CCT In Abductees

CCT In Abductees

The abductees have a special CCT. If we don’t interpret this type of CCTs appropriately and wisely, we could actually get lost on the wrong track. In order to avoid this issue, we created a system to evaluate the test related to studying the Soul, Mind and Spirit’s colors alterations for abductees.

Our focus was driven by a consistent group of abductees that had a common CCT, but with colors that were completely distorted. In this class of CCTs, Mind was blue, Spirit green and Soul red.

We already underlined that Soul, Mind and Spirit cannot change color, except if they get to have colors that are complementary to theirs in the color spectrum, i.e.: cyan, magenta and yellow.

There was another way to explain this totally unexpected and peculiar color variations.

Soul, Mind and Spirit are well defined subjects, with exact vibrations.

But if Soul, Mind or Spirit were to be hooked to parasites, Alien Active Memories, Lux or microchips altering with their frequency the original frequency of our three components, we’d had a difference in the resulting frequency.

If we knew the vibrational frequency for the starting colors, would it be possible calculating the parasite’s vibrations for the parasites hooked to one of these components?

The answer is yes, but we need to create an algebra for colors using proper geometric mathematical operators based on colors and color vectors.

The colors space and the Universe octants

The Universe of colors divide itself in eight octants related to the six fundamental colors: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

These colors can be represented by axis having the same colors which separate space-time and energy in eight octants with positive or negative axis for energy, space and time.


As we can see in this space above, green represents the energy axis, blue the time axis and red the space axis, while magenta the anti-energies axis, cyan the anti-space axis and yellow the anti-time axis.

In this context, our universe is only one of the eight octants, the one with a negative energy and positive space-time (-++).


As an example, the anti-universe (+–), created by the Second Creator is distinguished by colors that are complementary to the RGB system, as we have already mentioned This Universe, created by the Second Creator is characterized by the CMG system (cyan, magenta, yellow). These two octants are opposite to each other and share just one common point, called the center of inversion for the chromatic universe.

This inversion centre is the starting point for everything; that’s where Conscience lives.


Now let’s define the colors as color operators, that we can create through mixturing the appropriate components.




Blue Soul

Green Mind

Red Spirit




Yellow Second Creator Soul Magenta Second Creator Mind Cyan Second Creator Spirit

We can see in this first example that the different colors represent the absence for the color they refer to, which is represented by a transparent color axis. We’ll be able to se that the complementary colors are represented by the mirror image for the basic colors.

So, yellow is the mirror image for blue, cyan is the mirror image for red, and magenta is the mirror image for green.

Doing operations with colors, like adding or subtracting, is just like doing operations with wavelengths for the corresponding colors. So, as an example, yellow plus blue equals nothing, just like matter and antimatter. Moreover you can change any color in its anti-color by simply moving a color axis and replacing it with its mirror image with respect to the inversion center.

clip_image020 clip_image022 clip_image024 clip_image026









As we can see with this example, the “algebraic” sum for yellow and Red has the same result as blue plus cyan (the name for the color always come from the transparent axis and the octant is expressed by the + and – signs)


An anti-magenta is a magenta with a negative component because one of the two color axis is in the opposite direction compared to the original magenta: so that axis has a negative sign. The two anti-magenta are actually the same color, but they exist in different octants of the universe.


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