Relation between fear and alien abductions

Many authors seems to agree that there is a strong relation between negative emotions, like fear or depression, and alien abductions.

It seems that when our mental defense are week is easier for aliens to abduct us. It seems they need some sort of approval by us for the abduction, you are thinking “Wtf??? Approval??”, yes. For approval I mean that there isn’t a strong reaction by the abductee, and there isn’t a strong will to never see them again.
This is because the abductee don’t know he can stop the alien abduction, and he’s not conscious of his power against the alien.

Aliens use our fear to keep us controlled and to get in touch with us, most of the abduction started in a difficult period for the abductee, usually in the adolescence, when the inner struggle is stronger. My case started when I was 16yo, and I had many relationship problems with other people, that caused much suffering. The same is for many abduceed.

Most of the abduction take place during a sleep paralysis, often between 3am and 5am, from Wikipedia:

“[…] Sleep paralysis occurs either when falling asleep, or when awakening. When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis. […] The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes, with some rare cases being hours, “by which the individual may experience panic symptoms” […]. As the correlation with REM sleep suggests, the paralysis is not entirely complete; use of EOG traces shows that eye movement is still possible during such episodes.

This could be not new for you, Sleep paralysis is a natural defense of the body to avoid you hurt yourself moving during the sleep, sometimes this condition does not end with the awakening and we experience it.

The intense fear caused by such situation, in my opinion, calls back the aliens, the abduction is served!

Even when we are awake our fear can call back the aliens, that can appear right in front of us, this will scare us more and more, and the abduction experience will be complete.

So, how can we prevent fear?
1) Stop looking at alien and UFO footage all the day, probably there isn’t ONE real alien picture or video on the web.
2) Stop considering them invincible, evolved, better than you, if they would be better than humans, they would face us by day, not when we’re sleeping.
3) Take consciousness of your power, they need you alive and healthy, they won’t kill or hurt you seriously, they won’t carry you away forever. You can hurt them, you can send them back with your will.
4) Relax before going to sleep.
5) I experienced a reduction of sleep paralysis when I sleep prone.

If you don’t fear them and if you’re ready to react each time they come to you, it would be really a problem for them.
Some people report that if you order the greys to leave you they often agree and go back through the wall. In spite of the big head they does not seem to be so smart.

This won’t stop abduction forever but it’s the first step, use the technique called SIMBAD to kick them off.

  1. I believe that they use an angle that we do not perceive.
    And observe us constantly from that spot.
    Dont you feel watched sometimes ?

    • They live in a kind of “parallel universe”, maybe one of them is right next to me while I’m writing you, the matter is that he will never get in touch to me now, because I closed that door they used to jump this side forever.
      I do not feel observed anymore, and it’s a cool thing :). Try the SIMBAD and visit Corrado Malanga’s official blog, it will help you too to say goodbye forever to the aliens :).

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