Color Table For Non-Abductees

Examining the CCT colors for a person who is not an abductee, but who lacks of space time energy components

Let’s imagine we are dealing with this case: the Mind axis has a color different than green, because it is vibrationally unbalanced


As we can see with this practical example, the Mind’s green can become yellow if the red axis, which corresponds to that color absorption, and corresponds to space, it’s zeroed (maximum absorption = 0, total reflection = 255).

This means that when the Mind becomes yellow has no idea about space, but it only lives in time. Similarly, if the time axis, which corresponds to blue, gets to be zeroed in absorption (Blue = 255), then the Mind becomes cyan (not to be confused with light blue, a color that is just barely darker than sky-blue).

So, how are we supposed to interpret all of the above?

A Mind without space or a Mind without time is not able to work properly: to be the intermediary between Soul and Spirit.

More specifically a Mind without time is a Mind that belongs to someone who is always late, who is not conscious of the “time reality”; while a Mind without space is not able to organize things in space, and often times belongs to people who invade other people’s spaces, who are not conscious of their own space.

A Mind that is totally white has neither idea about space, nor about time, and it is a Mind that has already decided to be out of the virtual reality. It’s a Mind that rejects the information, which are not absorbed but are rejected in the virtual physical world; a Mind tending to the most stupid part of the American new age, which has no feet on the ground: it doesn’t know how much a pound of bread costs, and doesn’t even care about knowing it.

Similarly, a blue Soul could be magenta or cyan, depending on whether she has no idea about the energy axis, or the space axis.


Lastly the Spirit could change from its own red color, to be yellow or magenta, if he has no energy or he is not able to correlate with the time concept.


When either Mind or Soul or Spirit are black, they designate that these components are not interfering because there’s no signal being emitted. When there’s no Soul there’s a missing lamp, which should be colored in blue, or in a different color, but always colored. In other words, we could have black lamps, or have no lamps (when the Soul component is missing)

A black Mind is a clear sign of schizophrenia issues, when there’s no capability to connect the right hemisphere with the left one, but not because the Mind is missing otherwise the corresponding lamp wouldn’t be visible. In such a context neither the space, nor the time axis have an active component, cause all of the signal is absorbed. In this case we have a Mind which is able to absorb from the external world, but does not emit any signal: a not working Mind, just like if it wasn’t there, since it records everything but does not give any answers.


We can see, using this strict interpretation for the CCT based on the colors physics, that a Mind cannot have the Soul’s or the Spirit’s color and viceversa. The Mind’s, Spirit’s and Soul’s color can change and become, somehow, complementary colors in the spectrum, that is cyan, yellow or magenta.

We need to find a different explanation for a Spirit being blue rather than red.

We have already pointed out that a Spirit can be red, or yellow or magenta, and have all the intermediate shades in between, but it cannot be neither green, nor blue because it lacks some of his own components (energy and time).

We noticed also that gay people, both male and female, tend to have a blue Spirit and a red Soul (often times light blue and pink).

This is an interesting discovery that leads us to conclude, and there’s no shadow of a doubt about it, that sex gets to be born within us, when the Spirit and the Soul switched roles according to CCT. We need to remind here that the Soul symbolically represents the female energy and the Spirit the male energy.

Does this mean that gay people have a male Soul and a female Spirit? That’s unlikely. It’s more likely that Soul is linked to the left hemisphere, instead of being linked to the right one, at least according to a simple interpretation for the CCT.

Considering the triad colors, Soul, Mind and Spirit psychosomatically mirror the external human behaviors, and it seems easy to diagnose behavioral dysfunctions simply using the CCT, instead of using totally pointless psychotropic drugs.

We will see that, in our opinion, we could use an effective and quick resolutive therapy through the dynamic CCT, as we will later explain.


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