Premilinary Module

We ask the person to create an internal world in which he will fly.

This world must contain the sea, that fades away on the horizon in all directions, the sky, with the sun that warms PM the air, and an island in any position he likes. We must ask the person to fly in this world and while he is flying we then tell him to keep a running commentary on his flight. We then help the person to visualize the context with some phrases like:

.. when you will fly downwards, on the water, you hear a strong noise from the water and from the waves, you have that kind of sticky feeling, typical of salt, and you feel also some water spraying on you; but when you fly high you feel a little warm because you are closer to the sun and, if you slow down or you are not moving, you feel the noise coming from the air blowing on your face or on your ears. A subtle and weak noise if you are still in the air, but strong if you go fast, just as if you were putting your head out of the window while in a train…

While the person is busy describing through his VAK channels the context and the feelings he has, we will ask him at a certain moment, (approximately 60 seconds after the beginning of the running commentary:)

…How are you dressed? Is it warm or cold? Is it very windy?…

And only after the person has focused also these kinesthetic anchors, we tell him that:

…Hanging in the sky there is a little dot, far far away, hanging in mid-air, and if you flies close to it, you will realize that the little dot is a mirror hanging in mid-air

We then ask him to stop in front of the mirror and to look at himself and see how he is dressed. (First simple dissociation)

Once the person has looked at himself and dissociated himself, (that means he is giving control of the simulated images to the right hemisphere, and in this way we are giving control to the Soul,) we’ll ask him to fly in the mirror, in just one leap, because there’s a different place on the other side where only him and his Soul can stay.

The person flies on the other side of the mirror. (End of the 1st part)


In some cases the person sees the mirror completely black. In this case we must say to the person that there’s another mirror which is all shining and that he must enter within that one and ignore the black one.

The black mirror is an attempt by the alien parasites, which are hosts within the abductee’s physical body/container, which try to mislead the subject.

Another technique successfully used and applied when the person enters by mistake in the black mirror is telling him that there is still another shining mirror within that place.

And we invite him to go through that one too.

The mirror archetype is very powerful and unconsciously calls forth the place in which the Soul lives out of time.

It always unconsciously evokes Bohm’s virtual universe geometry, which does not allow the ones that are not atemporal to be in an atemporal place like that one. In other words, under an “ideic” mythological point of view, but so also symbolic-archetypical, one gets over the threshold of the place where there cannot be anybody who is not Soul.

In the fairy stories the devil or the vampire or the zombie or the living dead do not have a mirror image, don’t have a shadow and not only they cannot go on the other side, the place of the Soul’s myth, but they don’t even have a mirror image because their image, meaning their essence made of photons which bounce against matter and interact with it in the virtual world, gets to be “thrown back on this side” and cannot go further.

Besides we must underline that, in this virtual archetypal world created by the subject’s Mind, there are 4 archetypes: earth, air, fire and water, which are powerful, and it is better to quickly switch to the final vision of the mirror. The module shouldn’t last more than 3 minutes, and I’d say that it gets to be dangerous if we take more than 5 minutes. During this time frame it is good to focus the subjects’ attention on the mirror, which must be placed in mid-air, in the sky (we’ll support this vision with an appropriate visual induction.) Observing the island for too long could lead the person to see in his body the links with the different parasites, and focusing too long on the sea could induce the subject’s Mind to “throw out” all the mental problems of the person, who is supposedly being abducted. In this part the sea could be exactly described as black and stormy, and on the island there could materialize some alien figures linked to the presence of an Active Alien Memory (AAM), otherwise linked to the presence of alien parasites like the six fingered Blond, or the alien that is conventionally identified as Horus.


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