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By Corrado Malanga December 31 2012

This article describes the final procedure that allows those who practice it, to acquire the potential ability to become completely aware of oneself.
In this test, or experimental procedure, are conveying all the theoretical data and conclusions of our research in the field of human perception, applied to the study of phenomena external to the planet Earth. The previous procedure, from which this is inspired, aimed to stop the phenomenon of alien adduction. In fact we had identified a procedure named Dynamic Triad Color Test (DTCT), which gave good results.

The procedure of the simple TCT involved a very complex mental simulation, which was driven by an external operator, who made the abductee mentally simulate a completely dark room, where there were some spheres mimicking some off lamps. These lamps were mentally lit on (evoked) by the abducted person in a precise order to let them assume the archetypal meaning of the three components of your own deep self: mind, spirit and soul. Analyzing the colors of the three lamps, one could get a clear psychological picture of the subject and his problems through a simple archetypal mechanism. In this way the presence of alien interference or psychological problems could be diagnosed.

With an abductee subject, the operator made him to correct the colors of the spheres, helping him to

achieve the goal of getting the correct archetypal colors, identified on statistical basis as green for the ideal mind, red for spirit and blue or yellow for soul. For an in-depth study of the ideally correct brain mechanism, read the previous works, and in particular those that relate to the TCT (“Tutti i colori dell’anima” – “All the colors of the soul”, by the same author).
The subject was asked to detect the presence of other light sources inside his ideic room. This corresponded to a mental image of alien intruders. The subject’s mind sees intruders as bright balls of the appropriate colors. In that context, it was possible to identify the active alien memories, the lux, other parasites without body and all the microimplants that may be present in the body. The soul sphere was encouraged to mentally remove all the intruder objects in the room with an act of will. Finally, the connections between the soul and the creator of the dual virtual Universe, with the Prime Man, the corresponding counterpart in the anti- Universe and the figures up in the hierarchy (identifiable in the Indian myth of Shiva and Visnu) could be severed (Read Genesis III, the same author). Once the subject was isolated by its manipulators/creators, the operetor asked the soul to view, through an ideic scanner (much like an MRI or CAT scan), the body of the adductee, verifying the presence of alien and military microimplants, and destroying them one by one, through the act of will. Then asked the soul to look for copies of the abductee’s body along the space-time, identifying and eliminating them one by one in the same way.
At this stage the operator asked the abductee to examine the time axis, with the aid of the soul, in order to check the absence of abduction scenes in both the past and the future. The subject was so completely freed from the abduction problem. In some cases

through the awareness of their own soul, they were led through a path we called “photo album”, where they identified all types of aliens who had come to disturb the abductee’s existence, to raise awareness of the past situation to the soul: the aliens were recognized and identified, on a conscious level, to avoid further unaware abduction.

Finally, the three spheres were merged into one ball of white or yellow color, symbolizing ideic sum of the red, green and blue or yellow. The merging of the triad was perceived as the ideic sum of the three frequencies in the visible range of the three colors, and the mind automatically produced the color sum (hence white or yellow). The results of this procedure, which lasted an average of two and a half hours, provided the necessary acquisition of knowledge (and consciousness by the triad) to avoid being subject to more abduction, both by aliens and military, then from the influences of the various cosmic creators. The results, though good, were not optimal yet. Many subjects, after treatment, acquired the ability to defend themselves from the alien but often, due to prior serious psychotic deficiencies, were unable to maintain this condition throughout their entire existence on this planet (mostly through reactions falling in the Stockholm syndrome cases). There was therefore the need for further applications of this methodology administered by a more experience operator.

The use of this procedure was leading to a long series of failures completely determined by the lack of clear willingness of these adductees to break free. In the abductee’s psyche a psychotic reactions arose, which led the subject to consider one’s life better with the aliens than without.

An addition to the old procedure brought to the construction of an ideic protective bell wrapped around

the abductee’s mental room. Projecting the aliens outside this bell and asking the triad to watch over it, helped in solving more cases. Unfortunately we noticed that every time the abductee’s self esteem was in jeopardy, the bell-barrier became brittle and open to alien attacks.

The new procedure.

In the past year, we were able to carry out further experimental observations that led us to identify procedural errors in the old DTCT. These new observations emerged from a study, at a quantum level, of the universe. In particular, the understanding that the universe is not dual, led us to conclude that there is no separation.

The duality, as we have described in the third part of the trilogy titled “Genesis” is a trick of perception of the human mind. The universe is incorrectly seen as a sort of double faced concept, where the extremes belong to two different categories. Good and evil, on and off, masters and slaves, rich and poor but also hermitian linear operators of opposite sign, such as + and – or the unit vectors of space, time and potential energy, were only illusions of perception. In this context, the wave- particle duality was restructured into a new non-dual perspective, linked to the consciousness and not to elusive hidden parameters of modern physics.
The assumption that the virtual universe is not dual, made us understand that something had tried to have us believe it. We discovered that the duality is a system to categorize mankind, to make us believe in the existence of an opposition of two sides. The dualism was the system by which aliens and alienated tried to force the man to make battles that were not their own.

 The Latin idea “divide et impera” (divide and conquer) worked up until someone noticed the deception.

Some observations through a quantum physics point of view allowed us to understand how the duality did not exist except as a form of false perception. We understood that the second law of thermodynamics was to be reviewed. The concept of difference of entropy of the universe (ΔS of the isolated system) should not be related as much as to the energy of the system, but rather to the knowledge of the system and energy combined.

The conclusion of all these observations pointed in one direction only. If there is no duality, the universe is not divided into two sub-universes but it’s a single box in which there are many beings with different levels of awareness. This different perception of the universe was mistaken for a dualistic vision of it.

The universe is not dual in itself, but becomes dual because it’s perceived as such by non-integrated awareness. So, if there were no categorizing barriers, we could not, in DTCT, held a barrier that kept the adductee in a cage built by himself. The cage really could protect somebody, as the existence of the imaginary cage, had the intrinsic idea of the chance to bring down its boundaries. If there are no boundaries it is not possible to bring them down. The adduct was not to defend himself from the aliens with a barrier, and you could not keep soul, mind and spirit separated, although united in a sum of three spheres that could be taken to the original position, restoring the separation between them.

There was no separation between the components of the triad but they were separated in the beginning by those that created the duality. Man’s consciousness, that is the creation, can not be manipulated by anyone.

In order to deal with it (ie: enslave) one has to separate consciousness into three sub-consciousnesses, categorizing them. We actually discovered that soul, mind and spirit exist only in our dual perception, but they are only part of an unique original consciousness. It has all colors, because soul, mind, and spirit are every colors. Since the conscience may be all, its three components no longer exist when they regain consciousness they were divided upstream.

The sum of soul, mind and spirit, could not be a white sphere, because white is the sum of the three frequencies, typical of the manifestation of the triad, but not of a complete integration between them. The white can be reassembled in the three original colors restoring the separation, and with it, the alien abduction.

The total sum of the colors of integrated consciousness in the virtual universe, is of all colors, not overlapping but integrating. Such color is the non-color.
Ideally the non-color is perceived by the human mind, like everything and nothing, which, according to the physics of the Zero Point Energy, have the same meaning.

If we think that a point in space is empty, we must ask ourselves if it is empty because there’s nothing or is empty because at that point there is everything and the opposite of everything that annihilate each other. And then everything and nothing become the same thing. The transparent sphere is ideally nothing and everything. But the transparent ball does not have any kind of consistency, nothing can hang up to it. The transparent sphere evokes the representation of the ideic quantum wave.

The concept of wave and particle is bound to the concept of the unconscious-conscious. When consciousness is wave, it is equivalent to

unconsciousness (that is: the external observer, the alien, has complete lack of awareness of it). We know that it exists but no one knows where is localized in space-time. In other words, it is invisible because it is everywhere in the same-time. On the other hand, the particle is the ideic representation of total awareness (that is: the external observer has complete awareness of its existence). The integrated consciousness knows that it can be both particle and wave, and it can decide. Face the alien as wave means being, in front of the alien, completely transparent and invisible but, from a quantum point of view, assumes the meaning of rejecting the alien experience, with subsequent absence of interaction. The physical phenomenon thus becomes perceptible only as non-localized wave and as a particle. Being a particle means accepting the experience of interference. This concept can be taught to the ideally integrated consciousness and that consciousness acquires the knowledge to be able to decide, millions of times a day, in front of the whole universe, to participate in an experience, and face it as particle, or deny the experience and “not to be found” appearing as wave. Being a wave means that “I know you’re there, but do not know where and when.”

In the simplest terms, the integrated consciousness, knew how to become invisible to the alien experience. The new experimental part of the dynamic flash triad color test (DFTCT), which lasts no more than fifteen minutes, in a single application, makes the merging of the triad irreversible. Teaching to the integrated consciousness the virtual concepts of quantum physics in a way the integrated triad can understand it and makes anyone who carries out this exercise, properly integrated with oneself. The procedure is not built to save the man from the alien, but to make sure that the man acquires awareness of their own thoughts. At that

stage, if the person who practices the technique was an abductee, one could get rid of the problem once and for all. If the subject has never been abducted, however, will be free from his engagement with the creation of the false gods or demons.

The non – local universe and the abduction experience.

The DFTCT does not provide the destruction of microchips, does not provide the destruction of copies and research, does not evoke any images of aliens, does not evoke any kind of virtual memory, does not correct the colors of the triad and so is not traumatic. It is a very light states of hypnosis, easily modifiable, depending on the needs. It should be emphasized that since the universe is not local and there are no past nor future but only the present, the procedure produces an immediate effect on the Time Line of the old Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In fact, at the same time in which the three spheres of the triad acquire every color, merge and achieve the perfect transparency, they have not only integrated into a unique essence of consciousness as irreversible but are never separated in the axis of time. The quantum wave functions of past and future collapse in the present, this giving reality only to it. In this context, if the total consciousness is reconstructed, it as never divided before, but if consciousness has never been divided no one has ever been able to manipulate it. This causes experimentally, in the instant of of the fusion, that everything abduction related disappears, all the memories of the past adductions are gone, all microchips that an abductee has in the body ceases to exist, all copies of the adductee have never been made.

The abduction experience remains as “done” but it belongs to a changed past that is like never happened. The new procedure also ensures the total free choice of integrated consciousness. The transparent sphere of the I.C., can decide at any moment, to be wave (transparent sphere) or particle, to be visible or invisible, to interact or to refuse the experience. The new procedure does not provide for the physical elimination of the alien but simply the transformation of the abduction event in wave. In this context, the integrated consciousness becomes invisible to the alien that technically no longer has the ability to interact with the event. The alien is not destroyed but simply, his probability of interact with the abductee is minimized. The odds of having the alien in front of you becomes so small that the alien can no longer identifiable. This is the result that, virtually, becomes the refusal by the integrated consciousness, of this experience, but in terms of quantum states, it is the result of statistical probability that starts from the assumption that we are the ones who build the virtuality and that we interact with it, but only if we want. Measures are not produced by tools: we produce them by ourselves, as recently demonstrated by some experiments in quantum thermodynamics (read Genesis III, the same author). It should also be noted that the treatment of quantum events can only be made by microscopic contexts (the world of elementary particle physics). In fact, both components of the triad and the integrated consciousness, are similar in all aspects, to the microscopic components of Bohmian quantum physics.

There are no failures of the technique. It should be emphasized that each technique has some drawbacks or at least we know its limits. The DFTCT did not properly have bugs, but this does not mean that the subject will not be taken more if he’s an abductee. The subject will be taken again if his integrated conscience wants it.

There are many drives that can influence in this direction. A abducted subject that was freed from the problem more than a year ago, was abducted again, or better was again in contact with alien species, during a particular night. The next day some bruising appear on the body of the ex-abductee. The reconstruction of the episode, with the help of the anchors technique (NLP), highlighted two important factors. During the night the aliens had entered the house of the subject, he describes them as if they had not seen him. The aliens in fact went straight from the abductee’s room and entered his brother’s, who was also an abductee.

The ex-abductee felt like he had to defend his brother, but at that time unconsciously decides to re-accept the alien interference, returning visible.
It took to a real fight with the aliens, whose effects showed the day after. The second thing we noticed was that, in this case, however, the person was not taken by the aliens, because the integrated consciousness can not be separated, and no one can act on it ever again.

Some other cases in which the container was taken seem to be due to the fact that the former abductee decided to take revenge and harbors a deep grudge against the abductor, that are considered those who have ruined one’s life. At that moment, the subject unconsciously prepares to take revenge, and therefore he accepts to interact with the alien. The abduction takes place again. This technique can also be applied to people who do not know anything about aliens, who are not aware of their situation, who do not have memories, at a conscious level, of some sort. But after treatment, the integrated consciousness, in these specific cases, decide to recall the experiences useful to the acquisition of self awareness. In these cases, it seems that the integrated consciousness is brought in plain sight in front of the alien, like to play a game that can even be dangerous, but that does not bring anymore to the submission of the transparent ball to the alien. The transparent ball can never be taken.

At this stage it is important to integrate the transparent sphere with its container, or the container will be taken, however, but the transparent sphere will not be taken. This fact, brings the subject, especially if female, to still be used as a broodmare by the alien. Teaching to the integrated consciousness to integrate with its container is the only way to get rid of this problem.

What Integrated Consciousness is.

For integrated consciousness we mean the part of the primordial consciousness that created the virtual universe, which, however, integrated itself into virtuality, having awareness of space, time and energy. It is a consciousness that, as the sum of three components, with also virtual features, knows that it created the universe, knows what space and time and energy mean, talks to the neutral gender (as opposed to the female gender used by the soul), dominates the space, time and energy, has the potential to express in paranormal fashion, uses the container to gain experience.

Therefore, since the integrated consciousness must do its experience, it is unaware of everything because, if it had this knowledge, it would not need to be integrated in the virtual universe it has created. The DFTCT experience makes the man integrated, and no longer divided in four parts, bringing it back to the original condition: but this does not include the prefixed experience that has yet to be accomplished.

When the experience of DFTCT takes place, the map of territory in each of us changes and appears to be subject to the real problems of virtuality that he has decided to face. Often this creates moments of bewilderment that, at the extreme, could lead to the hypothetical decision of the integrated consciousness to revert to the separated state. What’s better, the aliens or the difficulties of everyday life? The integrated consciousness that must do the experience has free will and can choose, but the choice to go back is very rare and is not representative of the failure of the technique, but rather it is a clear and successful proof of the existence of free will.

In the cases we deal with, in a year’s time, no integrated consciousness was taken again, some containers have had some small annoying problems that tend towards the total resolution, only one case showed the idea of returning into the alien abduction phenomenon, but to date he has not done so.

I.C., from a quantum perspective, has three vectors of space, time and energy that allow it to express itself in his created virtual reality. On the other hand the three vectors of consciousness (ie: those belonging to mind, spirit and soul) are perfectly superimposed, becoming a single vector of awareness (working in all directions as “multi-vector”). It should be noted that the three vectors of consciousness of soul, mind and spirit, (resulting from the vectorial product of the two other vectors typical of each of the three elements) are “not switchable” between them. They are placed at 90° to one another and cannot overlap to create a white ball as at the end of classic DTCT. The transparent sphere,

once it is reduced to a point in the procedure that we will see below, produces the final superposition of the three vectors of consciousness, destroying the schizoid separation between spirit, soul and mind, that originates an imperfect being, very vulnerable due to the lack of internal consistency.

The more obvious characteristics of the integrated consciousness, in deep hypnosis, are the following: The subject speaks to the male gender (neutral)

• The subject knows he built the universe, but does not know why he did it this way.
• The subject claims he exists because he acts.
• The subject says that the dual does not exist, and if you exist is because you act, and to be all, you have to do it all.
• The subject sees and perceives the universe as totally virtual, as a fake construct, without apparent solidity.
• The integrated consciousness sees the universe

also in a real way. Real and / or virtual together. Learns to observe oneself from an infinite number of points that look toward the center, and from the center look towards infinite points.

Through the implementation of integrated consciousness you can travel in virtuality taking a vision in any space and time, while slowly emerge aspects of paranormal nature, more and more evident in the every day life.

The technique works on yourself.

The classic TCT required, for its complexity and duration, the use of an outside help. The operator was guiding the subject into the mental simulation, making

him go through all the necessary steps in order to finally reach the white sphere of consciousness. During the test trial of the new technique, we tried to examine some partial failures and came across the theory of the mirror effect.

The universe, according to our conceptions, has holistic nature, that means nothing is separated from the whole, as it is supposed to be, confirming the equations of Bohm’s physics. Following this reasoning, the reactions that another person will have dealing with me, depend solely on me. If someone argues with me, is because I have not achieved harmony inside myself. In fact, if for example, I walk into a room where there is someone I dislike that person will perceive, within oneselves, my hostility and any of my gesture will be enough to produce a backlash against me. At that point I will be allowed to react, because technically I did not started the argument, but in reality I had. In this context, the other will turn against me because I, through a local morphogenetic field, communicated my discomfort to him.

Another aspect that we noticed was that some subjects had difficulties in some parts of the method that, if not well understood, resulted in problems after the treatment. Some abductees did not understand the quantum effects of wave and particle. The alien abductions did not resume but these adductees were not able to make themselves invisible to the alien, who still remained passively present in everyday experiences. Other abductees had difficulty separating from the figure of the alien, since the adductee did not understand the idea that the past does not exist and therefore remained bound to it.

By a more thorough analysis I’ve done both on me and on some of my colleagues who practiced DFTCT in the experimental stage, I could see that during the

application of test, the word took a deeper significance, but behind the word there is another type of meta- communication, more profound and effective. During the test, the operator produces a situation where he passes a packet of information that migrate from his consciousness to the consciousness of the abductee.

If the adductee wants to acquire the information pack, he gets all the information that the operator passes him. In other words the DFTCT could be even conducted in silence, and the result would probably be the same. But since humans use the word in this virtuality to simplify things, we used words to teach to the consciousness what the quantum physics is. But in this context, if my conscience’s information pack has some dissonance, it will be transmitted to the other person.

For example: If I have some unresolved issue with my past and lead a DFTCT on an abductee, he will be totally free from the aliens, but perhaps he will continue to see their image next to his bed at night, while trying to sleep. My inability to free myself from my past was redirected to the abductee that can not handle this part of virtuality, and will suffer my same problem. In other words, if I go to the doctor with a cold, and I want to be healed, I do not have to go to a doctor that contracted a desease, because he will not heal me, having himself the problem.

It was clear that this type of meta-information not only acted at the DFTCT level, but constantly in all daily relationships between living beings.
It was also clear where in the past we had partially failed. If you’re not completely “clean” you can compromise your patient, and this could be one of the reasons why some abductees did not get rid of the problem completely, excluding cases in which subject was acting against the resolution.

Therefore, in principle, no one can perform a DFTCT on another, unless he’s perfect inside. It must be said that there aren’t, to my knowledge, perfect people, and should also be emphasized as all the DFTCTs our group carried out up to now, during the experimentation, had success, although with minor smudging.

The best thing to do was to build a simple experimental procedure, that everyone could make for oneself, making sure to have a strong act of will in wanting to solve their own problems.

It is here emphasized that the success rate of DFTCT is closely linked to the understanding of the things you are doing. You can not perform the test by simply reading the experimental part below, as if it were a ritual of the Catholic Church or any prescription of a doctor, but you must understand what each step means exactly.

So, who wants to test this on themselves, must read, study and understand a lot of what I wrote earlier. Must have clear understanding of the three works entitled Genesis, they must understand how the mental simulations works and study the operation and theory of classic TCT. Misinterpretation could void the entire procedure on the one hand, but on the other we know that all the important information is already available to all, at the level of the holographic grid, through the morphogenetic field.

The subjects to which we practiced DFTCT in the experimental stage, need to understand that if, after the application of the test, they still had doubts and uncertainties about certain situations affecting their lives, is because the test will integrate, abolishing the duality, allowing the consciousness to live its experience undisturbed, within its container, but the system does not change their chosen path in life, which must be worked out by themselves. In particular,

people who have done the DFTCT, must not refer more to me or to others for their unresolved issues, but ask directly to their integrated conscience, that will be perfectly able to clarify any aspect of reality. This represents the consciousness that must resolve the unresolved problems.

The harmony is the final result to achieve. So ask yourself, the divine part of yourself, and this part will always reply. The disease is only a state due to the misunderstanding of separation, while the healing consists in the acquisition of consciousness. In this context, it is evident how the DFTCT is useful to all human beings, because it helps to integrate with your inner self, and sets free from the chains of false gods and demons that, as the myth says, tried to live forever without living the experience directly, but through the pain experienced by others. The dual universe provides that love and hate are, in fact, two faces of the same coin. Our gods rulers decided to rig the game to outcome always heads and never tails. Doing so, they only live half experience, and so they are only “half themselves”. We decided to live the full experience, so they manipulated us, attempting to steal the experience they was missing.

This theft is only the representation of a lack of consciousness, determined by not understanding that we all are one. So, when you understand this, you also undestand how the “mirror” works. Humans saw in aliens, the despicable part of themselves and the aliens saw their fragility in the human’s fragility. At the moment the dual dies, each of us becomes aware of oneself. And from that moment on you mirror only onto oneself. Inside there is the whole universe with all the answers to all the questions.

 DFTCT: Experimental part

find a place where no one can disturb you, relax and close your eyes. Go deep into the darkness of your mental room. You are in the middle of this room and everything is dark. You know in your room there are some light bulbs that probably you don’t see because usually they are turned off, but they can be already on. If they’re not, turn them on one by one, your three light bulbs are: mind, that you turn on first, spirit, that you turn on second, and the soul, that is the third one. Look at this light bulbs that are in your mental room. They’re YOU, your essence. Look at the position, the color, the size, the distance from you, and the hight from the ground.

The three light bulbs are the only light sources in your room. Maybe you see just a light bulb as the sum of the three light bulbs, but if you see three light bulbs, identify the soul part and put your arm inside it.

Listen and perceive which tactile perception you have, what do you perceive inside your soul part? Hot or cold, dense or solid, liquid or gassy? Do you feel any particular smell or any particular sound? Perceive your soul, that it is showing herself to you as a light sphere, in the meanwhile ask her if she remembers when, at the beginning of time, it was joined to the other two spheres, mind and spirit, that, in the instant before the separation still don’t exist.

Ask your soul to turn back to that point, where soul, mind and spirit are a unique thing and three consciousness don’t exist, there’s just one consciousness.

Slowly, sensations and images about that instant will come to you.
Now ask your soul if it wants to go back to that primordial state. Make your soul look at what happens and why did the conscious sphere separate into three

sub-spheres, it is important to achieve awareness about all this.
When the soul decides, if it decides, to become whole again, become again an unique thing, no longer separated from mind and spirit, ask it to join to the other two spheres, make it notice that there is no specifical color for soul, mind and spirit, as they are part of a whole, so acually they can take any color they want. If soul wants to change color, and if mind and spirit want it too, they will notice that they can acquire any colors they want: that’s because they’re everything and every color represents one thing that it is possible to be.

Now we proceed with the fusion of the three lights into one light that initially will have all the colors. A light in which every spot of light will be of a different color.
If you look at the sphere from a long distance now, you will see that the sphere is white, but if you get closer to it, you can see that it can acquire all the colors of the universe.

At this point, mentally say to the light sphere (the sum of the three original spheres) that, it’s not enough to add together in this way in order to make the fusion, but it is necessary to melt irreversibly into one thing, a sphere that has just one color, the color that represents all the colors, the transparent color.

Once the sphere will become a totally invisible sphere (even without the chance to see the borders) in that instant, the integrated consciousness turns back to BE. It has to be said to the integrated consciousness that nothing and everything are the same things, but that nothing can stick to the nothing.

If in that instant the sphere becomes transparent, no aliens or other things can disturb it anymore.
In that instant it’s necessary to make the integrated consciousness sphere notice that there are no barriers

anymore within soul, mind and spirit, and those barriers never existed because the past has been modified and no one could ever use the three separated spheres because they never existed, because now they are one thing.

Now, that you’re still in your mental room, get into the transparent sphere with your body, the sphere is you and you are the sphere.
The sphere keeps your body shape and adapts to it, you become the transparent sphere.

Barriers don’t exist anymore. The walls, the floor and the ceiling of the room have no reason to be anymore. The integrated
consciousness tears down the barriers of the mental room, and now it can look onto the infinite.

Wait a few instants and look at the infinite, as it appears to you. Contemplate the place where you exist. After a few instants, ask to your transparent sphere to listen to the universe, and become the universe yourself. In order to do that, ask your sphere to expand slowly. You expand yourself slowly until you reach the borders of the universe, no need to do it fast, do it slowly.

While you’re expanding you touch the universe that you created, till the end of the universe, till the limits. Your transparent sphere did an unique big breath, absorbing all the universe.

As a big breath. For an instant, that lasts the eternity, listen to your universe, where you are everything. Achieve awareness of your body because it is like achieving awareness of the entire the universe. Then, breath out and contract yourself becoming small.

Make your transparent sphere attached to your body become smaller and smaller: but doing that, bring inside you all the universe that you absorbed, make it become very small, slowly, smaller and smaller, no

hurry, till you make it become an infinitesimal spot, that has all the universe inside. Feel for a few moments this very particular sensation and now get back to your original size.Now, your integrated consciousness knows that it can breath and become a big wave, a big sphere or a very little spot.

When this wave is big it is everywhere and so in any place in particular. In that state, it is completely invisible. When it is a little particle, it is visible and it is ready to interact with everything. Talk to yourself as integrated sphere and explain to your integrated sphere that it can always exist in this two states, and it can show itself as wave or as particle, being invisible or visible, facing any experience of the virtual reality. Remember at the end of all this, that the integrated consciousness uses its container (the body) to gain the experience in this virtuality, and it’s bad if its container is taken by others and it is necessary to protect one’s own container, because it is like a dress for the integrated consciousness.

Listen to yourself for a few instants, as you have never done before and look at the universe around you.


If the exercise is performed without forgetting any parameter of those described, should not be repeated, because the fusion of the spheres in a single ball is irreversible.

If the subject will want to lead these kind of experience in the future, he will travel through the universe without needing to figure the transparent sphere external to himself, because he is the transparent sphere. If the ball is opaque and it’s seen from the outside, this means that the body has been taken again. We deducted this on the basis of our

experimental procedure.
It must be emphasized that, in the mental room, at the beginning, you may find less than three balls, because they may already be merged into a single transparent sphere, and because some spheres could take the black color and having the mind room darkened, they may not be clearly visible.
If this event occurs, merge the ball equally, even though some of them are not visible, and proceed as described above. In the mental room there may be more than three balls, but in this case you’ll have to identify the three spheres of soul, mind and spirit and work with them, forgetting about the others, that will disappear after the successful merging of the integrated consciousness.
Those who wish, may carry the mental simulation on themselves, having carefully studied all the theory that there is behind this application. Some people can be helped by others to follow the path of this mental simulation, but we strongly suggest to make it by YOURSELF. Usually, we believe it is necessary to point out that those who claim not to be able to perform this simulation, independently, in most cases, just want to delegate the responsibility of their existence to another person. It would be impossible to help them.
To all those who do not understand the kind of approach that we have taken, I suggest, before passing any judgment on it, to do this simple experiment and understand it thoroughly, as it is not possible to talk about something that you do not know.

One must never be afraid because there is nothing in the universe to be afraid of except his own ignorance.

Have a nice journey.

Corrado Malanga 老师是研究者,意大利Pisa大学有机化学系教授.

国际化学杂志出版了他50个研究发现文章左右.他担任必修选修化学、工业化学、生物化学专业教授 职务.

Corrado Malanga对UFO、外星人赶兴趣 ,专门研究40多年了. 他在意大利国家研究不明飞行物中心(CUN – Centro Ufologico Nazionale) 当科学技术委员会责任人,行动计划研究方案.

后来因双方研究方法不兼容, Corrado Malanga 老师离开了意大利国家研究不明飞行物中心, 与新的合作者的帮助继续进行研究,集中注意力于外星人诱拐现象.


目前很多独立研究群对Corrado Malanga 的理论赶兴趣. 研究群增长传播现象的消息,应用Corrado Malanga 博士的发现,理论面对外星人诱拐的问题.

Corrado Malanga 老师当许多谈外星人诱拐领域杂志的专栏作家,例如Notiziario Ufo (UFO 新闻广播), Ufo Network (UFO网络), Dossier Alieni(外星人卷), Stargate (星际之门), Stargate Magazine (星际之门杂志), Area 51 (51区),另外他当两套讲UFO 百科全书的合作作家,通常是广播节目的客人,讲外星生物的内容.


Corrado Malanga 老师也写了书,例如 “I fenomeni BVM”(BVM*现象)Mondadori 出版社 , “Gli ufo nella mente” (UFO在脑子里) Bompiani 出版社.

能找到他写的文章在  (意大利语). 他目前的研究关于外星人诱拐现象,研究的技术,解决的方案是倒退催眠,神经语言规划.

Corrado Malanga 老师的中心论点是被外星人绑架的人数似乎超出人的想象。确实大多数的被绑架者不记得诱拐的事情,虽然身体上也会有外星人动的手术、植入物的疤痕。绑架者通过一些方法,例如 倒退催眠术、神经语言规划,才能恢复记忆。通过着一些方法也可以把真正绑架记忆和假的记忆分辨出来。

写关于UFO书的一些作家想法和他的想法不一样,Malanga 老师认为诱拐现象不积极,而消极。外星人并不是”太空兄弟”,来地球的目的并不带来爱、和平。它们是人类的敌人,利用地球人为了偷精力。它们需要精力为了存活、获得永生。Malanga 老师也认为有一些外星人坏,但也有好的外星人的论点不对:被认定好的外星人,实际上是假装好的。很多谈外星人、UFO的书经常描述灰人。它们实际上是别的外星人使用的一种生物机器人(绑架人时也用它们)。 外星人可以分成5主族,有一些互相合作,一些互相战斗。


*BVM – Beata Vergine Maria (圣母像, 题目的意思是见圣母像的现象)

关于外星人,很多人会考虑这些问题: 为什么它们 绑架人? 它们要我们做什么?此后用最简单的方法解释Corrado Malanga 老师的发现怎么能回答这些问题。
Corrado Malanga 研究了2000多外星人诱拐案件,被诱拐者在催眠状态下透露外星人找一种精力, 人类有这种精力,它们没有。
人的精力具有不尽的活力、生命力。为了方便,Corrado Malanga 叫这种精力”灵魂”。
外星人没有灵魂,所以它们式利用人的。 通过诱拐,它们的目的是减损人的精力。因为它们的DNA和灵魂这一部不兼容,它们的目的是创造混合生物,能和人的灵魂兼容。通过混合生物,将来外星人能获得不朽。目前还没成功,所以它们只能寄生于我们灵魂的精力,像水蛭一样。
外星人也利用人作为”载体” 的使用。它们在被诱拐人脑子里植入失去外星人的记忆,它们必须得保存的, 也植入外星人活跃记忆 (这种记忆是原来有形有体的生物的,人脑子里植入的记忆是真正的 数据库。有一些外星人是无体的,例如Lux 、Ringhio。它们寄生方式和其它有体的外星人寄生方式有点不一样,有体的外星人在肉体方面上行动,Lux 和Ringhio 在精神、心思方面行动)。对人结果是记忆丧失,觉得自己 “奇怪”的感觉,用无知的语言写、说,认不出亲戚、朋友,照镜子认不出自己,梦见自己属于外星生物,身上有不知道怎么得过的伤疤,等。。
总的来说,它们不来我们地球为了帮我们得到高级意识 (而是相反的),不来为了提供它们的技术,不是我们的天神要回来 (不要忘记曾经欧洲人到南美的欺骗),也不来我们地球为了我们的好。它们认为我们是实验动物,能随便应用的,得到了目的就能扔掉的。

SIMBAD 方法比别的方法旧,例如,目前有TCTD *,SIMBAD 方法的演变。但TCTD 需要一位专家指导心理模拟,被外星人绑架者不能自己做。 目前我们认为在中国还没有TCTD专家 (我们知道只在意大利、阿根廷、罗马尼亚有TCTD专家),所以暂时只能透露SIMBAD给试试,因为SIMBAD 不需要专家的帮助。
SIMBAD 是一个首字母缩写词,意思是” Self Induced Method for Blocking Abductions Definitively”, 永远停止外星人诱拐方法。
名字就解释作用,目的是从诱拐问题出来。 但,简单想象练习怎么可能会有这么好效果?
什么是心思、精神、灵魂?根据Corrado Malanga 老师的研究,人与三意识部分组成。心思指人的智力、有理部分,决定思考、想法。精神指人的感觉、直觉、活力,代表阳。灵魂是神志最清醒的一部,指情感,也是最无理性的部分。灵魂代表阴。灵魂没有时间维度,不知道以前、现在、以后的意思,它一直存在,是永生的。外星人没有灵魂这一部,所以它们想要我们的。
如果练习做得好,被绑架者(真正的被外星生物绑架的人)清醒地认出来外星人, 认出来它们的样子,意识到它们的打算,这样脑子里会去除它们。
某人开始”治疗”, 很快被绑架的问题就没了。
其实,练习基于三种精确的方法混在一起:Maharishi Maesh 超觉静坐、Kosslyn虚拟形象理论,Moreno心理剧疗法。并不是个平庸心理练习。
花一段时间想象您心理刚建立房间的颜色、材料,想象凳子、家具。注意看您选的建筑材料,它的温度。想象材料的粗糙度、温度, 例如,您用了大理岩的话,大理岩的比较冷,木头的话就比较暖和,塑料比较平滑,等。再花一段时间想象灯,注意听电视演播室里有没有声音。想要的话,可以想象观众,不要就不用了。小心不要绊脚摄影机缆线,节目快要开始。电视演播室里放一个连接里面、外边的门,门旁边放一个镜子。把镜子放在合适的位置,这样所有的客人一进来就能经过镜子前面。
然后请灵魂、精神、心思照镜子。 检查镜子反射出的样子和它们真正的影像样子,必须得是一样的。
问这个问题之后就开始讨论。这个讨论不用一集都谈完了,也可以下几集继续谈, 如果需要谈很多内容,每次做这个练习不一定会谈完,也不用,就不用太累了。
问一个一个自己行动还是有合作者,如果它们都是朋友还是它们之中有什么敌人,什么时候完成它们的工作,等。讨论的作用是查明为何外星人在这儿,和您灵魂、精神、心思有什么关系。为了使情况清楚,可以显示虚拟视频。 如果灵魂不同意另一些客人的想法,给它看视频,显示“真正发生过”的事儿,然后让它和其它客人评论。
节目快结束时,为了结束讨论问灵魂它同意不同意外星人在场。如果灵魂同意,请它处理情况,比如它能去除问题。它接受的话,请它实况去除问题。想象灵魂行动,这个时候不用着急。 也可以让灵魂找最合适的时间解决问题。

准备好了就可以把电话听筒提起来或打开免提功能或打开屏幕。格格电话一直连接灵魂、精神、心思。 为了和它们说话,只需要与它们联动。
到了这个时候,如果灵魂想永远停止和外星人交流,不只是可以先切断联系,也可以把电话线烧焦, 燃烧会到接电话的外星人,如果它不想永远烧伤,它也必须得放开联系。

脑子里的外星人 (Lux、MAA、外来不速之客) 意识到您试试做SIMBAD的时候,有时它通过一些不同的计谋也会试试不让您做完心理模拟练习。
当做心理模拟时的身体疼痛得感觉是假的,意识到疼痛就没了。 不要忘记做SIMBAD时是您来处理状态,如果突然灯关了您再开灯不速之客会再试试关灯,也会关好了,您再开灯,您意志力比外星人的强得多,它们没有灵魂,所以您比它占优势。您不开灯,就想象红外风光:自己想办法,不要怕继续做练习因为外星人的精力有限早晚消耗完,您精力有的是。
有时外星人扮演灵魂,所以这个时候灵魂不是它说的客人, 因此房间里要放一个镜子。视觉型人做的SIMBAD时,让灵魂、精神、心思、外星人照镜子。镜子是原型形象,镜子的象征意义很重要,如果照镜子的客人是骗子,不是它说的,镜像会没有,可能是变形的, 也可能和客人的样子不一样。
用镜子的方法,做SIMBAD 的人马上能意识到欺骗技巧,这样骗子要想别的方法骗人。
如果灵魂部存在,就不能出现,做SIMBAD 的人也不是被诱拐者。
在这个情况下,应该使灵魂相信它自己的能力,它要相信它自己能改变实现 (根据如上解释)。
*Triade Color Test三部合一颜色实验