Dr. Corrado Malanga is a researcher professor and teacher in Organic Chemistry in the University of Pisa. He’s been studying UFO and aliens for the last 40 years. He is currently interested in the matters concerning the Alien Abductions, which he studies through the use of Regressive Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Academic Career

Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in 1969 and graduated in chemistry in 1977 at the University of Pisa with an experimental thesis on the Chemistry of indol core. He worked for the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry for one year after finishing his mandatory military service. In 1981 he moved to Paris at the University P. and M. Couriè, devoting himself to the synthesis of polymers on use of optically active propylene for about two years. In 1983 he won a competition as researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Pisa.

Since 1983 he has focused his attention on heterocyclic of chemistry, new organic complexes of nickel in organic synthesis and new synthetic pathways to prepare natural compounds.

He has published about fifty papers on international scientific journals. In these years he held several positions teaching courses of organic chemistry I and II for the degree course in chemistry, organic chemistry, degree course in biological sciences, organometallic chemistry and organic chemistry lab II: degree courses in chemistry and industrial chemistry.

He has held lectures in the Organic chemistry International School A. Corbella organized by the Universities of Milan and Bologna. He was a speaker and co-speaker of countless thesis in chemistry and industrial chemistry.


Everything started many years ago. I was studying UFO as an amateur, when I decided to join a national organization which was studying this subject. I became a member of the Board of Directors and I worked with this organization for several decades. One day they assigned me the task to follow a case for a supposed abduction, operated by aliens, of a guy from Genoa: Valerio Lonzi. After four years of investigations, since I was asked this by the same Board of Directors for which I was working, I transformed my report in a book ( The UFO Inside The Mind, Bompianti, 2000 , Translator’s note) The hell broke out! …”

Since 1992 he has conducted study on hundreds of people involved in alien abduction phenomena and among the techniques he uses there are graphology,regressive hypnosis, NLP, specific exercises of Mental Simulations and theTriade Color Test ( a test somehow derived from the Luscher Color Test but further modified and greatly elaborated ) . To understand the physics behind the alien abductions he, together with Alfredo Magenta (ECE), propounded the Super Spin Hypothesis describing the quantized nature of time.

In 2007 he publishes his updated research under the name of “Alien or Demons – The fight For Eternal Life”, little less than 500 pages where one can find: all the necessary tools to be able to face the consequences of one’s alien abduction, in order not to have this happen ever again; the true story about the abuses that the aliens have been committing on the human race; the psychosomatics of the Abduction phenomena; the solution of specific cases and the NLP and Regressive Hypnosis techniques applied to this specific issue.

“ALIEN MEMORIES implanted in the subject’s brain were also hypnotized

( the first times were “just a case” we didn’t know and didn’t look for it )

a procedure which has permitted to obtain a huge quantity of fresh data

on the alien races and on their purposes.”

Dr. Malanga’s research explains, in detail, what is the problem of the alien interferences; it describes the main races which are responsible for such interferences; it analyzes the different levels of interference which can be internal or external for the abducted; it clarifies the interrelationships between different aliens, and between aliens and the groups for the New World Order (NWO). He describes the techniques used to subjugate, both by the aliens and by the military which are colluding with the aliens, in order to obtain their own goals.

Dr. Malanga’s Alien Levels Of Interference

Dr. Corrado Malanga proposes a new interpretation of the phenomenon based on a classification of the alien interferences in five levels:
-Level One: surgical operations on the abducted person.
-Level Two: alien memories implanted into the brain of the abducted person.
-Level Three: cloning of the abducted person.
-Level Four: attempt to move the light-dots matrix ( the Consciousness ) of the abducted person and constrain it into an alien body.
-Level Five: different kinds of an incorporeal aliens made up by light ( called “LUX” ) or coming from an another dimension ( called “GRINCH” or “SIX FINGERS” or HORUS-RA ) are the ones who control all the other aliens.

A “Level Six”, too, has been discovered and partially understood but this is still subject of research at the present time.

Dr. Malanga came to deal with the true nature of Man differentiating Body ( the physical component ) Mind, Spirit, and Soul ( the conscious components ).

I actually realized that, while studying the aliens, I made a serious methodological mistake: it is not possible to study the aliens without knowing beforehand how we ourselves are made. Pretty soon I understood that the aliens were looking in us for something that they didn’t have, something which we didn’t know we had, something that makes many men an integral part of Consciousness”

  1. Comment in reference to: “I actually realized that, while studying the aliens, I made a serious methodological mistake: it is not possible to study the aliens without knowing beforehand how we ourselves are made. Pretty soon I understood that the aliens were looking in us for something that they didn’t have, something which we didn’t know we had, something that makes many men an integral part of Consciousness”

    Comment s follows: The ‘knowing how we are made’ issue is in fact vital. But the terms being used indicate a lingering confusion on how we are made. The Universe has dimensional characteristic. There is dimension space, dimension time, dimension ‘Consciousness’ –for want of a better term, dimension spirit, and perhaps a few more for which we have yet to gather sufficient data to conjecture.

    The dimension consciousness is the life-force dimension, and since each dimension has three basic levels of complexity expression, the three for consciousness dimension are will, emotive, mind, with will being the most fundamental expression of life force and necessary for ALL living things. Being an Organic Chemist, Dr Malanga would know that cells communicate via chemistry, which is the mediator of emotive complexity of dimension Consciousness. Some life on this planet Earth have a third level of complexity we could call mind, for want of better terms. This level of complexity utilizes complex chemistry of the brain and body, along with complex quantum wave formation, in order to generate virtual reality for the consciousness of the being, receiving data of already occurred events then assimilating them in a holographic movie of what the Universe is messaging. Thus higher order beings generate the sense of time passing, as a virtual reality of past to future being.

    Humankind have yet another dimension integrated into their being, the dimension of spirit. This dimensional aspect of the Created Universe generates a sense of good and evil. This may be the aspect of the Universe that so many alien races lack and which they are seeking to add to their racial being, if they can. It may also be why these visitors with advanced technologies are so interested in humans at our current level of technology, because as we obtain greater level of tech the alien fear may be that we will become the masters of the Universe and they the subservient races.

    Knowing how we are made is vital to answering the complex questions associated with alien presence. Humans (and mammals in generate) are cellularly exhibiting will of life, in organ systems coordinating to sustain a greater complexity, exhibiting the emotive level of life-force, and with complex manipulations of the environment exhibiting the mind level of dimension life-force/dimension Consciousness. The process of gaining use of greater levels of complexity can be seen in the variety of mammalian life forms on our planet, as the exhibition of complexity is a gradual process of accumulation in a collective ‘unconscious’ such as Carl Jung proposed … a sign language using gorilla is slowly evolving to use the greater complexity; a Mantid or tall Grey has evolved to a greater use of the complexity, but may lack that which has not been added to gorillas either, the aspect of spirit.

  2. kruno said:

    Hi Dr Malanga , your triad color and other techniques changed my life for better . You have paved new roads for Humanity and thank you for that . Two things happened to me , limited telepathy and ability to sense Illuminati members , reptilians entities and AI entities , but it came with a price , but let us leave that out . Good news is that spiritual reality is so beautiful and I have theory why Samsara and Lie which is Matrix happened in the first place .
    One more thank you for you great work .


  3. jbarriere said:

    I have travel around the Western Hemisphere and I have a fleet of ufos following me. I strictly go to UFO conferences and meetings about this subject and do CE-5s. I was at the “Contact in the Desert” in Joshua Tree this past summer. When I was at Orion lookout their was James Gililand and Ed Grimsley with guests to this conference. I took a laser and pointed to ufos that were hovering there at Joshua Tree. The guests ask me me if those ufos follow me after I told them that I said yes. James Gililand and Ed Grimsley didn’t say a word to me or these guests on Thursday night, August 7th 2014. On Friday night, August 8th I went back to Orion lookout and Ed Grimsley was there again with other guests to this conference. I pointed out hovering ufos to more guests. On Saturday, August 9th during the day conference someone went up to the podium and told the audience of two thousand guests that attended that someone brought ufos to this conference. James Gililand has told audience about malevolent extraterrestrials. I have heard from others that also mention vindictive aliens from other worlds. Since I have these star ships following me I want all benevolent species of extraterrestrials to get together and be expose to our world to show disclosure. This is easier said than done but if something is not told to the public. The neo nazis with super soldier program with the greys and other malevolent beings is liable to wipe out humanity. The Rothchilds and illuminati are behind this with the military industrial complex of constructing weapons of mass destruction. This is very diffecult because people will liable to panic because they will not know how to accept this type of evil. I am still traveling around the country and world because I fear these malevolent beings will wipe out humanity.

  4. Stephen G. Romandky, M.D. said:

    Dr. Malagna is briefly mentioned by Col. Phillip Corso during an interview done, I believe, in Italy probably about 1998 or later (see on UTube ‘Interview Phillip Corso/Roswell/FR Intregrsle’).
    S. Romansky, M.D.

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