About Eso-Parasitology

Some explanatory notes about eso-parasitology

Thanks to this first example of a chart that relates the triad’s colors ( “triad” meaning the Soul, Mind and Spirit )  and the different types of interferences, we can get more information “automatically”, meaning they are a result of the colored space geometry that we have been describing.

It goes without saying that the Universe is divided in eight octants, each one of them inhabited by a particular type of beings. The action of analyzing and identifying the octants is related to the colored axis orientation, which describes one of the parasite’s colored components (either the mental, the spiritual, or the soul component, exclusively for Primordial Man deriving from the first creator, PM1). So it is easy to foretell that if the first creator’s Soul is blue, it can be directly parasitized by something that is in the octant which is not contiguous to ours, but it’s still on the same side of our creation. From this point of view, when we try to describe the eight octants and we place mankind and bodily aliens in the fifth octant (see below), then we can immediately assign in the third octant PM1 (Primordial Man 1) and, on the other hand, the probable Primordial Man for the Second Creator (PM2) can only be in the sixth octant. The Creator of our semi-universe then lives in the fourth octant and Lux-like creatures, by elimination, live in the eight octant. If that is the case, the other octants are automatically assigned since PM2 is the mirror image for PM1 and C1 is mirror image for C2. Here there’s room also to mention a parasite we’ve only recently discovered and that we have called “Blue” because of its incorporeal emissions color. Blue is similar to Lux, but it has been created by the Second Creator. It’s not a chance that it is blue-colored, while Lux is often yellow, (yellow is the symmetrically opposite color to blue if we use the geometrical operation called “inverted centre”)

Chart for the universal inhabited octants

clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image008
First octant(++-)Blu = Blue, The Blue Being Second octant(+—)Ra, shadow being better known as Horus-Ra because of the brid-like body it uses when operating in our Universe. Third octant (+-+)UP = PM, Primoldial Man Fourth octant (+++)C1 is the Creator of PM
clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014 clip_image016
Eight octant (—+)LUX is the “light being” Seventh octant (—)C2 is the Creator who lost its Soul Consiousness, the creator of the incorporeal aliens. Sixth octant (-+-)UP2 = PM2 the counterpart of the more Physical Primordial Man Fifth octant (-++)“Noi” = “us”

We can also verify this by analyzing the interferences which have colors in the right vectorial direction. This agrees perfectly with the chart and the colored cube below. Here, our octant corresponds to white, in front of this we obviously have black (in the back and at the bottom in the colored cube).


We need to underline that the parasite called Lux cannot directly connect to neither Soul, nor Spirit, nor Mind since there cannot be any correlation for beings occupying octants that share a plane, but only correlations with octants that share an edge or a point: this is merely due to geometrical reasons. For the same reason the Alien Active Memories (AAM) cannot hook themselves neither to Mind, nor to Spirit or Soul because they belong to the same octant. In fact both Lux and the AAM hook directly to the body of the person being parasitized. This is consistent with what we found out through several regressive hypnosis sessions with abductees.

The body’s frequency color is archetypically characterized by ground color, that is brown. We need to underline that the frequency for the fourth element, does not have a blue component, that is, it exist even without a Soul component. One can actually show, according to our point of view, that there are human beings who have and who have not a Soul component. So, the body’s color is brown.


Using variations with a brown sphere in the static CCT in order to represent the body, and then analyzing a possible variation for the color, different than brown because of Lux or the AAM being present, is completely useless, since all of the abductees have both the AAM and Lux. The mental model would be uselessly more complicated, since in the dynamic CCT we have a way to clearly and unmistakably identify both Lux and the AAM.

The AAM and Lux are able to partially attach themselves to the body since the time axis is totally absent and the space and energy axis are partially lacking. So we can archetypically conclude that Lux, as Lux itself says during the hypnosis, hooks itself between Mind and Spirit, but in a different way (more to the Mind and less to the Spirit: you can see that the brown color has also green and red contribution). Similarly the AAM seems to hooks itself both to the abductees Mind and Spirit (more to Spirit than to Mind). In our very first attempts to remove the AAM through regressive deep hypnosis, we could a few times break only one of the two hookings (the one to the Spirit).

It remained only a strong hooking with the Mind, which often times caused the person to remember alien scenes during the daytime, creating a pseudo-split personality and confusion.

If this interpretation is right, then we need to grant that Lux and the AAM share the same space within the abductee’s body/container.

This interpretation allows us to better understand the position of this new being, Blue, that we were actually able to observe in the past years. But because of its clothes that are often blue tight overalls, we wrongly interpreted it as a distorted perception for the Five Fingered Blonde alien.

Finally, by analyzing the eight octants, we can notice how they can be well represented using the rotation operator both for the Back Universe (that’s where we are: the Vishnu’s reign) and the Front Universe (that’s where the incorporeal beings are: the Shiva’s reign).

Indeed, if we follow the creation’s wheel, starting from C1 and going through PM1, then Lux and finally through mankind, we go through a clockwise path. On the contrary, if we start from C2, going through PM2 and Blue, and finally to the different various beings without a body (Ra, Growl, etc.), we follow a counterclockwise path, as it should symbolically be since the two rotations represent, once again, a mirror-like operation (more correctly called an inverted centre).

As a final note we are led to say that the body has actually no vibration and so no color. Color, that is life, that is emitting and absorbing vibration, are given to the body by its spiritual components, mental and Soul-like (the latter are not necessarily present).

The Second Creator’s Soul

Another typology (constellation), that we frequently find, is constituted by a yellow Soul, a red Spirit and and a blue Mind.

The Soul is yellow because of the Second Creator, and the Mind can become blue only if it is parasitized by something that lives in the same quadrant as the Second Creator.
clip_image002[4] + clip_image004[4] = clip_image006[4]
Green (-++)mind (—)cyan (C2) Blue (-++)mind
Seventh octant

Even now the variations for the expected colors are consistent with our expectations about the type of compatibility between our components and the different parasites (if we consider even C2 as a parasite).

We can actually see that depending, if the Soul comes from the First or the Second Creator, it seems we are dealing with different kind of parasitism.

Finally, when analyzing the different colors, we need to bear in Mind that we must analyze the triad as a whole in its context, instead of considering its elements one at a time, because this is the only way to get to a proper test interpretation.



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