SIMBAD – Self Induced Method for Blocking Abductions Definitively

This article comes from Corrado Malanga’s blog, it explains a simple technique you can use to kick away any alien influence.
In my case I’ve been able to stop the abductions in only 2 months, it can take less time or more time, but it works.

It allows you to talk with your energetic components, to make your mind stronger and to close the door the aliens use to abduct you.

Using SIMBAD you will perceive any alien presence, if there are, don’t get scared and remember that this is the first step to eliminate the alien influences from your life.

Note that aliens “visits” could intensify for a short period when you start the process of liberation, because they feel you are slipping away from their power. Don’t mind, don’t hesitate, they could not take you anymore, they will just take a look and say good bye to another one :).
Thousands of people used this technique in Italy and obtained their freedom, now it’s your turn. Good work.

The SIMBAD is the first method to protect yourself from abductions, it can be made on your own, and it don’t need the help of an expert operator. The evolution of SIMBAD is called Dynamic TCT (Triad Color Test) but it needs the help of an operator, so we recommend to use the SIMBAD. At the moment there exist operators only in Italy, Romania and Argentine. We wait to find more operators in the future.

Self Induced Method for Blocking Abductions Definitively


Sit or lay down as comfortably as possible with your eyes closed where nothing can disturb you. Imagine being the anchor(wo)man of a TV talk show. In your mind, make a picture of the studio and the table around which the guests you invited will take their place.

Take some time to imagine the materials and the colors you used to build up the room, the chairs, the furniture. Feel really carefully the warmth that is spread out by the materials you chose to construct the whole room. Imagine their roughness and the temperature that they send out: if you used marble, it will feel colder than wooden surfaces.

Plastic will feel smoother than walls, and so on. Spend some more time just to picture the lights and the noises that are present in this room, which, as a matter of fact, is a TV studio. Place also an audience there, if you like, but it’s not necessary. Be careful not to stumble upon the cables of the cameras which are about to frame you in a moment. Place also a mirror into the TV studio in a certain position, so that all the guests that are going to come in will have to pass in front of it.

As soon as you’ re ready to start, go on air: look straight into the camera number 1, which is now turned on, and say something like:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this evening we’ve a very interesting issue to debate about. The subject of this talk-show’s is: TheAliens And Myself! In order to talk about this, we invited some guests that we’ re about to request to get in. Let’s welcome in my Soul, my Mind and my Spirit.”

Ask now your Soul, Mind and Spirit to come in and look at themselves in the mirror; be aware that the image reflected by the mirror should be the same as the one you are directly perceiving. If not, that means that your guests have a false identity and they are not what they pretend to. Suggest them to sit down. Notice how soul, mind and spirit look like and observe which way they are sitting and if they took place on the chairs you prepared for them. Do not mind which form they could have, just go on with your simulation and start by asking your soul to introduce her/himself and ask her/him if s/he knows the other two guests. Do the same with your mind and at last with your spirit. At this point, ask your soul again if s/he knows something about the aliens’ issue and ask the other two the same question. The debate can begin. If all three parts don’t agree about something, you can make a big TV screen come down from the ceiling, if it’s not already there, and start the footage of when the aliens came.

After the discussion about this video, invite as many aliens and the ones you want to come in and sit around the table, in order to debate with you about the issue. You can also have external interventions by video conference or phone from the ones that couldn’t be there. Your guests will enter the door as you call them by name or by nickname, if you don’t know them, and you can let them sit down where they like to. Imagine the hall, all the micros and chairs. Again, spend some time watching disposition and kind of the TV studio lights. When all of them are comfortably sitting, take a look of how you visualize them: how their form is, how they are dressed, how they relate to one another and how they look like to you who are observing them. Notice the behavior of any single one of them. There may well be empty chairs or it could be necessary to add some more. Observe their disposition around the table and, just in your mind, notice where every one of them is placed, because later you will be asked to make a sketch which reproduces everyone’s position, with a description of all of them. As they are all there, ask all of them to rapidly introduce themselves. Remember, you are the anchor(wo)man and they all have to listen to you: if you cut short a discussion, they’ll have to obey. After introducing, you can start with your questions: you can ask anything you want, but your soul should be the first one who answers.

The very first question to be asked should be this one:

Do you know the alien guests who sit around this table? Do you know who they are and what they want?

From this obligatory question you can start the discussion, which could be taking place over more sessions (just to not getting too tired).

After this first question, ask all the different characters what they think about the aliens’ problem and ask any single alien what they are doing here and what are their real interests. Ask them if they’re getting helped by someone, if there are all friends or foes to one another, if they know when their job will be done, etcetera: the debate’s role is to determine why they are here and how they relate to your soul, mind and spirit. You can help yourself by watching virtual videos. You can show any footage you need. For instance, should your soul not agree with one other guest, show the “real” footage of the event and commentate them before your guests and let your visitors do the same. The videos have been filmed by your brain and all the data will be delivered by it: they will be about your experiences, that from now on can be seen on the big screen, shot from a camera placed in the best possible position so that you can see everything. Do not be afraid of creating facts that never happened: your mind has recorded everything you lived and knows very well which pictures have to be shown to the guests at your conference.

When the broadcasting is about to end, ask your soul if s/he agrees with accepting the presence of the aliens: If s/he doesn’t, tell her/him to solve the problem, for example by eliminating the problem. If s/he agrees, tell her/him to do it now, live on stage. Visualize your soul at work (but just don’t hurry!), or let her/him accept the idea of solving the problem any time s/he thinks it’s appropriate.

If your Soul decides to solve it now, watch carefully the way s/he looks like while acting through her/his “Will of doing it”.

Describe later this scene in a short written story. Just be aware of how you felt during the whole talk-show and let your emotions freely flow inside of you. Carefully watch all characters, as if you would like to frame them with your camera while interacting with you.

When finished, it’s important that, as at any conference, you take leave of your visitors, then the conference can be delayed till the next session, during which the same or other characters will take part and talk about the status quo. In the end, do a drawing and a short written summary of the whole experience.

Keep in mind that this exercise has been designed for real abductees: anyway, non-abductees can also do it, in order to determine once and for all their non involvement in the phenomenon.


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