Welcome boys and girls

Welcome guys, if you are here I think you have a little problem with some unwanted visitors in the night. If you’re here hoping to read shit about Nibiru, Annunaki and that sort of rubbish I’m sorry, that’s nothing for you here.

I decided to create this page to give some help to peoples who suffers alien abductions, I’m from Italy and some guys with a big head tried to abduct me some years ago. I realized it weren’t dream or hallucinations reading “Alien Cicatrix”, an e-book by an Italian researcher named Corrado Malanga.

First thing I was absolutely terrified by this discovery, I finally was able to understand why I woke up every night at 3:00, I understood that the creatures I saw years before were real.

In this blog you’ll find the techniques developed by Corrado Malanga to get free from any alien interference easily.

Feel free to get in touch here or to my mail address adampilers @ yahoo.it.

Be strong a remember, you’re stronger than any alien :).



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