Practical Application: Dynamic Color Test (DCT)


On the basis of these data and of the Consciousness ( Triad ) Color Test results, we created a dynamic CCT. This is a color test simulated in one’s Mind and guided in order to modify the perceived colors, and so to modify the real the “Map of the Territory” perceived by the person taking the test.

In other words, is it possible to heal a schizophrenic, who sees a black mind, if we drive him somehow to transform the Mind so that it becomes green?

Basically we maintain, like Jung, that what happens in somebody’s Mind is not less real than what happens on the outside. We did use the dynamic version of the color test (with the three spheres) with some people affected by serious psychoanalytical problems, and we noticed great improvements.

After realinzing this, we evaluated the option of using a dynamic test on abductees, and verify if they could archetypically removed parasites, aliens and microchips by dynamically moving the colored spheres within their mind, and by convincing such spheres to modify their color, that is their emitting vibrating frequency.

The results were very encouraging and we were able to free people who are hard to hypnotize, and also hard to work with when using a flash simulation in order to get to the final result of totally freeing them.

The procedures we are about to describe is very effective for abductees, for people who are only parasitized and people with different kinds of paranoiac problems like schizophrenia. It lasts approximately 15 minutes and can be changed, if necessary, so that the person gets into an hypnotic state, or in order for the person to have a conversation with his Soul, Spirit or Mind component.

Is not even necessary, while using these procedures, that the person remembers the roots of his trauma, or goes through the same traumatic experiences again, which he might never become consciously aware of.

In fact this system works only archetypically with the ideograms for color and position, and it does not interfere on a conscious level, unless one wants to. In this way we avoid the trauma that comes from remembering the experience. The system works at the “machine language” level, with no need for the subject to really realize what actually happens to his triad components.

At the end of the procedure the person seems to be healed from his psychosis or freed from parasites or aliens.

The procedure is completely independent from hypnosis or NLP and can actually be used by anybody who has at least a bit of self-consciousness.

Experimental Part

The first part of this test is similar to The Static Consciousness Color Test

We ask the person taking the test to imagine in his Mind a round room that is completely dark. He’s in the center of this room. It’s impossible to see anything, but we know that there are three spherical lamps which will turn on after we command it. We ask the person to memorize the parameters for three lamps, which are, color, size, height from the floor and position around the person, reflecting power, material, and so on. We need to underline, before starting the test, that the spheres, when lighting up, could be any color, even black. In this latter case, and once the spheres will be on, if there is any black lamp we won’t be able to see it, since a black lamp is not visible in a black room.

The black lamp can have different meanings if it is present in a CCT. The lamp could be black because it absorbs all of the radiations, but it could also be not present – when Soul is not present – and so the corresponding lamp won’t light up since it is not even there in the dark room.

We ask the person to light up the first lamp, the Mind lamp; then the Spirit lamp and then the Soul lamp. Do not change this sequence for lighting up the lamps. The Soul lamp must always be the last one to light up since, if it is not present, the person would have problems to continue the exercise. In this way, when the person without the Soul component tries to light up a lamp which is not there, but this is done at the end, he can always think that it is black, and so he won’t dramatize thinking the triad doesn’t have that component.

Now we ask the person to mentally memorize the required information. We ask the person to put together the three lamps and then observe the final result in terms of size, position, color and reflecting power.

We then ask the person the separate again the lamps, and put them in the same position as they previously had.

Now we get the person to stop the static CCT and we analyze the data. We ask the person to talk about anything he wants while we quickly try to deduce the triad’s health condition using the information we now have. We also try to understand if there’s any parasite changing the spheres color.

This is the static picture of the person. Once this first check is complete, we start the real dynamic CCT.

Dynamic CCT:

We ask the person to re-enter with his Mind in the room where the spheres are.

We say to the person that we’ll count to three and when he hears three if there’s any other lamp which we did not ask to light up earlier – lamps which are different than the triad’s lamps – now they will light up.

After counting to three these other lamps will light up. They symbolically represent in the dark room: the Alien Active Memories; Lux; body-less aliens and other lamps which are smaller and they represent different microchips within the person’s body.

We need to underline that the body-less alien could be invisible now, since it always appears as a black lamp. A few times this black lamp is still findable for the person which is taking the dynamic test.

We point out to the person taking the test that these lamps are not “his stuff”, they don’t belong to him, and so they need to be removed. We ask him to start the procedures to remove them by putting his arm inside the Soul lamp. We ask him to describe any possible kinesthetic feeling he might have, caused by this situation. It is important to set some kinesthetic anchors because, when the person’s arm is inside the Soul sphere, the archetypal contact with the corresponding hemisphere is stronger.

The choice for the arm to insert, the right one or the left, is not casual.

It depends on the position that the Soul lamp has in the dark room. If the lamp is on the left, one uses the left arm, but if the lamp is in the middle or on the right, one uses the right arm.

We then say to the person that the Soul is not compatible with the other lamps because of its energy, and that we just need to have the other lamps touch the Soul sphere and they will explode and disappear. We then say that the Soul lamp will be like a big pencil eraser that will erase all the other lamps, and we’ll ask the person while having his arm inside the Soul lamp, to move the lamp so that it touches the other lamps. We always start with the bigger and brighter lamps, which usually represent the AAM and Lux. Using appropriate visual-kinesthetic suggestions we encourage the person to erase the different spheres, one at a time. At this point the Lux sphere tends to move in the room, which represent the body. So, when we erase the AAM sphere there can be auditive or visual sensations coming from the AAM, but it’s better not to pause on this aspects, unless one wants to examine the AAM contents or wants to talk with Lux. We believe that in this work it is not useful to waste time with these details. After eliminating the parasites’ lamps, we keep on removing the smaller lamps, which have very precise positions in respect to the triad. We ask the person to feel any part of his body which will have some kind of sensation each time the Soul lamp hooks to a lamp representing a microchip. The person doesn’t know that these lamps matches the microchips in his body, but he will inevitably have bodily kinesthetic feelings corresponding to the different microchips locations. In this way, not only we can check the microchips position, but we can also exactly know which and how many of them we can eliminate.

When we are left only with the triad’s lamps in the dark room then, and only then, we ask the person to light up the lamp in the room right after our start signal. A white light will show the possible black lamps which were impossible to see until now.

Usually one counts to three and then says to the person to turn on the white light after hearing the number three.

This operation archetypically shows anything that belongs to the second creation, starting from the various parasites, up to the second Primordial Man. In this context we can usually easily see the Six Fingered parasite or Horus when they are present, accompanied by other little black lamps. Their position allows us to better understand if these lamps correspond to ethereal microchips, that are controlled by these parasites. We need to underline that the different kind of parasites from the second creation do not have a body, and they build non solid microchips. One could say they are celestial, but they just have a different vibrating frequency which we cannot perceive. We then ask again the Soul to erase: this time the black spots in the illuminated room, and always starting from the biggest and most invasive, to end with the little ones.

The black lamp or spot, corresponding to the second creation parasite, appears a few times like a hole in the room wall. In this case we ask the Soul to repair the room wall.

When there’s no more extraneous lamps to remove, we ask to observe the three triad lamps color, and we’ll be able to see that they have, now, a significantly different color.

We’ll ask the triad to join together in just one lamp, while remarking that the three consciousnesses become only one, corresponding to only one color, with no imperfections. Usually the person taking the test is able to achieve this right away, after the first attempt. In this case we ask him to concentrate on how much the Soul feels united to the other components. We then ask the triad to separate the three components which will retake the same original position. We might notice that each time Soul Mind and Spirit join together again and then separate, the three lamps’ colors keep on modifying until they reach stability with their pure colors (blue, green and red or yellow, green and red).

At times they don’t get to have a proper color separation. In this case we prefer to wait a few days since the triad needs to adjust and vibrate at its new frequency level.

At last we ask the person to join together the spheres again in the final triad, that can be white or yellow, depending if the Soul comes from the First or the Second Creator. And finally we ask the triad to verify if there’s any other link. Especially a link that connects the Soul to something else.

This is when the triad could feel a link with PM from the first or second Creator. This link could still be active. We ask the triad to remove this last link, by pulling towards itself the elastic band which tie up the two ends. The triad does this in a few seconds without any emotional consequence.

We ask the triad to transform the room so that it can vibrate, and in this way destroy anything that might try to enter from the outside.

Now we ask the three lamps, Soul, Mind and Spirit to separate again, and ask the Soul lamp to look for any of her copies in the space-time continuum, but without exiting the room. Soul can never leave the room during this work. Soul sees and easily finds the copies, which she can visualize without any apparent trouble, being inside horizontal or vertical cylinders. We then ask Soul to emit a ray of light which has her same color. This ray goes beyond space and time, it can touch the copies and rapidly eliminates them.

If we don’t decide to waste time in details, meaning we don’t ask the Soul to view, remotely, what happens in the copies room, the entire process can last approximately 15 minutes and we can be sure that the abductee or parasitized person is now totally freed.

We should ask at the end to the Soul component not to let anything else enter in the room, and so ask her to keep on staying in the room so that she can defend her own body/container.

Post Procedure

As a result of using this procedure the person is out of the problem: immediately. The person will still be subject of interest for the military and the aliens, but he should be able not to let them take him ever again. This actaully depends on the Soul’s decision about how much she wants to stay and never leave her own body/container.

Such a procedure, as we verified, doesn’t deal with any kind of aliens, but only with archetypal colored spheres.

But the archetypal colors power is great and the results obtained confirm the quality of our methodology.

The person that took the test will later on be able to check the room and the spheres. The spheres color will immediately show if there’s still any other problem with any parasite, or any other kind of problem, without having to create a complex mental simulation, which might create serious problems for kinesthetic persons.

A Final Thought

It seems interesting to us to point out the similarities between the colored universe theory and the symmetry theory which deals with 3 quarks, color up and down: we think this can accurately represent the hypothetical subatomic particles: they can define with their presence six possible colors, which define the eight octants we have been talking about. In this context the quarks wouldn’t be subatomic particles, which are really virtual and not real, but six virtuality aspects: a virtuality in which we are plunged. We are the ones who give them their virtual properties, that are actually nonexistent but totally holographical.

clip_image004In order to explain some aspects of the known matter, it is necessary to presume that the quarks are marked by a new kind of charge, called color, subjected to the strong force. Each quark “flavor” can have one of the three different colors: red, green or blue. For a red quark there’s an anti-red colored anti-quark (which is cyan); the other anti-quarks have anti-green (magenta) and anti-blue (yellow) charges.

The analogy between this new kind of charge and the colors allows us to state the rules for combining the quarks. The hadrons for instance, don’t have a color charge; so, by adding the quark components colors, we need end up with white or no color. So the only combinations allowed are a quark and its anti-quark, which originate mesons, and a red quark, a green quark and a blue quark, which originate baryons (white).

Baryons, just like protons and neutrons, are made with three quarks, each with a different color. Mesons are made with a quark with a color and its anti-quark with its <anti-color>


An example of colored reactions.

Colors are never found in isolation. This discovery is consistent with the fact that free quarks, having a single color charge, are never directly observed or found in isolation. The action of the strong force between colored quarks must be exceptionally powerful,  maybe powerful enough to permanently confine quark within colorless hadrons.

So, Soul, Mind and Spirit are nothing but the quarks’ expression.

In this context we could even say, once again if necessary, that it’s useless going to school to study, since things always archetypically come to the surface in a way which is definitely simpler if compared to the way the left hemisphere tends to explain them. We must say, though, that going to school and studying allows us to better understand and describe, or anyhow have the prerequisites to perceive more completely and appropriately the Soul feelings. So that we can organize them in a virtual context which is strictly geometrical. maintained also by Fritjof Capra (Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics, in the Italian translation, Il Tao della fisica, collana Gli Adelphi, translated by G. Salio, Adelphi, 1989. p. 381).


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