In a previous article called Simulazioni Mentali ( Mental Simulation, translator’s note ), we tried to describe the operational procedure in order to connect the Soul to Mind and Spirit through the exercise called SIMBAD. We want to remind you, with the present, that the SIMBAD exercise was created to get around the impossibility to put under hypnosis hundreds of thousands of people which are suffering being victims of alien abductions.

As we saw in that occasion, and after documenting that through a wide literature, mental simulations are a valid system to solve practical problems. We maintained that, besides helping the brain solving virtual issues, and so being able to be beneficial, and so trained to solve the issue, which is external to our mental simulation, it would be possible to modify the future through creating the requirements necessary for the deletion of the problem itself.

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) seemed to work on these parameters, which would be also the ones described through some subatomic and quantum physics experiments ( like the Einstein, Rosen, Podovsky paradox ).

All of the above was directly confirmed by some interpretations of the data from regressive hypnosis that allowed the abductees to free themselves from the alien presence, in the present and in the past and in the future, which were “modified” by the abductees’ will and conscience.

Such working hypothesis were apparently confirmed by some episodes in which some variations of the virtual reality that surrounds us were recorded ( recoveries from sicknesses, elimination of microchips in the abductees without surgical intervention, destruction of such objects without physically removing them, considerable paranormal phenomena, etc. ) In this contest it seemed once again clear that the subject’s soul, which was involved during the regressive hypnosis sessions, could, as we might say, “make miracles”, where a miracle was the alteration of space and energy and time parameters of the Bohmian Universe.

So we were planning a procedure that, through just one hypnosis session, could achieve the goal of solving the abductions issue for the abductees. The soul was going to be re-programmed and, through its own volition, it would have acted on its conscience, the divine and real part of its “self”, altering the virtuality’s parameters and refusing to continue an experience which is considered harmful.

The procedure, applied on many different persons, seemed to give excellent results, and if the alien came back to bother the person, he couldn’t do anything except disturb from afar the person, who was not an abductee anymore.

This procedure was complex and one hypnosis session used to last approximately two hours. Subsequently the person was followed for approximately one month to monitor his/her rapport with the external world, and so even with the alien species, that were trying to retake what they considered being their property.

If the procedure was done correctly, the person was never going to be captured again, even if often times he/she still suffered psychological traumas, trying to defend his/herself against the alien interference which was not going to “give up”, so to speak.

It is necessary to underline that some persons were able to free themselves using only one series of SIMBAD aimed at this purpose, and in this context, we noticed that, when the SIMBAD was guided by an external person (guided SIMBAD), was easier for the abductee to enter in its internal virtual reality, with better results.

This was caused, according to us, by the fact that in the SIMBAD’s mental simulation the person needed to be simultaneously in two roles: the one of the person who asks the questions, and the one of the person who answers with a different conscience.

In plain words this split personality, this double role, can create a slowdown for the cerebral functions which, according to Pribram’s theories, would be proportional to the number of operations that the brain itself must complete in a “machine cycle”, if we think about the brain as a “biological computer”.

As an example, when in the SIMBAD the person talk with his soul, he himself is unconsciously “soul”, but must split in a double role, the one of the the person who asks and the one of the person who answers, and doing so he must engage, alternatively, two different conscious states: the one of the soul who answers, and the one of the triad (soul, mind and spirit) who asks.

But if in a mind simulation exercise, induced from the outside, we were able to obtain the same results that we used to get through deep hypnosis, then we could build a mind simulation which could assure us getting to the same results without using the hypnotic session.

In this case we were going to build a new kind of SIMBAD, appropriately modified, which had only the goal to free the abductee from his problem, giving him the ability to defend him from the same alien interferences in the future.

Moreover, if the hypnosis technique or some NLP information was not necessary, anybody, after a proper preparation, would have been able to guide the exercise for anybody else. The advantage of such an operation would be very high because we would have:

· Effective speed

· No need of specific prerequisite for the operator (see the rest of this document)

· Methods which are less invasive than deep hypnosis

· Total lack of alien interferences during the simulation

· The ability to reach in a short time a lot of abductees

· The possibility to use telecommunication media without needing to travel

· No cost

· The possibility to overcome the issue coming from the allegation of illegality for using hypnosis techniques, which is often raised by our denigrators

The new technique

The mind exercise that we offer here has been largely tested on dozen and dozens of new abductees and is created with different application modules which could be technically applied not necessarily in sequence, and so separated from each other, for abductees who are partially free. They must be applied instead following a precise operating sequence for new abductees according to what we explain below.


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