components. While the person is being distracted and drawn by the description of the four forces that surround him, and that keep on being continuously called again by the person guiding the simulation, the person is led to think that nothing irregular or dangerous is happening. This kind of approach deeply relaxes the person and once this has happened the second module makes the soul component to detach, so that the person can have a preferential talk through a process called “simple dissociation” ( I see my soul as being outside of me. )

This module, called recognition module, happens in a space-time area where only soul and the person are able to interact with each other. In this moment there can’t be any kind of interference, alien or military, internal or external to the body of the subject.

In this situation the mirror archetype will help us. This was already and abundantly used in the SIMBAD as a tool to control the real identity of the entities that appear in the internal virtual room and that must look at themselves in the mirror in order to verify their true nature.

Next there are the operating modules in which, following a precise order and using the “double dissociation” technique, the soul part of the subject will be put in the position to read in the body, the container of the abductee person, to check for the presence of different microchips, and to eliminate them. Next to the soul part will be asked to look for copies of its container that are controlled by the aliens or the military, and then to destroy them or to eliminate them from the space-time.

The next module is called the photo album module. We then ask to soul to show the pictures for everybody who came and took this container, so that soul can see them and recognize them, in order to become aware of them. Once this is done, still within this module, we then ask the soul to eliminate from the container’s future all of the characters in the photo album. We then ask to check again if in the future they will come back and we insist until the subject “does not see” anymore, in his future, the aliens interfering with him. It is very important to do this accurately because it corresponds to the reprogramming step of the future, which is so important to the classic NLP. At this point we ask to soul to remember its first container, and if this was the container of a Primordial Man ( PM – somehow similar toAdam Kadmon ) we must proceed to an ulterior module which will describe later in this document. Instead if soul does not have this memory, we proceed to ask her to join with her mind and to her spirit, and to feel the fusion. Finally we make the subject come out of the mirror, who comes back to our virtual universe.

At this point the subject is potentially forever free from the alien issue. Even if the aliens come back, they are not able to use him anymore. In this context we need to specify which must be the abductee’s attitude from that moment on towards the alien, in order to avoid unfortunate situations in which the phenomenon returns, which we will describe right after describing each module in detail.


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