The SIMBAD is the first method to protect yourself from abductions, it can be made on your own, and it don’t need the help of an expert operator. The evolution of SIMBAD is called Dynamic TCT (Triad Color Test) but it needs the help of an operator, so we recommend to use the SIMBAD. At the moment there exist operators only in Italy, Romania and Argentine. We wait to find more operators in the future.

The method was, as its name promised a way to break the problem of abduction. But how could a simple mental exercise would cause such an effect? It might seem like a kind of prayer for someone or maybe a placebo effect for others, the fact is that the system worked. Not very well at the beginning and with little results, but it worked. It was, as we have described elsewhere, an exercise in mental simulation (MS) in which the subject imagined a physical place where he called his soul, his mind and his spirit, to speak about his situation and in particular the possibility of being object of alien’s interest. Soul, mind and spirit are presented with precise physical boundaries, accurate colors and shapes, and in fact discussed the situation. Soon the people who did this exercise, you quickly realize that the three men began to act and operate outside of their own will at times making incredible and immediate action.

Then in the same environment were made to “get in” any alien, and even these were beginning to move in this theater who seemed to be totally imaginary. If the exercise was done correctly, adducts, or those who had actually been taken by forces alien to this planet, recognized at a conscious level, in the forms and intentions and thus eliminated mentally. The subject was beginning to “heal” and soon had no more problems exogenous to the planet. One would have thought at first that the alien problem had never existed and that, by a trick of mind, was easily removed because it never existed. In reality, the exercise is based on the precise mixing of the three techniques, namely the Transcendental Meditation Maesh, Kosslyn’s theory of the virtual images of psychodrama and Moreno, represents far more than a simple mental exercise. »

You find the SIMBAD here

  1. Noam said:

    I tried it some days ago and I think it’s working…

  2. valberg said:

    Bonjour, j’ai essayé et je n’y arrive pas, comme si je n’avais aucune volonté de pouvoir faire parler les invités.

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