Reflections Upon The Dynamic CCT

Even for the Dynamic Consciousness Color Test (DCCT), just as we did when working with the Flash Mental Simulation (FMS), we decided to follow a thorough testing before creating an official document about the technique we used, the notes about the scientific reasoning behind the method and the potential value for this method.

Now that this document is being released there have been over 100 people who used this procedure and obtained interesting results.

So, not only we had very encouraging results for treating both different kind of paranoia and schizoid attitudes for people who are not abductees, but we also tested this procedure on people who are victims onyl of parasites, and finally on people who are clearly abductees.

The studies we performed until now allow us to write the following basic observations. They will be useful both for the abductees, and for other people who will benefit in the future from these techniques which are related to the mental simulation’s symbology.

The CCT’s Success Rate

Even if it is still too early to talk about reliable results, we need to point out that we have an amount of results that is sufficient to talk about a basic trend: it seems that the CCT is extremely swift and powerful.

We also unfortunately noticed that there are some cases in which the problem comes back again. This is true in both cases: the abduction and the psychological issues. The problem might come back again in a period of time between 2 weeks and 4 months after the first time one uses this method. During this period the person who used the Dynamic CCT comes back to us clearly showing again a fresh outbreak of the issue.

We obviously asked ourselves why this is true, and it seems now we have a pretty good answer.

We need to point out that the same kind of issue was also present when working with abductees and using the other techniques: classical hypnosis or rapid hypnosis; the FMS, or the CCT.

These techniques are based on rather different principles, and they are conditioned by the application procedure, which gets to be faster and faster. When using the classical hypnosis the person is under treatment for 2 years, until he solves his issues in most cases. When using rapid hypnosis we achieved a more complete result with just a 2 hours session. Thanks to the flash simulation, and so without needing to get to a deep hypnotic state, we are able to achieve a superior result, and then, using the CCT, we are now able to get to a result which is even better than all the previous ones, and that requires just 15 or 20 minutes of time, without needing any hypnotic state. When using the classical hypnosis technique we were never able to free the person from the Primordial Men interferences or to detach them from the two creators, while we actually are able now to obtain such a result when using the Dynamic CCT and in a very short time. In spite of the fact that the CCT required a shorter time and that there is a difference in the techniques, it was still true that, for a few persons, the problem returned or there were relapses. When using just one application of these these techniques or of the Dynamic CCT we were not able to solve the issues.

We need to point out that, since the techniques are completely different from each other, we couldn’t put the failures down to the technology we used, also because there were different team members appling the techniques on different persons. Actually we found out that the persons for which the problem returned, shared a common basic feature. They unconsciously did not want to get rid of the problem.

In other words our methods do always work without distinction, especially the FMS and the CCT, regardless the person on which they are used. The person always solves his/her problem after using our method! The true problem comes afterwards, when the person is not able to stay in good health.

For example, an abductee who is unaware of his situation finds himself, after using the CCT, with no Alien interferences, no microchips in his body, no interference of any other kind, and starts to live his life in a new way, since his map of the territory is completely changed.

On the other hand the alien, whoever he is, has no intention of losing in this way and without opposing any resistance, and so the alien starts to try to take back control over the triad (soul, mind and spirit) and over the person’s body/container.

During such a fight for freedom the abductee can be under lots of psychological pressure. The alien tries to convince the person that he wouldn’t make it in life without his (the alien’s) help. Or maybe the person feels from within that he’s not able to live without the alien’s presence because, even if on one side he is the jailor, on the other he takes responsibility for all the abductee’s failures.

And, since it is easier that you live badly and blame the alien, than you live badly and blame yourself, many people amongst our abductees subconsciously decide to be taken again and so to be totally and eternally subjected to the alien again.

Moreover, when the alien is thrown out, he extremely needs the freed abductee’s permission in order to be able to re-enter again and boss around in the abductee’s body/container. So the alien comes to terms with the abductee, or he tries to convince him that his life would be mediocre without a contribution from the alien. The abductee needs to get back and identity, which he’s never had before, because of his low self-esteem. So he agrees to be parasitized again, while using a “cognitive discordance” process so that he can believe he’s able to get rid of the parasite/alien whenever he wants to, since he has been able to do it already. But he is actually not able to do that, since he’s in a pseudo abstinence crisis.

The people who tend to fall again in the alien’s trap share this common feature in their character. Do you wish to be recognized by society? The alien which is within you promises you that you’ll be successful and be on prime TV. Do you want to have a good relationship with your partner? The alien finds a partner for you, another abductee, and you’ll have company with him/her. It will be a hell, especially because the alien feeds your fear to be left alone.

So the abductee is afraid to be left alone. He/She was abandoned for different reasons by his/her parents who couldn’t stand him/her; by his/her children, for the same reasons and by his/her partner who was afraid of him/her. His friends isolate him, so it is better to have an alien within you, that makes you feel you are different, rather than being alone and feeling alive.

In other words, and repeating now a basic concept already explained in a different work, the abductee does not have a strong identity and, when he’s not an abductee anymore, he loses also that identity coming from that situation. When the freed abductee is not following a support therapy meant to strengthen his identity, there is the real danger that the alien will start to parasite him again since, in the abductee’s mind, there starts to be the image of a healed self which is no longer interesting for society. A Self which is healed, but lonely. So, was it better when they were still around, since one was not alone?

The alien, especially Lux, really works on the psyche and on the abductee’s weakest points, through which he had been ruling him since birth. Other parasites, that are from different areas in the universe, such as the ones that we called Growl, Ra and the Blue being, and that don’t have, just like Lux, a solid physical body/container, are able to transform the abductee in a rather aggressive person and totally change his behavior. Such aggressiveness is often times concealed by a behavior that apes a commander, but that also needs to look like a gentle person in order to create the rules for a new religious-like movement.

We need to point out also that, even if it is pretty rare that the abduction problem comes back, this does happen mostly when using the CCT, rather than when using the classical hypnosis. Actually we must really underline that when using classical hypnosis the person goes through, step by step, a slow but stable journey for increasing consciousness; this does not happen when using the CCT model for just 20 minutes. In other words, there’s a risk of using the CCT and having as a result the person totally and absolutely and quickly freed from his problem; but since he did not understand a thing about it, he doesn’t also have any awareness about it, and this is why these techniques will miserably fail if one doesn’t take this factor into consideration.

Traveling Souls

We were able to notice that, after using the CCT for the first time with a certain person, when the Soul component wants to exit her container and so leave it partially unguarded, the defense tools that we had created both through the FMS and the CCT are useless.

Even if we try to program the Soul component so that she stays in her container and can protect it, in some cases she tends to get free from it because she lacks knowledge and awareness. In these cases the person is immediately parasitized again and the freeing process must be repeated right from the start. Keeping the Soul component within her physical body/container (the body) is objectively difficult, This still seems to depend on the degree of consciousness the soul has.

In other words, in order to keep the aliens away it is necessary, once again, that the abductee becomes aware of his/her situation.

Treating Psychosis With Whe CCT

A smaller record of cases shows that people having mental problems and believing they are abductees, (when this is absolutely not the case,) and who are treated using the CCT, seems to get immediate and positive results. Just a few days after the treatment the persons seems they totally solved the issue. If he was talking psychotropic drugs, he stops them and he doesn’t show any abstinence syndrome; if he is schizophrenic, he’s healed; and if he is paranoid then it seems that his paranoia is now restrainable.

It seems that all the benefits last for a few more months and then the person tends to fall again in the same problem.

The CCT method has two main parts: the first one is about mentally seeing the three colored spheres. In that moment one immediately understands if the person who is taking the test is an abductee, or he’s instead just parasitized, or simply a psychotic person.

By analyzing the colors, if the person has psychotic issues they cause a difference for the standard colors, which are replaced by the complementary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow). In this case, when using the second part of the test (the dynamic part), we ask the person, while using a proper protocol, to change the color for the three lamps, so that they have the right positions and the right colors in the mental room.

In that moment the three components gets to be automatically balanced again and the person is psychosomatically healed .

In this context the mental disease, which becomes somatic, is caused by a malfunction of the triad’s components, which show a non proper openness of their channels towards the universe’s virtual parts. The channels gets to be unconsciously and automatically open because of a willpower act which changes the colors. Changing the colors does not only mean changing the triad’s or its component’s vibration, but also means opening those channels which are used as color vectors. If the spirit is yellow instead of being red, he’s expressing that color not only because he doesn’t absorb from the space axis (which is normal because of the spirit’s nature), but also because he does not absorb from the energy axis (green).

The person who has a yellow spirit is a person with a low level of energy, because his spirit, the male part of the self, his rational part, his left hemisphere that reads left holograms) doesn’t have enough strength to work properly.

This is just a mere example for what we want to underline here.

When using the CCT with a person, his chakra gets to be open (one would say so when using a new age lingo, which we only tolerate); but he did not understand why they were closed in the first place. So, once open, they will tend to close themselves again in time, because the person is still lacking the necessary consciousness: he did not acquire it through the simple mechanics for this Test, unless he also goes through an understanding process, that only somebody who has a deep knowledge for this method is able to guarantee.

Prerequisites for guiding a CCT and how to do it. Ethical code.

Even if the CCT is extremely simple, our working team warmly advise against trying to turn oneself into CCT operator.

What one needs to do, based on our research, is linked to the precise procedure, and this can be done only by one of our collaborators, at least for the experience in guiding dozens of sessions.

Only after undergoing the Dynamic CCT one will be able to use it on oneself, because he will master the technique from within his mental room which he creates during the simulation.

This will force the person to undergo the CCT for the first time using an external operator, and only afterwards he will be able to use it on his own, without the operator. The procedure will be easy and will need to just check the three lamps colors, and if they were to turn back again into the wrong colors, one would try to get them to vibrate properly, and so produce a continuous stabilization for the space, time and energy channels for the person: then he shouldn’t need any other external intervention, and should be able to go through a process of continuous maintenance.

The external operator is only necessary for using a support therapy meant to strengthen the person’s superego, while keeping it away from possible relapses.

It is essential to understand that the person which is freed thanks to the Dynamic CCT, keeps on being checked for a period that varies between 1 and 3 months, until he reaches a new mental stability and the new understanding linked to the new awareness of him/herself.

Even if this technique was created by the author of this work, and then given to a research group for an in depth study, it should be taken into consideration by psychotherapists: psychologist or psychoanalysts, (but not psychiatrists,) if they had the basic and necessary culture to follow up and check the person after using the CCT for the first time.

It is actually very important to have the basic culture and an operational sensitivity that obviously ufologist usually don’t have.

We did want to explain here, in the articles about this new technique, only the GENERAL rules on how to interpret this test, but it is possible to really interpret this kind of test only after having used dozens and dozens of CCTs.

So, if ones wanted to become a master of this technique it is not enough to just read this works.

Deontology For Using The FMS Or The CCT.

With Deontology, or deontological ethic, we mean the class of ethical theories which is opposed to consequentialism. While consequentialism judges the actions based on their consequences, Deontology states that goals and means are strictly dependent on each other, meaning that a right goal is the result of using right means. The most famous deontologist is Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804). His Categorical Imperative determines a set of universal principles that can be used to judge the righteousness of the actions. “Deontology” comes from Greek “deon” which means “must”. Kant wanted, through the expression of Deontology, to establish an ethical systemwhich was not dependent on the subjective experience, but on an irrefutable logic. So, behaving according to the ethical correctness would be and absolute and irrefutable must, just like two times two is four.

Arthur Schopenhauer was also a deontologist, and a fierce critic of Immanuel Kant. Schopenhauer accuses Kant of reproposing a theological ethics. According to Schopenhauer Kant’s Categorical Imperative is nothing else but a true contradictio in adiecto since the idea of “must” is meaningful only when related to promising a reward or threatening a punishment. Based on this an Imperative can be, to say as Kant would, only theoretical (so conditioned by a gift or a threat) and never categorical (unconditioned). The professional Deontology code for all categories is as follows:

Art. 15 Any professional man must respect, when doing his work, Bioethics imperative principles: defending the right-to-life, to good health, the children’s rights, the women’s rights during pregnancy and when being part of a family.

Art. 16 Any professional man who gets in touch with problems related to any lack of balance, either in a internal or external environment, with the risks and harms that it might create….. to living systems (both animal or vegetable) and so on mankind, are required to respect the environment and the living beings; so any professional man will have to respect the deontological directives concerning the ecosystems.

Is it ethical looking after abductees? Is it ethical that my workgroup takes care and is involved with this? Is it ethical doing this the way we do it?

We are not interested in Kant’s deontology because we’ve never got any prize, but actually just a lot of threats, coming from the most different areas: the secret service, the Freemasonry, some private citizens who are catholic fundamentalists, some Jew fundamentalists, some ufologist groups, etc.. Any ethical code is connected to a recognized category in our contemporary society. There’s such a code for Physicians, for garbage collectors and it seems there’s also one for prostitutes. Any recognized role within society. When the role has not been recognized yet, then people write their own code, or at least they try to.

Worse luck for the Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN, the Italian national center for U.F.O. studies, n.d.t), when, a few years ago, they tried to have everybody accept an ethical code for ufologist in Italy, which confirmed de facto that the only group that could to perform research in the U.F.O. area was, strangely enough, just the CUN itself. They poorly failed in their try. In fact there’s no “Ufologists” category and there’s not even an “abductees” category. So there’s no rule that states that ufologists are the only ones who can take care of people who claim that they have been abducted by aliens. The CUN has claimed often times that there’s no such thing as an “alien abduction phenomenon”. Still they repudiated such claims with more claims, and these latter were repudiated again by more claims.

So, since it’s not true that only ufologists can take care of abductees, for there’s no “Ufologists” category and because ufologists claims there’s no such thing as abductions, who is it that needs to take care of the abductees?

Nobody, but when they are considered mentally ill, then physicians want to intervene. So, claiming that only physicians and psychiatrists can take care of abductees, just like the CUN claims in Italy, implies once again that there’s no such thing as abductees, but only people who are mentally ill.

Another nice example for deontological ethics comes from CISU (centro italiano studi ufologici, the Italian center for U.F.O. studies) through its handbook


Even if we smile to the fact that there’s something like a “elite of ufologists”, if we think that these people created a category as if this was a new type of Christianity that can be defended and recognized by the rest of humanity through a wall of limiting rules, this idea gives us also the shivers.

The Group called Sentinel is every bit as good as the ones just mentioned, when they also issue an ethical code which is divided in three parts

ü Responsibility towards witnesses;

ü Responsibility towards public;

ü Responsibility towards ufology;

Still, Deontology is not just responsibility and it’s much more than that, at least according to us; it’s a set of duties according to Kant, and it’s not even that according to Schopenhauer.

So, this kind of people, who dine out on the term “ethical code”, they don’t even know how to define this term’s meaning, and they don’t know anything about the abduction issue. Still, these are the persons who would like to make the rules!

One should talk about self-awareness and self-consciousness even before talking about Deontology.

And it’s immediately clear to see that all of these codes and rules, which are for a non-existing category, are only a demagogic attempt to have ufologists being accepted by the rules of society. It’s just like if they said: “I have some rules which are similar to the official science’s rules, so if you scientist exist, then I also exist as a consequence.”

Let’s shed light on this.

So, Deontology is a set of ethical theories according to which the end does not justify the means (that is, non-consequentialism). We need to ask ourselves then if our means like, for example, the CCT or the FMS or hypnosis or NLP are ethical means. According to the CUN they are not, since they are based on non-scientific claims and so the people who use them are disreputable. What the CUN and also the CISU have always been claiming is basically wrong. Hypnosis, our mental simulation and NLP techniques are supported by thousands of pages of scientific literature and case histories, and our works oftentimes report this. So, it’d still be possible to maintain that it’s the people using these techniques which are not ethical, but we cannot say that since there’s no rules on this matter and, on the other hand, we need to say that nobody else has ever faced this issue before, and that the scientific community has always been refusing to analyze it through a methodological and scientific approach. At times they did pretend to analyze it, but they have never respected any deontological rules, they forged the data, wrongly interpreted facts, and encouraged witnesses to give false testimony.

The Rule

So, in this context, there’s no need for codes and disguise, but there’s the need for just one rule, which we should better call a principle, rather than a rule. So it is not demonstrable, but just irrefutable.

We are referring to the ethical principle according to which any action you do and which creates damage to any ecosystems, must be considered as a non ethical action.

So now, we need to ask ourselves if the way these Italian ufologists groups behave lacks ethics, since they do hide testimonies about alien abductions; they do threaten the people who witnessed UFO events; they do force them to sign a declaration saying that they cannot disclose anything about what they saw to any third party; and they do abandon the abductees to themselves, after a useless pseudo-research about their experience, and without giving any plausible explanation about the phenomena they reported.

So, what do the witnesses think about these centers for U.F.O.’s deontology, when they were victims to them and when they reported to us this type of behavior?

What is the ethics behind spreading false news, like saying that our methods lead to suicide? What is the ethics behind cooperating with secret service groups without even hiding it? What is the ethics of reporting to the secret service the Italian abductees names which should be withheld, for privacy issues, in a special record? Maybe it’s because of this kind of ethics that some of the persons in charge from within the CUN have been trying to get from us, using illegal means, our lists which contain the names of the abductees we worked with?

For our part, we publish our methodologies just because science, if it wanted, could test them. This is what we think is Deontological, and it is Deontological even when, as always, we take responsibility for our own actions, which are not marked by the usual hiding actions, typical of the State’s centers for UFO.

Our conduct, when dealing with abductees in Italy, is unique and unmatched in the world, and it is unprecedented. We probably make mistakes with our methodology, but no ufologist has been able to scientifically prove that, until now; and our attitude is still much better than their sterile attitude, which also shows how they are totally uncultured about the subject we’ve been talking about. Italy does not need ufologists, while it needs serious persons.


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