Lots of people asking me: But what do they want from us?
I’ll explain it in the most simply way I can, according to the thing discovered by the Italian researcher Doc. Corrado Malanga.

Malanga studied over 2000 cases of abduction and in a state of hypnosis abductee reveled that the aliens are looking for a form of energy we own, this vital energy is unlimited, because it’s bound to the entire universe. For convenience, Malanga calls this energy “Soul”, but it’s not the soul you find in religion.

The aliens do not own souls and try to steal ours, they try to create hybrids hoping a soul can be compatible with them, assuring to the alien to live forever. At the moment they only parasite us to drain energy (look at the Lux creature on the alien races post).

The aliens also use humans as “carriers” to implant the memory of an important dead alien or as host to survive (for non-physical aliens such as LUX), this causes loss of memory, feeling “strange”, writing and talking strange languages, don’t recognize friends and relatives, don’t recognize yourself on the mirror, strange dreams of another world etc.

So, they’re not here to keep us to an higher state of conscience (quite the contrary), they’re not here to give us their technology, they’re not our God coming back (remember what europeans did to sud-american peoples?), and they’re not here to love us, they consider us just like a researcher consider a rabbit in his laboratory, we are something to use and discard when they will get what the want.

Last thing, what intentions can have a creature that abduct you in the night?

Defeat them is possible, in this blog you’ll discover how.

  1. surely remove the aliens is the first step, the second step is to work on yourself to defeat the negative emotions and develope your inner world… more articles about soul, mind and spirit will follow on the next months to explain the “human” part of Malanga’s studies. Best!

  2. mona scotia said:

    Can I find help in the USA

  3. mona scotia said:

    I certainly will do it. Thanks

  4. mona scotia said:

    Hello hope u are well. Can you tell me where to begin. What’s the first step to irradication? Thank you

  5. mona scotia said:

    and on the alarm system is the camera and there’s and this is exactly what happened to me the first time I saw a big bright . He doesn’t believe I was adopted so he’s definitely not gonna believe anything I come up with like that even if I showed him the video he wouldn’t believe it I don’t even wanna live there anymore but me meh my question is I’m trying to study and do the steps that doctor m has come up with if I’m the only 1 doing the steps this where does that leave me with me this man who doesn’t believe. my problems are starting with the first app shoul how should I do it during the day since I’m not having any luck at night I fall aslee and I know you’re not u a marriage counselor but my boyfriend and I don’t agree on aliens and tha and I know you’re not a marriage counselor but my boyfriend and I don’t agree on aliens and that issue even though I have several several videos of something in our home c even though I have several several videos of something in our home coming into our home. I feel so sorry for him because he’s a good person but he is getting abducted at night or whatever they’re doing whatever’s going on I can’t see it it’s a spirit but it’s moving I can’t see some movement a lot of it a lot of discoloration in a lot of light I can see this on the videos and I know somethings happening to him and I feel very sorry for him because he does not want to put his mind he can wrap his mind around this

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