Then What Happens When The Aliens Arrive?

Then What Happens When The Aliens Arrive?

( this post is part of the article The Physics Of Abductions )

Let us assume that our existence may be described as a series of situations which, in turn, may be pictured by an equal number of frames of a movie projected on the drop curtain of the virtual reality. The film with its events and frames are moving bottom up in space and in time and our brain reads one frame at a time.

If there was an hypothetical helicopter flying along the film at the same speed the film is moving in time, the pilot would always see, next to him, always the same imagine, always the same picture and would interact, during his flight, always with the same frame, which he would always and only highlight with his headlamp, as it is shown in the following pictures.
clip_image003 clip_image004

We’ll see that this is only one aspect of what actually happens, but for now this is a step forward to understand what happens during an abduction. The helicopter is nothing more and nothing less than the alien craft which interferes with your space-time reality, while freezing time locally. This would occur because the alien craft somehow places itself on the time axis of our local reality and interacts, in phase, with our time. Time freezes for us and for the alien, but not for the rest of the animated things, not for the rest of those things endowed with Consciousness, which would tend to disappear from the scenery perceived by the abductee. It is like something is holding us back in Frame number 4 (as in the picture,) while all other “living” things keep on regularly moving forward to Frames number 5, 6, 7…

When an abduction starts we are being pulled out from our virtually pinned frame. In other words, the alien stop our journey on the various frames, let the other characters in the movie continue, as it normally happens, but it blocks us. In order to do this, it travels in time at the same speed as we do, as if it was a car that draws up beside us on a freeway because it goes at the same speed. But this shift is happening only along one axis, Time axis.

When the two cars (the one we drive and the alien drives,) are going at the same speed, they appear still to each other, and the alien is able to interact with our reality which would appear still compared with us. It appears still to us because as soon as the alien’s car comes by our side, both cars block. The landscape doesn’t move anymore and everything is freeze-frame.

Soon we’ll see that even the smallest inconsistency, difficult to understand at this level, will be quickly resolved, modifying some local parameters. The story-line that we’ve just proposed you now is just the same one that we advanced before, while suggesting that the alien are physically moving on the holographic grid, traveling only in time or only in space.

To the abductee this story line would fit exactly to what he/she reports: everything is STILL except him/her and the aliens, who can move within this freeze-framed space-time. Nobody else’s around because the other “living” entities moved on to the next frames. Once again we can see that lifeless things remain still, while living things can move on in the holographic grid, as sustained by some scholars of Bohm’s virtual reality. And once again virtual reality appears to be quantized, both in space and time, and along the axis of the potential energies.



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