The Universe in Colors


By dr. Corrado Malanga – January 2011

( Acknowledgments for the translation: Daniele F. and Nikola Rikov )

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We talked about the CCT (Consciousness Color test) in the previous articles. We also talked about how to use this simple mental simulation in order to have a map that describes not only the mental health, but also the Soul’s and the Spirit’s health for the person we are examining.

We had described some guidelines on how to use Pulver mental spaces in order to have unconscious but spontaneous answers from the tested person, showing his relations with his own components (Soul, Mind and Spirit) within his own Physical Body/Container (body).

Position, color, size, and also other features for the 3 spheres that lightened in the person’s mental space were functioning as the internal X-ray for his state of health. The interpretation that we had given untill now was an archetypal-like interpretation, and it was based on Pulver and Luscher studies, but also on NLP.

Based on the above information, such an interpretation is often left to the test reader’s subconscious ability. The ability to interpret the spheres’ positions and colors in a way which is really symbolic and archetypal.

But in this context some doubts were rising for some of the archetypal typologies of constellations (the spheres’ positions and colors.) These couldn’t be identified by somebody lacking sensitivity, especially towards the unconscious meanings that the person, doing the exercise, was trying to subliminally communicate, by taking the test.

That’s why we felt the need to work out a visual method that is easy to use in any case, and that can be a useful, general, clear: a clear way for anybody to read the test.

Such method, as we are about to see, has given us also the opportunity to better understand the presence of systems which parasitize Soul, Mind or Spirit, in both cases: when they are linked to the aliens’ presence, and when they are simply linked to bodiless parasites, that often times stay stuck to the Mind and the Spirit of people with a Soul, and that transform their character and limit their behavior to paranoiac or schizophrenic patterns.

We actually need to underline now, as we have been finding out throughout all these years, that some people, who were investigating on themselves thinking that they were victims of real alien interferences/abductions, were actually dealing with interferences from other beings, who didn’t have anything to do with real abductions. These extra-corporeal parasites were clearly lead by the intent of feeding on the Soul’s energy; they were getting onto the triad system to use its resources.

The existence of these parasites was already specified by many shamanistic cultures, by Castaneda and Blavatsky. Our studies have shown and pointed out their existence, and manifested their reality notwithstanding our disbelief.

These parasites, which were actually lacking real self-conscience, were causing pathologies and altering the social behavior for people under examination, usually leading to serious depression, anxiety, self-destructive feelings and disesteem.

The CCT was positive in these cases, while the SAT ( Self Assessment Test for alien interference) was negative. The CCT showed a strong interference through analyzing the three spheres’ colors, symbolically corresponding to Soul, Mind and Spirit. The tested person was asked to mentally create the spheres in an internal space, through a proper mental simulation, called CCT.

The archetypal meaning for the spheres position and size was de facto determined by the NLP rules and by Pulver. Still the work needed to accurately establish the symbolical meaning for the spheres’ colors in order to identify the pathology for the person under examination was more complex. This is true in all cases: for abductions, for simple parasites, or mental problems.

If we want to really understand the CCT meaning and show its capacity, we need to understand first the true mechanism behind the subconscious choice for the three identity’s colors.

The colors physics and Kosslyn’s ideas

Kosslyn is a neurophysiologist who eminently established, through numerous experiments, that the brain works computationally like a mere computer. When it works on many things at the same time, it slows down.

We absolutely need to emphasize that Kosslyn demonstrated that the brain, and the mental simulations that it creates, abide by the laws of the external world virtuality.

For instance, if we ask to a visual person to imagine a little rubber ball bouncing on a hard floor, he will see the little ball, in his mind, falling on the floor and bouncing. And if we pay attention to the bounces, we will see that for each one of them the little ball reaches a height that is exactly half the height, if compared to the point were it started.

We need to remark that if this mental simulation was merely an illusion, the little ball wouldn’t bounce on the feigned floor in our mind. On the contrary, it bounces and perfectly simulates what actually happens in the virtual reality (meaning if the little rubber ball was to actually fall down on the floor and not just in the person’s mind).

If we take into consideration the color’s physics, the colors were perfectly mimed by the person taking the CCT test. For example, if a person saw three spheres in green, blue and red, when they combined, the resulting sphere, by adding the three, was white. As a matter of fact, by adding the three wavelengths for the three basic RGB colors (Red, Green, Blu), physics says that white is actually the resulting color obtained by mixing the three basic ones.

Anybody taking this test and having three spheres colored in red, blue and green, would give, as the final answer, a resulting sum sphere colored in white; no matter if he is a physics professor from a prestigious college, or a simple farmer from the Amazon.

Based on this, we realized that, if there was a case in which the color for one of the three spheres or all of them was different than the given normal color, this was caused by one fundamental reason. Something was “physically” changing the vibration for that component.

For instance, we had already established in our previous work that a normal person, without any type of external parasite and no alien abductions issue, has the triadic system RGB.

So, for instance, the Mind needs to be represented by a green colored sphere. The Mind has its own vibration, that our internal operating system defines using the green color; moreover it corresponds to a real vibration linked to a mathematical expression similar to the following one:

M = sen(Ώt + Φ)

If ones perceives a color different than green, there must be something that alters its base frequency. Such frequency could be altered because, biologically, that Mind is not sufficiently aware of its own time-component or space-component. I’d like to remind you now that the Mind has a space and a time axis, but has no idea about potential energy.

So the Mind’s frequency is altered by simple internal parameters. Its components, that correspond to two different colors, blue for the time-axis and red for the space-axis, won’t be to their top level, and so they create a resulting final vibration which alters the color, that will be then different than green.

We need to remark that, according to our convention, the Mind’s color corresponds to the the missing axis color. The energy-axis color is green and so, since there’s no energy-axis in the Mind, this must be green. Using terms that are more related to physics, the Mind absorbs blue and red, and reflects green, hence it appears green.

Similarly, as an example, the Spirit is red because it lacks the space-axis which is red. So the Spirit absorbs blue and green, but reflects red, and so it is normally red.

Obviously, for the same reasons, the Soul is blue.

Archetypically Soul, Mind and Spirit occupy, in Pulver’s space, the space occupied by the corresponding colors. Blue, green and red are always placed Archetypically and unconsciously from left to right in all the systems used by the scientist.

In most cases, meaning for right-handed persons, the blue for the Soul, if it’s in front of the observer, is perceived by the left eye, because this corresponds to the right cerebral hemisphere. So the Soul is blue, and it’s on the left for the observer, just like the Spirit is on the right, since it is perceived by the right eye that sends signals to the left cerebral hemisphere, which is exactly where the Spirit exist and operates. The corpus callosum could be identified with the Mind, which is green and in the middle of the frequencies spectrum. So blue, green and red represent for all the peoples and the different cultures in the world, Soul, Mind and Spirit.


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