There are 5 levels of alien interference, of which we have known only the first, before mystudies.
 The first level of alien interference describes the abduction as an invasive phenomenon, inwhich some little beings, dark gray or black colored, sometimes blue colored, take thesubject and bring him in a technological place where he is undergone to surgicalprocedures, on a sort of operating table; both males and females are implanted withcontrol microchip. This is all what appears clear among what the American researchershave exposed. Actually the situation is more complicated. In fact, there are at least twelvealien races that have to do with the humanity, even if with different methods, they aresearching the same thing, as we will see up ahead.
The hypnotic environment and contexts which let reach the exposed conclusions will notbe described here. Also here are no technical explanations, cause otherwise there will benecessary various books: I will just expose the basic conclusions coming out from theresearch.We found out immediately that there was a problem regarding the mammal kind for whichwe had a solution.
They were looking for immortality!
No matter that I’m convinced of boring nature of the immortality, I‟m aware that noteverybody think it the same way. The aliens‟ desire of immortality and
the determinacy thatthey have demonstrated on following that target perplexed me enough regarding their levelof intellectual maturity. But I continued my research: maybe there was some mistake.Under hypnosis all the abductees reported always the same:
“The aliens live across us and our mind…”
 In that kind of abductees there is a strong brain dichotomy which may be identified by anypsychiatrist as an acute schizophrenia. However the detailed analysis of the subjectsshows that they were completely healthy mentally. They usually feel different, as if theywere not from this world. They had some flash-back in which they were remembering thepast lives and images by an alien context, as if themselves were aliens.Obviously they had some access denied zone in their brain where there were hidden them
emories about alien‟s life: so it means that the results of hypnosis could be real. Namely
the brains of abductees are used as a store by the aliens for their memories (byinformatics terms it would be some kind of back-up).By that hypothesis the aliens a re looking for the immortality which they still can‟t reach.
Cause no matter that they already live more than us, at the end they also die. But they areable to make their memories survive inserting them into the brain of some terrestrial baby an entire life memory of some alien into the brain of some terrestrial baby which mayalso die after that.
The baby grows up and at some point of his/her life the person‟s brain may show the signs
of other personality which would create a lot of problems in her/his existence. The alien
memory remains anyway inaccessible, except if we don‟t use some kind of key
-procedure(similar to the password of computer), which would be able to open it and liberate itscontent. Before the death of back-up abductee, the aliens return and copy all the content ifit is necessary into the brain of one of their newborn.He reserves the memory and survives becoming all one with the previous terrestrial host.
In this way his personality survives even if his body dies and he reaches a surrogate ofimmortality. The newborn alien will not need to make the whole experience starting fromthe very beginning till the end, for example, an alien (or his personality) 30.000 years oldwould be formed of the memories of 6 aliens with 5.000 years life duration per each ofthem. Plus an elevated number of terrestrial memories of abductees used for back up. Thefinal product of application of this idea will be a single personality in evolution which uses alot of bodies in order: a kind of pseudo-immortality that permits the aliens to conserve allthe fundamental characteristics of their original meaning.
It is noted that the aliens prefer the human brain for back up of their memories, actually theabductees were told many times during the abduction that:
“Your brain is perfect: the machines may be broken, but the human brain won’t …”
Here we understand what they mean when they say:
“We live across your brain …”
!The application of intelligent hypnotic methods permits us to elaborate a key-procedure in
order to access to the hidden alien memories into the abductee‟s brain. So we dispose a
big reserve of information about alien lives, including their language. The procedure istested and reproducible on the abductee in any laboratory. The study of alien phonemesactually is continuing. But we will talk about it in other occasions. The key-procedure is an important discovery without any doubt. I decided to verify if there
are the “carriers”, namely the traces of the memories of previous back up
abductees/transporters in the access denied part of the brain of actual abductee as ourbrain should be an undeletable memory (a real and proper ROM – Read Only Memory).
Actually in the brain of the abductee there must be present the memory of one aliencomposed by many sequential fragments and the memories of all those who served thealiens as a back-up. The confirmation of that hypothesis was a great satisfaction. The work of Weiss, the American psychiatrist who solicitudes the memories of past livesby the hypnosis, must be re-interpreted? There is no reincarnation and it is simply aboutthe memories which are not ours actually, but they belong to the previous back upabductees? Later we realized that the things were more complicated: actually the otheraliens. It is more than a simple back up of the memory.
I found the memories of locust or serpent kind aliens in the abductees that I have studied:how it is? The brain of reptilians or locusts are compatible with the human brain?Maybe the right answer is following. The memory of some locust kind alien answeredunder hypnosis:
“your brain is bigger than ours. We use it all: the space that you don’t use is used by us. We have created you this way on propose, in your DNA you have got both

reptilian and our DNA. That’s why we are so compatible.”

During the hypnosis there were coming out both insect and reptilian environment. I wasthinking what would happen if the back-up abductee would die suddenly in some accidentor anything else: the aliens would lose millions of years information together with theabdu
ctee. They couldn‟t let it be!
What we would do if we were them? The obvious step: to copy the brain of abductee.However, in order to obtain the complete function, we should make a copy of the wholebody. The body is not so important, but it is necessary to keep alive the brain with theprecious info about the alien life.
During the hypnosis there came out sometimes the memory about the “resonance room”“matrioska room”, “metallic cylinder room”, these are definition given by the various
abductees describing the same situation. Namely it was about the copy process to whichthe abductee assists across the lateral whole of the metallic cylinder in which they wereput while in the same time there was his/her copy in other transparent, vertical cylinder. Areal copy of abductee with all info inside the brain. The involved person as a result looses the proper personality and suffers of psychologicalcrisis difficult to support. It seems that the copy is saved in some secure place in a kind of
as a reserve back up, the original is to be brought back to his home.These kinds of operations are done in some subterranean place by presence of terrestrialmilitaries! (I have got exhaustive answers to explain the reason of terrestrial militariespresence, but we will talk about it in other occasions). The most important question at that point of research was: “What do they take down there: the copy or the original?”
We would keep the original. And the aliens? The memories of copy and original were thesame completely, so there was no difference which could help to solve the problem. Butseems that the aliens had a weak point in their procedure: the cylinder where they insertthe abductee was horizontal (by the first description) while the copy was created in verticalcylinder. So if the abductee under hypnosis remembers that goes out from the samecylinder, it means that he is the original. If he goes out from the vertical one, so he is thecopy. The abductee remembers going out from the different cylinder, so he is the copy!
It was an error. Actually I found out that there were 4 rooms with cylinders. Each of themhad a precise function. But under hypnosis sometimes the memories were mixed oroverlapped. We will see later why. Actually the original comes back home always as it wasstated by the results of hypnosis.
 There was happened something strange during the process of copy of human body byaliens. The abductee describes a strange sensation, some vibration passing through body.There was a lot of light in the cylinder and then something detaches and vibrates in air.By that moment the abductee describes the scene from upside and sees both of cylinders,the metallic one and the another one transparent. Both vertical. His original body in thefirst one, and something else in second one. What is that third position? At first view itseems impossible, even without discussing about the accuracy and credibility of hypnosistechniques when it is done properly.So it is necessary to stipulate some kind of question chain in order to understand whoanswers:
• An alien with its memory?
• A copy?
• An original?
• One of carrier memories? he chain of questions was simple like following:What is your name?How old are you?What is the date? Watch your hands and describe them.But the answers were terrifying!Question:
“You are looking down?”
Answer: “…No.”
Question: “So how can you se e what is going on under you?”
Answer: “…I don’t look down,I’m watching contemporarily everywhere…”
Question: “Watch your hands.”
Answer: “…I don’t see the hands.”
Question: “Watch your body.”
Answer: “…I do n’t have a body .” (perplexity)
Question: “What is your name?”
Answer : “…We don’t have a name …”
Question: “How old are you?”
Answer: “…What does it mean?…”
Question: “By how long time do you exist?”
Answer: “…By always …”
So there came out the creature which defines itself as a “matrix of light points” livingbetween “this and that time”, they present themselves as “ the human Soul”!
The thingwhich gives you an eternal life! Yes, that is what the aliens look for… now everything is clear.
In around one year of research I understood that the aliens were trying to catch the matrixlight points in order to use it for their targets.
Terrible! But fortunately, at least from the first analysis we got that they still couldn‟t reach that target. To keep the Soul constantly and for a long time was impossible for thembecause of the incompatibility between their and Soul ‟s biogenetics. The Soul was perfectly aware of these facts, but didn‟t stop them or cause it didn‟t want or couldn‟t. During the hypnosis there came out the description of a strange force camp whichtransports the Soul into the body of aliens. But the union went on only few time after whichthe Soul detached totally and irreversibly. It was making crazy the alien which one moretime has failed and couldn‟t get united to the matrix light points. Actually we have something in our DNA which is compatible with the Soul as it is declaredalso by various alien memories inserted into the brain of abductees. It is possible toactivate the alien memories of abductee across some kind of password. It is like watchingthe secret papers of the aliens without being noticed. The compatibility of our DNA explains the reason of the experiments done by aliens in order to use our DNA. Probablythey try to change their DNA in order to be similar to ours. The Soul was very clear during the interrogation: the abductees have the Soul besides the other requisites.

The Soul thatnot all human beings have got ! (approximately 20/25% of people).Furthermore the Soul
after detachment doesn‟t stay for a long time in the body of alien, so after that they put the Soul into the copy of abductee for a while and then put it back intothe original body of the abductee which is the unique body compatible for a long time.
They don‟t take away the Soul of abductee for a long time.
“The Soul can’t be copied.”, say the matrix light points during the interview under hypnosis with me “The aliens know it and so they try to use your Souls. But they need to modify their DNA in order to be able to connect the Soul to their body.” That‟s why the aliens try to create some bridge – race between us and them across the genetic experiments whichthey do on us. That race should possess this important piece of compatibility of DNA. Onlyafter that they will be able to rip off the Souls from the habitants of our planet or otherplanets and they will keep the Soul forever. That is the alien agenda.All the abductees repeat exactly the same things. No exception! It was time to say the truthto them.This is the secret of Life Tree, Hebrew Cabbala, the Egyptian constructions of pharaohs,the Indian Kundalini and the so called saint grail searched by many secret sects.Everything was simple: something in our DNA was the source of eternal life and the aliens were looking for having it from us.
We even don‟t know about the e
xistence of this strangething.The Life Tree of Terrestrial Paradise which is visible also in some crop circles: that is thething which the aliens search in some of us, only in some of us.
We were missing still one ring of the chain: the ancient Egyptians actually were talkingabout the physical body, the Mind and the Soul, but also about the Spirit. We
didn‟t know
what it was about.In short, we found out some alien memories into the brain of abductees which were totallydifferent than us: the light beings, of different nature, which live a long time, but they weremortal anyway.
Cause only the Creator and some human beings possess the Soul.
These light beings probably were the “immortal spirits” defined by our mythological culture.
They control the aliens which organize the abductions and those aliens control the Grey “cyborgs” which control the humanity.
 The light beings had something similar to the “Spirit”, but different than the Soul. There are different kinds of human being:
1. The Body with Mind.
2. The Body with Mind and Soul.
3. The Body with Mind and Spirit.
4. The Body with Mind, Spirit and Soul.
So we understand now also the so called phenomenon of “diabolical possession” whichmeans that the person doesn‟t like the strange light beings inside himself – that parasite

and negative creature inside. Are there any negative creatures which can live inside thepersons possessing the Soul?Did the light being prefer to live there in order to absorb the Energy of the
matrix of light points – namely the Soul for eternal life?Everybody want the Soul, cause it means an eternal life and all that creatures come to theunique place where the Soul stays who knows maybe by mistake.Finally I have got the solution of all these phenomenon. This explanation brings togetherthe physics, the metaphysics, the esoteric science and the history of our planet.

Source: C. Malanga, Alien Cicatrix, p. 21-26



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