GENESIS I by Dott. Corrado Malanga June, 2010
This work creates a strong link between the abduction experiences, their reality, and the Myth world. We re-interpreted the Jewish Qabbalah using the information coming from the abduction phenomenon. This is a modern interpretation for the Qabbalah, and it drops the veils still present after considering Luouria’s studies.
We strongly suggest you to read, before this work, “Alieni o demoni” (Aliens or Demons, still not available in English, T.N.) and also to read the articles: “La fisica delle Abduction” (available in English: “The Physics of Abduction”,) “Il tempo e la sua percezione”, “Mental Simulations”(still not available in English) in order to make sure you can have a better understanding of the concepts presented in this work.
Introduction The time has come to shed light on the genesis of the Universe.
In the previous articles we had shaped a certain idea about the cosmos, the Aliens, the Creators’ role in the Universe and so on. Such articles described the results achieved thanks to our research on the issues related to abductions and alien interferences on our planet, within the limits of the techniques we used to examine thoroughly such phenomena. We now are able to give a better and more detailed image for the map of the territory.
We obtained such information through hypnosis, a useful tool to bring to awareness our abductees’ Soul component, and also through some mental simulation techniques (SIMBAD and Flash Simulation).
Such mental simulation systems do not require an external simulator, but they can be self-induced. However, we’ll talk about this specific subject in our next work.
For now, It is sufficient to know that we tried to use the abductees (who already had solved their abduction issue,) as remote viewer, so to say.
Their Remote view capabilities were extremely interesting and gave us excellent cues that allowed us to create an organization chart for the entire creation. We, ourselves, couldn’t believe the results we reached at the end: a final surprise!
But let’s proceed in an orderly manner.
In plain words, we asked the Soul component, once separated from the triad, to describe some of the events about the past and about the evolution of our planet. We listened to certain statements that were pronounced by the abductees: they were not always the result of a question. They came up in both cases: if we were there asking, and also if we were not there. During the first stage the abductees we worked with couldn’t contact each other; we allowed their statements to be compared only afterwards.
The 3D organization chart which we present you here represents the Creation of the Universe based on the descriptions provided by the Soul components.
In such organization chart we made a major adjustment to the previous hypothesis: this adjustment concerns the character and figure of Primordial Man (PM).
With “PM” we indicate the expression and creation of the Primordial Man by the first Creator, one of the two Creators produced by the initial Consciousness.
Many people recently asked us to clear this character’s position. We thought at first, when we had just started our research, that he was our good father and Creator; and instead he is a really shady character. But let’s proceed in an orderly manner, and let’s see what happens in the moment when the creation wakes up.
The big picture We did prepare the picture below in order to describe the whole Universe. This will be our reference point, the outline to follow and to compare with our written description of the events, moment after moment.
Secondo Creatore –
Second Creator
Coscienza –
Primo Creatore – First
Alieni incorporei –
Incorporeal Aliens
Alieni corporei –
Corporeal aliens
Anima Primo Creatore –
First Creator’s Soul
Anima Secondo Creatore
– Second Creator’s Soul
Up – PM
Uomo secondo – Second
The above picture represents the entire description of the Universe, as we know it today through
the statements of the Soul components we interrogated.
Consciousness and free will
Let’s start from the top and look at the essence of Consciousness, that we representd as a
luminous source. Consciousness has always existed since it is eternal.
But one day (this is a meaningless time symbolism: we should rather say “a perceptive moment”:
A.N.,) it woke up and lighted up.
And Consciousness becomes aware of itself in that moment (aware of being, not of existing,) but it
does not know how it is (it doesn’t know itself). The only way it has to know how it is would be
looking in a mirror, but there’s no such thing as a mirror yet. And so Consciousness creates a
mirror for itself. And the mirror is actually the virtual Universe, as we said and described in our
previous works; so it looks at itself through the virtual Universe. At this point, Consciousness
decides that it must experience itself: it must know, and not just look at itself in the mirror. We can
say that it must know itself, touch itself and experience itself. In that moment Consciousness
emanates, through an act of will, the desire to experience, and it decides to experience without any
limitations. This thought creates dualism right in that moment.
Dualism is the fundamental expression of choice. In other words, if I decide I want to have an
experience, I also decide that I can choose my experience. So, I understand the meaning of
choosing and its relationship to the responsibility of choosing.
Consciousness has always the opportunity to become aware, and the opportunity not to want to become aware. In plain words, Consciousness does not create a track and tells you, “just go forward.” Instead it creates a track, it sets you half way, and it just says “go”… and so you can go forward, or backwards as you prefer. This is an aspect in our Creation which produces a peculiar effect. You can be anywhere in the Universe and you can always go up or down, to the right or to the left, high or low, and so on. Anything you can do will have a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-), and you are the one who chooses what to do. In that moment free will is born. The two Creators Consciousness is one; it is not dual and it is eternal. It is, it has been, and it will be. So Consciousness cannot change itself, but only its awareness of being, which it acquires during its life experiences. Such experiences must be lived by something which is actually its virtual image. Such image is created by Consciousness itself, and it is obviously dual. And so, by necessity, two Creators are created, and each one of them is free to choose what to do. There couldn’t be just one Creator, and there couldn’t be three Creators, but just two. Because this Universe is created on a dual base. The two Creators can choose two different evolutionary paths, and it is through them and through their expression that Consciousness will understand who it really is and how it is, because it already understood that “it is”, and that “it exist” through lighting itself up (the initial act of creation, the initial act of being aware of oneself). The first Creator and its descent We wanted to abbreviate the name for the first Creator with C1 and we placed it on the right of the observer. This was an unconscious and archetypal choice. Such first Creator chose to create, in its turn, a perfect being through which he could experience. We will call this being PM (Primordial Man). PM has certain Primordial features. First of all he has a Soul component, which is very well connected to his own self; he’s almost an “emanation” of his Creator and at times he mingles with it. So, PM was created right away by the first Creator as an almost perfect being; he has a Soul and he is immortal also in his body. He’s representd with Adam in the Bible Genesis. After reading this work it’ll be clear that the characters in our story have each a corresponding character in the ancient books that deal with the Gods, like in the Hebrew literature, but also in the Babylonian and in the Sanskrit literature. Now we need to make an important digression to allow you to understand why in these books there’s the truth of the matter. Such texts cannot be taken literally, as if they were just historical texts, but they must be considered as myths: not legends, not chronological stories for events happened at a certain time, but myths: that is, archetypal symbols about what it is, what is true now and what it is going to be. PM creates the Aliens! PM, is an immortal being, and so he is not able to experience death. Hence, he needs other beings in order to experience death in his place. PM represents Adam, who, in order to be like his Creator, creates in his turn; and he commits in this way a serious sin: the sin of arrogance. In the Hebrew tradition Adam becomes, that is it will become, a mortal being by eating from the tree of life and death, and he will be expelled from Eden. This Adam is not us, and his expulsion is symbolically happening now. We need to remember that the ancient sacred texts must be interpreted
symbolically, that is out of space and time, because they are about everything and not about what comes first and after, as people tend to believe nowadays. Here we have the Aliens making their first appearance: all the ones that we already know… and who knows how many more are out there and we don’t even know about! The Aliens don’t have a Soul, and so they die. In our organization chart we represented the Aliens with certain geometric shapes placed within a crystal parallelepiped that limits their existence. The Aliens see that their Creator (Primordial Man, PM: who is different than the First Creator, C1,) is immortal because he has a Soul, and so they plan to become like him. The Aliens were created by PM in his own image and likeness, and so they make the same mistake that PM made towards his first and true Creator, C1. “Similia similibus concreantur!” At this point, the Aliens lie within their Creator’s control, PM, but they still try to overthrow the order and take the place of their own Creator. In order to achieve this result they need to become immortal and so be on the same level as PM. So, the Aliens plan to steal the Soul component from PM. But PM understands that his creatures are secretly rebelling against him, and so he takes refuge in a part of the Universe where the Aliens cannot enter. The death experience Now, we need to understand what is an experience, and understand why the creation needed to create two Creators, and why they, in turn, needed to create other beings. We need to understand that Consciousness is eternal. It has everything but one thing: death. So, it is necessary that Consciousness experiences death on itself. Consciousness does not understand what it means “to begin” and “to end” because it is eternal. So it asks to its 2 emanations, the two Creators, to experience death in its place. The two Creators, once they realize that they exist, they also refuse to experience death, because that would mean ending, and so they delegate their creatures to experience death for them. That implies that the first Creator (C1) creates PM with a Soul, and since PM has a Soul, he understands that the Soul does not have a time axis and that the Soul is the secret for immortality.. PM refuses to experience his own end too, hence he decides he doesn’t want to give up his Soul component. There’s only one way to achieve such result: creating other beings, the Aliens, whose task is to house PM’s Soul component. The Aliens will die and PM will recapture his own Soul component. after she experiences death, but at somebody else’s expense (not PM’s). PM doesn’t die, and the Aliens are the means through which he experiences death. But something doesn’t work out in this plan. The Aliens, that were created by PM, rebels against this situation and this kind of treatment; so PM makes sure that they lose the Soul component because it is too dangerous that they keep it within themselves without wanting to give it back to him, the lawful owner, at the end of the experience. Some Aliens (as the Lux,) get to be stripped of their bodies to which the Soul attaches herself; others are victims of destruction and wars, and PM, who orchestrates all of this from the top, is able to bring back home his own Souls: the Tower of Babel myth. In this moment, the Souls who had different kind of experiences, understand that going back to PM means going back inside a virtual jail, where PM himself is the boss, and where it’s not possible to die, that means to experience. Death is an experience which is necessary to the Soul, who was created for such reason. The Soul, when her container doesn’t die, cannot detach from it, and so cannot have a new experience. The Aliens’ strategy So, the Aliens are now left alone by their Creator, PM, but they don’t give up: they execute a new strategy for survival. They build Mankind (that is, us).
Not just any man, but a man whose DNA is a trap for the Souls (we point out here again that the Soul component embodies only certain type of bodies, whose DNA has a sequence of particular purine and pyrimidine bases – probably coming from the mitochondrial mother’s DNA). A DNA that emulates PM’s DNA. The Aliens waysfy the Neanderthal’s structure, until they create a Cro-Magnon. And they wait until the Soul ends up in it. When the Soul ends up in these containers, which are meant to capture the Soul, then the Aliens abduct those Men who have a Soul, and they use them for all those reasons we already described in our previous works, while hoping to waysfy their own DNA in order to make it bio-compatible with Mankind’s Soul component. Once that goal will be achieved, Mankind will be destroyed, and the Soul component, even if “ob torto collo”, will be forced into the Aliens’ containers, now bio-compatible with her presence. Then, the Aliens’ strategy would be to stop this flow of souls in their bodies and to stop the Soul from getting out of them. The final result of this would be an immortal alien just like PM. But where can they find the Souls to enter in such containers? The Aliens well know that PM needs his Souls to enter in mortal containers, and that he then takes back the Souls, after they experience death. The Aliens patiently wait and PM starts to use the containers that the Aliens created. Then the Aliens start to kidnap Men having a Soul component and they try to steal it, and so to steal, sooner or later, the Soul component from their own Creator, PM. There we have the beginning of a new fight for life and immortality between PM and his creatures, and such fight involves beings who are totally unaware about any of this: Mankind! But truth will out. The second Creator
In the meantime the second Creator decides to follow a different path to evolve, but in so choosing, it lost its Soul component, who didn’t want to follow along.
We do not know at this point how and why this happened, but according to the stories told by the abductees, we can infer that the second Creator was in a area of the Universe which was dimensionally damaged, and its Soul refused to follow it there. The second Creator is in a bi-dimensional Universe, at least according to our point of view. This is a Universe which is closing itself PM, according to the abductees’ Alien Active Memories, and where there can’t be neither colors, nor bodies. So, on one side we have the second Creator without a Soul and so without a body, and on the other side we have a Soul component wandering in this part of the Universe without any container to use. But when the Soul from the second Creator sees the alien’s creation (Mankind), there she tries to enter in those containers, which were prepared to host the Soul coming from PM. A real an unexpected feast for the Aliens! It is not clear what the second Creator did, but his attempts to come back in our part of the Universe failed, because you can come back on this side only if you are Soul, otherwise you are forced to stay on the other side. That side represents, according to the Holy Scriptures, hell, where the devil and its creatures (the demons) are excluded. And, once again, we are describing something which is archetypically already described in the sacred texts of certain cultures, like, for example, the Hebrew culture. But this is not the only one, as we mentioned above. Even the second creator, which we abbreviated as C2, creates a poorer creation. It creates those bodiless aliens which we many times described. Particularly the ones who are limited by having to use a fake body in order to interact with our world; they use such bodies like puppeteers: a puppet that looks like the white haired, six fingered, tall, white dressed Nordic alien; he wears a medallion on his neck, having a double triangle upside down symbol..
Another alien of this kind is named Ra (to remind the Egyptian Gods which are linked to his figure.) It uses an alien body which looks like a very tall winged creature, with a beak in the place of the nose, and a long wattle under the chin, and also a hypothetical third eye in the middle of his forehead. Actually, we still don’t know what such third eye really is, but that’s how the abductees describes it. They remember an anthropomorphic bird, almost 11 foot tall. (We called this Horus.) Even the second Creator used its creatures as laborers just to recapture the Soul component that it lost. These bodiless Aliens try to stay alive using the abductees’ Soul component, as we described in our previous works. Their goal was to make a body or use somebody else’s body in order to pass on this side of the Universe. (This seems possible only if you are a three dimensional being). After finding a body the bodiless alien uses the Soul component and tries to integrate it within itself. Its final goal is to pass on this side, as we said, and then go back to the Consciousness, from where the first Creator comes. In the end, its first goal is to save itself. Then it wants to live without physically dying. The Man’s position Mankind is in a rather complex position. On one side the bodiless Aliens, product of the second Creator, come and get his Soul component trying to use it, while claiming that it was once theirs, so they want it back. Then there’s the Aliens created by PM, who was created in his turn by the first Creator. The Aliens want to abduct the man to get his Soul, live endlessly and then eliminate Mankind forever. This is the Universe that the abductees’ Soul components described, while being under regressive hypnosis. Besides having to consider these statements coming from the Soul, we had to consider also the forced statements coming from the bodiless Aliens: they were parasitizing the abductees and we were able to make them interact with us. Such pseudo demons were manifesting often times in sensational ways, transforming our hypnotic sessions in real and pure exorcism sessions. Then, we had to take into consideration the statements coming from various Luxes, (the luminous bodiless parasites,) who were describing the same scenario; and then we had the testimonies from the AMM, (Alien Active Memories) which were describing the same thing and adding other missing pieces to this scenario. The made mistakes It was clear that, considering the previous descriptions about this phenomena, we had made a couple of major mistakes which we had to correct afterwards. The first mistake was believing that the first Creator,C1, had created the Aliens first, and then PM as a better creation – because he was created with a Soul that the Aliens do not have. Things did not really happen in that way. In fact PM was created right away (and the Bible, curiously enough, maintains that the first creation was done immediately, without any evolutionism; for the “Second Man” – that is, us – this is true only partially). This had to be somehow verified. That was done by asking the persons under deep hypnosis to remember the physical structure of the first container in which their Soul incarnated. Only a few stated that they incarnated in some kind of primitive great big monkey, while others saw a very tall and big being, we would have said some kind of a giant. Further confirmations of this version came from the abductees who were already free from the abduction issue. Through the use of different mental simulations, like SIMBAD or the Flash simulation (which we’ll explain in a different work,) they received the same exact descriptions from their Soul component, when asking certain and direct questions. PM had created the Aliens, and the Aliens had built Second Man, that is us.
The second mistake we had made was thinking that, within the abductees’ body there was only the Soul component who escaped from the second Creator, C2. We were actually finding also Soul components coming from PM, created by the first creator, i.e. C1. Another working hypothesis, based on a series of hypnosis that we had performed many years earlier was this: probably PM had put in some human beings a few Soul components that he was in charge to monitor. This was done by PM in order to verify, just with a “Trojan horse”, what the Aliens, his creatures, were plotting behind his back in order to steal his Soul component. We actually used to think that, if the Aliens somehow their goal of permanently capture the mankind’s Soul component, then they would have chased PM throughout the whole Universe, in order to get also his Soul component, the Creator’s Soul, and so achieving the goal of having eternal life. So, we used to think that PM was somehow spying the Aliens through some abductions. This was done in order to keep Mankind on the “qui vive”, and to help them, at times, in order to avoid Mankind to fall in the Aliens’ trap. We were maintaining, in this way, that nobody helps you. Because anybody who really wants to help you, knows that the process of acquiring Consciousness is a personal process, and cannot be interfered with. In other words there’s no such thing as “good Aliens”, or if there were any, they couldn’t do anything to save you; this is because you have to save yourself on your own, just like you have to acquire your experiences on your own. Using this point of view and claiming that the crop circles were created by PM, we thought that PM was helping us for 2 reasons: on one side he was helping us to let us understand that we were supposed to look inside our DNA, (the tree of eternal life,) in order to understand what was going to happen with us and the Aliens; on the other side, PM was was helping us because through saving us, he was saving also himself. But there was something that wasn’t really working with this point of view. If this was true, we should have found just a few Soul components in the abductees coming from the first Creator, that is from PM, and almost all of the Soul components coming from the second Creator. But things were not like that! In fact the number of Soul components coming from PM, (meaning the Soul components who remembered they were in his container at the beginning of time,) was at least 50%. There were too many to be considered just “Trojan horses”. And there was more to the story. While working with hundreds of cases, we have been realizing that the people who were freed from the Aliens abductions, and who were solving this issue through applying our techniques, (both through hypnotic sessions and through mental simulations,) could be divided into two definite and separate groups, characterized by two different behaviors which were very different. Through the analysis of these two sets, we noticed that the abductees with a Soul from the second Creator were out of the problem and there was no recurrence. On the contrary all of the abductees having a Soul from the first Creator were always under attack. Moreover, the latter were now able to defend themselves from the Aliens’ attacks, but the Aliens were still trying to get the container and its Soul component back. Furthermore we noticed that, when these abductees performed the SIMBAD exercises, the SIMBAD room remained empty, meaning that the Aliens were eliminated; but within that virtual domain there was still a big, tall and powerful man, at times with a white beard, who looked like a giant made of stone. Such being remained silent, or talked to the Soul component in an affective way. At first the Soul component used to consider this virtual character as some kind of father, or even a master or a Creator. But in the long run, the sharpest Soul components were starting to see that this character was actually controlling, and also that he was behaving in a very coercive way. Such character, who was afterwards recognized by the abductees as PM, wanted to convince the abductees to let the Aliens abduct them, and he wanted to convince the Soul components to go back to PM, (go back home) at the end of their experience in this world.
So, there was something we had to reconsider and correct based on such new events. Hence, we created some kind of “anti-PM team”, a group of freed abductees: some of them were in contact with each other, and some were unaware of being part of a team. In the end, what happened is that we did talk to this entity through some abductees. During our research it was PM himself who actually asked to talk to us. This happened within a 24 hours period in two different cases: two abductees who did not even know each other and that are still not in contact with each other to this day. The hypnotic sessions with PM
During these hypnosis PM says that he’s forced to eliminate Mankind because the human beings are containers for the Soul components, and PM is afraid that, if the Aliens are going to get Souls forever, then they are going to get them too (the PMs, T.N.). PM claims that such thing already happened. PM claims that it was necessary to eliminate Mankind in the past because the Aliens were to close to find the solution to their problem, and Primordial Man couldn’t let this happen.
But PM’s talk had several weak points. Why eliminating Mankind? Then why not eliminating just the Aliens? PM says he’s afraid of the Aliens and that he cannot wage war against anybody. PM claims there’s no other choice. He concedes that this is not a solution, because every time he gives rise to a destruction that causes humanity to be shattered, the Aliens still get closer and closer to him (PM) and, sooner or later, such system will not work any longer; but PM says that now he has no other solutions.
At this point the Soul components revolt against PM’s speech, and they begin to take on an hostile attitude towards him.
PM stop being the good father, and he starts to show what he really is: a being who wants to master and control, and he’s already made up his mind about eliminating humanity.
During the days following those hypnosis, PM tries to abduct again the freed abductees using a invading way to get them. PM starts trying to threaten the abductees and he also uses a particular technology to insert a cluster microchip. This seems to be inside the brain, on the right hemisphere; then on the left hemisphere to connect both of them to a third component.
PM is definitely not a character who wants to help humanity. PM wants something different.
During the SIMBAD exercise one couldn’t eliminate him using the usual techniques that are effective with the Aliens. The abductees’ dreams always archetypally showed PM as a good character, who wants the Soul component and wants to protect her because she needs to go back to her father, that is him. It seemed that it was possible to connect with PM during the hypnosis because PM was inside the abductee, as if PM was the umpteenth alien parasite to defeat. There seemed to be something more than a direct communication with him. Before trying to find a solution we had to understand why that happened and what was actually PM’s intent. But then, the solution came on its own. We only had to really think through it, since we already had all the data to understand. We only had to connect them together. Primordial Man and his mistake When the first Creator, C1, created PM, it did it in order to experience through him. In order to avoid dying, it builds a primordial first with a soul, because it wanted to make him die. The death experience is actually the only experience that Soul needs to have through a physical body. Soul does not know what death is, and her job is to live and then to die within a physical body. In this way Soul, since she is immortal, will understand the meaning of beginning and ending: two ideas which are totally strange to her. This serves the Creator to understand what it means not being eternal. Just like Consciousness created the two Creators in order to experience death, they delegate others to do that, and so the first Creator delegates PM to experience it for him. But PM decides to become immortal and so he refuses to have this experience. PM sins in the same way, we could say, as his creator did. This is an arrogance sin, because he wants to become like his
god. PM is immortal. He himself told us that he has only one container which exist in the past, in the present, and in the future. PM decides to use the creatures that the Aliens built in order to experience death. What he was not able to obtain using the Aliens directly, his own creatures, he wants to accomplish using men. In other words, PM forces his Soul components to enter and live within men’s bodies, experience death, and then he gets back by force their Soul component in order to lock it within himself forever. We are forced to die because PM wants to live forever. PM uses the Aliens as laborers to achieve this goal; he first promised the Aliens, (who are his own creatures,) the second Creator’s Soul component as a reward; but he will actually cheat them in a big way at the end, because the alien hasn’t realized that he is working for a false master: somebody who only cares about his own interests. The stupid Alien takes care of the dirty work for PM. So, we now understand the fact of the matter. PM is not afraid of Aliens, but he’s just using them to get to his final goal. The aliens probably know only some of this project. The luminous parasite from the Lux group was definitely not aware of this when, a long time ago, we asked him about this. In that occasion I pointed out to him, almost for fun and just to provoke him, that the superior hierarchies that it was working for were going to cheat it in the end. That Lux remained silent and then it acknowledged that it did not think about such a hypothesis. We had finaly understood who the superior hierarchies are, since the Aliens often times mentioned them. The superior hierarchies are the PMs! The PMs don’t want to help Mankind to save themselves from the Aliens because they very well know that, if Men win against the Aliens, then Men are the future of the universe. As a matter of fact, Men respect their Soul, that is also PM’s, and they have accepted long time ago the idea of dying and they do not wish to trap their own Soul. Man knows that death doesn’t exist, but it exist only for the physical body, which is also totally artificial, virtual, not alive, and without consciousness. Forcing the Soul component to be stuck within a physical body (container) it is like blocking Consciousness: freezing the universe. Mankind is the future of the universe: not PM. Moreover PM doesn’t want the Aliens to win and take the Soul, because then they would become just like their Creator, and most of all because they would take HIS Soul, because we have within us not only the second Creator’s Soul, but also PM’s Soul. So Man neither Man, nor the Aliens can win and, “the onlooker, (i.e., PM) gets the best of a fight”. Man, built in this way, is used as a trap for Souls. PM’s Souls ended up in men, without the knowledge of the Aliens, who, at first were going to believe that within men there are only the second Creator’s Souls. In the end PM was going to get everything, destroy Mankind and the Aliens, and becoming like his own Creator in this way. Evidently PM speaks ill of the Aliens to Mankind, and speaks ill of Mankind to the Aliens. Now everything falls into place: even the statements coming from the Soul components about how PM deceived them, passing himself off as the Creator, and abandoning them in this part of the universe and within containers in which many times the Soul absolutely does not want to stay. When the Soul understands this, her rage becomes unbearable, and that’s when the last fight starts. That’s the fight during which the Soul tries to shake off her back the strong link with PM. But we will talk about this fight later. That’s when the whole creation seemed to be a total failure. The second Creator had lost its Soul right away, and maybe that was also because its Soul component didn’t want to be trapped. On the contrary the first Creator had had a better luck: it was able to create PM, and PM did all the rest. A disaster.
The protohistoric reconstruction of reality Having achieved this comprehension, we could observe again our reconstruction and better understand all of the above mentioned shifts.
The map of the territory was changed and looking now at the same scheme above it looks very different. Well, what we maintain is that everything is written in myths, not in the history of humanity. Everything that ever happened and that it will happen. This is because in myths men unconsciously describe, through reading the holographic grid, what exist in the eternal present of the holographic reality. We already described this aspect in our previous works. So we looked for hints of these types of events in the myths themselves. Then we started to look into the myths about creation. The myths about creation are actually all the same. We were particularly interested on the great civilizations’ myths, from the Greeks going to the Hebrews, the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, the Babylonians and the Indus Valley Civilization. At this point we must give you another piece of information that we received from many abductees, both freed and not freed. In many of these cases the Soul component talked using a particular language one hasn’t learned: the xenoglossy phenomenon. Such language was Hebraic. We were not understanding why, but we had to look for an explanation to this detail. There were also abductees who unconsciously wrote in Hebraic when they never studied it. There were people writing characters that were very similar to the ones of Proto-Canaanite languages, just like Aramaic. In this way we pointed our attention to the sacred texts of the Hebrew religion and then we starts to see the similarities between PM and the mythological Adam Kadmon present in the Torah. Who was this character? A first man created by YHWH, the Hebrew god? Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man Adam Kadmon is a character from the mystical Hebrew tradition associated to the first Creation, to its unwinding and to the meaning of its origin, enclosed in its development components. According to the Hebrew exegesis, man, since it’s last creation that was created, it is also the most complete in the Creation and it ontologically includes all the Spiritual and Material elements from all the
previous creations; for its completeness it is the creature which is most true to the whole divine wisdom. According to this theory, man is the essence of the whole, and it express the Superior World andInferior World; so it is possible to know every aspect of reality also by paying attention to just man as a creature; then Adam Kadmon is just the archetype for the whole Creation before the Creation was completed. That is why it is called Adam Kadmon, (for its Primordial nature,) which is an Hebrew expression meaning primordial man or supreme man: this principle is similar and related to the Sephiroth principle. Adam Kadmon is the first amongst the partzufim (personifications or hypostasis of the Divine) that manifests itself in the void of the chalal (the result of contraction – tzimtzum – of the “infinite light of God” – Or Ein Sof). There’s a momentous combination between supreme man andKohen Gadol: according to the teachings from the Qabbalah both characters have a mirror-like spiritual nature, one corresponding to the other. The Qabbalah describes many details about Adam’s Soul being united to Eve’s Soul before the origin (before the LORD “breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils”): actually it is taught that each couple is the union of the two Souls and that the Lord pre-established their first meeting during life. Based on the Hebrew religion scriptures, after death after death, every man’s Soul meets Adam; she seems to reprove Adam for his first sin which caused death in the world; while first man himself reminds her that everybody dies for their own sins: the verbatim reference is also in the Book of Ezekiel 18.4. In other words, the Soul rejoins PM, i.e. Adam Kadmon, and she reminds him about his original sin. This is just what happens in our reconstruction. So there’s two Adams who are two very different characters. According to the Zohar Adam, that is Second Man, was created from the dust from the Temple in Jerusalem: then God (i.e., the Aliens, AN) mixed the four winds and the four elements and gave birth to a wonderful work, that is Adam; Adam has also a celestial and spiritual element, the Soul which is just obtained from the Celestial Temple of Jerusalem from the Superior World: so, it is also because of the way he was created that Man has elements from both the Superior and the Inferior World. Still according to the Hebrew Exegesis Adam could see through divine vision all of the Tzadikimgenerations in history, righteous ones. Actually the abductees we worked with, after becoming aware of themselves, can now access all of the lives for all their containers, and not only when they are in an hypnotic state Adam Kadmon was as tall as the sky and he could see everywhere in the world thanks to the celestial light created by God. Adam Kadmon, the Grande Prototype of Man, holds nine souls that are completely integrated. After the fall from grace, When the etheric veil of Earth began to lower its vibrational curtain, the original Adam Kadmon dispersed its nine soul matrix into the Galactic-Earth realms (nine is an archetypal number, AN).
Adam Kadmon – and parallel concepts:
Pleroma: Gnosticism
Mind of God: Proclus.
Supermind: Sri Aurobindo
Suggested reality: Absolute Manifesto
The Zohar points out that Ein Sof gives life to the whole sephirothic world, because, it’s not even conceivable to think that the Sephiroth are detached from each other. Since they are emanations
of God, the Sephiroth are one and cannot be divided: they are not the divine “places” of the divino, but divine “ways” through which the divine manifests itself to men. According to some kabbalists (from the Luria Kabbalah,) this is the most structured vision and concept of Adam Kadmon, the Primordial man, which is very different than the ben distinto dall’Adam Rishon, the Second man. Adam Kadmon is the first emanation of the Ein Sof; the concentric arrangement of theSephirots makes up his vital spirit (Nefesh), while their common vertical disposition forms his Soul (Ruach). The unveils creation of the World. It is said, through a incomparable and untranslatable style, that the living God (PM) created his Universe through Sefer (writing – letters,) Sefar (numbers,) and Sippur (accounting – calculating – communication.) Louria states precisely that the World was born thanks to an action of folding on itself, or contraction, -Tzimtzum- performed by God (Consciousness): the creation was born in the void so created.
Rabbi Berekhya teaches that the Supreme thought expressed an immensely strong radiant light before the Creation. Instead, according to the Zohar, everything was created when the Ancient Of Days, the Concealed One, the Unknowable One, without beginning and without end, decided to limit its own unlimitedness. “Suddenly it stretched a veil in front of himself and through this veil its Regality started to take shape.” Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation) is the earliest extant Kabbalah book on cosmogony and cosmology. Abraham, or his father, was the author of the book. We also learn that, starting from the mysterious Supreme Point and then going through all the different levels of Creation, everything is just a cover for something superior by which is dominated. The brain, that is wrapped in a cover, it is itself a cover for a superior brain. It is only a cover for the superior brain. The Kabbalah teaches that there are three Souls. The Man’s physical body supports the vegetative Soul.
It calls Nefesh and it’s the lower step or vital principle (is the entity that we identify as Spirit: N/A). It is the dormant soul. Nefesh is the support of the body, and it feeds the body. But Nefesh, in turn, serves as substrate for another structure, named Roua’h. This is an intermediate layer. It’s the spiritual principle, the awake soul (the one that we identify as Soul: N/A). It’s worth pointing out that Nefesh and Roua’h are not different or inhomogeneous essences or qualities, but rather complementary, since one can only exist with the other one; in a few words they can only exist together. Finally, Roua’h is the support of the upper layer called Nestamah, that is the soul in the common term, language. This is a much discussed concept that caused, and still cause, a lot of controversy, because the Kabbalah affirms clearly that some men don’t have it, the soul (this is the PM’s multiple soul: N/A). “Meditate upon these different levels of the human spirit, urge Rabbi Simeon bar Yo’hai, and you will discover the mystery of the Eternal Wisdom. Because this is the one that has shaped these levels of the human spirit in the image of the Supreme Mystery”. In fact, according to the Kabbalah, all that is on Earth accurately reflects what is Above. ”Everything exist in this lower world-Rabbi Yits’haq says –have its own analogue that govern it in the upper world”. That’s how when something is put in motion here on Earth, automatically the equivalent upper forces (that oversee all) are recalled in action. This is why Rabbi Eléazar talks about the existence of two worlds: an hidden one and the manifest one, that actually combine to constitute an only one world (from A. D. Grad, in “Introduction to jewish Kabbalah” Ed. MEB). So there’s a soul and a spirit. There’s a Prime Man called Adam Kadmon, that is the container of many souls that he manages in a certain way, and which at the end of the time he takes back. There are two universes, one hidden to us (the one by the Second Creator). Adam Kadmon has one of the souls that he defines as Nestamah. All this was confirmed to us by regressive hypnosis. We remembered the initial question. Why the souls (Roua’h) of our abductees that came from PM (Prime Man) preferably talk in Hebrew language? But before answering this question, we were discovering an extremely fascinating thing. In fact, while we were drawing on the computer the organization chart of the genesis we didn’t notice that we were drawing something absolutely known. Observing from a far our organization chart we discovered that we were doing the Jewish Kabbalah.
The basis of the kabbalistic thought is the Jewish Bible or Tanakh (acronym for “Torah, Prophets, Writings”). The secular exegesis of Tanakh, already contained in the halakháh (presentation of the legal casuistry), in the haggadáh (in a narrative form), in the two Talmudím, the Babylonian one and the Gerosolimitano one and in many midrashím had, for centuries, place the interpretation of the sacred text at the center of Israelite life. The birth of the Kabbalah is traced back to the publication of the book Zohar (Splendor), published around the 13th Century or the previous Sefer Yetzirah (book of the creation), which is (for some) more an exegetics opera than a philosophical opera attributable to Abraham or even to his father around 1200 years before Christ.
Kabbalah is many things and none of them. One of the things that Kabbalah is, is the representation of the tree of life, or better to say, it represents the tree of the existence of created Universe, which includes inside it also the Creator. There are three types of Kabbalah, or better to say three ways of writing this word.
In fact, there is the Jewish Kabbalah, (the one that we’re dealing now), the Qabala of esoteric groups (like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) and masonic groups. The Neapolitan Cabala, that tries to find the lottery numbers through the folk numerology
The tree of life.
In the diagram in the center it is located the column of equilibrium, that goes from Keter, through Tiferet and Yesod, to reach Malkhut. On the left and on the right of Keter two columns branch off: one of Grace, through Hokhmah, Hèsed and Nètzah; one of severity, going up through Hod, Ghevurah and Binah.
The twenty-two paths.
The 10 Sephiroth are connected to each other by 22 paths, associated with the Hebrew alphabet’s letters. Many authors have presented various types of association. The most common one makes Aleph start from Keter in direction of Chochmah, to Tav, that is between Yesod and Malkhuth. The 22 paths and the 10 Sephiroth, all together, form the 32 ways that Sépher Yetziráh talks about.
Other representations of Sephiroth.
In some Renaissance manuscripts of the 16th century, the number of the diagrams of Sephiroth (as divine emanation) increases indefinitely. This representation is included in the book of
Otzrotchayyim (the Treasury of Life) written by Chayyim Vital. See also Giulio Busi, Mantova e la Qabbalah (Skira, 2001).
The four worlds.
At the beginning of the 14th Century, people start to recognize four worlds in creation: ‘Atzilùth (the world of emanation), Beri’à (the World of Creation), Yetzirà (World of shape) and ‘Asiya (the world of production or manufacture).
With these names we indicate the various type of influence of the Sephiroth. The world of ‘Atziluth, which is closer to God, is ruled by intangible forces.
The material component gradually increases as you move away from the Emanator.
Basically the Emanator is what we called “illuminator” in our previous articles.
So beyond comparisons and confusions, we’ll try to show that the view of the description of the events that we obtained through conversations with soul, during hypnosis or during mental simulations, is the description of the Universe through the description of Hebrew culture.
Traditional version Golden Dawn Kabbalistic version Meanings Correspondence on body Astrological correspondence Magic image Jungian Archetypes
First movement (God) [ Neptune ]
Venerable old man, seen from the side
The head of God, God, the Self Hokhmah 2.Chokmah Wisdom Left side of the face Fixed stars [ Uranus ] The wise Old Man Yang, masculine polarity spirit Binah 3.Binah The unknowable Right side of face Saturn The Great Mother Yin, feminine polarity soul Daat Daath Knowledge Third eye Pluto Soul, air Hesed 4.Chesed Generosity Left arm Jupiter The king set on the throne Gevurah 5.Gevurah Strength, power Roght arm Mars The warrior Tiferet 6.Tiphereth Vision of higher Self Heart, Breast Sun The child, the king, the sacrified God (e.g. Christ) Spirit fire Netzah 7.Netzach Emotions and spontaneity Left leg Venus Hod 8.Hod intellect Right leg Mercury Yesod 9.Yesod Astral plane, unconscious Genitals Moon Hermaphrodite Mind Water Malkut 10.Prime Man becomes Malkuth Physical Reality Feet, anus Earth The young girl Body Earth
Through the observation of this comparative table of different symbols connectable with the different Kabbalah Sephiroth, we can notice that, ideally, the images suggested by the symbols represent pretty well many of the characters of our universal theater. So the Consciousness
becomes the Crown, the two creators are the images of feminine and masculine, that are the dual primordial.
The Prime Man becomes the King seated on the throne, while on the other side Gevurah, a Dark Warrior represents the first creation by the second creator, the being without body that will create aliens with no body, the Hod.
In this context Daat represents the invisible Sephiroth, that is the eleventh representation which is possible to write or represent only if you have knowledge of it. It is the soul part that comes from the Second Creator C2. You can see it and be aware of it only if you know that it exists. In fact, in this side of created universe, it shouldn’t exists, it should be on the other side, with the Second Creator. Hod and Netzah are (respectively) the incorporeal and the corporeal aliens.
Tiferet is the representation of the men with soul, Yesod is the man with spirit without the soul and Malkut is the empty shell, the mythical Golem which alone does not even know to be. It’s the copy of the adductees’ body, that alien builds, made.
With this elements we can now rewrite our Kabbalah.
As we can see, our reconstruction is totally interchangeable with the representation of the Jewish Kabbalah, nevertheless some important distinctions have to be done. In the drawing of the tree of life, that we more properly call the Tree of Existence, built by Jewish tradition, we can see that there could be innumerable variations upon the original theme. First of all, in some drawings Daat is included and in some others it’s not included in the final representation.
The meaning of this exclusion is justified through convoluted explanations and unclear to most of the experts of the rabbinic world.
We have to consider that the interpretation of the Kabbalah wasn’t clear even to the ones who offered an interpretation basing on the original scriptures, which are definitely hermetic.
On the contrary we know what “hidden” mean because our interpretation doesn’t give rise to doubt.
The soul from the Second Creator shouldn’t be here, it should be in another place and no one could know it exists. Unless we have knowledge of that.
Another aspect that causes confusion is related to the number of connections within the different Sephiroth. They seem to pass behind other connections, sometimes they go past by them, sometimes seem to be all set on the same level, and this happens because the structure of the Sephirah is three-dimensional, as we reconstructed, but not only that. According to the tradition, there must be a precise number of connections, that is 22. The Torah is very clear about this point.
Because the original archetypes are 22, the Tarot that God Thoth gave to human kind are 22, the Tarot also correspond to the interpretation of a hypothetical lost book of Thoth, that is the Egyptian representation of Lurianic Kabbalah.
In Sepher Yetzirah are described 22 Autiuth, the molds that the Printer (God) used to create the Universe.
So these molds, or better to say, these 22 basic operations with which the Universe was created, represent all possible interactions among the components of Kabbalah as well.
According to that, some interactions seem to not exist, whereas some others seem to be real.
The knowledge about the existence of Daath, makes us possible to understand what isn’t clear to kabbalists till nowadays, such as the interaction between Daat and the Second Creator which derives from, and the interaction between it and the man with soul (Tiferet), that’s the only container capable to hold it in itself.
Our reconstruction of the Tree of Existence, that we propose after years of investigation of the alien scenario, is the only one capable of explaining completely all these interactions.
It’s from this view of things that we can notice which the interactions made by us in evidence are 23.
So there is an extra interaction. The only extra interaction that actually exists in our context is the one between the Golem man and the incorporeal alien. Actually the Golem man was created and manipulated by the corporeal alien, which afterwards built a man with spirit and at least built a man with soul and spirit.
In this context, the incorporeal alien didn’t have any chance and wasn’t interested neither in creating a body nor in interacting with it. It must be remembered that according to our reconstruction, one of the reasons why the second creator loses its soul is that loses (going in another part of the Created Universe) the third dimension. It loses the chance to be body and to be linked to soul through its DNA, another archetypal view of the Tree of Life (not the Tree of Existence).
For instance, in some versions of the Sephiroth Tree this connection and the one between corporeal alien and Golem are not present in drawings. In fact, the alien didn’t create the Golem, it just modified it through genetics, and transformed Neanderthals to become Cro-Magnons.
The Golem’s role.
Golem is the representation of a living body with a little bit of consciousness, because it’s lacking of soul and spirit. It was made as a vegetative being at the beginning of creation, in the instant when all things were created. In sum, it’s like a vegetable. This is why in our three-dimensional view it’s not placed under the central column, that’s the column that contains living men, with consciousness because they have the soul or simply the spirit. So, the Golem can’t be placed under the central column, on the contrary it’s put ahead. In the frontal view of the Kabbalistic reconstruction of the Tree of Existence we may not notice this, but actually it becomes evident once we analyze from below our Tree of Existence in 3D. If it were not like this, we would miss an important information.
We know that informations included in the kabbalistic view of things actually are included in more ancient scriptures, as the Merkaba, that has pre-Egyptian roots. The studies of the Kabbalah are mainly composed by rabbi Louria’s analysis which bring us to have a detailed picture about this, the Kabbalah. In the case of Merkaba a few things remain of that tradition, which has fallen into the hands of naive characters “new age” which invent everything and the opposite of everything just to make money through selling a philosophy of life that originally had little to do with the idea of being “sold”.
One of few aspects that is related to Merkaba is the description of man that looks like three tetrahedrons of which the central one remains stationary, and the other two rotate synchronously: one clockwise and the other one counterclockwise.
Leaving aside the notion that the ancient peoples could have such a geometrical and synchronic view of human beings, we cannot fail to notice that the three tetrahedrons can be equated with the representation of soul, mind and spirit.
So we had to find this geometrical information in the Tree of Existence too and it could only be found by placing the Golem on the same geometrical level as the two Creators, but not on the axis of Consciousness. When concentrating on the three tetrahedrons in our graphic, we find that they can only be built when the Sephirot that corresponds to the Golem is not placed under the consciousness column, but in front of it. The three tetrahedrons are the identification of the soul, mind and spirit, but two of them, spirit and soul, are connected through the Sephirot that corresponds to Da’at, the Consciousness. The lowest tetrahedron, which represents the presence the mind, remains separated and still.
So the Golem would have body and mind, but neither spirit nor soul.
It represents the first hominid: alive as it is a slightly mental being, so it has a mental consciousness, but more akin to a vegetable as it barely knows it exists.
But then, the Golem is the real representation of the copy of the abductee’s container.
The copy has no emotions and no memories, if you were to ask it “Who are you?” when it was in a hypnotic state, it would get confused and, at most, answer with a number. When in a hypnotic state, the copy is unable to remember anything about its existence and does not have any concept of the self.
What does the Golem represent in the Jewish culture?
The following extract is taken from Wikipedia:
“Many think of the Golem (Hebrew: גולם ( as an imaginary figure from Jewish mythology and Medieval folklore. The term probably derives from the Hebrew word ‘gelem’, which means ‘raw material’, or ‘embryo’. This term is found in the Bible (Old Testament, Psalm 139:16) and used to indicate the ‘amorphous mass’ that Jews associate with Adam before he was brought to life with a soul. In Modern Hebrew, ‘golem’ also means ‘robot’. According to legend, those familiar with certain magical arts can create a golem, a strong and obedient clay giant to be used as a servant for heavy lifting and to defend the Jewish people from their persecutors.
The golem can be activated by speaking a combination of alphabetical letters out loud.
It is said that the Golem was created from the Sefer Yetzirah text, which dates back to the wisdom of Abraham and is known for its exegesis of the secrets of the Hebrew alphabet, the Sephirot in connection with the anatomy of the human body, the planets and months, days and signs of the zodiac. These three figures – man, world and year – represent three complete testimonials. It is said that the master who would create a Golem, had to speak the letters whilst circling the mud shape a precise number of times in correspondence to all the figures quoted from the Sefer Yetzirah.
The Golem was endowed with exceptional strength and resistance and carried out his maker’s orders to the letter, becoming a kind of slave. However it was incapable of thinking, speaking or
feeling any kind of emotions, as it was devoid of soul and no human magic would ever be able to give it one.
The chronicle of Ahimaaz ben Paltiel, a medieval chronicler from the twelfth century, tells us that in the ninth century a rabbi, Ahron of Bagdad, found a Golem in Benevento, a boy who was given eternal life through a scroll. Again, in the late ninth century, according to the chronicle of Ahimaaz, there were some wise Jewish men living in the city of Oria who were able to create golems yet who stopped doing so following divine admonition.
It is said that in the sixteenth century a European sorcerer, rabbi Jehuda Loew ben Bezalel of Prague, started creating golems to use as his servants, he shaped them in the mud and awakened them by writing the word ‘truth’ (Hebrew אמת [emet]) on their forehead. But there was a problem: the golems created in this way grew bigger and bigger, until it was impossible to use them. From time to time, the sorcerer decided to destroy the biggest golems, changing the word on their forehead into “death” (Hebrew מת [met]); one day he lost control of a giant, which started to destroy everything in its way. The Golem was not a deity but a kind of angel whose nature is not revealed in the Kabbalah, but it was created by a master who was able to unify spiritual power with God’s will. It is said that the Golem also defended some Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. Once the situation was under control again, the sorcerer decided to stop using golems and he hid them in the attic of the Starnova Synagogue, in the heart of the old Jewish quarter. Legend has it that they are still are there today”.
(Translation of a passage taken from Italian Wikipedia, TN)
So the golem is a real super soldier, which fits perfectly with our working hypothesis.
But the Golem is not only symbolically represented by the copy of the abductee which might be used as a super soldier by the military or as a container of other things by our aliens. The Golem is also that little grey being known as an EBE (extra-terrestrial biological entity), a loyal and stupid servant of alien forces.
It is the strange animal that receives orders from its superiors and cannot understand what is happening when, during abduction, an abductee does something unpredictable, beyond standard human behaviour. The poor creature is in the hands of a master that created it genetically and takes advantage of it to perform his dirty work on our abductees.
Humans would like to create robots like this in the future, to use as organ donors when needed or to do housework, send them to war, use them for sexual intercourse or send them to the office in their place. In other words, they want to create a world of Robots, thus perpetrating the error of the Prime Man (Adam Kadmon), who created amoral aliens that went on to build an equally amoral human, who attempted to make an image of himself live without consciousness, so it could bear all the responsibility for his psychotic and unsolved wishes.
The Four Worlds
As we have already mentioned, the Kabbalah describes four levels of consciousness, or four worlds:
 Atzilúth (the world of emanation)
 Beri’à (the world of creation)
 Yetzirà (the world of shapes)
 Asiyá (the world of production or manufacture).

The world of Atzilúth, the closest to God (the Consciousness), is supported by immaterial forces alone.
The material component gradually increases as it moves further away from the Emanator.
The Consciousness and the two Creators are part of the first world, the world of emanation. True creation was left up to Adam Kadmon and any being corresponding to him created by the Second Creator. We do not know this being and we have identified it with a question mark in our 3D tree, which represents our interpretation of things. The Yetzirà is home to created creatures, that is: aliens with bodies, alien without bodies and men with souls. Finally, there is the world of manufacture, where the Golem and the man with spirit but no soul belong.
So the Kabbalah, in addition to being the representation of the situation between man and aliens and creations, represents a timeless photography, a depiction of reality that not only explains what has happened but also what is going to happen.
While the phenomenon of Creation descends from above and is described in the two lateral columns of the Sephirotic tree, the man in the centre of Creation rises up the central column of the Sephirotic tree. From this perspective, what has happened and is going to happen is summed up in the following paradigm. Creation built the two creators who gave birth to a series of more or less successful sub-creations driven by the desire to becoming immortal and imitate their Gods and Creators. Man, who was initially a means to obtain this result, is revealed to be the end product of a future universal evolution and rises from the world of manufacture to the world of creation, unifying within the souls of the first and second creator, and reunifying all vital experience in order to reunite with the God Creator.
The problem with the Jewish Language
Further motivation for us to pursue a Kabbalistic model of the alien problem were some entirely spontaneous and unexpected ‘revelations’ by abductees who, during hypnosis or individual SIMBAD exercises, or when dreaming or in an enhanced perceptual state, typical of liberated abductees, uttered a few words in a strange language.
After doing some research, we became certain that the language was Jewish.
For example, during hypnosis or when in an enhanced perceptual state, an abductee uses the term Asiya to refer to her soul. Some abductees have online nicknames that are assonant with this series of phoneme. This entity refers to itself as a feminine soul and affirms that the masculine part she interacts with defines itself as Shamir, another name that has a strictly Jewish origin.
Shamir seems to be a definition of the masculine part of the self, it is what we identify as spirit which, allegorically speaking, usually shows itself as a warrior in shades of red or flame yellow during the SIMBAD of abductees.
In Hebrew, Shamir is also a very unique tool. There are different types of Shamir, but they are essentially objects used to cut through stone very easily.
We also know (Zoar 74a, b) that the Shamir could break and cut anything; that is why it was called a “metallic divisor worm” and “cutting worm” in the Pesachim, which is also part of the Talmud.
In the fifth chapter of the Abot essay, also from the Babylonian Talmud, there is a clear reference to the origins of the tool, which according to Dr Matest M. Agrest, are not human.
It is also said that Moses took the Shamir into the desert to make the Ephod, the rich, sacred vestment of the ancient Jewish cult devoted to Aaron, as established in the pact with the Lord, also referred to in the Bible (Exodus 28, 9): “…Take two onyx stones and engrave on them the names of the sons of Israel in the order of their birth—six names on one stone and the remaining six on the other. Engrave the names of the sons of Israel on the two stones the way a gem cutter engraves a seal. Then mount the stones in gold filigree settings and fasten them on the shoulder pieces of the Ephod as memorial stones for the sons of Israel…” The event is described in more detail in the Babylonian Talmud (Sotah 48, 8): “The names were originally written in ink, then they were shown to the Shamir and were carved into the stone in place of the names written in ink”.
Shamir is actually a name that is given to recall the characteristics of that particular object. Nowadays we would represent it as a cutting belt or a fire ray.
Shamir is therefore a name that means ‘cutting fire’ and we believe it to be an ideic representation of Spirit.
In another case, the subject defines souls using a series of phonemes that, to our ears sound like the word ’aurim’. The term ‘ha-urim’ exists in the Hebrew language.
This term derives from the union of two terms: ‘ha’ and ‘urim’. Urim is something that is used with the Thummim.
Urim and Thummim are both worn on the head: one on the right hemisphere and the other on the left hemisphere. They are connected by a kind of rod.
The recent Mormon Bible refers to them both in the revelation of the angel Moroni to the Mormon prophet J. Smith.
If placed correctly on the brain, these two objects should enable people to hear the voice of the Lord, so through them, He could give instructions to mere mortals, perhaps to guide the Tribes of Israel through the desert after their expulsion from Egypt.
It is incredible to think that a God might need an electronic contraption, stereophonic earphones almost, to give orders to His creatures, but it appears that this is the case.
In reality, Urim and Thummim are two things that interact with the right lobe and the left lobe respectively of the man who talks to God and they are defined with the terms ‘light’ and ‘perfection’ respectively. The term ‘ha-urim’ means ‘conscious life’ and is a term that refers to the soul part of the self. The thummim, on the other hand, refers to the spiritual part of the self and is linked to the left lobe of the brain.
We might suppose that these two contraptions are two terminals that interact with the lobes of the subject’s brain in the same way as modern military microchips alter human consciousness and make subjects slaves to what the Jewish people once believed was their God. (, Corinne Heline)
“ʻAlso put the Urim and the Thummim in the breast piece, so they may be over Aaron’s heart whenever he enters the presence of the LORD. Thus Aaron will always bear the means of making decisions for the Israelites over his heart before the Lord’ (Exodus 28:30). Urim and Thummim have been the object of much speculation in theological interpretations; but, apart from the fact that they were tools through which priests knew the divine will, it is generally agreed that we do not know what they actually are. The Hebrew words are translated as “clarity and justice”, meaning light and perfection. Due to human knowledge that is spiritually unclear, and not entirely identified with God’s justice, we have almost entirely lost any comprehension of the true nature of these two magical jewels on the breast piece, or at least we are unable to provide an explanation for the forces that they transmit, through which the high-priest could receive and pass on the guidelines of the Divine Law to the community.
Like all the jewels on the breast piece, Urim and Thummim were depositories for determinate magnetic forces, related to the celestial Hierarchies of the cosmos, with corresponding centres and features in the human body. They were negative receptors of positive forces and could be consulted (by those who had the wisdom to do so) for use in the alchemical processes that are associated with certain spiritual exercises. The enlightened guides of that era possessed this ability; it was a knowledge that belonged to Initiates. Yet since Initiation ceased to be recognized by the leaders of popular Christianity as a state that should still be pursued today, which happened a long time ago, we cannot expect any authentic information regarding the magic nature of the Urim and Thummim to come from that source.
Instead we must refer to the teachings of the Schools of Mystery, which possess this information and share it nowadays as they did in previous eras. The two jewels on the Breastplate have a similar meaning to the two stones on the shoulder pieces of the Ephod. They concentrate the positive and negative forces of the spirit; they connect the principles of Fire and Water; they are in harmony with the centres of the head and heart of the human body respectively. All the other priests had reawakened these two centres, to transform them into the light (Urim) and perfection (Thummim) of their body. This way they could use the jewels to assist their interior vision of the spiritual worlds and discover what the Celestial Beings willed for their people. Furthermore, it was possible to discover the destiny of an individual or a race in any circumstance and at any time in the Memory of Nature. The Urim and Thummim were not devoid of virtue: they could be excited by what Boehme called the tincture of the spirit.
But unless the wearer had developed the spiritual centres of the head and the heart to the point that they were also excited by the same tincture of the spirit, the jewels would be endowed with no higher magic power than two stones found in the street. In effect, all stones would be precious if only man were able to draw on their virtues; although in the mineral kingdom, just like in other kingdoms, not all varieties are of equal value. The Urim and the Thummim were not used after the Exile, the light and the perfection of the leaders of the first Israel, such as Moses and Aaron, had departed. The Assyrian priests used stones corresponding to the Urim and the Thummim: they called them the Tablets of Destiny. In Egypt, analogue jewels bearing the images of Osiris and Isis were called Holy Tablets. Their meaning was the same everywhere. They indicated the fusion of masculine and feminine powers, the joined forces of the Sun and the Moon”.
On another occasion, we were faced with an abductee who described to us what he was seeing, a particular vision from his past life of a small temple and somebody showing him the entrance. The entrance to the temple was marked by two small columns. One of these columns, which the subject focused on during the vision, was called Boaz by another figure that accompanied the subject through his vision.
It is crucial to highlight that our abductee knew neither Hebrew nor any similar languages and he hadn’t the slightest idea about what this column that seemed so important in his vision really was. In Jewish tradition, when Solomon’s Temple was built, two columns marked the entrance, one on the left, named Boaz, and one on the right, named Jachin.
These two columns were actually nothing but the Egyptian version of the two obelisks of the Luxor temple, one of which is in Place de la Concorde in Paris, France.
Strangely enough, these two columns are also proudly displayed at the entrance to the Egyptian-Jewish rite masonic lodge.
But what do these columns have to do with the problem of alien abduction?
Actually these two columns represent something far more ancient, with origins in Mesopotamia, and they are the transfiguration of the myth of the Pillars of Hercules, beyond which, in some way, the known world finishes and the unknowable mystery of the outer universe begins. So we find that in the Kabbalah vision of the three vertical columns, the two front columns are the exact representations of the two columns at Solomon’s temple.
Jachin means ‘established’ and Boaz
means ‘strength’
The two columns are linked to the
meanings of feminine and masculine
principles and the signs of two triangles
that join together to give an idea of the
Star of David which is probably a
version of the picture of Solomon’s knot.
These signs are actually the archetypal
representation of the union between
the spirit and soul of the European
The right-hand side tablet of the Ten Commandments (the Decalogue) also means Jachin – the
white column of light. The tablet on the left is Boaz – the column of darkness.
These were the names of the two bronze columns erected at the vestibule of Solomon’s temple.
There is an immediate analogy with the alien situation, where light and dark exist, aliens with body
and aliens without body mythically represent the Catholic Hell and the Devil.
On the top of both columns was a large washbowl – now erroneously thought to be spheres or
The celestial globe (originally the fire bowl), placed on the top of the column on the right (Jachin),
and symbolized the divine man. The terrestrial globe (water bowl), placed on the top of the column
on the left (Boaz), symbolized the earthly man (without a soul, earthly in the sense of unevolved).
These two columns respectively symbolized the active and passive expression of Divine Energy:
Sun and Moon, sulphur and salt, good and bad, light and dark.
Between them lies the sanctuary. They also recall the androgynous and the anthropomorphic
divinity Jehovah.
As parallel columns, they symbolize the zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn, which were initially
placed in the initiation chamber in order to represent birth and death, the two extremities of
physical life.
Consequently they represent the summer and winter solstices, today known to Freemasons by the
modern name of Two Saint Johns.
In the mysterious Sephirothic Tree of the Jews, these two pillars symbolize Mercy (Jachin) and
Severity (Boaz).
Standing before the gate of King Solomon’s Temple, these columns had the same symbolic import
as the Obelisks before the sanctuaries of Egypt. When Qabbalistically interpreted, the names of
the two pillars mean “In strength shall My House be established” (The Secret Teachings of All
Ages, Manly P.Hall, p. 307-308).
In some variations of the Tarot, Boaz and Jachin are pictured on the back of the Priestess card
(the Moon).
Yet again we find another connection to the Jewish language and Jewish Kabbalah and to its undeniable connections with the Egyptian culture, which the Jewish people drew from extensively.
Some years ago, I met an abductee with elementary knowledge, who couldn’t explain the need she felt to write things on paper which she then rolled up after joining the sheets together.
She showed me the sheets and I noticed that she wrote using boustrophedon (writing in reverse from right to left) and alternating Italian and Jewish words. She drew the Kabbalah but she had absolutely no idea what she had written. She rolled up all these pieces of writing in the same way that Jewish ministers store manuscripts as if they were holy rolls.
PM speaks Jewish
I have met people that wrote in Aramaic, but I obtained the greatest result when I met an abductee who, once liberated, was able to enter an altered state of consciousness. He did not yet seem able to control the process; it would happen to him without any warning.
During one of these situations, the subject was at the computer and he started writing in Jewish, Greek and Italian, interchanging the languages. What was interesting is that the input language on the computer ‘spontaneously’ changed from Greek to Jewish and then returned to Italian once more.
All this happened in the presence of witnesses, while the subject was not aware of what he was writing.
Analysis of the writings using appropriate translation tools allowed us to agree that the subject wrote the same phrases in Italian and in the other languages, and that they made sense.
Here below is a copy of what was written that day in the different languages, while the person writing didn’t even know how to change the input language:
….the subject, in the presence of his relatives, is chatting on the computer with a friend when the strange communication begins. The subject is not talking to his friend, he is giving communications. He is somehow interacting with someone in another time dimension…
You do not need to fear, remember that you will be there when the time of men comes to an end. You will not have easy access, but you will find men that will show you the dark path illuminated by the light of the stone. The tablet will be at the end of the path, do not drown in self-doubt you absolute God. The king that awaits does not save people. The tablet will be placed at the doors of the big room. To get there you will have to encounter what you already know. Tackling the labyrinth of hot thorns will be easy. At the end you will place your hands on the red stone, it will flow through your hands and you will wet your lips. You will talk the voice of your people. But one language will not be enough, the doors will open and you will return to the fire room, you will go down to the turbines of time: everything will erase everything and when the fires open in front of you, you will find the people of the Gods once more. A great fight, atomic energies will envelop the people. The
great god will perish. And the king of the great pyramid will rise to the throne of the new Marne, he will return to his people. Never has the king used proud, useless words to justify he who did not live a trace. Khufu, Osiris I leave large amounts of information to the king. All of it will be placed near the Zed, point of contact between heaven and earth, where Enoch witnessed the great movements; those who live with time belong to the kingdom of heaven. You will not perish Khufu. Riash is the salvation, chase salvation. Riash flow of the waters of Maska. The tin men will be there, you won’t be able to breathe the air. Men dressed in silver, flesh now destroyed to reveal the great divinity inside…..
At this point the subject began to write in Hebrew: this is our attempt at a translation:
Visit our life to see him in a corner of our living room, peace and calm, serenity, the step; great man you know how to proceed so why fear? The boy who grew up next to the green branches drinking in the stream of curiosity…
It is time to continue with what you have left unfinished. Look inside yourself and let my thoughts “take you beyond reality” (the literal translation was: “take them without a real” and this is our interpretation as we do not know Hebrew, Ed.)Greatest gift that you you is our spiritual development (the same phrase is repeated exactly in Italian). Spiritual growth is the gift that we can give ourselves.
Ofuscate (sic.) the diamond to know the bright future of a man, you know, you can, it is not by chance that you were born from that source. Our people acclaim salvation, peace, the dynasty of David. Do not get trapped in the margins of time. You chose.
At this point in the conversation the abductee seems to interact with his interlocutor who does not know who is really chatting with him, so he says something about time and space, and he writes:
Time … space X, Y, Z.
The abductee answers by interacting with him for a while, but he writes:
c =Δc =Δl /Δt
Δs2= c2(1-3)2-(10-4)2-(3-1)2-(2-5)2=
Then he resumed his speech:
I belong to the sons of David, Noah, the Messiah educated to follow the voice of God, is near.
Then the interlocutor added:
Hmmmm… I’m a little confused… you’re playing a joke of biblical proportions on me
And our abductee says:
Do not be confused, you will follow our people when you are ready to activate the machine. The Messiah watches and waits. All people evolved of energy will listen to me; these messages are becoming more frequent.
The interlocutor, who no longer knows which way to turn, tries to ask a question:
Are you talking about crop circles?
And the abductee answers:
That was our first approach, this communication is immediate.
The subject then writes a Hebrew word that is untranslatable and then he writes “Yehoshua” (with a circumflex accent on the “e” and “s” and a cedilla on the “u”. The keyboard I am writing on does not have these accents).
Salvation will return, the son of David (these last three words are written in Greek).
The son of David listens, do not set out impetuously, King of the Jews (written in Hebrew) I saw a nuclear explosion… and I was dressed in gold: don’t think about the past. The past is never now and always. God is in you (written in Greek).
The soul is a part of God (in Greek).
An unpronounceable Hebrew name… the son of God (written in Greek. ‘God’ translated from Greek sounds like ‘Zeus’ Ed.).
You are a child, the child of man and of God.
God (written in Greek) is inside you open your mind (talking to his interlocutor on the Internet).
It is time to leave this world.
Mathematics reign in Alnitak, nothing is life now with its inhabitants everything is virtual, we cannot go to war, we divine people, help us and we will return.
The interaction continues on with questions and answers that are irrelevant to this article. The only interesting thing that the abductee goes on to say is the following:
Our daughter communicates with you…etc.
This conversation, worthy of the most complicated episode of the X files, actually shows some particular characteristics and provides us with some important information. First of all, preferential use of Hebrew, a series of changes in accents and characters, also mathematic, that appeared immediately to the interlocutor, who also has the chat history of the conversation, despite normally requiring some time to perform.
The subject speaking gives some information about its identity. It speaks the language of the forefathers that we later discovered to be Hebrew. He talks about the people of Alnitak (the main star of Orion’s Belt), the place where, according to our reconstructions, the alien named Horus lives and which is now a place where everything happens virtually and aliens are now considered to be living mummies with no hope. The subject that talked through the abductee, who was female, called her “our daughter”. In SIMBADs, only one figure uses this expression when he shows himself, it is the Prime Man (Adam Kadmon), the creator of aliens and exploiter of our abductees.
When he refers to mathematics, he included some concepts that are known to us, such as “c” for the speed of light, and he added time to the sequence of spatial variables. We must be aware that the subject, acting as an ‘unconscious vessel’ for the PM, does not have even the most basic mathematical education required to know what she was writing. Then the PM wrote a mathematical sequence, first he wrote a simple differential equation and then he sketched out a mathematical series that I am unable to interpret on the spot. He says that the universe is not local, neither in space nor in time, and there are two things to do, one is to search for some kind of plaque or maybe a book to ‘activate’, otherwise they can’t come back. The PM affirmed that the real crop circles are made by them, and we have been aware of this since 2002. While under hypnosis in the presence of doctors at the Santa Chiara Hospital in Pisa, the subject had already spoken in Semitic languages, and was able to interact paranormally with the virtual realm. In the past, the PM attempted to stop her, to copy her, to introduce two strange microchips into her skull (perhaps the mythical Urim and Thummim we have already mentioned), but the soul seemed to have shaken of the PM and since then the subject seems to be neither abducted nor bothered by this Adam Kadmon who wants to come back as a winner in our world (at the expense of us and the aliens).
The PM said that he can’t go to war against his creatures. This detail that emerges from this conversation is identical to something that emerged from the data we acquired from other liberated abductees. The PM doesn’t kill his creatures, but not for any ethical reasons, but rather because he needs them to commit his dirty work on Humanity. Another common aspect of this conversation is that of the existence of a machine or something similar that has to be manipulated to allow PM to complete his work.
Hebrew as a modern language?
But the PM can’t speak Hebrew although the soul says so under hypnosis. She says that Hebrew is the language of the forefathers. So we carried out some linguistic research into Hebrew to understand where this tangle of phonemes, which technically should date back no further than 1700 years before Christ, came from. Hebrew might not be the language of PM, a being that is technically almost as old as the Universe.
Hebrew has an interesting characteristic. It is a language but it is also a series of numbers and formulae. There are those who believe that the language that God gave to Abraham also relates to his DNA, it is a series of archetypal instructions, with which the Universe was built, so it is more than just a language, but rather a series of formulae that describe everything. The most committed Kabbalists also translate the Bible into numbers and they believe they are making predictions using their holy text as a sort of secret code, where there is a reason for every word or every error on a word which identifies a space-time meaning using special programmes.
But we do know one thing.
Jewish people as such never existed. But let’s start from the words of Lorena Bianchi and take stock of the situation.
“The historical reality tells us that the Egyptians didn’t keep slaves, as theirs was neither an imperialist nor conquering state; in the period when the Jewish people theoretically resided on the banks of the Nile, we were witnessing the invasion of Hyksos. The name derives from the hieroglyphic Heqa Kasut, which means ‘sovereigns of foreign countries’. This invading people, of Semitic-Canaanite descent, came from Anatolia and were able to sneak in Egypt, taking advantage of a vacuum in political power. “Having conquered Memphis in approximately 1700 BCE under King Salitis, the Hyksos did not destroy the Egyptian political and administrative system but simply mixed into their society, adopting the city of Avaris as their capital and the God of Evil Seth, brother and murderer of the good Osiris, as their main deity. They also adopted two Canaanite deities, Anat and Ishtar, leaving the Egyptian people free to choose their religion. This trinity lasted for two Dynasties, the XV and XVI, during which the Hyksos rulers (among whom Khyan particularly stands out, a real Julius Caesar of his age) extended their influence into Palestine, Crete, Anatolia and Nubia. Ironically, it was thanks to the intervention of the Nubian kings that Egypt was freed from the foreign yoke and regained its independence, although the Hyksos people did not leave the country and continued to live amongst the multi-ethnic Pharaonic society, at least until the arrival of Akhenaten, the ‘heretical’ sovereign who imposed the cult of the god Aton, the solar disk. This issue has set rivers of ink flowing: the Bible places the famous episode of the Exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt and slavery a few years after the alleged deposition of Akhenaten, or at least his death. This coincidence has no historical credibility and caused the monotheistic Akhenaten to be identified with Moses, leader and guide of the monotheist Israel. The Jews took with them an object of the same size as the sarcophagus contained in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza: the Ark of the Covenant may not have been built by Moses himself, but the stolen item was an incredibly powerful object, in which the Shekinah (God’s presence) materialized
itself. It is not therefore difficult to imagine that the Jews fleeing from Egypt were the descendants of the Hyksos, worshipers of a male deity, as powerful and vindictive as the Egyptian Seth, but accompanied by a ‘subaltern’ consciousness that was feminine and motherly but no less terrible or powerful, as she was able to feed (Manna from heaven) and kill. The Shekinah, depicted as a conscious entity that suffers and cries for the guilty material nature of her children, was surely modeled on the figure of the goddess Isis, omnipresent in our articles as the primitive archetype of Mother Earth. After the death of her husband Osiris at the hands of his brother Seth, Isis was taken prisoner and enslaved in chains by Seth himself. Despite being Lady of Magic and Elements, she was helpless; she cried and despaired and was rightly overcome by the dramatic situation in which she found herself. The Shekinah who cries and suffers Exile for the fate of Israel represents the Man who is forced to materialize himself and live in a dimension that is not his own and unsuited to his inner divinity. Therefore every man is a God for the Kabbalah, the meaning of the Star of David “as in heaven, so in earth” takes on its full meaning. The divine becomes human: our every action, even the most trivial, can influence the stars, the galaxies and the spiritual worlds. Isis cries because she is a prisoner, because the universe is at the mercy of the God of Chaos and sterility: her wish is to create Horus, the savior, who will take the place of Osiris by defeating the usurper Seth. The Shekinah mourns the exile of Man from Ein Sof, from the communion with the deity (Asian religions would call it Nirvana) but she wants to generate the Savior, the Messiah. The Kabbalists, starting from Bahir but with a continuous narrative line that will appear in the next Zohar, tell us that we humans are the Messiah. We, with our infinitely small actions, influence the infinitely great. Chaos and Evil are generated by us: Adam left the deity, he wanted to experience the material world and here we are prisoners of a lower dimension, in contact with dark and confused energies, which do not allow us even a glimpse of the primordial light from whence we came. The sense of exile is the expulsion of Adam from Paradise, but it is also the escape of Israel from Egypt, its captivity in Babylon, the Diaspora after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and all the pogroms and persecutions that the Jews have
suffered, almost passively, in their history. All this up until the final extermination by the Nazi Holocaust during the Second World War. Today, Israel is an imperialist state; it has fought five wars in fifty years, embodiment of the Hyksos warlike spirit: but it has lost the Shekinah and it has lost the Kabbalist spirit. The Kabbalist is an initiate who looks for the presence of God in the world”.
Actually, the idea of speaking Hebrew did not even occur to the mythological figure of Jesus of Nazareth himself, rather he spoke a language that was an ancestor of Hebrew: Aramaic. Aramaic is a very old language and carries great traditions. Its similarities to Modern Hebrew are obvious to all; the two languages are so similar that they almost become one language perfectly understood by the Jews. Let us go even further back and search for the extreme origins of this idiom. In doing so we realize that Aramaic existed at least since 1200 years before Christ. Aramaic and Semitic are closely related to Hebrew. The language of the Arameans, an ancient people of the Middle East, was originally used in various dialects in Mesopotamia and Syria before 1000 B.C., before it became the lingua franca of the Middle East and replaced Akkadian. It survived the fall of Nineveh (612 B.C.) and Babylon (539 B.C.) and remained the official language of the Persian Achaemenid Dynasty (559-330 B.C.) until it was replaced by Greek after the conquests of Alexander the Great. Ancient Aramaic inscriptions have been found in a vast area that stretches from Egypt to China; the most ancient texts were written in the ninth century. Before the Christian era, it became the language of the Jews of Palestine. Jesus preached in Aramaic and parts of the biblical books of Ezra and Daniel and much rabbinic literature are written in Aramaic. Aramaic is subdivided into ancient Aramaic, Imperial Aramaic, Western Aramaic (including Palestinian and Galilean) and Eastern Aramaic (including Syriac). An abundance of Christian literature flourished in the Syriac language, especially from the third to the seventh century. During the Arab conquest in the seventh century AD, the influence and spread of Aramaic faded in favor of Arabic. Aramaic only survives as a spoken language today in a few villages in Jordan, whereas Syriac is still used as a liturgical language in some Christian communities in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. The Arameans were a nomadic Semitic people, mentioned six times in the Hebrew Bible, who lived in Mesopotamia (Bayn Naharaim, “between the two rivers”, or Aram-Naharaim, “Aram of the two rivers”) and in nearby regions which now are part of the modern states of Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. Most researchers believe that the “two rivers” in question are the Tigris (according to the Book of Jubilees) and the Euphrates. Between 1901 and 1908, the authors of the Jewish Encyclopedia [1] did not found the name of Aram in the Assyrian or Babylonian inscriptions, but they identified Naharaim with Nahrim, based on the contents of three tablets of the Amarna Letters. The term ‘Arameans’ was used in ancient Aramaic by Jews to distinguish their more distant ’cousins’, who lived in the east (Aram), from Arpachshadite (also known as the Tribe of the Children of Eber). However, the Arameans never formed a united state; they were united instead by the use of the Aramaic language which was originally written using the Phoenician alphabet. At the time of the Babylonian and Persian empires, Aramaic became the lingua franca of the entire Near East.
This means that a language very similar to Aramean was spoken in Babylon.
Our field of enquiry therefore moves from Egypt to Mesopotamia.
The next step
Our idea is linked to the hypothesis that the Babylonian culture (dated approximately twelve thousand years before Christ) actually derives from a culture much older than the Indus valley. Looking back in time, the culture would have moved increasingly west, and arrived in Egypt, passing through Mesopotamia, from Pakistan, and the civilizations of Arappa and Moenjio Daharo .This part is the most difficult to prove because the Great Flood happened in the meanwhile, and destroyed all the connections between before and after, with the civilization of the Vimana, the ancient flying machines of the men who lived in the Indus Valley and who, according with the ancient Purana texts, went to war with the corresponding flying machines of a land called Aztlan, the Ashvin.
But we can work out a few facts.
We know that the legends and myths of the Jews were the first myths of the Egyptians and of the Babylonians before that, and even before that they were the myths of the Aryans of the Indus valley. There can only be one explanation for this: everything comes from the Indus valley. We’ll just look at one example that connects Babylon, its legends and its language, to that of the Indus valley. We report the words of an anonymous author, whose original text can be found at these links: Given that Noah’s Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat (the mountains that emerged at the end of the Flood), it is no mystery that the descendants of Noah migrated from the mountains down into the valley of the Tigris river to found the first post-flood civilization, such as Sumer, Akkad, Uruk and Nimrud (which later became Babilon), Haran, Jericho and Sidon (Phoenicia), and beyond these, Egypt and the Indus valley in the north-east of India. (The Tigris and Euphrates rivers were named after two of the four pre-Flood rivers mentioned in the Bible, which flowed from the Garden of Eden). Ancient Babylonian legend speaks of a series of ten pre-Flood kings, the ancient Hindus
(north-western India) speak of a series of Ten Pitris who ruled before the Great Flood, and the ancient Egyptians described Ten Sages who ruled consecutively before the Flood. As the Bible also states, these pre-Flood patriarchs lived longer than we do, and this was confirmed by the ancient historians Berossus, Nicholas of Damascus, Hesiod, Plato, Hecataeus, Mochus, Hieronymus, and Manetho. The last of these kings was the hero who led seven others aboard the vessel in which they survived the Flood. In ancient Babylon, the hero’s name was Zisudra, who was responsible for the survival of the other seven humans, the Seven Apkallu. In ancient Egypt, the Flood hero was Toth who survived along with the Seven Sages. In ancient north-western India, the hero was Manu who survived the Flood, “Pralaya”, with the Seven Rishis. There are too many of these embarrassing coincidences whereby these apparently distinct civilizations all have an identical Flood legend (with eight people from the pre-Flood population surviving, guided by a series of ten kings), for it not to have been a true historical event, which confirms the Genesis story.
In addition, it should also be said that the Jewish Kabbalah shares many similarities with the Indian philosophy of Pitris. We should not forget that India, that immense and bright center of culture in the most archaic times, apart from spreading its ideas to the east in strong waves of immigration, had constantly maintained contacts with all the peoples of Asia from the earliest of times. All philosophers and scholars of ancient times went to India to study science and the mysteries of life. Therefore it is no surprise that the old Jewish men were initiated to the old conceptions of the Brahmins by the Persian Magi during their stay in India. Excerpts from the Zohar and the Sepher Jeszireh (the two most important texts in the Kabbalah) concerning the nature of God, creation and the human soul, clearly indicate that the idea of a strong influence, which leads to the conclusion that the Jewish Kabbalah is actually a byproduct of Vedic tradition, appears historically correct.
And the story of the Pitris is lost in the folds of time in the world’s most ancient esoteric treatises such as the ‘Stanzas of Dzyan’.
According to the Book of Dzyan, the first humans on Earth were descendants of the Celestial or Pitris, who came from the moon. The text describes the evolution of man from the first race to the fifth – ours – which stops at the death of Krishna, five thousand years ago. Written in a totally unknown language, Senzar, it is said that divine beings dictated it to the Atlanteans. The Book of Dzyan speaks of the divine Atlantean dynasties and remembers the “kings of Sun” who occupied “the celestial thrones”. So the Jews had structured the Kabbalah but they weren’t the first to have invented the contents of this cosmogony. At this point it should be highlighted how many abductees use three types of alphabet or script when they write in alphabets unknown to them. These are Hebrew, Aramaic and Sanskrit. Although Aramaic and Sanskrit look like completely different languages when written down, they are almost identical when spoken ( So much so that some believed that the two languages may have been confused in a phrase spoken by Jesus of Nazareth on the cross. “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” which means “God God why have you forsaken me?” in Aramaic, was actually: “Eli, Eli, lama zabaktani” which in Sanskrit means “Lord, Lord, take me in your light”. The University of Bombay (the city is now called Mumbai) are translating 84.000 pages of scroll written in the Pali language, which seem to describe Jesus’s time at the Vedic school in Ladhak, where he lived between the ages of 12 and 30, in minute detail.
The answer is therefore probably the most obvious one: that Jesus of Nazareth was not the Christ or Krishna, who certainly did not leave his hometown to study with the Sufi tribes.
Krishna never left India and is probably an antediluvian character who, according to legend, passed through the Flood to reach the Indus valley civilization first and then moved on to Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Jewish world. And when the Essene legend about this man was taken from the Jews, they must have had to alter the books to make it credible and politically useful
for their political purposes. In order to erase all doubt about our conclusions, here are some aspects of Krishna’s life that could be an exact photocopy of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.
• Krishna was born of the Virgin Devaki (“Divine”) on 25th December;
• His earthly father was a carpenter, who was out of town paying his taxes when Krishna was born;
• His birth was marked by a star in the east and angels and shepherds were present, at which time he was made a gift of spices;
• Heavenly crowds danced and sang at his birth;
• He was persecuted by a tyrant who ordered the slaughter of thousands of infants;
• Krishna was anointed on the head with oil by a woman whom he healed;
• He is pictured with his foot on the head of a snake;
• He performed miracles and wonders, raising the dead and healing lepers and the deaf and blind;
• Krishna used parables to teach the people about charity and love, and he “lived poorly and he loved the poor”;
• He castigated the clergy, accusing them of “ambition and hypocrisy … Tradition says he fell victim to their vengeance”;
• Krishna’s “beloved disciple” was Arjuna or Ar-jouan (John);
• He was transfigured in front of his disciples;
• He gave his disciples the ability to perform miracles;
• His path was “strewn with branches”;
• In some traditions he died on a tree or was crucified between two thieves;
• Krishna was killed around the age of 30 and the sun darkened at his death;
• He arose from the dead and ascended to heaven “before the eyes of all men”;
• He was depicted on a cross with nail-holes on his feet and with a heart emblem on his clothes;
• Krishna is the “lion of the Saki tribe”;
• He was called “God’s Shepherd” and considered the “Redeemer”, the “First Born”, the “Sin Bearer”, “Liberator” and “The Universal Word”;
• He was considered the “Son of God” and “our Lord and Savior” who came to Earth to die for the salvation of man;
• He was the second person in the Trinity;
• It’s said that his disciples attributed to him the title of “Jezeus”, or “Jeseus”, meaning “pure essence”;
• Krishna will return to judge the dead, riding on a white horse, and he will lead the fight against the “Prince of Evil”, who will desolate the Earth.
The story of Krishna, as recorded in the ancient Indian legends and texts, spread to the West on several occasions. One theory states that worship of Krishna reached Europe in ancient times, in 800 B.C., probably brought by the Phoenicians. The traditions of the Jewish people, therefore, are the traditions of Vedic culture and the Hebrew language is phonetically similar to Sanskrit. So it begins to look probable that the Hebrew of today might be the language of Adam Kadmon. Giuseppe Cosco ( wrote as follows:
“In the beginning, before the confusion of Babel, there was a single language that was handed down from the wisdom of Adam to Noah.” Gershom Scholem writes: “The generation that erected the Tower of Babel abused, in a magic sense, this holy language to imitate … the creative action of God … the holy language was then mixed with profane elements…” (G. Scholem , Il nome di Dio e la teoria kabbalistica del linguaggio, Milan 1998). This divine language gave man the ability to speak to the spirit world and it had “a direct and immediate link with the essence of things he wanted to express”. It was the spoken and written language of God. This writing was called “heavenly” by the Jews because, as Cornelius Agrippa writes, it “is outlined in the constellations” (Agrippa of Nettesheim, De occulta philosophia, 1510). It was the origin of all languages and scriptures, including the Hebrew alphabet and the Egyptian hieroglyphs. This inspired Kircher to say that “the alphabets of all languages bear the traces of the ancient letters” (A. Kircher, Turris Babel, Amsterdam, 1679). There is a very important Hispano-Arabic collection, written in Latin, which began to spread in the late XIII century and includes concepts of astrology, magic spells and alchemical texts; it is known as the Picatrix. Among other things, the Picatrix describes procedures for tracking seals and their relationship with the planets: “put them in a position to produce effects
corresponding to their peculiar nature” and for this reason “the designs of the person who prepares the talismans are made when the planets are above him, in order to achieve certain effects, and to get what he wants through the careful combination of certain secret things known to him” (Picatrix, London, 1962). Everything is based on number-word-sound and through writing the force can be objectivized. For this reason, “the whole of reality is based on these original combinations that God used to generate the movement of language. The alphabet is both the origin of language and the origin of being” (G. Scholem, cit.). Kremmerz writes: “It is not easy to form an approximate idea of Magic, the knowledge of occult laws which govern the sensitive phenomenology, without penetrating the intimate logic of the graphic manifestations of forces. The reader must … reassemble the causes of the graphic signs, which structure is an ideological determination of space and time” (Julian Kremmerz, The Science of the Magi, Rome, 1974).The seal is a bond of subtle energy evoked by very special signs that set willpower during specific rituals”.
Therefore, in our analysis of the phenomenon of alien abductions we have discovered a number of things:
1. The Gods do not exist, they are our manipulators.
2. There are neither good nor evil aliens, just aliens.
3. Everything is already written in myth, not in history.
4. Acquiring consciousness means understanding that man is the future of universal evolution.
And so we must say that having rid ourselves of aliens, we must also avoid contact with the Prime Man, who started this whole farce.
We can do something, we only need the will power.
References and Notes
An interesting text on the Language of God
To quickly search the Hebrew Scriptures
To quickly search the Egyptian scriptures
2. l
To quickly search the Babylonian scriptures

Genesis II: Gods of the Indus Valley
By Dott. Corrado Malanga
In the previous ‘Genesis’ article, we discussed how the pantheon of aliens, the bestiary described during hundreds of regressive hypnosis sessions carried out with our abductees, was almost indistinguishable from the descriptions of the Gods from both the Hebrew and Egyptian pantheons. The universe our abductees described was best represented by the Jewish Kabbalah and we noticed that this pantheon originated from a pre-Israelite culture, therefore Egyptian and Babylonian. Before continuing this excursus back in time, there are some issues we must readdress. The first is related to the false Hebrew Israelite monotheism. In reality, the Jews are not a monotheistic people but rather monolatrous. This means that of all their gods, they identify one as superior to all the others and also worship the founder, according to the traditions of their people. Israel, a true example of theocratic state (a ‘theocratic state’ is a state where the head of government is the founder deity), such as the Vatican or Tibet for example. In some ways, even ancient Egypt was the representation of a theocratic state, where the caste of priests was actually entrusted with power and the Pharaoh was a manifestation of God on Earth: very similar to the Pope or Dalai Lama today.
For example, when the figure of Moses (who, as we previously said, is actually linked to the monotheistic Pharaoh Tuthmosis the Third) met God in the desert, God introduced Himself by saying “I am the God of Abraham…Do you want me to be your God too?”
Tuthmosis, son of Tuth, accepted and the God YHWH was the chosen one from then on. We have already pointed out that the Jews stole the Egyptian pantheon of gods, where YHWH ‘appears’ to assume (or to usurp, Ed.) the role of the first generation God, the ‘unborn’ and therefore Ammon, whereas Jesus can be linked to Ra, the Sun God. But then, the Egyptians had stolen these Gods in turn from the Babylonian culture and while memories and legends certainly become hazier the further we go back in time, it must also be pointed out that the closer we draw to the source of the myth, the more it resembles reality. Just like a game of Chinese Whispers.
Therefore, as we go back in time, we must replace Jesus with Christ, or rather Krishna. But who is Krishna really? And how do we connect him to the description of the pantheon of gods-demons-aliens that we established in the previous ‘Genesis’ article?
A return to the roots
In the previous article, we connected creation symbolism as described to us by abductees, starting from the consciousness that created the two creators and so on. It was easy to demonstrate how everything was perfectly described in the Jewish Kabbalah.
Now we are ready to go back even further, in search of the Gods of the Indus Valley, or rather, the aliens described by the inhabitants of this planet over twelve thousand years ago. Everything is explained in the myth so we will follow it and all the legends connected to it in order to discover an incredible convergence of views that goes beyond space and time to demonstrate, once again, that myth lives inside of man because there is no present, past and future. Instead everything happens now and that is why the myth describes a timeless reality with its Gods and legends that were, are and will be.
The only thing that changes is the interpretation our mind provides us with, depending on the different prerequisites within each of us.
The myth of Oannes, the fish man
Along the path back to our roots we encounter an anthropomorphic fish-shaped deity from the African and Babylonian civilisations, a myth which has obviously been recycled repeatedly to reach the present day.
This deity attracted our attention because, when describing the bestiary of aliens (mostly anthropomorphic), our abductees told us of snakes, amphibians, insects, birds and mammals but there was one missing form that we would have expected to come across: a fish. There was no fish alien. So maybe there was no fish God?
There were even fish entities in the perfect depiction of aliens in Star Trek, the hit TV series that taught America about the conquest of space: the Gallametes. But oddly enough, these entities did not emerge during our work with regressive hypnosis. He said to call him Oannes. According to Eastern mythology, he emerged from the Eritrean Sea and was an animal with the faculty of reason; yet he had the body of a fish. Below his fish head was another head and human feet, attached to the
fish tail. His voice and language were human and articulated. Oannes lived among men without eating and, although they were still very primitive, he taught them their letters, sciences, arts and other skills, including agriculture. Every evening he returned to the sea and stayed in the water, because he was an amphibian; he also wrote a book on the origin of things and civilized living. After him, other similar beings appeared, called APKALLUS. There are many theories about the name Oannes, some say it is connected to the marine god Ea (Ea-Khan = Ea the fish), some even to Joannes, John the Baptist, or Jonas, Jonah.
Who or what was this mysterious being? Was it a fantastic and legendary creature to whom we can attribute the sudden evolution of human society or, as many ufologists claim, a space visitor on a mission to Earth? German scholar Ulrich Dopatka supports this latter idea and simply interprets the ‘fish body’ as the distorted memory of an amphibious spacesuit. “Oannes”, says Dopatka “is a name that means ‘foreigner’ in ancient Syrian”. Oannes was first mentioned by biblical patriarch Enoch, who was “taken to heaven by a strong wind and brought to a Great House of crystal, in the presence of the Sons of the Saints”, the Osannes or Osannini. This is how that extraordinary antediluvian meeting is described in the Ethiopian version of the ‘Book of Enoch’ (1st – 2nd century B.C.). “Their garments and robes were white, and their countenances were transparent as crystal”, writes Enoch. “They told me that the universe is inhabited and full of planets, guarded by angels named Watchers, and they showed me the Captains and Chiefs of the Order of the Stars. They showed me two hundred angels who have authority over the stars and the services of the sky; they fly with their wings and go around the planets”. From these mysterious ‘Sons of Saints’, Enoch learned that space was controlled by two species of angels. The first were typically biblical creatures, light beings superior to man in both their nature and wisdom and in direct contact with the Almighty. These beings were known as Cherubim, Seraphim and Osannes and delivered messages by abducting people in the sky or as stated in a Slavic version of the Book, “penetrating peoples’ bedrooms”.
The second, called the Watchers, were a fallen race that the ‘Book of Enoch’ defined as “once pure and holy spirits, living in eternal life, corrupted with the blood of women”, forefathers of a race of “giant, wicked beings called evil spirits” that were exterminated by the Flood.
Even in America, the Mayans worshiped an amphibian being they called Uaana, meaning “the one who resides in the water”. The Philistines worshiped an amphibious creature called Dagon (or Odakon) that was depicted along with his partner Atargatis, who had a fish tail and human body. Dagon stems from the same linguistic root as ‘Dogon’, the name of a tribe from Mali that worships the Nommo, a superior being with a fish body, propitiatory of their entire culture that came from the clouds in a ‘hot egg’. And finally, in Rhodes, we find the Telchines, amphibious deities with
magical powers, banished from the island by Zeus because they had dared to ‘change’ the weather.
The Dogons have specific astronomy knowledge and know the star Sirius and also the existence of its twin star Sirius B that is not visible to naked eye. The Dogons will have obtained such knowledge from these strange creatures who taught men how to live and cultivate crops more efficiently.
Sirius A and B in a photo and as drawn by the Dogon
Furthermore, in the text entitled ‘The Enigma of the Dogon’, Colin Wilson maintains that another old chronicler, Abideno disciple of Aristotle, speaks of the kings of Sumer and mentions “another half-demon, very similar to Oannes, who came from the sea a second time”. He also mentions “four characters casting a double shadow”, presumably meaning half man and half fish, “which came from the sea”. Finally, Apollodorus of Athens writes that at the time of the Chaldean king Amennon “the Musarus Oannes, the Annedotus, appeared, emerging from the waters of the Persian Gulf”, and later “a fourth Annedotus came from the waters of the sea and it was half man and half fish”. And during the reign of King Euedoresco, another fish-man named Odacon appeared. Apollodorus defines the Oannes ‘Annedotus’ (which means ‘repellent’ according to Wilson, Ed.).
Posthumous mystifications
As time has passed, the original idea of the Fish God has been lost, but it still conveys some symbolic aspects. The figure of Christ is represented by the fish symbol, but not really to recall the God Oannes, with whom Krishna only had an indirect relationship as we will see. In Roman times, the Christians were an illegal sect and had to recognize each another by using secret symbols when they met. One Christian began the fish sign with his stick and another completed the design with his stick: it was a better and lesser-known system than the cross for identifying one another.
Ever since the first century, Christians have used an acrostic for the word fish in Greek, ‘ichthys’: Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter, (ICTYS) which translates as: Jesus Christ Son of our Saviour God. The Greek word ‘Ichthus’ (Iota Chi Theta Upsilon Sigma), pronounced ich- thoos, is the word used in the New Testament for the word ‘fish’. And finally, we find similarities between the myth of Oannes and the use of the Tiara for the high prelates of the Vatican; in fact this strange headgear comes from the myth of the Oannes fish god. Who would have thought it?
Let’s set things right
The Myth of the Fish Man existed, and still ideally exists, in books and science fiction novels and should therefore also make an appearance in the pantheon of ancient Gods before the Babylonian culture, back in the Indus Valley civilization.
The Fish also appears in the sacred iconography of the Avatars of Vishnu, where the deity is represented emerging from the mouth of a fish as a fish himself, the legend interprets him as the ‘saviour’ of the world that is about to be struck by a ‘flood’. We took this as our inspiration as we sought to include Vishnu in our mosaic and alien bestiary. And it was easy. In 2003, Rene Guenon wrote an article, translated from Spanish to Italian by Anna Polino, on the symbolism of the fish (and the octopus and dolphin in particular), especially in the Vedic and Greek traditions, and their symbolic relations with Christianity. He says:
……..“Firstly, as regards the pre-historic origins of this symbol, it seems to have come from the North and may even be Hyperborean; Charbonneau drew attention to its presence in North Germany and in Scandinavia, and this is more likely to be its starting point than Central Asia. It was no doubt carried there by the great stream which, flowing from the Primordial Tradition itself, later gave life to the doctrines of India and Persia. In fact, in the Vedas and Avesta, there are several texts which explicitly state the Hyperborean origin of the Tradition, and even indicate the main stages of its descent towards the South. It seems that similar memories, in the west, have been preserved in Celtic traditions, yet they are difficult to reconstruct with only fragmentary data having survived into the present. Moreover, we should notice that certain aquatic animals play a role in the symbolism of the peoples of the North especially. We will use the octopus as an example: particularly widespread among the Scandinavians and Celts and also found in early Greece as one of the chief motifs of Mycenaean ornamentation. Another fact which bears out these considerations is that in India, the fish form (Matsya-avatara) is considered as the first of all the manifestations of Vishnu, which marks the very beginning of the present cycle, and therefore directly related to the starting point of the Primordial Tradition. In this regard, it should be remembered that Vishnu is the divine Principle especially esteemed as preserver of the world; this role is similar to that of ‘Saviour’, or rather, the latter is a specific condition of the former. In truth, Vishnu appears as ‘Saviour’ in some of the manifestations that correspond to critical stages in the history of our world and can therefore be interpreted as a ‘precursor’ of Christ, without forgetting the last manifestation. The Kalkin-Avatara, “The one who rides a white horse”, which will occur at the end of this cycle, is described in the Puranas in precisely identical terms to those found in the
Apocalypse. However, this is not the place to dwell on this connection, which is quite extraordinary in the similarity of detail. Returning to the fish, we would point out that the idea of the ‘Saviour’ is also explicitly bound to its Christian symbolism, because the last letter of the Greek “ikhthys” is interpreted as the initial of ‘Soter’. Certainly this is not surprising when it relates to Christ, but despite everything, there are emblems that allude more directly to other of its attributes and do not formally express the role of ‘Saviour’.
In fish form, at the end of the previous Maha-Yuga, Vishnu appears to Satyavrata, who is to become the Manu or Legislator of the present cycle under the name of Vaivaswata. He tells him that the world is going to be destroyed by the waters, and he orders him to build the ark to hold the seeds of the future world; then, in the same form, he himself guides the ark over the waters during the cataclysm. […] There is yet another aspect of the Matsya-avatara which is particularly worthy of note: after the cataclysm, that is, at the very outset of the present Maha-Yuga, he brings to mankind the Veda, which, according to the etymology of the word (derived from the root vid, “to know”), means Perfect Science or Sacred Knowledge in its integrity. We have here one of the clearest allusions to the Primordial Revelation: it is said that the Veda subsists perpetually, as it existed before all the worlds; but somehow remains hidden or locked during the cosmic cataclysms that separate the different cycles and has to manifest itself again every new cycle .The affirmation of the perpetuity of the Véda is moreover directly connected to the cosmological theory of the primordiality of sound among the senses (the quality of Ether, Akâça which is itself the first of the elements); and this theory is ultimately the same in other traditions when they speak of creation by the Word. The primordial sound is the Divine Utterance by which, according to the first chapter of Genesis, all things were made. Thus it is said that the Sages of the first ages ‘heard’ the Véda: Revelation, born of the Word, as was creation itself, is strictly speaking an ‘audition’ for anyone who receives it; and the term that denotes it is Shruti, which means literally “that which is heard”.
During the cataclysm which separated this Maha-Yuga from the previous one, the Véda were concealed in a state of envelopment in the conch shell (shankha), which is one of the chief attributes of Vishnu. Therefore the conch is considered to contain the imperishable primordial sound (akshara), that is, the monosyllable Om, which is the name par excellence of the Word in its manifestation in the three worlds and at the same time the essence of the triple Veda thanks to its three elements (AUM). Moreover these three elements (matras), when reduced to their essential geometrical forms and graphically arranged in a particular manner, form the very shape of the conch; and by a rather remarkable concordance, this is also the shape of the human ear, the hearing organ, which in order to perceive sound must in fact be arranged to conform with the nature of the sound itself. All this is clearly connected with some of the most profound mysteries of cosmology. But who can still understand the truth of this traditional science when in the state of mind that constitutes modern thinking?”
The Trimurti
It was essential to study religion, or the Vedic religious tradition at any rate, for two main reasons. Firstly, because it was the oldest tradition at our disposal, secondly because the closer we get to the source, the less the information has been manipulated by history and historians, or so we find. Thus we find that in India there is an idea that the world was created at the hands of the Trimurti, which corresponds to the Christian Holy Trinity.
In the Hindu religion, the Trimurti (Sanskrit: त्रिमूर्तिः trimūrti, ‘which has three forms’), is often referred to as the ‘Hindu Trinity’ and indicates the three main aspects of the Divine, manifested in the form of three major Deva archetypes:
• Brahma is the Creator • Vishnu is the Preserver • Shiva is the Destroyer
The Trimurti itself is often conceived as a single deity and is artistically depicted with three heads on one body (Sanskrit: trishiras, ‘triple head’). According to the belief in the Trimurti, these figures are simply different aspects of the Divine attributable to the same and only God (also called Īśvara or Saguna Brahman), this principle is similar to the Trinity of the Christian religion or the Triad of many Indo-European gods (Odin, Thor and Freyr, Neptune and Pluto, etc..).
Therefore, if we investigate these three aspects of the Trimurtimore more thoroughly, we risk making an error of interpretation. It’s true that the Trimurti is composed of three aspects, but they have nothing to do with the three figures of Catholicism that we know today: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, which are three aspects connected to the soul, the spirit and the mind, collected in the body as Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity. Instead, the Trimurti relates to the triple manifestation of creation, in which Brahman is the Consciousness, the Kabbalistic Crown of the Tree of Life, Vishnu it the first Creator, that is, the Kabbalist Knowledge and Shiva is the second Creator, that is, Wisdom. But Brahma is something else!
In fact, if we compare Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma to the three figures that come from the description of the soul during deep hypnosis, our theories are confirmed. But let’s continue in order.
In the Hindu religion, Brahma or Brama (Sanskrit: बह brahmā) is one of the aspects of God and the first Person of the Trimurti (also called the Hindu Trinity, composed of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva), where he is known as the Creator.
Brahma should not be confused with Brahman; while Brahman represents the principle of immutability, the infinite, immanence and transcendent reality, the Divine Origin of all beings, Brahma is its agent, just like other personified deities; he is an aspect of Īśvara, the essentially ego-conscious Brahman with attributes.
Brahma is the first being to be created at the beginning of each cosmic Cycle (or kalpa), he is the first manifestation of Brahman and for this reason he is not considered the architect of the universe, the father of all beings.
The representations of Brahma have various elements, each of which has its own value and its own meaning:
He is traditionally represented with four heads, four faces, four arms and four legs, and every head is intent on reciting one of the four Vedas.
In each of his four hands he holds:
a glass containing water, used to create life and symbol of the mind;
a rosary used to count the passing of time, symbol of spirit;
the text of the Veda, the symbol and description of the soul;
a lotus flower of eternal life, the tree of life, the symbolism of the DNA, the body.
Water is the archetype of the mind: we should not forget that during the SIMBAD mental simulation that we propose in other articles, the mind is often assimilated to water in one of its forms and the colour attributed to it by the subject is the colour of water.
The passing of time is connected instead to the spiritual appearance in SIMBAD, which is the colour of fire, while the soul is the representation of timelessness and emotion in all cultures, hence why it remains in the heart of Jung and all primitive men.
As the Supreme Principle of the universe, Brahma resides in the heart, the vital centre of man. To be specific, the smallest ventricle is the organ which symbolically represents integral unity (that includes the physical body, the energy field and the divine spirit). In ancient times, it was said that the heart was the abode of intelligence because it was assimilated to the abode of the Universal Intelligence. The final part of Veda, the Upanishads, says:
“In Brahma-Pura, abode of Brahma, there is a little ‘lotus’, inside which there is a cavity, occupied by Ether. You must look for what resides in this place and you will recognize it… This principle that resides in the heart is smaller than a grain of rice, smaller than a grain of barley, smaller than a mustard seed, smaller than a grain of millet, smaller than a seed enclosed in a grain of millet; this Principle that resides in the heart is also bigger than Earth, bigger than atmosphere, bigger than the sky, bigger than all these worlds combined”.
In our previous work we described this point with the term ‘Illuminator’: a place for the consciousness, or rather, Brahman.
The original lotus flower has tree petals for Egyptians and Easterners as well as the Nordic people, who have the version of the Triskel symbol. It represents the tree of life, and the flower is the body that contains three things: soul, mind, spirit.
Brahman contains the four aspects of Brahma: body, mind, soul and spirit, or as European alchemists say, earth, water, air and fire.
So Brahma is the whole of the manifestation, that is: body, mind, soul and spirit combined, and he was the first thing created by Brahman.
After creating the prerequisites to create the rest, Brahman creates its first two creatures who we call the two creators: Vishnu and Shiva.
And this is where the surprises start.
This is the first Creator, known by this name.
Vishnu is considered an all-encompassing deity, with different appearances. He is known as purusha, maha purusha or paramatma, the Supreme Soul, and as sheshin or Totality, in which all souls are contained. It also represents the Bhagavat (the term bhaga means ‘Divine Glory’).
Over time, Vishnu incarnates in the ten manifestations listed below.
The Ten Avatars of Vishnu, or Dasavatara, are in chronological order:
 Matsya, the fish
 Kurma, the turtle or tortoise
 Varaha, the boar or wild boar
 Narasimha, the lion-man (Nara = man, simha = lion)
 Vamana, the dwarf
 Parashurama, Rama with axe (or hatchet), or the inhabitant of the forest
 Rama, Sri Ramachandra, the prince of the Kingdom of Ayodhya
 Krishna (meaning ‘dark’ or ‘black’)
 Balarama or Buddha
 Kalki (‘Eternity’ or ‘time’ or ‘The Destroyer of Evil’), which the Hindu tradition expects at the end of Kali Yuga, the contemporary era.
So there’s our first surprise: the good Lord Vishnu was first incarnated as a fish.
So what we identified with the Prime Man (PM), Adam Kadmon in the Jewish Kabbalah, is also the fish, Oannes.
Now we can ask, “but why a fish?” The answer is that the symbol of the fish is connected to two important aspects of our past, one very real and one ideic and symbolic. The first real aspect is connected to evolution. In fact, fishes gave rise to amphibians from which birds, snakes and mammals were born.
In this sense, the first creation has to incarnate and manifest as a fish. In fact, according to the theory of evolution, we may assume that if the conditions for change were missing on a planet, the fish would have no incentive to leave the water for their survival and would never have created subsequent species. Fishes would have evolved just as they are.
Furthermore, some argue that the humanoid form is the most practical form that exists and this may be the reason why the aliens we meet on this planet all have anthropomorphic humanoid form.
If weather conditions on a planet had forced the fish out of the water, they would have transformed into amphibians over billions of years.
But in time they would have assumed humanoid appearance, with two legs, two arms, two nostrils, two ears, etc. although with thousands of possible variants, as a memory of their past DNA. Therefore the first man, Adam Kadmon, or the first manifestation and incarnation of Vishnu, can only be a fish man.
According to a second ideic reason, the Prime Man is a fish or is connected to the water.
In the legend of the Flood, in fact, the Prime Man saves humanity from the disaster he caused himself and is therefore a being that can act in the world of water, inhabit it and manipulate it.
Water, which is his specific context, recalls the primordial element from which life originated and the fluid shapeless state of chaotic primordial matter. Moreover, fish saved the first man Manu from the flood, transporting him on an arc.
Similarities to Pistis Sophia
In the previous ‘Genesis’ article, we discovered that Adam Kadmon, or PM, produces a series of cataclysms, the last in chronological order is the Flood, in order to prevent mankind from understanding the divine mystery, or better saying, to prevent him becoming aware of being a soul. So the Prime Man or Oannes or Vishnu in his first incarnation if you prefer, wants to destroy mankind on the one hand, but on the other hand cannot afford the luxury of destroying all the soul containers. The just want to slow down, or better, to block the process of awareness that mankind has embarked upon in order to discover his soul. Therefore, on the one hand Matsya the fish evokes the flood, on the other hand he tries to save some humans: Noah (for the Jews), Upnapistin (for the Babylonians), Manu (for the Hindu) according to preference, in order to keep the human race alive, although in difficulty, and therefore he (the Prime Man) can keep on laying traps for souls. The PM is in need of these souls, as we previously saw, to introduce the soul parts of the PM itself into human containers. So the souls incarnated in PM will experience death, killing men but keeping Adam Kadmon alive, so he will live forever by stealing death from the men of this planet.
So the Pistis Sophia, or the Book of Saviour, an apocryphal Gospel of Gnostic origin, written in Coptic probably in the second half of the third century, contains a secret revelation of the risen Christ to the disciples at the meeting (including Mary Magdalene, the Virgin and Martha), during the eleven years after his Resurrection.
Lost for centuries, it has been studied since 1772 thanks to the Askew code. Two variations of the Nag Hammadi’s code were found in 1945, but what concerns us now in this text is the cosmogony of the universe, where female figures have an enormous role. This may be the reason why these treaties were excluded from consideration by our Catholic Church as well as from the world of Judaism and Islam, which are all extremely sexist.
So female figures play an important role, but it’s clear that these figures do not embody the figure of Eve in the Garden of Eden or the figures of her daughters or her manifestations. Rather they clearly embody the soul. Eve was not the first woman of the Garden of Eden and Adam was not the first man, but rather they represent the feminine principle of soul and the masculine principle of spirit in this text. We refer to this text, also quoted in the Treaty on Angels, recently published by Giorgio Agamben and Emanuele Coccia (Neri Pozza Ed. Vicenza, 2009), because the Angels or Archons are the PM in this context.
Let’s read some parts of the text:
Eve became pregnant once again, and she bore Norea. And she said, “He has begotten me a virgin as assistance for many generations of mankind”. This was the virgin undefiled by force. Then mankind began to multiply and improve.
The feminine principle generates a woman, i.e. she gives origin to one of her manifestations in the form of soul. So mankind improves because they acquire consciousness and awareness.
But things begin to go wrong for mankind:
The Archons took counsel with one another and said, “Come, let us cause a deluge with our hands and obliterate all flesh, from man to beast”. But when the ruler of the forces came to know of their decision, he said to Noah, “Make yourself an ark from some wood that does not rot and hide in it – you and your children and the beasts and the birds of heaven from small to large – and set it upon Mount Sir”. Then Norea came to him, wanting to board the ark. And when he would not let her, she blew upon the ark and caused it to be consumed by fire. Again he made the ark, for a second time.
Noah should be saved by the Archons (PM) because the containers of souls must be saved but they have to remain stupid, so the soul cannot board the ark for the moment. The soul, whose archetype is the wind, blows on the ark and the ark catches fire, similar to cases of spontaneous combustion or alien combustion caused by the soul parts of our abductees when they rise up against them. But that isn’t the end of it.
The archons went to meet her, intending to lead her astray. Their supreme chief said to her, “Your mother Eve came to us”. But Norea turned to them and said to them, “It is you who are the rulers of the darkness; you are accursed. And you did not know my mother; instead it was your female counterpart that you knew. For I am not your descendant; rather it is from the world above that I am come”.
The arrogant ruler turned with all his might and his countenance turned black as night. He said to her presumptuously, “You must render service to us, as did your mother Eve”.
These words precisely sum up the situation described by the souls of abductees.
On the one hand is the PM, who wants the soul back at all costs because he considers it his slave, and on the other is the soul, which doesn’t want to be enslaved.
Furthermore, there is also a reference to something that is becoming increasingly clear. Souls under hypnosis or mental simulation say that the PM is a container which actually
contains no soul, as this is contained in the body of men, but is a sort of mirror image to bring the PM to life when his soul is inside the human containers.
It’s incredible how we can interpret the symbolism of these stories, starting from the hypnotic experiences and recording the interviews we perform with the soul.
The story continues with the descendent of Eleleth, the symbol of wisdom that helped to free Norea from the Archons.
In another step, the figure who generated Eve and who went on to generate Norea and Sophia, the principle of consciousness, talks with the Creator, or rather, the Archon or PM or Adam Kadomon on duty who says as follows:
“It is I who am God, and there is none other apart from me”. When he said this, he sinned against the immortals, but they accepted his words and they kept them in mind (i.e. they didn’t pay any attention to him, Ed.) The impiety of the Archon irritates the Pistis who unseen said: “You are mistaken, Samael”, which is, ‘God of the blind’. There was a shining immortal man before you, who will manifest into the bodies you moulded and overcome you, like clay pots that break. You and yours will descend to your mother, the abyss. In fact, at the end of your time, all inefficiency will disappear, made clear by the truth. It will pass away and it will be as though it never happened. (Translated by Bentley Layton)
This is what the soul reveals to us in hypnosis when it says… PM will be forced to descend and will lose his immortality. The shining immortal man is the man with a soul from this and other planets, since soul manifested in these; in the bodies they built themselves to use them in this sense as a container.
The two souls of Pistis Sophia
As we know, there are two sources for the soul: one comes from the first creator; the other comes from the second creator, which created things without bodies and uses the bodies created by the first creator.
Careful reading of the Pistis Sophia revealed that this problem was well described in this Gnostic text. Pistis, knowledge, the gnosis, emanates Eve, the soul part of the universe, who generates two daughters, one is Norea (Orea), and the other is Zoe. When Norea asks to be instructed by the angel Eleleth about the real nature of the Archons, he tells her how they are evil, but that Eve has a second daughter, Zoe, who, like Norea, will banish the Archons and denounce them, or better, she’ll denounce their sin of pride.
As Norea is the soul part of the first creator, Zoe represents the soul part of the second creator, which missed out on some certain experiences and is instructed by Pistis Sophia on what happened. Zoe sits to the right (archetypal soul zone, related to the right hemisphere of the brain, where soul and the Jungian unconscious live, A/N).
The reincarnations of Vishnu
The fish man, the first incarnation of Vishnu, is PM, who caused the Flood for fear of losing his soul and becoming mortal in front of real humans. The next avatar is Kurman, the turtle,
which symbolises the passage from aquatic to terrestrial existence. And in fact, after the mythological fish man come his creatures, other indirect incarnations of Vishnu which are nothing but our aliens. First we find the amphibious races of Sauroids. The third time, Vishnu appears like a ‘wild boar’; he frees the land confined on the ocean floor and once solidified, decrees that it will support animal existence. A further phase of transition, between the bestial and the human condition, is overshadowed in the lion man, a fierce avatar sent by God to destroy a demon who opposed his cult. The lion man Narasimha seems to believe the myth of the Orange alien, with vertical pupils and red mane. The fifth avatar is the ‘dwarf’ Vamana, which descended to Earth to remove evil Bali from domination of the world in three symbolic steps, which return earth, atmosphere and sky to the divine dominion. Physically speaking, we could say that this kind of alien is the so-called Heart-shaped head alien. In Hinduism, Parashurama Bhargava is the sixth avatar of Vishnu, the fifth son of Jamadagni and Reṇukā, incarnated during the Treta Yuga to defeat the warrior class (Kshatriya) that held power at the time. The name literally means ‘Rama with the axe’ (in Sanscrit, ‘parashu’ means ‘axe’). This subject is extremely similar to the Nordic Odin. Rama embodies the ideal of the brave and pious sovereign, protector of ‘dharma’, the divine law. The deeds of Rama and the characters of Ramayana, so dear to the Hindu hearts, constitute one of the privileged themes of folk iconography. Krishna, the following descent, is the most intriguing figure of the Vishnuite pantheon. God is represented with skin black as night, to symbolize the inscrutability of the divine and we have already compared the figure of the Jewish Christ with the true Krishna at length. Tradition is divided on the ninth avatar. One of the most common variants affirm that Vishnu assumed the body of Buddha, the great man who lived in the VI century B.C. and was later deified, who preached a way of life free from material goods. Kalkin, the last descent of god, still belongs to the future: he will appear as a white steed and will destroy our damaged world to allow the birth of a new, purer era.
Fish Vishnu
Turtle Vishnu
Boar Vishnu
Lion Vishnu
Dwarf Vishnu
Parasurama Vishnu
Rama Vishnu
Krishna Vishnu
The end
As we said, the myth describes the past and the present, but also the future, so let’s try to understand what will happen in the future by analysing the myth and comparing the myth to what our abductees, or rather their soul parts, say in hypnosis.
Kalkin is connected to the myth of the horse, but this also recalls the Jewish Apocalypse.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four calamities that have to happen before the end of mankind. The horses are white, red, black and green.
“It is immediately clear that the horseman, in his duality, represents our spirit and the body is our physical body. We are all both ‘horse’ and ‘horseman’ simultaneously and as the horseman rules over his horse, every human must take care of his body. Knowing the horse’s state and whether its troubles and weaknesses stem from horse or rider requires a lot of discernment. In our earthly pilgrimage, we often accentuate the contrast between duality of the horseman (masculine-force-intellect-left side of the brain, feminine-sweetness-passion-right side of the brain) to the extent that we lose sight of the real aim of the journey we have undertaken: to enjoy the gift of life”.
This is the perspective of monastic religious order A.M.E.S., which in our opinion is slightly masonic.
The symbolism of the horse appears even more complex: the horse is the powerful means that carries the horseman and the horseman is the one who, by his will, inflicts the calamity. The horse is just the outer face that determines the power and the determination, as well as loyalty to his master. The horse is nothing more than a machine, a means through which the rider performs an action or the representation of an event that will grossly affect humanity. Kalkin is nothing but a manifestation of Vishnu, Zeus or ‘Jupiter’, the God with the wheel.
Jupiter is in Gaul, in Rome and among the Celts and he is always shown with a wheel, which we have no problems in associating with the term ‘Chayyot’ from the Torah, which has a chapter dedicated to the so-called celestial chariots, machines which go between Saturn to Venus as authentic transport for Angels moving in in our world.
The name Kalki is often used as a metaphor for ‘eternity’ or ‘time’.
The origin of the name can be linked to the word kalka (dirt, garbage, evil), indicating in this case the ‘Destroyer of Evil’. In Hindi kal ki avatar means ‘Avatar of tomorrow’. Other interpretations based on various etymologies from Sanskrit are common, such as ‘White horse’, to indicate his steed, one of his prophesied attributes. Furthermore, according to some versions of the myth, Kalki will face the twin demons Koka and Vikoka, similar to Gog and Magog in the book of Revelation 20:7-8, Gige and Ogige in the Greek tradition and Caco and Muco in the Roman one.
The story is that Brahma alerts Kalki that the two demons Koka and Vikoka are immortal and can’t be killed in battle unless they are paired and killed in the same instant by terminating each other.
The two demons are also representative of two populations of demons.
The Kali Yuga is the symbolic representation of the so-called Twilight of the Gods, the exact moment when they will be defeated and these Gods cannot be anything other than corporeal and incorporeal aliens, all aiming to go to war against each other in order to win the souls of men.
How does this fight end? Who wins?
Of course this is not written down because it depends on our consciousness, but this myth does not support the idea that the Earth will be destroyed once again and rebuilt as happened the previous five occasions.
The first disturbing study area, which is also found in the sacred scriptures of the Hindu and Catholic religions and ancient Greek texts, comes from the Mayan people.
According to their texts and scriptures, mankind would be created five times and would be destroyed four times by planetary cataclysms. According to the esoteric treaty revealed by Blavatzky, ‘The book of Dzyan’, man was created five times.
The soul part of our abductees also tends to confirm this hypothesis under hypnosis. Mahāyuga (all the Eras, 12000 divine years) 4.320.000 years Dawn 144.000 Satya Yuga 1.440.000 Twilight 144.000 Dawn 108.000 Treta Yuga 1.080.000 Twilight 108.000 Dawn 72.000 Dvapara Yuga 720.000 Twilight 72.000 Dawn 36.000 Kali Yuga 360.000 Twilight 36.000
Shiva the Destroyer
Now we have to focus our attention on the second creator, Shiva.
Siva, also called Shiva (Devanagari , IAST Śiva), is one of the aspects of God in the Hindu religion, as well as the third Person of the Trimurti, within which he is known as both the Destroyer and the Creator.
Furthermore in Shaivism, one of the two main devotional monotheistic religions of the contemporary world (the other is Vaisnavism, monotheism of Vishnu) Shiva is also the supreme aspect of God.
Put simply, the equivalent of people who worship Shiva in the Catholic religion would be devil worshippers, since the term Destroyer has a completely different meaning. It should be remembered that the devil is the counterpart of the ‘good’ Jewish creator (actually called the ‘just’ one, Ed.), if we can call it that.
But what is Shiva like? We must keep the matter of the Pashupati emblem (the Lord of the Beasts, the Christian Devil) in mind, which was discovered on a seal at Mohenjo Daro, one of the largest city-states of the Indus Valley civilization.
This seems to suggest that Shiva is not a God with Indo-Aryan roots, but whose roots must be found in the population of the Indus Valley, the Dravidian indigenous population or the tribal populations who lived in the subcontinent. Shiva occupies an exalted, supreme position in Hinduism, which may indicate that Hinduism itself does not have Indo-European origins, but is rather a synthesis of various Indo-Aryan and Dravidian influences together (indeed, Ed.).
Between his eyebrows is his third eye, the eye of wisdom and omniscience which is able to see beyond mere appearance.
This characteristic is associated with the pineal gland as well as Shiva’s explosive and indomitable, energy, which destroys evil and sins. He has a waxing moon on his forehead, which represents the moon on the fifth day (panchami), a jewel that was made when the Ocean of Milk (the Milky Way, Ed.) was mixed. This is located near the third eye and represents the power of Soma, the critical offering, to indicate that he has both the power of procreation and destruction. The moon is also the symbol of time measurement, thus the crescent symbolizes Shiva’s control over time.
Unlike Vishnu, Shiva traditionally has no real avatars. This is due to the fact that, while Vishnu descends to the World through his Avatars, Shiva is in the World, manifest through all forms of life. However, several characters are considered as manifestations and rather not incarnations.
But it quickly becomes evident that Shiva is the representation of the Second Creator, who lost his soul and therefore does not have a body, so he cannot be incarnated but rather he can manifest itself in the body of others. Shiva has an eye or something similar in the middle of his forehead, making it impossible for us not to think of the alien Horus, the manifestation of Shiva, his external appearance, since his inner part, which we conventionally called Ra due to the similarities with the gods of Egypt world, is the real creature of Shiva.
Shiva is also symbolized by a crescent moon and we always find the alien Horus accompanied by Arab military uniforms which have a crescent moon and the OM symbol as well on their uniform, as does the alien Growl sometimes (a fake body containing a real incorporeal alien which derives from the Second Creator).
Some abductees recognized this symbol from the Arab military and six fingered blond aliens; in both cases they had this symbol on the chest.
The symbol was described by subjects who didn’t know Arabic as a three, an inverted five and a comma.
Once again it is impressive to what extent the world of abductions recalls the Gods of ancient Arab-Aryan mythology.
Shiva is the Lord who destroys the separateness between the individual soul (Jivatma, i.e. Ruah for the Jews) and the supreme Soul (Paramatma, i.e. Nestamah for the Jews). This illustrates that the appellative of ‘destroyer’ is not understood as negative for Hindus, since the destructive action will only be used against evil forces. On the other hand, for us it represents another demon who thinks only of himself at our expense.
Shiva, i.e. the Second Creator, who has no body and never incarnates but rather manifests himself through manifestation of others (those of the First Creator), represents the devil for Catholics, while for Hindus he is just one of the two choices in a world where even Gods have a dual nature.
Shiva, the trident and his names
Shiva is symbolized by the trident, which is a symbol of time.
The list of Shiva’s names highlights constant recall to his magnificence on the one hand and on the other his victory of immortality, the trident and the conquest of time.
Yet again, we can’t fail to notice some similarity to the alien Horus, containing the alien Ra, which lives in a world without time, wants our souls, seeks immortality and has something similar to the third eye on his forehead.
 Sadashiva, Eternal Shiva
 Shankara, Beneficial or auspicious
 Parameshvara, Supreme Lord
 Maheshvara, Great Lord
 Mahadeva, Great God
 Mrtyumjaya, Overcomer of death
 Mahabaleshvara, Lord of great strength
 Tryambakam, Trinetrishvara or Trinetra Dhari, He who has three eyes (symbol of Omniscience)
 Mahakala, Great Time or Conqueror of Time
 Nilkantha, Blue-throated God
 Trishuladhari, He who holds the trident
 Chandra Shekhara, Moon decorated Lord
 Nataraja, Lord of Dance
 Pashupati, Lord of living beings
 Yogishvara, Lord of Yogis (or Yoga)
The connections to Roman god Neptune and Greek Poseidon are incredible.
Poseidon (Shiva, the Second Creator, Ed.) was son of Cronus (Brahman, the Consciousness, Ed.) and Rea (Eva of the Pistis Sophia, the Soul, Ed.). According to tradition, he is now thought of as the elder brother of Zeus (Vishnu, the First Creator, Ed.). Like Shiva, Poseidon always holds a trident in his right hand and never in his left, which means that the trident represents something still to come, so it is positioned in the future. If on the one hand the trident and Shiva make us see a God without a body, but born of the sea, and on the other, the first incarnation of Vishnu is the Fish God (the Prime Man, Adam Kadmon, Ed.), it becomes clear that the symbolic number three acquires a value
beyond symbolic. Three were the petals of the lotus flower; three are soul, mind and spirit, supported by the trident handle or the stem of the legendary flower. Our aliens are always described as having some symbols on their chest or medallions that they wear around their necks, where the symbolic three is the predominant concept in the triangle shape.
For his part, Neptune (the Greek Poseidon), son of the God Saturn (Kronos, the unborn YHWH of the Jewish, the Consciousness, Ed.) and brother of Jupiter (Zeus), king of Gods, was the husband of Amphitrite, one of the Nereids, by whom he had a son, Triton.
However, Poseidon had numerous other love stories, especially with the Nymphs of the fountains, with which he fathered several children, famed for their barbarism and cruelty, including the giant Orion (the name betrays the alien origins of Horus, whose body is occupied by his father, Ra) and the Cyclops Polyphemus (the very tall alien with three eyes, one of which is on the forehead, recalls the myth of the giant Polyphemus from Greek mythology). He conceived Pegasus, the famous winged horse, with the gorgon Medusa (let us point out, once again, that the horse is also the symbol of the final Armageddon, the end of times).
At the end of the path we have traced in the Genesis and Genesis II articles, we believe we have highlighted certain aspects of our history. The first aspect is the easiest to demonstrate and is connected to the single root behind the birth of our myths. The consequences of this analysis lead us to conclude that our current civilisations are actually the result of the fall of many other civilizations up until the pre-diluvian period, of which traces remain in legends and myth. At any rate, each of us carries these traces inside our DNA and although it may not be written in any book, they are always present inside us and emerge through our creativity, our wish to write a novel or make films and invent stories. In fact, those stories are not invented or figments of the imagination at all, rather they are the heritage of facts which have happened, are happening and will happen, at most reinterpreted by the mind, which acts as a translator of the archetypes of the universe.
There is a second observation to be made, which is related to the efficacy of the use of myth to understand the world around us.
C. G. Jung used the myth as a means to understand dreams and he attempted to rationalize the archetypal meaning of modern life based on the idea that everything was already somehow written according to some very precise rules, the so-called archetypes.
That is why he started from analysis of myth to explain modern social behaviour.
Now we do the opposite. We started from the present and conversations with the deepest part of ourselves. We asked the soul to tell us how the Universe is built and thanks to these conversations we have traced the path of history as well, we fully understood the meaning of the ancient myths and we found within them the unmistakable trace of the aliens, demons and Gods which used us for their own aims, making us believe that they were our masters.
Analysis of the myth or rather, the back analysis of myth, now appears a better way to approach the study of the evolution of human beings in the Universe.
Just as modern history lessons teach us to start from the present and work back to the cave man, so must synthesis of organic products be carried out by starting with the final product and following the proper rules to work back to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and so we implemented this new approach which demonstrates its ineffable functionality by proving once again, even when we start from different assumptions, that aliens are our Gods and demons, that they are responsible for severe mistakes during their evolutionary process and they committed the original sin: to become like God (sin of pride, Ed.).
Regardless of whether aliens are present or not, there is just one final lesson derived from this research: the result of this further investigation is that anybody who believes in any God will inevitably be condemned to eternal stupidity, whether they are Catholic, Jew, Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan, Buddhist, Shinto, Freemason. Beware your God, he lives through you, and at the end of times, having used you, he will throw you into the void.
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Literature about the Trimurti

TCTDF Triade Color Test Dinamico Flash
Corrado Malanga


En este artículo se describe la norma final que permite a aquellos que la practican, adquirir la capacidad de acceder al conocimiento del propio Ser. En este test, o procedimiento experimental, transmitimos todas las experiencias de nuestra investigación teórica y práctica en el campo de la percepción humana, aplicadas al estudio de los fenómenos externos al planeta Tierra. El procedimiento anterior, del que nos inspiramos, tuvo como objetivo el intento de remediar el fenómeno de la abducción alienígena. De hecho, habíamos ideado un procedimiento denominado Tríade Color Test Dinámico (TCTD), que había dado excelentes resultados. El procedimiento del simple TCT incluyó una simulación mental muy compleja, que fue conducida por un operador externo, que hacía simular al abducido una habitación mental completamente a oscuras, donde había presentes algunas lámparas que imitaban las luces. Estas lámparas se encendían, evocadas mentalmente por el sujeto abducido, en un orden preciso y simbólicamente simulando los tres componentes del mismo: la mente, el espíritu y el alma. A través de un sencillo mecanismo arquetípico, analizando los colores de las tres lámparas, se puede obtener un cuadro psicológico preciso del sujeto examinado y de su problemática, ya que dependen de la presencia de interferencias alienígenas, ya sea que de naturaleza psicológica, o que estaban vinculados a sus experiencias de vida. En el caso de los sujetos abducidos, los colores de las esferas luminosas venían corregidos por el operador, con el objetivo de conseguir los colores arquetípicamente correctos, identificados sobre la base simbólica-estadística como en verde para la mente, en rojo para el espíritu y en azul o amarillo para la parte anímica. Para un estudio en profundidad del mecanismo simbólico cerebral, lea el trabajo previo y en particular el que se relaciona con el TCT (Todos los colores del alma, del mismo autor). A continuación, se le pedía al sujeto que detectase la presencia de otras esferas brillantes dentro de su sustancia mental, que correspondían a los intrusos de naturaleza alienígena. La mente del sujeto, arquetípicamente veía a los intrusos como esferas brillantes de colores apropiados y, en ese contexto, era posible identificar la memoria alienígena activa, el lux, los parásitos sin cuerpo, y cualquier micro implante que pudiera estar presente en el cuerpo del sujeto. La esfera anímica era animada a eliminar mentalmente a todos los objetos y sujetos extraños, hacia fuera de la habitación con el acto mental de la voluntad. Se eliminaron entonces las conexiones del alma con los constructores de este universo virtual dual, con el Primer Hombre, con el correspondiente sujeto del antiuniverso y con la parte todavía jerárquicamente superior

a esta estructura, que se identifica en el mito indio como las figuras de los creadores Shiva y Vishnu (Lea Génesis II, del mismo autor). Una vez que el sujeto, fue diferenciado de sus creadores manipuladores, se le dijo a la parte anímica que visionara -a través de un simbólico escáner- el cuerpo del abducido, verificando la presencia de microimplantes aliens y militares, destruyéndolos uno a uno, con el propio acto de la voluntad. A continuación, se le dijo al alma que buscara todos los recipientes copia del sujeto abducido en el espacio-tiempo, los cuales fueron identificados y se eliminaron a través del acto de la voluntad. El examen de la línea de tiempo, conducido por la parte anímica, verificaba que en el futuro y en el pasado no existían más escenas de abducción. El sujeto estaba completamente libre del problema de abducción. En algunos casos se salieron, a través de la conciencia de la propia parte anímica, hacía un camino llamado “álbum de fotografías” donde se identificaban todos los tipos de alienígenas que habían venido a perturbar la existencia del sujeto abducido, para hacer tomar conciencia al alma sobre la situación pasada: los alienígenas quedaban perfectamente reconocidos e identificados, a nivel consciente, evitando más aducciones inconscientes. Por último, las tres bolas se fusionaron en una sola bola de color blanca o amarilla, que simbolizaba la suma de los colores rojo, verde y azul o amarillo. La fusión de las tres conciencias de la tríada se percibió como la suma algebraica de las tres frecuencias, en el rango visible de los tres colores, y la mente producía de forma automática la suma de color. Los resultados de este procedimiento, que duró un promedio de dos horas a cuarenta minutos, hacían tomar a la tríada la conciencia necesaria para no estar sometida a más abducciones, tanto por parte del alien como por parte de los militares, que están influenciados por creadores cósmicos de diversa naturaleza. El resultado, aunque fuera bueno, no estaba optimizado todavía. Muchos sujetos, después del tratamiento, adquirían la capacidad de defenderse del alien, pero frecuentemente a causa de graves deficiencias psicóticas anteriores, no eran capaces de mantener esta posición durante toda su existencia en este planeta. Por lo tanto, eran necesarias aplicaciones adicionales a esta metodología que, si se llevaban a cabo con la suficiente experiencia, darían lugar a la liberación del sujeto abducido que durante su vida, sin embargo, podría tener aún alguna consecuencia causada por el hecho de que en la agenda alienígena no están previstas estrategias alternativas a la clásica abducción. El uso de este largo procedimiento trajo consigo una serie de fracasos totalmente determinados por la clara falta de voluntad de los mismos abducidos, en su deseo de querer realmente liberarse de la matriz alienígena. Surgieron, de hecho, dentro de los abducidos, reacciones psicóticas de diversos orígenes, que llevaban al mismo sujeto a la conclusión de que la vida con el alien era mejor que sin él. El antiguo procedimiento también proporcionaba la construcción de una simbólica campana protectora que envolvía la habitación mental del abducido, asegurándose de que la imagen del alien permaneciera fuera de ella, incapaz de invadir el recipiente (el cuerpo) abducido. Esta barrera, venía garantizada por la energía de la parte anímica, que era enviada para proteger a la tríada, dentro del mismo recipiente humano, que lo hacía inexpugnable.

Pero incluso al hacerlo, nos dimos cuenta de que todas las veces el super-ego del sujeto, la autoestima que está relacionada con el super-yó, faltaba, y la barrera mental se volvía frágil y tarde o temprano caía bajo las maniobras implacables alienígenas.

El nuevo procedimiento

En el último año, hemos sido capaces de llevar a cabo más observaciones experimentales que nos llevaron a identificar los errores de procedimiento contenidos en el antiguo TTCD. Estas nuevas observaciones han surgido de un estudio a nivel cuántico del universo. En particular, el entendimiento de que el universo no es dual, nos puso en frente la idea de que no existe separación. La dualidad -como se ha descrito en la tercera parte de la trilogía titulada Génesis, que publicamos hace algún tiempo- es un engaño perceptivo de la mente humana. El universo es visto erróneamente como una especie de doble hipótesis dual, donde los extremos pertenecen a dos categorías diferentes. Bueno y malo, dentro y fuera, amos y esclavos, ricos y pobres, y también como operadores lineales de signo opuesto, como el + y – o los vectores de espacio, tiempo y de energía potencial, no eran más que ilusiones perceptivas. En este contexto, la dualidad onda-partícula, venía restaurada en una nueva óptica no-dual, ligada al conocimiento de la conciencia y no a evasivos parámetros ocultos, buscados y nunca encontrados de la física moderna. La suposición de que el universo virtual no es dual, nos hizo comprender que algo había tratado de hacernos creer. Se descubrió que la dualidad es un sistema para categorizar al hombre, para hacerle creer que es responsable de un frente que se opone a otro frente. El dualismo es el sistema con el cual los alienígenas trataron de obligar al hombre a realizar las batallas que no eran suyas. La idea de dual hace que los frentes choquen en lo eterno, y la fórmula de divide y vencerás, funciona hasta el punto de que nadie se había dado cuenta del engaño. Algunas observaciones sobre el terreno de la física cuántica nos permitió entender que la dualidad no existe, excepto como una forma de falsa percepción. Entendimos que la segunda ley de la termodinámica debía revisarse, donde la entropía del universo tenía que estar relacionada, no tanto a la energía del sistema, sino al conocimiento del propio sistema, que sin embargo está relacionada a su energía. Pero la conclusión de todas estas observaciones iba en una sola dirección. Si no existe la dualidad, el universo no se divide en dos sino que es una sola caja en la que hay muchos seres vivos con diferentes grados de conciencia, en una amplia gama de tonos. Tal percepción diferente del universo fue cambiada por la misma visualización de pantalla doble.

El universo no es dual en sí mismo sino que se convierte en dual y se percibe como tal, por la conciencia no integrada. Así que si no hubiera barreras que nos categorizaran, no podríamos -en el TCTD- crear una barrera que mantuviera al abducido encerrado en la jaula construida por él mismo. No podríamos esperar que la caja fuera demasiado protectora, ya que la existencia de la jaula, simbólicamente, era la representación de la oportunidad de derribar las fronteras. Si no existen fronteras no existe la posibilidad de derribarlas. El abducido no podía defenderse de los aliens con una barrera; por lo que no podía tener el alma, la mente y el espíritu separados, aunque unidos por la suma de las tres esferas, siempre se podría restaurar la separación entre ellos. No había separación entre los componentes de la tríada, ya que fueron separados en el principio, por los mismos constructores de la dualidad. La conciencia del hombre, que es la Creación, no puede ser manipulada por cualquier persona; para obtener la manipulación se tiene que separar la conciencia categorizándola en tres partes. De hecho, se descubrió que el alma, la mente y el espíritu, existen sólo en nuestra percepción dual pero que son tres partes de una sola pieza original, la conciencia. A causa de los colores del alma, la mente y el espíritu, existen todos los colores. Cada color representa simbólicamente una posibilidad de manifestarse y como la conciencia puede ser todo, es por ello que sus tres componentes ya no existen cuando recuperan la conciencia de estar divididos. La suma de alma, mente y espíritu, no podía ser una esfera simbólicamente blanca porque el blanco es la suma algebraica de las tres frecuencias, propia de la manifestación de la tríada, pero no una completa integración de ella. El blanco puede ser recompuesto en tres colores originales, haciendo reajustable también la separación y con ella la abducción alienígena. La suma total de los colores hacen que la esfera final de la conciencia integrada en el universo virtual sea de todos los colores no superpuestos, sino integrados en la suma total de color. El color y el no color. Simbólicamente el no color es percibido por la mente humana, al igual que el todo y la nada, que, de acuerdo con la física de la energía de punto cero, tiene exactamente el mismo significado. De hecho, si tenemos en cuenta que un punto en el espacio está vacío, debemos preguntarnos si está vacío porque no hay nada o vacío porque en ese momento el todo y el contrario de todo se aniquilan entre sí. Y entonces todo y nada se convierten en lo mismo. La esfera transparente es la nada que es simbólicamente el todo. Pero es que la esfera transparente no tiene ningún tipo de consistencia, así que nada se le puede adherir. La esfera transparente evoca la representación simbólica de la onda cuántica. El concepto de onda y partícula se unen al concepto de consciente e inconsciente. Cuando la conciencia es onda se presenta como inconsciencia. Sabemos que existe, pero nadie sabe dónde se localiza en el espacio-tiempo. En otras palabras, es invisible debido a que está en todas partes a la vez. En contraste, la partícula es la representación simbólica de la conciencia total. La conciencia integrada sabe que puede ser onda y partícula a la vez y decidir por sí misma. Presentarse al alienígena como onda significa ser -frente al alien- totalmente transparente e invisible, pero desde un punto de vista cuántico, asume el significado de rechazo hacia la experiencia alienígena, con la consiguiente ausencia de interacción.

El fenómeno físico se hace perceptible sólo como onda no localizada y como una partícula. Ser partícula significa aceptar la experiencia de interferencia. Este concepto se le puede enseñar a la conciencia integrada simbólicamente y tal conciencia adquiere los conocimientos necesarios para saber cómo hacer una sola cosa, decidir millones de veces al día frente a todo el universo, si participa en una experiencia y ser partícula frente a ella o negar la experiencia y “no ser encontrado”, tomando la apariencia de una onda. Ser onda significa que “saben que estás ahí, pero no saben dónde ni cuándo”. En términos más simples, la conciencia integrada, ahora sabía cómo llegar a ser invisible en la experiencia alienígena. La nueva parte experimental del Triade color test dinámico flash (TCTDF), que no dura más de quince minutos, en una sola aplicación, hace que la fusión irreversible de la tríada, enseñe a la conciencia integrada el concepto virtual de la física cuántica, de un modo comprensible y hace que cualquier persona que lleve a cabo este ejercicio se integre con sí mismo. El procedimiento no está diseñado para salvar al hombre del alienígena, sino para asegurarse de que el hombre adquiere conciencia de sí mismo. En ese momento, si la persona que practica la técnica fuese abducida, se libraría de una vez para siempre de su problema. Si el sujeto nunca ha sido abducido, sin embargo, se liberará de su compromiso con la creación de los falsos Dioses o Demonios, que sin él no tendrán cada vez más poder.

El universo no local y la experiencia de abducción

El TCTDF no prevé la destrucción de microchips, no prevé la búsqueda y destrucción de las copias, no evoca ninguna imagen de alienígenas, no evoca ningún tipo de memoria virtual, no corrige los colores de la tríada y por lo tanto no es traumático. Prevé un estado de hipnosis muy ligero, fácilmente editable, en función de las necesidades. Debe tenerse en cuenta que, dado que el universo no existe a nivel local y no existiendo el pasado o el futuro sino sólo el presente, el procedimiento produce un efecto inmediato en la línea de tiempo de la vieja Programación Neuro Lingüística (PNL). De hecho, en el mismo instante en que las tres esferas de la tríada -de cualquier color- se unen y logran la transparencia perfecta, no sólo están integradas en una única esencia de la conciencia irreversible, sino que nunca se separan del eje del tiempo. Las funciones de onda cuántica del pasado y del futuro colapsan en el presente dando realidad solo a eso. En este contexto, si la conciencia total es reconstruida, esta resultará dividida como nunca antes, pero si la conciencia nunca ha sido dividida nadie será capaz de manipularla. Esto experimentalmente crea el efecto de que en el momento de la fusión, desaparecen todos los recuerdos de abducciones pasadas, desapareciendo todos los microchips que el abducido lleva y eliminando de un plumazo todas las copias del abducido, que nunca han sido formadas.

La experiencia de abducción permanece como “realizada”, pero no la recuerdas, no está visible; para la mente es una vida que en ese momento es como si nunca hubiese existido porque pertenece a un pasado modificado y que actualmente nunca ha existido. El nuevo procedimiento también garantiza el libre albedrío total de la conciencia integrada. La esfera transparente de la CI, podrá decidir en cualquier momento, ser onda (esfera transparente) o partícula, ser visible o invisible, querer interactuar o querer rechazar la experiencia. El nuevo procedimiento no prevé la eliminación física del alien, sino simplemente la transformación del evento de abducción en onda. En este contexto, la conciencia integrada se convierte en invisible para el alienígena que técnicamente ya no tiene por más tiempo la posibilidad de interactuar con el evento. En este sentido, la conciencia integrada hace que el alien aparezca como onda; no se destruye, simplemente sus posibilidades de encontrarse delante de ti se minimizan a un valor positivo pero pequeño. La probabilidad de tener al alien delante se hace tan pequeña que el intruso no puede ser identificable. Este es el resultado que, en términos virtuales, se transforma en la negativa, por parte de la conciencia integrada, hacia la experiencia; pero en términos de estados cuánticos, se lee como resultado de la probabilidad estadística, que parte del supuesto de que somos nosotros los que construimos la virtualidad y que interactuamos con ella, pero sólo si lo deseamos. No tenemos las herramientas para hacer las mediciones pero podemos producirla, como recientemente hemos demostrado en algunos experimentos de termodinámica cuántica (lea Génesis III, del mismo autor). También hay que señalar que el tratamiento cuántico de los eventos puede llevarse a cabo sólo en contextos microscópicos (el mundo de la física de partículas elementales). De hecho, los componentes de la tríada de la conciencia integrada, son similares en todos los aspectos a los componentes microscópicos de la física cuántica Bohmiana.

No existen fallos de la técnica

Cabe destacar que la técnica tiene algunos inconvenientes o por lo menos debemos ser conscientes de los límites. En el TCTDF no se han hallado errores, pero esto no significa que el sujeto no sea por más tiempo víctima de la abducción. El sujeto se verá de nuevo abducido si su conciencia integrada lo desea. Existen muchos impulsos que pueden influir en esta dirección. Un abducido que fue liberado del problema desde hace más de un año, se reanudó o mejor dicho, se encontró de nuevo en contacto con las especies alienígenas, durante una noche en particular. Al día siguiente, algunos moratones aparecieron en el cuerpo del ex abducido.

La reconstrucción del episodio, con la técnica de los anclajes (PNL), destacó dos factores importantes. Durante la noche los alienígenas habían entrado en la casa del sujeto, pero él lo describe como si no lo hubieran visto. Los aliens, de hecho, se situaron directamente delante de él, pero terminaron en la habitación de su hermano, que también tenía el mismo problema de abducción. El sujeto ex abducido liberado, pensó dentro de sí, que debía defender a su hermano: pero en ese momento inconscientemente decidió volver a aceptar la injerencia alienígena, volviéndose visible. Con ello renace una verdadera lucha con los alienígenas, y los efectos saldrán a la luz al día siguiente, al despertar. El segundo efecto fue notar que, en este caso, nuestro ex abducido no fue aceptado para ser abducido, porque ya no se podía volver a separar su conciencia estando integrada y nunca más la podrían manipular. Algún otro caso en el cual el contenedor se retoma, parece deberse al hecho de que el ex abducido decide vengarse y alberga un profundo resentimiento contra sus secuestradores, a los que considera como los que han arruinado sus vidas. En ese momento, el sujeto inconscientemente se predispone a vengarse y se prohíbe a él mismo el enfrentamiento con el alien que volverá a molestar al abducido, incapaz de deshacerse de su problema no resuelto a nivel psicológico. Esta técnica también es aplicable para las personas que no saben nada acerca de los alienígenas, que no son conscientes de su situación, que no tienen recuerdos de ningún tipo a nivel consciente. Sin embargo después del tratamiento, la conciencia integrada, en estos casos específicos, puede decidir recordar las experiencias de las cuales ha adquirido conocimiento, aunque ya no lo percibirá como recuerdos. En estos casos, parece que la conciencia integrada se sitúa frente al alien para ser filmada y jugar a un juego que puede resultar incluso peligroso, pero que ya no dará lugar a la presentación de la esfera transparente visible para el alien. La esfera transparente nunca será atrapada. En esta etapa es importante integrar la esfera transparente con su propio contenedor, de lo contrario el contenedor todavía será abducido aunque la esfera transparente ya no podrá ser manipulada. Este hecho, lleva al sujeto -sobre todo si es mujer- a ser todavía utilizada como presa del alienígena. Enseñar a la conciencia integrada la integración con el propio contenedor es la única manera de salir de este problema.

¿Qué es la Conciencia Integrada?

Por conciencia integrada se entiende que es la parte de la conciencia primordial que creó el universo virtual, y se integró en la virtualidad, obteniendo conocimiento del espacio, el tiempo y la energía.

Se trata de una conciencia que siendo la suma de sus tres componentes con características como las virtuales, sabe que el universo es su creación, sabe lo que significa el espacio, el tiempo y la energía, habla neutral y no en femenino -como la vieja parte anímica-, domina el espacio, el tiempo y la energía, es potencialmente capaz de expresarse paranormalmente y usa el recipiente para ganar experiencia. Por lo tanto, puesto que la conciencia integrada debe experimentar, no tiene conciencia del Todo, ya que si tuviera tal conocimiento, no necesitaría integrarse en el universo virtual que ha creado. Experimentar el TCTDF hace al hombre integrado y ya no se divide en tres componentes, con lo que regresa de nuevo a su condición ORIGINAL: pero esto no proporciona la experiencia predeterminada, que todavía ha de ser lograda. Cuando se ha efectuado la experiencia del TCTDF, el mapa descriptivo del territorio de cada uno cambia, y al sujeto le aparecen los verdaderos problemas de la virtualidad que ha decidido hacer frente y que a menudo también crea momentos de desconcierto, que llevados al extremo podrían hipotéticamente, incluso en el acto, llevar a tomar decisiones por parte de la conciencia integrada, de volver hacia el problema. ¿Son mejores los aliens o las dificultades de la vida cotidiana? La conciencia integral debe experimentar con su libre albedrío y siempre puede escoger, aunque la eventual y rara elección de volver no es representativa del fallo de la técnica, sino que es una clara evidencia de su éxito, señalando que en este universo el libre albedrio es totalmente absoluto. En los casos que hemos tratado en el plazo de un año, ninguna conciencia integrada se ha vuelto a retomar más, algunos contenedores han tenido algún pequeño problema molesto con tendencia a la resolución total con el tiempo; sólo un caso mostró la idea de volver al fenómeno por propia elección, pero hasta la fecha no lo ha hecho. La CI, desde un punto de vista cuántico, posee los tres vectores del espacio, el tiempo y la energía que le permiten expresarse en su realidad virtual creada, mientras que los tres vectores de conciencia -como hemos dicho en Génesis III-, representan el único modo de medir indirectamente la conciencia misma, si está perfectamente superpuesta, tomando un único vector de conocimiento (representado en todas las direcciones como multi vector). Cabe señalar que los tres vectores de la conciencia del alma, la mente y el espíritu -cual productos vectoriales de los dos componentes que caracterizan cada uno de los tres elementos-, son “no conmutables” entre ellos. Es decir, se colocan a noventa grados entre sí y no son superponibles en la que fue la esfera blanca que se obtuvo al final del clásico TCTD. La esfera transparente, una vez que se reduce a un punto, en el procedimiento que se verá más adelante, produce la superposición final de los tres vectores de la conciencia, destruyendo aún más, y hasta el final, la separación esquizoide entre el espíritu y el alma y la mente, que originó un ser imperfecto y sobre todo muy vulnerable debido a la falta de coherencia interna.

Las características de la conciencia integrada más evidentes, sometidas a hipnosis profunda, son las siguientes: El sujeto habla en masculino (neutro) · El sujeto sabe que construyó el universo, pero no sabe por qué lo hizo de esta manera. · El sujeto sostiene que el Ser existe porque se manifiesta en el hacer. · El sujeto sostiene que la dualidad no existe y si existe es porque la hacen, y para ser el Todo, lo tiene que hacer todo. · El sujeto ve y percibe el universo de un modo totalmente virtual, como una falsa construcción, sin aparente solidez. · La conciencia integrada ve al universo de una manera real. Real y/o virtual al mismo tiempo. Aprende a ser un observador de sí mismo, de infinitos puntos que se ven hacia el centro y desde el centro mirando hacia infinitos puntos. A través de la realización de la conciencia integrada se puede viajar por la virtualidad pudiendo visionar cualquier lugar del espacio y el tiempo, mientras que poco a poco emergen aspectos de carácter paranormal cada vez más evidentes en la vida cotidiana.

La técnica opera sobre sí mismos

El TCT clásico prevé -por su complejidad y duración- el uso de ayuda externa. El conductor guía al sujeto en la simulación mental, haciéndolo pasar por todas las etapas necesarias, hasta que se llega al final, a la consecución de la esfera blanca de la conciencia. Durante las pruebas de la nueva técnica, nos dimos cuenta, al principio, de algunos fracasos parciales que se obtenían y al buscar la causa, nos encontramos con la teoría del efecto espejo. El universo, según nuestras concepciones, es de naturaleza holística, es decir, nada está separado del Todo, como de hecho se supone que es, comprobando las ecuaciones de la física de Bohm. En este sentido, las reacciones que otro tendrá conmigo dependerán únicamente de mí. Si alguien discute conmigo es porque dentro de mí, no he logrado la armonía. De hecho, si por ejemplo, entro en una habitación donde veo que alguien está molesto, incluso si yo no digo nada, va a recibir dentro de sí mi hostilidad y cualquier gesto mío puede producir una reacción violenta en contra de mí. En ese punto yo estoy autorizado a responder porque técnicamente yo no empecé primero, aunque en realidad, yo fui el primero que tuve una reacción negativa

contra el otro. En este contexto, el otro se volverá contra mí, porque yo a través de un campo morfogenético local, le comunique mi malestar con él. Entonces nos dimos cuenta de que algunos sujetos a los que les resultaba difícil algunas las partes del método -difícil para su comprensión-, si no lo entendían bien, daban lugar a problemas después del tratamiento. Algunos abducidos no entendían los efectos cuánticos de onda y partícula. El alien no volvía más, pero estos abducidos no podían hacerse invisibles a los intrusos, que todavía permanecían parasitariamente presentes en sus experiencias cotidianas. Otros abducidos estaban luchando por separarse de la figura del alienígena, ya que no comprendían la idea de que el pasado no existe, por lo que permanecían vinculados a la misma. A partir de un análisis más profundo que he hecho tanto de mí como de algunos colegas que han practicado el TCTDF en la etapa experimental, se podría señalar que durante la aplicación del test, la palabra asumió una importancia profunda, pero detrás de la palabra existía otro tipo de meta comunicación más profunda y eficaz. Durante el test, el conductor produce una especie de situación en la que pasa un paquete de información que migra de la propia conciencia a la conciencia del abducido. Siempre que el abducido es capaz de querer adquirir el paquete de información, recibe toda la información que el conductor le pasa. En otras palabras, el TCTDF también podría llevarse a cabo en silencio total y el resultado sería probablemente el mismo. Pero dado que los seres humanos utilizamos la palabra en esta virtualidad, para simplificar -no sé hasta qué punto- las cosas, hemos utilizado el verbo para enseñar a la conciencia qué es la cuántica. Pero en ese contexto, si mi paquete informativo conciencial tiene alguna disonancia, he aquí que yo lo retransmito al otro completamente. Tomemos un ejemplo sencillo: Si yo tengo algún problema sin resolver con mi pasado y le practico un TCTDF a un sujeto abducido, he aquí que le liberaré del alien de forma total, pero tal vez irán a ver su foto al lado de la cama, por la noche mientras intenta dormir. Mi incapacidad para romper con mi pasado, se ha redirigido al abducido, que sin información en sentido contrario, no sabe cómo manejar esta parte de la virtualidad y va a sufrir el mismo problema. En otras palabras, si voy al médico con un resfriado y quiero ser curado, no deberé ir a la consulta de un médico que padezca también de un resfriado, porque él nunca podrá curarme ya que al padecer él mismo ese problema y no habiéndolo resuelto, no me podrá ayudar a mi tampoco. Estaba claro que este tipo de información de metadatos no sólo actuaba a nivel del TCTDF, sino de manera constante en todas las relaciones diarias entre los seres vivos. Estaba claro que en el pasado habíamos parcialmente fallado y que los llamados viejos abducidos, habían fracasado. Si no eres puro como el cristal puedes ensuciar también a tu paciente y ésta pudo

ser una de las razones por las que algunos abducidos no se libraron completamente del problema, excluyendo los casos en que la voluntad del sujeto estaba en contra. Pues, en la línea teórica del principio, nadie puede efectuar un TCTDF sobre otro a menos que este no sea del todo perfecto. Dado que esta perfección no existe -que yo sepa-, aún así hemos de destacar que los resultados de los experimentos llevados a cabo en el TCTDF, en general, han sido buenos, aunque con algún que otro contratiempo. La mejor cosa que hicimos fue construir una parte experimental simple que cada uno pudiera efectuar sobre sí mismo, teniendo cuidado en manifestar un fuerte acto de voluntad para querer solucionar las mismas problemáticas. El porcentaje de éxito del TCTDF está estrechamente ligado a la comprensión de lo que se está haciendo. No se puede efectuar la prueba leyendo sencillamente la parte experimental que sigue, como si fuera un ritual de la iglesia católica o la receta de un médico cualquiera, se debe comprender exactamente lo que significa cada paso individual. Por esto, quien quiera efectuar la prueba sobre sí mismo, se tiene que leer, estudiar y comprender, muchas de las cosas que he escrito precedentemente. Tiene que tener claro el sentido de los tres trabajos titulados Génesis, de la primera a la tercera parte, tiene que comprender como funciona la simulación mental y tiene que estudiar el funcionamiento y la teoría del TCT clásico. Por un lado los errores de interpretación invalidarían todo el procedimiento, pero por el otro, sabemos que la información importante ya está disponible para todos, a nivel de la rejilla holográfica, que a través del campo morfogenético, está siempre al alcance de todos. Los sujetos a los que practicamos el TCTDF en la etapa experimental, tienen que entender que si después de la aplicación de la prueba, todavía tienen dudas e incertidumbres sobre determinadas situaciones que afecten a sus vidas, es porque la prueba te integra, aboliendo la dualidad, permitiendo a la conciencia poder realizar -sin ser molestada- su labor en el contenedor; pero el sistema no ayudará a resolver el propio “destino” (camino experiencial), que debe ser resuelto por ellos mismos. En particular, las personas que han realizado la prueba, no deberán dirigirse más a mí ni a otros por sus problemas no resueltos, sino pidiéndoselo directamente a su conciencia integrada, que es perfectamente capaz de aclarar cualquier aspecto de la realidad y representa que es ella misma -la conciencia- la que tiene que solucionar las cosas que están por resolver. La armonía es el resultado final a alcanzar, no más trivialmente desterrando a los aliens que, en este punto -si bien han destruido mi vida hasta ahora-, ya no representan una amenaza grave para nosotros. Pregúntate a ti mismo, por lo tanto, a la parte divina de ti mismo y esta parte siempre responderá. La enfermedad es sólo un estado de incomprensión debido a la separación, mientras que la curación está en la adquisición de conocimientos. En este contexto, es evidente cómo el TCTDF sirve a todos los seres humanos, ya que ayuda en la integración con el ser interior y la libertad de la esclavitud de los falsos Dioses y verdaderos Demonios que, como dice el mito, tratan de

vivir para siempre sin ensuciarse las manos, a través de la experiencia del dolor experimentado por otros. El universo dual proporciona que el amor y el odio sean una única manifestación de una sola moneda, con dos caras. Nuestros líderes Dioses, decidieron trucar el juego y que siempre salga cara en lugar de cruz, tan sólo realizando la mitad de la experiencia y siendo entonces sólo la mitad de sí mismos. Nosotros en lugar de eso, decidimos ser todo y por ello hemos sido manipulados con la intención de robar la parte experiencial que le falta a los demás. Este robo es sólo una representación de la falta de conciencia, no determinada por la comprensión de que todos somos uno. Así que cuando entendemos esto podemos entender cómo funciona el espejo. Los seres humanos vieron en los alienígenas -tan despreciables-, la parte despreciable de sí mismos y los alienígenas ven en la fragilidad humana, su propia fragilidad. En el instante en que lo dual muere, cada uno de nosotros se hace consciente de sí. Y desde ese momento sólo se reflejará en él mismo, porque dentro de sí está el universo entero con todas las respuestas a todas las preguntas.

TCTDF: parte experimental

Verifica que no serás molestado, relájate y cierra los ojos. Sumérgete en la oscuridad de tu habitación mental. Una habitación en la que tú estás en el centro y dónde todo está a oscuras. Tu habitación mental. Sabes que en esta habitación habrá las lámparas, que probablemente no ves por qué generalmente están apagadas, pero que también podrían estar ya encendidas. Si no lo están, las enciendes. Tus tres lámparas son: la mente, que enciendes primera, el espíritu que enciendes segunda y el alma, que se encenderá tercera. Mira estas tres lámparas que están en tu sustancia mental, tu ser, tu esencia. Mantén la posición, el color, el tamaño, la distancia de ti y la altura desde el suelo de la habitación. Las únicas fuentes de luz en la habitación son las tres lámparas. Puedes ver sólo una lámpara como la suma de las tres, pero si ves tres, identifica la lámpara que representa la parte del alma y pásale un brazo por dentro. Escucha y siente esa sensación de hormigueo que tienes. ¿Qué se siente dentro de la lámpara del alma? ¿Caliente o frío, grueso o sólido, líquido o gas? ¿Se sienten algunos olores inusuales o algún sonido particular? Mientras que estás sintiendo al alma que se muestra ante ti como una esfera luminosa, pregúntale si recuerda el principio de los tiempos, cuando estaba vinculada a las otras dos

esferas de la mente y el espíritu que en ese momento no existían, antes de la separación actual. Dile a tu alma que vuelva a ese punto, cuando alma, mente y espíritu son una sola cosa, y no existen tres conciencias sino una sola. Poco a poco vendrán sensaciones e imágenes de aquel momento. Ahora pregúntale al alma si quiere volver al estado primordial. Obsérvate y haz, observa lo que le sucede a tu esfera anímica, lo que sucede, y porque la esfera de la conciencia se ha separado en tres. Lo bueno es tomar conciencia de la totalidad. Cuando el alma decide -si decide- volver a aquel instante, a ser una sola cosa, y no más la división de mente y espíritu, invítale a unirse a las otras dos esferas, señalándole que no existe un color específico para el alma, la mente y el espíritu, sino que al ser partes de un todo, en realidad, puede ser de cualquier color que desee. Si el alma quiere probar a cambiar de color, así como la mente y el espíritu, se dará cuenta de que puede adquirir cualquier color: ya que ellas son todo y cada color representa una cosa que se puede ser. Ahora procedemos a la fusión de las tres lámparas en una sola lámpara que tendrá en un primer momento todos los colores. Una lámpara en que cada punto luminoso será de un color diferente, tanto, que si se observa la lámpara de lejos, ella aparecerá inexorablemente blanca; pero de cerca, podría asumir cualquiera de los colores del universo. En este punto di mentalmente a la esfera luminosa -suma de las tres esferas originales- que para realizar la fusión, no basta con sumarse de este modo sino que hace falta derretirse irreversiblemente en una cosa sola, una esfera que sólo tenga un color, el color que representa a todos los colores, el color transparente. Cuando la esfera se transforme en esfera totalmente invisible (sin ni siquiera poder distinguir los bordes), en aquel instante, la conciencia integrada volverá a Ser. Se deberá decir a la conciencia integrada que la nada y el todo son la misma cosa y que unida a la nada, nada puede permanecer. Si en aquel instante la esfera se pone transparente, no habrá más alienígenas u otras cosas que puedan molestarla, porque si fuesen hacia dentro de la estructura transparente, ellos se verían y caerían a la Tierra. En ese instante se hará notar a la esfera de la conciencia integrada, que no hay más barreras entre alma, mente y espíritu, que no existen más, y que no han existido nunca ya que el pasado ha sido modificado, y nadie ha podido utilizar las esferas originarias separadas porque no lo han estado nunca, ya que ahora están unidas.

Ahora, en la habitación mental, entras con tu cuerpo a la esfera transparente. Ella y tú sois una sola cosa. Toma tu forma y se acomoda en tu contenedor, convirtiéndose el contenedor, en una imagen de sí misma. Tú te conviertes en esfera transparente. Ya no existen barreras; las paredes, el suelo y el techo de la habitación ya no tienen razón de ser. La conciencia integrada, derriba las barreras que ella misma ha creado en la habitación mental, que ahora se asoma sobre el infinito total. Espera un instante y observa el infinito total, tal como te aparece. Contempla el lugar donde existes. Después de algún instante, propón a tu esfera transparente que escuche el universo, volviéndote tú mismo el universo. Para hacer eso, propón a la esfera que se expanda lentamente. Tú te expandes lentamente hasta los confines del universo, sin prisa, muy despacio. Y mientras te expandes, tocas el universo que tú mismo has creado, hasta el final, hasta el actual límite. Tu esfera transparente respira en una única gran respiración, englobando en ello a todo el universo, absorbiéndolo dentro de sí. Como en una gran respiración. Por un instante, que dura una eternidad, escucha tu universo, dónde tú eres Todo. Toma conciencia de tu cuerpo, porque es tomar conciencia del universo entero. Luego, expira, y contrayendo para que se vuelva más pequeño. Hazlo de modo que tu esfera transparente, unida a tu cuerpo físico, se convierta en una esfera cada vez más pequeña: al hacer eso, llevando dentro todo el universo que has englobado, haciéndolo ser, se vuelve muy pequeña, despacio, cada vez más pequeña, sin prisa, hasta convertirse en un punto infinitesimal con todo el universo dentro. Saborea por algún instante esa sensación tan particular, y vuelve a tu dimensión originaria. Ahora tu conciencia integrada sabe que puede respirar y ser una gran onda, una gran esfera o una muy pequeña, pequeña. Esa gran onda está por todas partes y por tanto en ningún lugar en particular. En ese estado, ella es completamente invisible. Cuando en cambio es una pequeña partícula, ella es visible como tal y está lista para interaccionar con el todo. Háblate a ti mismo, cuál esfera integrada y explica a tu esfera integrada que puede existir siempre en estos dos estados y mostrarse como onda o como partícula, siendo invisible o visible, frente a cualquiera experiencia de la realidad virtual. Recuerda que al final de todo esto, la conciencia integrada, utiliza su propio contenedor (el cuerpo), para realizar la experiencia que ha venido a realizar en este entorno virtual, y que no es bueno que el contenedor sea tomado por otros, así que debe protegerlo y vestirse como la expansión de la conciencia integrada. Durante algún instante más escúchate a ti mismo como no lo has hecho nunca antes y observa el universo alrededor tuyo.


El ejercicio, se hace sin descuidar ninguno de los parámetros descritos, que no necesitan ser renovados debido a la fusión de las esferas en una sola esfera irreversible. Las siguientes experiencias de este tipo que el sujeto quiera conducir, lo llevarán a viajar por el universo sin más necesidad que visualizar su esfera transparente externa a sí mismo, porque él es su esfera transparente. Si la esfera es vista desde el exterior y es vista opaca, eso significa que, en una eventual abducción, el cuerpo ha sido retomado. Todo esto se puede deducir, sobre la base de la experimentación concluida hasta ahora. Se tiene que subrayar como, en la habitación mental, al principio, se pueden encontrar menos de tres esferas, sea porque ellas pudieron ser ya derretidas en una sola esfera transparente, sea porque algunas esferas pudieron asumir el color negro y siendo la habitación mental oscura, ellas podrían no estar abiertamente visibles. Si se presenta esta eventualidad, unid asimismo las esferas, aunque si algunas de ellas no resultan visibles, proceded como está descrito arriba. En la habitación mental podría haber más de tres esferas, en este caso localizad las tres esferas de alma, mente y espíritu, y trabajad con ellas, descuidando las otras, que desaparecerán después de la fusión de la conciencia integrada. Aquellos que lo deseen, pueden llevar a cabo ellos mismos la simulación mental, después de haber estudiado cuidadosamente toda la teoría que existe detrás de esta aplicación. Algunas personas pueden ser ayudadas por otras para recorrer el camino de esta simulación mental, aunque se recomienda que realice sola todo el camino. Por lo general, creemos que es necesario hacer hincapié en que las personas que dicen no poder llevar a cabo esta simulación de forma independiente, en la mayoría de los casos, sólo quieren poner en manos de los demás la responsabilidad de su propia existencia. No tendría sentido ayudarlos. Para todos aquellos que no entienden el tipo de enfoque que hemos tomado, les sugiero, antes de emitir juicio de valor, que realicen este sencillo experimento y lo comprendan a fondo, ya que no es posible hablar de algo que no sabes si no has realizado la experiencia. Nunca debes tener miedo porque no hay nada que temer en el universo excepto a tu propia ignorancia. Que tengas un buen viaje.

Flash Dynamic Triad Color Test
Corrado Malanga 31. Joulukuuta 2012

Tämä artikkeli kuvaa menetelmän, jonka avulla sinulla on potentiaalinen mahdollisuus tulla täysin
tietoiseksi itsestäsi. Kyseinen simulaatio, eli käytännöllinen menetelmä, kattaa kaiken sen
teoreettisen tiedon sekä johtopäätökset, jotka liittyvät tekemiimme tutkimuksiin niin ihmisen
havaitsemiseen liittyvältä sekä siihen kytkeytyvältä muukalaisilmiön alueelta. Inspiraationa nyt
kuvaamaamme testiin toimi dynaaminen triadin väritesti ( DTCT englanniksi, kts., oma huom.). Dynaamisen väritestin tarkoituksena oli
estää muukalaisten suorittamat abduktiot. Dynaamisen triadin väritestin avulla saimme hyviä
TCT- menetelmä oli monimutkainen mentaalisimulaatio, jonka kulkua ohjasi ulkopuolinen ohjaaja.
Ohjaaja ohjasi abduktoitua luomaan mieleensä täysin pimeän huoneen, jossa oli lamppuja matkivia
valokehiä. Abduktoitu sytytti mielessään lamppuja ohjaajan neuvomassa järjestyksessä. Nämä
lamput ja niiden värikehät kuvasivat arkkityyppisesti abduktoidun syvimmän itsen kolmea eri
komponenttia, jotka ovat Mieli, Henki ja Sielu. Lamppujen värejä analysoimalla sekä yksinkertaista
arkkityyppistä mekaniikkaa apuna käyttäen oli mahdollista saada selkä psykologinen kuva
abduktoidun tilasta sekä hänen ongelmistaan. Näiden kahden em. komponentin avulla saatiin
diagnosoitua abduktoidun psykologiset ongelmat ja/tai muukalaisten läsnäoloon liittyvät seikat.
Simulaation aikana operaattori auttoi abduktoitua korjaamaan lamppujen värikehien värit
arkkityyppisesti oikeiksi. Tilastollisesti komponenttien ja kehien värit muovautuivat seuraaviksi:
vihreä kuvasi tervettä mieli-komponenttia, punainen henkeä sekä sininen tai keltainen sielua.
Halutessasi lisää tietoa aivojen oikeasta havainnointiprosessista ja ideaalista toiminnasta, perehdy
Corrado Malangan aiempaan työhön sekä erityisesti TCT-väritestiin liittyviin
tutkimuskokonaisuuksiin kuten ”Tutti i colori dell’anima” (sielun kaikki värit).
Kun abduktoitu oli sytyttänyt lamppujensa värikehät, ohjaaja pyysi häntä tunnistamaan
mentaalihuoneessaan olevat muut valonlähteet. Nämä muut valonlähteet vastasivat kuvainnollisesti
muukalaisia, jotka liittyivät abduktoituun. Abduktoidun mieli havaitsi muukalaiset kirkkaina
väripalloina, joilla jokaisella oli oma, niille kuuluva väri. Kyseisen kontekstin avulla oli mahdollista
tunnistaa aktiivisen muukalaisen muistit (AAM- active alien memory),Lux, kehottomat parasiitit
sekä kaikki kehossa olevat mikroimplantit. Sielun valokehää kannustettiin mentaalisesti poistamaan
kaikki huoneessa olevat tunkeilijat käyttämällä Sielulle kuuluvaa tahdonvoimaa.
Tämän jälkeen kyettiin katkaisemaan side sielun sekä dualistisen maailmankaikkeuden luojien
(intialaisen mytologian Shiva -ja Vishnu- jumalat) sekä Primordial Man-hahmon välillä. (Kyseisestä
genesikseen liittyvästä tapahtumasarjasta saat tietoa Corrado Malangan Genesis III- artikkelista.)
Kun abduktoitu oli vapaa niin manipuloijistaan kuin luojistaankin, operaattori pyysi sielua
skannaamaan abduktoidun kehoa MRI tai CAT-skannerin tavoin. Näin sielu kykeni löytämään
kehosta kaikki muukalaisten sekä armeijan asettamat implantit ja tuhoamaan ne tahdonvoimansa
avulla. Tämän jälkeen operaattori ohjasi sielua etsimään aika-avaruudesta kaikki abduktoidusta
tehdyt kopiot, tunnistamaan ja tuhoamaan ne samalla tavoin. Kun kopiot oli tuhottu, operaattori
pyysi abduktoitua tutkimaan aikajanaansa niin menneisyydessä kuin tulevaisuudessakin ja
tarkastamaan, että siinä ei enää ilmennyt abduktioepisodeja. Näin abduktoitu oli vapautunut
Joissain tapauksissa, sielun oman tietoisuuden perusteella, operaattori ohjasi abduktoidun Flash
Mental Simulation- simulaatiosta tuttuun moduliin, jota kutsutaan valokuva-albumiksi. Kyseisen
modulin avulla abduktoitu ja hänen sielu- komponenttinsa tunnistivat visuaalisesti kaikki häntä
häiritsevät muukalaiset. Samalla sekä abduktoitu että hänen sielu-komponenttinsa tulivat tietoiseksi
menneisyyteen liittyneestä tilanteesta. Kun muukalaiset tunnistettiin tietoisella tasolla, vältettiin
abduktioita, jotka johtuivat siitä, että sielu ei ollut tunnistanut kyseisiä muukalaisia.
Simulaation lopussa tietoisuuden kolme värikehää (Mieli, Sielu sekä Henki) yhdistyivät yhdeksi
keltaiseksi tai valkoiseksi valoksi. Nämä kaksi eri väriä symboloivat punaisen, vihreän, sinisen tai
keltaisen yhteenlaskettua, visuaalista summaa. Mieli yhdisti nämä kolme visuaalisena ilmentyvää
värien värähtelytaajuutta automaattisesti joko valkoiseksi tai keltaiseksi lopputulokseksi, mikä
kuvasti, kuten em. Näiden värähtelytaajuuksien summaa. (kts. Tarkemmin mm. RGB-värimalli sekä
the colored universe-kokonaisuus sivustolta oma
Kyseinen menetelmä kesti noin kaksi ja puoli tuntia. Sen avulla abduktoitu ja hänen tietoisuutensa
saivat tarvittavat tiedot ja tietoisuuden, jonka avulla abduktoitu kykeni estämään uudet
muukalaisten ja armeijan suorittamat abduktiot. Abduktoitu kykeni myös välttämään erilaisten
kosmisten luojiensa (luoja1, 2 sekä PM-musta ja valkoinen) taholta tulevan häirinnän ja
Saamamme tulokset olivat hyviä,mutta eivät optimaalisia. Monet abduktoidut kykenivät
simulaation jälkeen estämään abduktiot, mutta usein vakavista psykoottisista tilanteista johtuen he
eivät kyenneet ylläpitämään tilaansa niin, että se olisi kestänyt koko heidän tähän planeettaan
liittyvän elinkaarensa ajan. (Usein heidän romahdukseensa vaikuttivat ns. Tukholman syndroomaan
liittyvät psykologiset seikat.) Kyseinen tilanne vaati siis menetelmään liittyviä muokkauksia, jotta
kokeneemmat operaattorit kykenisivät antamaan apua paremmin.
Kyseinen TCT- menetelmä johti siis epäonnistumisen kehään niiden abduktoitujen kohdalla, joilta
puuttui selkeä tietoisuus ja tahto irtautua abduktioista. Vapautumisyritysten aikana abduktoidun
psyyke reagoi psykoottisesti, mikä sai abduktoidun haluamaan jatkaa elämäänsä mieluummin
muukalaisten ja abduktioiden kanssa, kuin ilman niitä. Vanhaan menetelmään tehty lisäys, joka loi
suojelevan visuaalisen kuplan abduktoidun mentaalisen huoneen ympärille, auttoi ratkaisemaan
useampia tapauksia. Suojelevan kuplan luominen tarkoitti sitä, että triadia (Sielua, Mieltä ja
Henkeä) pyydettiin vahtimaan abduktoidun tilaa ja suojelemaan abduktoidun psykofyysistä
kokonaisuutta muukalaisilta. Valitettavasti huomasimme kuitenkin seuraavan seikan: aina, kun
abduktoidun itsetunto oli vaarassa, suojakupla haurastui ja ratkesi, mikä mahdollisti muukalaisten
väliintulon ja uudet abduktiot.
Uusi menetelmä
Viime vuosi antoi meille mahdollisuuden tehdä uusia kokeellisia havaintoja. Näiden havaintojen
avulla kykenimme määrittämään vanhaan DTCT- simulaatioon liittyvät menetelmälliset virheet.
Kyseiset uudet havainnot kumpusivat universumiin liittyvästä tutkimuksesta, kvanttimaailman
tasolta. Erityisesti ymmärrys siitä, että universumi ei ole dualistinen, johdatti meidät
johtopäätökseen, jonka mukaan erillisyyttä ei ole olemassa.
Dualismi, siten kun olemme sen kuvanneet trilogiassa nimeltään Genesis, on vain havaitsemiseen
liittyvä mielen temppu. Universumi on väärin ja harhaaanjohtavasti nähty kaksijakoisena
konseptina, jossa ääripäät kuuluvat kahteen eri kategoriaan. Hyvään ja pahaan, päällä ja pois,
rikkaat ja köyhät, herrat ja orjat. Samaan ryhmään kuuluivat myös lineaariset operaattorit
vastakaisine plus,- ja miinus -merkkeineen tai ajan, avaruuden ja potentiaalisen energian vektorit,
jotka, yhtä kaikki,olivat havaintoon liittyvää illuusiota. Tässä kyseisessä kontekstissa aaltopartikkelidualismi
muokattiin uudelleen ei-dualistiseen, holistiseen perspektiiviin sopivaksi. Näin
aaltoon ja hiukkaseen liittyvä konsepti yhdistettiin suoraan itse tietoisuuteen liittyväksi sisällöksi
modernin fysiikan vaikeasti määriteltävien parametrien sijaan.
Olettamuksemme, että virtuaalinen maailmankaikkeus ei ole dualistinen, sai meidät ymmärtämään
sen, että jokin oli yrittänyt saada meidät havaitsemaan ympäristömme kahtiajakoisuuden avulla ja
uskomaan siihen. Huomasimme, että dualismi on systeemi, jonka avulla voidaan luokitella koko
ihmiskunta, silloin kun meidät on saatu uskomaan kahden erilaisen vastakohdan olemassaoloon.
Dualismi oli itseasissa systeemi, jonka avulla muukalaiset ja vieraantuneet yrittivät saada meidät
taistelemaan taisteluja, jotka eivät olleet meidän omiamme.
Latinalainen ajatus “hajoita ja hallitse” toimi niin kauan, kunnes joku huomasi huijauksen. Eräät
kvanttifysiikkaan liittyvät näkökulmat auttoivat meitä ymmärtämään, että dualismi itsessään oli
olemassa vain vääränlaiseen havaitsemiseen liittyvänä ilmiönä. Kyseinen seikka johti siihen, että
myöskin termodynamiikan toista lakia oli tarkasteltava uudelleen. Universumin entropiaan liittyviä
eroja ei pitäisi niinkään liittää vain eristetyn systeemin energiaan, vaan systeemin sisältämään
tietoon ja energiaan yhdessä. Kaikki nämä havainnot osoittivat siis vain ja ainoastaan yhteen
suuntaan. Jos dualismi on harhaa, universumi ei ole jaettu kahteen erilliseen universumiin. Sen
sijaan se on kuin yksi laatikko, jossa on monia erilaisia ja erilaisen tietoisuuden tason omaavia
Aiempi virheellinen havaitseminen johti väärään kuvaan universumista dualistisena
kokonaisuutena. Universumi ei siis itsessään ole kaksijakoinen. Se näyttäytyy kaksijakoisena
silloin, kun sitä tarkastelee integroitumaton tietoisuus. Joten, jos todellisuudessa ei ole olemassa
kaksinaisuutta luovia raja-aitoja, emme voi DTCT:ssä pitää abduktoitua häkissä, jonka hän on
luonut itse. Häkki kuvitteellisena tilana voi todellakin suojata abduktoituja, mutta kuitenkin tila
itsessään sisälsi idean potentiaalisesta mahdollisuuden poistaa sitä ympäröivät rajat.
Kuitenkin, jos rajoja ei ole olemassa, niitä ei voi myöskään murtaa. Abduktoidun ei tarvinnut
puolustaa itseään muukalaisia vastaan luomalla ympärilleen rajoja tai esteitä aivan kuin sielua,
mieltä sekä henkeä ei voinut pitää toisistaan erillisinä siitäkin huolimatta, että ne kyettiin
palauttamaan yhdistyneestä tilasta ( valkoinen tai keltainen kehä, oma huom) alkuperäiseen tilaan,
omiksi yksittäisiksi kokonaisuuksiksi.
Triadin komponenteissa ei siis alunperin ollut olemassakaan erillisyyttä. Komponentit erotettiin
toisistaan aivan alussa niiden toimesta, jotka loivat dualismin. Ihmisen tietoisuus, joka on itse
luominen, ei ole manipuloitavissa kenenkään taholta. Jotta tietoisuutta pystyttiin käsittelemään, (eli
orjuuttamaan) se tuli erottaa kolmeen eri alakategoriaan, mikä samalla johti niiden kategorisointiin.
Havaitsimme, että sielu, mieli ja henki ilmenevät sellaisenaan itsessään vain dualismiin
pohjautuvassa havinnossa. Kuitenkin ne ovat osa yhtä, ainutlaatuista ja alkuperäistä tietoisuutta.
Tämä alkuperäinen tietoisuus sisältää kaikki mahdolliset värit, koska sielu, mieli ja henki ovat yhtä
kuin kaikki värit. Koska tietoisuus on kaikki, sen kolmea komponenttia ei enää ole olemassa sen
jälkeen, kun ne tulevat tietoisiksi prosessista, joka jakoi ne aiemmin.
Sielun, mielen ja hengen summa ei voi olla valkoinen kehä, koska valkoinen on kolmen
värähtelytaajuuden summa. Tila on tyypillinen ilmentymä triadille,mutta ei lopullinen integraatio
niiden välillä, sillä valkoinen voidaan uudelleen jakaa kolmeksi alkuperäiseksi väriksi ja palauttaa
näin jälleen separaatio ja sen mukanaan tuomat abduktiot.
Virtuaalisessa universumissa integroituneen tietoisuuden lopullisten värien summa on kaikki värit,
ei toisiinsa limittyen vaan integroituen. Näin saatu väri on ei-väri, läpinäkyvä tila. Mieli havitsee
kyseisen ei-värin kuten: kaikki tai ei mitään. Tämä tilanne vastaa fysiikan käsitettä “Zero point
energy”. Jos kuvittelemme, että jokin piste avaruudessa on tyhjä, voimme kysyä itseltämme, onko
piste tyhjä siksi, että siinä on kaikki ja näin myös kaiken vastakohta, joka silloin hävittää toisen?
Näin kaikki ja ei mitään tarkoittavat samaa asiaa. Tämä väritön kehä vastaa siis siten samaa kaikkea
ja ei mitään. Värittömällä kehällä ei myöskään ole minkäänlaista koostumusta, joten mikään ei voi
tarttua siihen kiinni. Läpinäkyvä kehä siis vastaa täysin mielikuvaa kvanttiaallosta.
Aallon ja partikkelin konsepti on sidottu käsitteeseen alitajunta-tietoisuus. Kun tietoisuus on aalto,
toimii se synonyyminä alitajunnalle ( eli tietoisuus itse on ulkopuolinen havaitsija eivätkä
muukalaiset kykene siten olemaan siitä tietoisia ja havaitsemaan sitä). Me siis tiedämme, että
läpinäkyvä tietoisuus on olemassa, mutta emme tiedä, missä kohtaan aika-avaruutta se sijaitsee.
Toisin sanoen, se on kaikkialla samaan aikaan. Hiukkanen on puolestaan on representaatio
kokonaistietoisuudesta (eli ulkopuolinen havaitsija on täysin tietoinen sen olemassaolosta).
Integroitunut tietoisuus tietää, että se voi itse päättää tilastaan ja halutessaan olla joko aalto tai
Kun integroitunut tietoisuus kohtaa muukalaiset aaltomuodossa, on täysin läpinäkyvä heidän
edessään. Kvanttinäkökulmasta katsottuna tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että tietoisuus aaltomuodossa
yksinkertaisesti hylkää kokemuksen muukalaisten kanssa ja pidättäytyy vuorovaikutuksesta.
Fysikaalinen ilmiö tulee siis havaittavaksi vain ei-paikallisena aaltona tai partikkelina. Kun
tietoisuus on puolestaan hiukkasen muodossa, se hyväksyy kokemuksen muukalaisten kanssa.
Tämä tietoisuuden olomuotoon ja valintaa liittyvä seikka voidaan opettaa ihanteellisesti
integroituneelle tietoisuudelle niin, että sillä on tieto ja kyky päättää miljoonia kertoja päivässä,
koko universumin edessä, osallistuako kokemukseen ja kohdata tilanne hiukkasena. Samoin
tietoisuus voi päättää, haluaako se kieltäytyä kokemuksesta ja olla aaltomuodossa, löytymättömissä.
Aaltona oleminen tarkoittaa: “tiedän, että olet siellä, mutta en milloin ja missä”. Yksinkertaisesti
sanottuna integroitunut tietoisuus siis tietää, kuinka muuttua läpinäkyväksi ja siten hylätä
muukalaisiin liittyvät kokemukset.
Uusi simulaatio Flash Dynamic Triad Color Test (FDTCT), tekee triadin yhteensulautumisesta
peruuttamattoman. Simulaatio kestää noin viisitoista minuuttia. Simulaation aikana intgroituneelle
tietoisuudelle opetetaan kvanttifysiikan virtuaaliset käsitteet niin että integroitunut triadi ymmärtää
ne. Tämä tarkoittaa sitä että, jokainen, joka suorittaa simulaation tulee asianmukaisesti
integroituneeksi itsensä kanssa. Menetelmää ei ole tehty pelastamaan ihmistä muukalaisilta, vaan
varmistamaan se, että ihmisellä itsellään on täysi tietoisuus omista ajatuksistaan. Tällä tasolla,
mikäli simulaation tekijä on abduktoitu, hän voi vapautua ongelmastaan lopullisesti. Mikäli henkilö
ei ole kokenut abduktioita, hän yhtälailla pääsee irti väärien jumalien tai demonien luomasta
Ei paikallinen maailmankaikkeus ja abduktiokokemus
FDTCT ei tarjoa mikrosirujen tuhoamista, ei lopeta kopioita eikä tutkimusta, ei palauta mieleen
muukalaisten kuvia tai minkäänlaisia virtuaalisia muistoja, se ei korjaa triadin värejä, eikä
myöskään siten ole kokemuksena traumaattinen.
FDTCT on simulaationa hyvin kevyt hypnoottinen tila. Simulaatiota voi helposti muokata tarpeiden
mukaan. Onkin syytä korostaa seuraavaa seikkaa: koska universumi on ei paikallinen, ja siitä
puuttuu niin mennyt kuin tulevakin (kaikki mitä on, on nyt-tila), vaikuttaa simulaatio heti NLP:n
aikajanaan. Itseasiassa, samalla hetkellä, kun triadin kolme kehää sulautuvat yhteen ja saavuttavat
täydellisen läpinäkyvyyden, ne eyhdistyvät tietoisuuden ainutlaatuiseen sisältöön. Samalla ne myös
siirtyvät aikajanalla tilaan, jossa niitä ei koskaan oltu erotettu toisistaan.
Menneeseen ja tulevaan liittyvät aallon kvanttifunktiot romahtavat nykyhetkässä. Tämä tarkoittaa
sitä, että vain nykyhetkellä on todellisuusarvo. Tässä kontekstissa tila on sama, jos uudelleen
rakennettua kokonaistietoisuutta ei olisi koskaan hajotettukaan. Näin ollen, jos tietoisuutta ei ole
koskaan aluperin hajoitettukaan, ei kukaan ole voinut sitä manipuloidakaan. Tämä aiheuttaa sen,
että heti fuusiossa kaikki abduktioon liittyvät asiat häviävät, kaikki muistot vanhoista abduktioista
ovat menneet, kaikki mikrosirut abduktoidun kehossa lakkaavat olemasta, kaikkia abduktoidusta
tehtyjä kopioita ei ole koskaan edes valmistettukaan.
Itse abduktiokokemus jää “tehdyksi”, mutta se kuuluu kuitenkin muutettuun menneisyyteen, joka
on, kuin sitä ei olisi tapahtunutkaan.Uusi menetelmä varmistaa myös integroituneen tietoisuuden
täydellisen valinnanvapauden. Integroitueen tietoisuuden läpinäkyvä kehä voi päättää millä hetkellä
hyvänsä, ollako aalto vai hiukkanen. Ollako näkyvä vai näkymätön, ollako vuorovaikutuksessa vai
kieltäytyäkö kyseisestä kokemuksesta. Uusi menetelmä ei tuhoa muukalaisia, vaan yksinkertaisesti
muuntaa abduktiotapahtuman aalloksi. Tällöin integroitunut tietoisuus tulee näkymättömäksi
muukalaisille, joilla ei teknisesti ottaen ole mitään mahdollisuuksia ottaa osaa ja vaikuttaa
tapahtumaan. Muukalaista ei ole tuhottu, vaan sen mahdollisuutta olla vuorovaikutuksessa
abduktoidun kanssa on minimoitu.
Muukalainen ei siis kykene tunnistamaan enää kyseistä tilannetta. Tämä johtuu siitä, että
todennäköisyys abduktoidun ja muukalaisen kohtaamiselle on pieni. Virtuaalisena todellisuuden
näkökulmasta tilanne johtuu siis siitä, että integroitunut tietoisuus kieltäytyy vuorovaikutuksesta ja
tästä kokemuksesta.
Kvanttitilojen perspektiivistä katsottuna tilanne voidaan selittää tilastolliseen mahdollisuuteen
liittyvällä seikalla. Tämä alkaa olettamuksesta, että me olemme heitä, jotka loivat virtuaalisuuden.
Me myös olemme vuorovaikutuksessa sen kanssa, mutta vain, jos haluamme niin. Työkalut eivät
siis luo mittaustuloksia. Me luomme ne itse, kuten hiljattain tehdyt kvanttitermodynamiikan kokeet
osoittavat (kts. Genesis III- Corrado Malanga).
On hyvä myöskin huomioida seikka, jonka mukaan kvanttitilojen käsittely voi tapahtua vain
mikroskooppisessa kontekstissa (hiukkasfysiikan maailmassa). Itseasiassa molemmat, niin triadi
kuin integroitunut tietoisuuskin, ovat samankaltaisia kaikissa ominaisuuksissaan Bohmin
kvanttifysiikan mikroskooppisten osasten kanssa.
Tekniikkamme ei epäonnistu. Painotammekin, että jokaisessa menetelmässä on kuitenkin omat
takapakkinsa, tai ainakin tiedämme menetelmämme rajat. Vaikka menetelmässä ei ole vikoja, ei
tämä kuitenkaan tarkoita sitä, että yksilöä ei enää abduktoida, mikäli hän on abduktoitu. Henkilö
abduktoidaan, jos hänen integroitunut tietoisuutensa haluaa niin.
Asiaan on olemassa monia erilaisia vaikuttavia seikkoja. Eräs vuosi sitten vapautunut abduktoitu
abduktoitiin uudelleen, tai paremminkin hänellä oli kontakti muukalaisiin eräänä tiettynä yönä.
Seuraavana päivänä hän löysi mustelmia kehostaan. NLP:n ankkuritekniikan avulla
rekonstruoimme tilanteen ja havaitsimme siinä kaksi tärkeää seikkaa. Tuona yönä, jolloin
muukalaiset tunkeutuivat henkilön taloon, he käyttäytyivät aivan kuin eivät olisi nähneet häntä.
Muukalaiset menivät itseasiassa henkilön huoneesta suoraan hänen veljensä (myös abduktoitu)
huoneeseen. Kyseinen henkilö tunsi, että hänen täytyi puolustaa veljeään. Mutta juuri tuolloin, kun
alitajunta päättää hyväksyä uudelleen muukalaisten häirinnän, se palaa näkyväksi. Mustelmat olivat
seurausta todellisesta taistelusta muukalaisten kanssa. Toinen havaitsemamme seikka oli se, että
henkilöä ei tosiasiallisesti abduktoitu, koska integroitunutta tietoisuutta ei voi erottaa. Näin ei
kukaan voi myöskään vaikuttaa siihen millään tavoin.
Huomasimme myös toisenlaisia tapauksia, joissa abduktiotilanteeseen johti abduktoidun tuntema
henkilökohtainen kostonhalu. Henkilö hautoi syviä kaunan tunteita ja halusi kostaa muukalaisille
sen, että muukalaiset olivat hänen mielestään pilanneet henkilön elämän. Samalla hetkellä, kun
henkilö alitajuisesti valmistautuu kostoon, hän hyväksyy vuorovaikutuksen muukalaisten kanssa ja
Nykyistä menetelmäämme voi soveltaa myös niihin henkilöihin, jotka eivät tiedä mitään
muukalaisista, jotka eivät ole tietoisia omasta tilanteestaan ja joilla ei myöskään ole tietoisen tason
muistoja tapahtumista. Tekniikan jälkeen joidenkin henkilöiden kohdalla integroitunut tietoisuus voi
palauttaa subjektin mieleen niitä asioita, jotka se katsoo tärkeäksi oman itsetuntemuksen ja
tietoisuuden lisäämisen kannalta. Näissä tapauksissa näyttäisi siltä kuin integroitunut tietoisuus olisi
asettunut aivan muukalaisten eteen näytille pelatakseen peliä, joka voi olla vaarallinenkin. Siitäkin
huolimatta intgroitunut tietoisuus ei salli muukalaisten vaikuttaa läpinäkyvään tietoisuuteen.
Läpinäkyvää, pallona ilmentyvää tietoisuutta ei voi viedä.
Em. seikasta johtuen onkin tärkeää yhdistää intgroitunut tietoisuus kehoon, jotta kehoa ei viedä.
Kuitenkaan itse läpinäkyvään tietoisuuteen ei voida kajota. Tämä fakta johtaa varsinkin naisten
osalta siihen, että heidän kehojaan voidaan käyttää yhä muukalaisten hautomona. Ainoa tapa
päästää ongelmasta eroon, on opettaa integroitunutta tietoisuuttaa yhdistymään kehon kanssa.
Mikä on integroitunut tietoisuus?
Tarkoitamme integroituneella tietoisuudella alkuperäistä tietoisuutta, joka loi virtuaalisen
universumin. Tämä alkuperäinen tietoisuus yhdisti itsensä virtuaalisen universumin kanssa ja tuli
näin tietoiseksi avaruudesta, ajasta ja energiasta. Integroitunut tietoisuus kolmen komponentin
summana ja virtuaalisine piirteineen tietää, että se loi universumin. Se tietää, mitä avaruus, aika ja
energia tarkoittavat. Se on sukupuolineutraali ( toisin kuin sielu, joka on feminiini). I.T hallitsee
avaruutta, aikaa ja energiaa. Sillä on potentiaali paranormaaliin ilmaisuun, ja se käyttää kehoa
saadakseen kokemuksia.
Näin ollen, koska I.T:n pitää saada kokea sen omat kokemuksensa, se on täysin tietämätön kaikesta.
Jos integroitunut tietoisuus olisi ollut tietoinen kaikesta, sen ei olisi tarvinnut koskaan tarvinnut
yhdistyä luomansa virtuaalisen universumin kanssa. FDTCT-kokemus koostaa ihmisen
kokonaisuudeksi ja palauttaa siten alkuperäiseen tilaan, jossa hän ei ole enää jakaantunut neljään eri
osaan(keho, sielu, mieli ja henki). Tämä ei kuitenkaan poista sitä seikkaa, että tietoisuuden on
koettava oma kokemuksensa täällä.
FDTCT kokemus muuttaa sisäistä tilaamme. Integroitunut tietoisuus huomaa kohtaavansa ne
virtuaalisuuteen liittyvät todelliset ongelmat, jotka hän on päättänyt kohdata. Usein tämä aiheuttaa
suurta hämmennystä ja äärimmilleen vietynä voi johtaa hypoteettiseen päätökseen, jossa
integroitunut tietoisuus haluaa palata takaisin erilliseen tilaansa. Kumpi on parempi: muukalaiset
vai jokapäiväisen elämän vaikeudet? Integroituneella tietoisuudella, jonka täytyy saada
kokemuksensa, on vapaus valita. Päätös palata takaisin aiempaan olotilaan tapahtuu hyvin harvoin
eikä siten tarkoita sitä, että menetelmä on epäonnistunut. Pikemminkin se on selkeä todiste
tietoisuuden vapaasta tahdosta. Vuoden aikana yhtäkään kanssamme työskennellyttä integroitunutta
tietoisuutta ei oltu abduktoitu. Joidenkin kehoissa oli ongelmia, jotka kuitenkin olivat
rauhoittumassa. Vain yksi tapaus osoitti tendenssiä palata abduktioiden ja muukalaisten pariin. Näin
ei ole kuitenkaan toistaiseksi tapahtunut.
Kvanttinäkökulmasta katsottuna integroituneella tietoisuudella on kolme vektoria: avaruus, aika ja
energia ( toisin sanoen ne, jotka kuuluvat mielelle, hengelle ja sielulle). Nämä muodostavat yhden
tietoisuuden vektorin työskennellen kaikkiin suuntiin “multivektorin” tavoin. Kannattaa huomata,
että tietoisuuden kolme vektoria -sielu, mieli ja henki, eivät ole keskenään vaihdettavissa. ( Nämä
vektorit ovat tulos kahdesta vektorista, jotka kuuluvat kolmelle eri komponentille) Vektorit
sijaitsevat toisiinsa nähden yhdeksänkymmenen asteen kulmassa, eivätkä voi siten limittyä ja
muodostaa valkoista kehää kuten klassisen DTCT:n lopussa. Kun läpinäkyvä kehä on saatettu alla
kuvattuun tilaan, se tuhoaa skitsoidin erillisyyden sielun, mielen ja hengen välillä vastaten kolmen
vektorin muodostamaa superpositiota. Tämä uusi tila on vastakohta aiemmalle, erilliselle ja
epätäydellisen haavoittuvalle olennolle, jonka sisäinen yhtenäisyys oli puutteellinen.
Integroituneelle tietoisuudelle kuuluvat myös seuraavat piirteet (syvähypnoosissa):
Subjekti käyttää maskuliinia (neutria) sukupuolta.
Subjekti tietää, että hän on luonut universumin, mutta ei tiedä, miksi juuri tällä tavalla.
Subjekti väittää, että hän on olemassa, koska hän toimii.
Subjekti sanoo, että dualismia ei ole olemassa. Jos olet, olet siksi, että toimit. Ollaksesi kaikki,
sinun täytyy tehdä kaikki.
Subjekti näkee ja havaitsee universumin täysin virtuaalisena, valheellisena rakenteena, ilman
selkeää kiinteyttä.
Integroitunut tietoisuus näkee universumin myös oikeasti. Oikeasti ja/tai virtuaalisesti yhdessä.
Integroitunut tietoisuus oppii havainnoimaan itseään lukuisista pisteistä käsin.Nämä pisteet katsovat
kohti keskustaa. Samoin I.T oppii tarkastelemaan itseään keskustasta käsin kohti lukemattomia
Soveltamalla integroitunutta tietoisuutta voit matkustaa virtuaalisessa avaruudessa ja havainnoida
aikaa ja avaruutta samalla, kun paranormaalit aspektit tulevat yhä ilmeisemmiksi jokapäiväisessä
Klassinen TCT vaati monimutkaisuutensa ja kestonsa vuoksi ulkopuolisen ohjaajan. Operaattori siis
ohjasi henkilön tilaan, jossa mentaalisimulaatio tapahtui. Samalla hän opasti henkilöä kaikkien
välttämättömien vaiheiden läpi, joiden jälkeen henkilön tietoisuus oli loppuvaiheessa saavuttanut
valkoisen värin. Viimeisimmän menetelmämme testivaiheessa yritimme tutkia joitain aiempia
osittaisia epäonnistumisiamme. Näiden epäonnistumisien kautta päädyimme teoriaan, jota
kutsuimme peiliefektiksi. Näkökulmamme mukaan universumi on luonteeltaan holistinen. Tämä
tarkoittaa sitä, että mikään ei ole kokonaisuudesta erillistä, aivan kuin Bohmin fysiikan yhtälötkin
osoittavat. Kun seuraamme kyseistä johtopäätöstä päädymme seuraavaan tulokseen: kaikki ne
reaktiot, joita toisella henkilöllä on suhteessa minuun, ovat itseasiassa minusta lähtöisin. Jos joku
haluaa väitellä tai taistella kanssani, johtuu se siitä, että en itse ole saavuttanut tasapainoa sisälläni.
Esimerkiksi, kävelen huoneeseen, jossa on henkilö, josta en pidä. Tuo henkilö havaitsee sisäisesti
oman vihamielisyyteni. Näin mikä tahansa eleeni riittää laukaisemaan hyökkäyksen itseäni kohtaan.
Tässä tilanteessa minun on sallittua reagoida, koska teknisesti ottaen en aloittanut kiistaa.
Todellisuudessa olin kuitenkin tilanteen alullepanija. Kyseisessä kontekstissa toinen henkilö
kääntyy minua vastaan, koska paikallinen morfogeneettinen kenttä oli välittänyt oman
epämukavuuteni häneen.
Toinen huomaamamme seikka oli se, että joillain abduktoiduilla oli vaikeuksia menetelmämme
jälkeen. Heidän tilanteensa juontui siitä seikasta, että heidän oli vaikea ymmärtää aallon ja
hiukkasen kvanttivaikutuksia. Abduktioita ei enää heidän kohdallaan tapahtunut, mutta abduktoidut
eivät kyenneet muuntamaan itseään näkymättömiksi muukalaisille. Muukalaiset jäivät passiivisesti
läsnäoleviksi heidän elämäänsä. Toisilla abduktoiduilla oli puolestaan vaikeuksia irrottautua
muukalaisiin liittyvästä mielikuvasta, koska abduktoitu ei ymmärtänyt sitä, että menneisyyttä ei ole
olemassa. Näin hän jäi sidoksiin siihen ja sen kuvaamaan tilanteeseen.
Niin minä itse kuin muutama kolleganikin kävimme läpi FDTCT-simulaation. Huolellisen analyysin
jälkeen voisinkin sanoa, että sanoilla oli syvällinen merkitys. Kuitenkin tämän sanallisen kerroksen
alla oli läsnä vieläkin syvällisempi ja tehokkaampi metakommunikaation muoto. Testin aikana
operaattori tuottaa tilanteen, jossa hän lähettää informaatiopaketin omasta tietoisuudestaan
abduktoidun tietoisuuteen. Jos abduktoitu haluaa hyväksyä tämän tietopaketin, hän saa kaiken
operaattorin välittämän informaation. Toisin sannoen FDTCT voidaan toteuttaa täysin äänettömästi
luultavimmin samoin lopputuloksin. Koska ihmiset kuitenkin käyttävät tässä virtuaalisessa
todellisuudessa sanoja yksinkertaistakseen asioita, käytimme sanoja opettaaksemme tietoisuutta
siitä, mitä kvanttifysiikka on.
Omassa tietoisuudessani oleva dissonanssia välittyy yhtä lailla toiselle osapuolelle. Esimerkknä
voisi toimia seuraavan kaltainen tilanne: johdan FDTCT- mentelmää. Jos itselläni on
menneisyydessä joitain ratkaisemattomia asioita, abduktoitu vapautuu abduktioistaan, mutta voi
siitä huolimatta nähdä muukalaisten hahmoja sänkynsä vierellä nukahtaessaan. Oma
kykenemättömyyteni vapautua menneisyyteeni liittyvistä asioista ohjautui siis suoraan abduktoituun
ja hänen henkilökohtaiseen problematiikkaansa, joka liittyi hänen virtuaalisen kokemukseensa.
Kärsimme samasta vaivasta. Toisin sanoen samasta sairaudesta kärsivä lääkäri ei voi parantaa toista,
varsinkaan, jos hän itse on tartuttanut henkilön, jota yrittää auttaa. Problematiikka on sama.
Oli siis selvää, että kyseisen kaltainen metainformaatio ei toiminut ainoastaan vain FDTCT:n
tasolla, vaan oli läsnä jatkuvasti kaikissa elävien olentojen välisissä päivittäisissä suhteissa.
Kyseinen tilanne selvensi myös sen, missä olimme aiemmin erehtyneet. Mikäli operaattori itse ei
ollut täysin selvä ja sinut itsensä ja elämänsä kanssa, hän saattoi asettaa abduktoidun aseman
alttiiksi. Tämä seikka saattoi olla eräs syy siihen, miksi jotkut abduktoidut eivät päässeet
ongelmastaan täydellisesti eroon. Tästä abduktoitujen ryhmästä piti kuitenkin selkeästi erottaa ne
henkilöt, joiden oma asenne esti vapauttavan lopputuloksen saavuttamisen.
Kyseisestä seikasta johtuen kukaan ei voi tehdä FDTCT-menetelmää toiselle, ellei hän ole itse
täydellisessä sisäisessä tasapainossa. Haluaisinkin siksi painottaa, että tietääkseni täydellisiä ihmisiä
ei ole toistaiseksi olemassa. Kuitenkin on tärkeää huomata, että kaikki ne FDTCT:t, jotka
ryhmämme on suorittanut tähän saakka, olivat menestyksellisiä muutamin pienin epäonnistumisin.
Järkevin tapa toimia oli yksinkertaisen kokeellisen tilanteen rakentaminen. Jokainen henkilö kykeni
tekemään menetelmän itselleen samalla varmistaen, että hänen tahtotilansa oli riittävä oman
ongelmansa ratkaisemiseksi. Onkin syytä painottaa, että FDTCT:n onnitusmisprosentti on suoraan
kytköksissä ao. Henkilön käsitykseen siitä, mitä kyseisessä menetelmässä pohjimmiltaan ollaan
tekemässä. Yksilö ei voi suorittaa menetelmää ainoastaan lukemalla menetelmäkuvauksen ja ohjeet
aivan kuin ne olisivat katolisen kirkon rituaali tai tohtorin määräämä repsepti. FDTCT- menetelmää
käyttävän henkilön on ymmärrettävä, mitä jokainen vaihe todellisuudessa tarkoittaa.
Joten jokaisen, joka haluaa tehdän testin, täytyy lukea, opiskella ja ymmärtää paljon siitä, mitä olen
kirjoittanut aikaisemmin. Menetelmää käyttävällä henkilöllä on oltava selkeä käsitys siitä, mitä
artikkelisarjani Genesis I, II ja III pitävät sisällään. Heidän täytyy ymmärtää, millä periaatteilla
mentaalisimulaatiot toimivat sekä opetella klassisen TCT:n toimintatapaa ja teoriaa. Väärinkäsitys
voi vaarantaa koko prosessin. Toisaalta tiedämme kuitenkin myös sen, että kaikki tärkeä
informaatio on jo olemassa holografisessa verkossa, morfogeneettisen kentän välityksellä.
FDTCT:n läpikäyneiden henkilöiden oli ymmärrettävä, että kokeesta huolimatta heillä oli epäilyksiä
ja epävarmuuden tunteita liittyen joihinkin heidän elämässään vallitseviin tilanteisiin. Kyseinen
epävarmuuden tila johtui siitä, että menetelmä on integroiva ja dualismin kumoava. Näin
tietoisuudella on mahdollisuus elää kehollista kokemustaan ilman häiriöitä. Menetelmä ei
kuitenkaan muuta henkilöiden valitsemaa elämän polkua, johon liittyvät seikat jäävät aina yksilön
itsensä työstettäviksi. Erityisesti henkilöiden, jotka ovat suorittaneet FDTCT:n, ei tulisi vedota
minuun tai keneenkään muuhun ratkaisemattomien ongelmiensa suhteen. Sen sijaan heidän tulisi
kysyä asiaa suoraan integroituneelta tietoisuudelta, joka on täysin kykenevä selventämään mitä
tahansa todellisuuteen liittyvää seikkaa. Integroitunut tietoisuus siis edustaa tietoisuutta, jonka on
ratkaistava ongelmat. Harmonian saavuttaminen on viimeinen etappi.
Ongelmissasi kysy apua aina itseltäsi, tuolta jumalalliselta itsesi osalta. Se vastaa aina. Sairaus on
vain tila, joka johtuu aina erillisyyteen liittyvästä väärinkäsityksestä. Parantuminen puolestaan
liittyy tietoisuuden lisäämiseen ja hankkimiseen. Kyseisessä kontekstissa on ilmiselvää, että
FDTCT on hyödyllinen jokaiselle ihmiselle, sillä se auttaa integroitumaan sisimmän itsen kanssa.
Samalla menetelmä vapauttaa yksilön niiden väärien jumalien kahleista, jotka yrittävät elää ikuisesti
kokemalla elämään liittyviä kivuliaita kokemuksia ei henkilökohtaisesti, vaan muiden kautta.
Myyttimme ovat kuvauksia kyseisestä tilanteesta.
Dualistinen maailmankaikkeus itseasiassa määrittää sen, että rakkaus ja viha ovat saman kolikon
kaksi eri puolta. Jumalalliset hallitsijamme päättivät sormeilla elämäksi kutsuttua peliä niin, että he
saisivat alun ilman loppua. (eli kokemuksen ilman kuolemaa, oma huom.kts Genesis I,II ja III)
Kyseisellä tavalla toimien he saivat elämästä vain puolikkaan kokonaisesta, mikä teki heistä
itsestäänkin vain puolikkaita. Me puolestamme päätimme elää ja kokea koko kokemuksen
kuolemineen. Siksi he manipuloivat meitä ja yrittivät varastaa kokemuksen, joka heiltä itseltään
Hallitsijajumalat eivät ymmärtäneet, että olemme kaikki yhtä. Heidän suorittamansa varkaus onkin
suora vertauskuva kyseisen tietoisuuden puuttumiselle. Joten, jos ymmärrät tämän, ymmärrät
kuinka “peili” toimii. Ihmiset näkivät muukalaiset, tuon halveksittavan osan itsessämme ja
muukalaiset näkivät oman haurautensa ihmisten hauraudessa. Sillä samalla hetkellä, kun dualismi
kuolee, jokainen meistä tulee tietoiseksi itsestään. Ja tästä hetkestä lähtien peilaat ainoastaan omaa
itseäsi. Sisälläsi on kokonainen universumi, jolla on vastaus kaikkiin kysymyksiin.
FDTCT- menetelmä
Hae paikka, jossa kukaan ei häiritse sinua. Rentoudu ja sulje silmäsi. Uppoudu syvälle
mentaalihuoneesi pimeyteen. Olet keskellä tätä huonetta ja kaikki ympärilläsi on pimeää. Tiedät,
että huoneessa on joitain lamppuja, joita et mitä luultavimmin näe, koska ne ovat pois päältä. On
kuitenkin myös mahdollista, että ne ovat päällä. Mikäli huoneesi on pimeä ja lamput siten käännetty
päältä pois, sytytä ne yksi toisensä jälkeen. Sinun kolme lamppuasi ovat: mieli, jonka sytytät
ensimmäisenä. Henki, jonka sytytät toisena sekä sielu, jonka sytytät kolmantena. Katso rauhassa
näitä kolmea mentaalihuoneessasi olevaa lamppua. Ne ovat SINÄ, sinun sisäinen olemuksesi ja
ytimesi. Tarkastele lamppujesi paikkaa, väriä, kokoa, välimatkaa itsestäsi sekä korkeutta maasta.
Nämä kolme lamppua ovat huoneessasi olevat ainoat valonlähteet. Voit ehkä myös nähdä vain
yhden lampun, joka on näiden kolmen aiemmin mainitun lampun summa. Mikäli kuitenkin näet
kolme lamppua, tunnista sieluasi kuvaava lamppu ja laita kätesi sen sisään. Kuuntele ja havainnoi,
mitä tarkkaan ottaen aistit sielukomponenttisi sisällä. Kylmää vai kuumaa, kiinteää, nestemäistä vai
kaasumaista muotoa. Aisti rauhassa, haistatko jonkin tuoksun, tai kuuletko erityisen äänen.
Havainnoi rauhassa lampun värikehänä ilmentyvää sieluasi.
Kysy sielultasi, muistaako se olemassaolonsa aivan ajan alussa, silloin kun se liitettiin kahteen
muuhun mielen ja hengen valokehään. Ja muistaako sielusi juuri sen nimenomaisen hetken, kun
separaatiota ei vielä ollut olemassa alunperinkään. Pyydä sieluasi palaamaan tuohon pisteeseen,
missä sielu, mieli ja henki ovat yksi ainutlaatuinen tietoisuus eikä kolmea eri tietoisuutta vielä
ilmene. Hetkeen, jossa on vain yksi jakamaton tietoisuus.
Tuohon hetkeen liittyviä aistimuksia ja kuvia nousee hitaasti mieleesi. Kysy nyt, haluaako sielusi
palata takaisin alkuperäisen tilaansa. Pyydä sieluasi tarkkaamaan, mitä tapahtuu ja miksi yksi
tietoisuus jakaantui kolmeen erilliseen osaan. On tärkeää, että sielu tulee tietoiseksi tähän
vaiheeseen liittyneistä tapahtumista.
Mikäli sielu haluaa palata takaisin alkuperäiseen tilaan ja tulla yhdeksi tietoisuudeksi, jossa se ei ole
erillinen mielestä sekä hengestä, pyydä sielua yhdistymään mentaalihuoneessasi olevan kahden
muun lampun värikehän kanssa. Selvennä sielulle, että ei ole olemassa mitään oikeaa väriä sielulle,
mielelle ja hengelle, koska ne ovat osa kokonaisuutta. Näin ne voivat itseasiassa ottaa minkä värin
ne haluavat. Jos sielu, mieli, henki tai vaikkapa kaikki yhdessä haluavat vaihtaa värejään, he
huomaavat, että halutessaan he voivat saavuttaa minkä tahansa värin. Tämä johtuu siitä, että ne ovat
kaikki, ja jokainen väri itsessään edustaa kokonaisuuden yhtä mahdollista olotilaa.
Nyt etenemme vaiheeseen, jossa kolme lamppua yhdistyvät yhdeksi valoksi, joka omaa lopulta
kaikki mahdolliset värit. Valoksi, jossa jokainen yksittäinen valopiste on oman värisensä. Jos
tarkastelet tätä valokehää kaukaa, se näyttää valkoiselta. Mutta, jos katsot sitä lähempää, huomaat,
että se sisältää kaikki mahdolliset maailmankaikkeuden värit.
Kerro tässä vaiheessa lamppusi värikehälle (kolmen erivärisen lampun summalle), että kyseinen
yhteenlaskettu tila ei ole riittävä fuusiolle. Sen sijaan on erityisen tärkeää, että osat sulautuvat
lähtemättömästi toisiinsa niin, että jäljelle jää valo, jolla on vain yksi väri. Väri, joka edustaa
kaikkia värejä: läpinäkyvä väri.
Heti, kun lampun kehä tulee täydellisen läpinäkyväksi (jopa ilman mahdollisuutta havaita sen
rajoja), palaa integroitunut tietoisuus OLEVAKSI. Sinun pitää kertoa integroituneelle tietoisuudelle,
että kaikki ja ei mitään ovat sama asia. Näin ollen myöskään ei mikään voi tarttua tai pitäytyä ei
missään. Samalla hetkellä, kun valokehä muuttuu läpinäkyväksi, ei yksikään muukalainen tai muu
vastaava voi häiritä sitä enää.
Tässä vaiheessa on tärkeää, että integroituneen tietoisuuden valokehä huomaa itse, että rajoja sielun,
mielen ja hengen välillä ei ole olemassa. Sinun tulee varmistaa tämä kommunikoimalla
integroituneen tietoisuuden kanssa. Näitä em. rajoja ei itseasiassa ole koskaan ollutkaan olemassa,
koska menneisyyttä on muokattu nyt niin, ettei kukaan koskaan voi käyttää hyväkseen kolmea
erillistä tietoisuuden osaa. Niitä ei toisistaan erillisinä ole koskaan ollut olemassakaan. Ne ovat nyt
yksi ja sama jakamaton tietoisuus.
Nyt, mentaalihuoneessasi, astu kehosi kanssa integroitunutta tietoisuutta kuvaavan läpinäkyvän
kehän sisään. Kehä on sinä ja sinä olet kehä. Kehä mukautuu oman kehosi muotoon, ja sinusta
itsestäsi tulee läpinäkyvä kehä. Rajoja ei enää ole. Seinillä, lattialla ja huoneen katolla ei ole enää
mitään tarvetta olla olemassa. Integroitunut tietoisuus repii alas kaikki mentaalihuoneesi rajat ja voi
nyt katsoa äärettömyyteen.
Odota hetki ja katso, millä tavoin ikuisuus näyttäytyy sinulle. Mietiskele tätä paikkaa, jossa olet
olemassa. Tovin kuluttua pyydä läpinäkyvää kehää kuuntelemaan universumia ja muutu itse tuoksi
universumiksi. Jotta voit tehdä tämän, pyydä kehääsi hitaasti laajentumaan. Laajennat itseäsi niin
kauan kunnes saavutat universumin äären. Sinun ei tarvitse kiirehtiä. Käytä aikaa. Samalla, kun
laajenet, kosketat luomaasi universumia aivan sen reunoille saakka. Olet yhteydessä siihen. Sinun
läpinäkyvä kehäsi teki ainutlaatuisen suuren hengityksen, jolla se sisällytti itseensä koko
universumin. Tämän ikuisuuden kestävän hetken aikana kuuntele universumia, missä sinä olet
kaikki. Kiinnitä huomio kehotietoisuuteesi, koska se merkitsee samaa, kuin että tulet tietoiseksi
koko universumista.
Nyt on aika hengittää ulos.Kutista itseäsi ja muutu aivan pieneksi. Laita kehosi muotoon
mukautunut kehä kutistumaan pienemmäksi ja pienemmäksi. Samalla, kun kutistut, ota mukaasi
koko sinuun sisältyvä universumi ja muuta se mukanasi hyvin, hyvin pieneksi. Hitaasti.
Pienemmäksi ja pienemmäksi. Älä kiirehdi. Olet pian kutistunut äärettömän pieneksi pisteeksi,
jonka sisällä on kokonainen universumi. Tunnustele hetken kyseistä olotilaa ja palaa sen jälkeen
takaisin alkuperäiseen kokoosi. Nyt integroitunut tietoisuutesi tietää, että se voi hengittää ja muuttua
suureksi aalloksi tai aivan pieneksi pisteeksi.
Kun tietoisuus on suuri aalto, se on kaikkialla. Tässä tilassa se on täysin näkymätön. Kun tietoisuus
puolestaan on hiukkanen, se on näkyvä ja valmis vuorovaikutukseen kaiken kanssa. Puhu
integroituneelle kehälle kuten itsellesi ja selitä sille, että se voi aina olla olemassa näissä kahdessa
tilassa. Se voi käyttäytyä kuten aalto tai hiukkanen, olla näkymätön tai näkyvä – kohdata minkä
tahansa kokemuksen virtuaalisessa todellisuudessa.
Muista kaiken tämän lopuksi, että integroitunut tietoisuus käyttää kehoa saadakseen kokemuksia
tästä virtuaalisesta todellisuudesta. On epäsuotavaa, että keho viedään muiden toimesta. Siksi onkin
tärkeä suojella omaa kehoaan, sillä se on integroituneelle tietoisuudelle kuin vaatteet, joihin se
Kuuntele itseäsi ja tuntemuksiasi hetken kuten et koskaan aiemmin ole tehnyt. Katso universumia,
joka on ympärilläsi.
Jos harjoitus on tehty niin, että aiemmin kuvat perusvaatimukset täyttyvät, sitä ei tulisi suorittaa
uudelleen, koska kehien fuusioituminen yhdeksi tietoisuuden kehäksi (palloksi) on peruuttamaton.
Mikäli henkilö haluaa tulevaisuudessa suorittaa kyseisen menetelmän, hän matkustaa läpi
universumin. Hänen ei tarvitse kuvitella läpinäkyää, itsestään ulkopuolista kehää, koska hän on itse
tuo kehä. Mikäli tietoisuuden kehä on samea, läpinäkymätön, tarkoittaa tämä sitä, että keho on viety
uudelleen. Päädyimme tähän johtopäätökseen työmme perusteella.
Haluammekin korostaa, että mentaalihuoneessa voi alussa olla vähemmän kuin kolme palloa, koska
osa niistä on voinut jo sulautua läpinäkyvään kehään. Toinen syy valokehien pienempään määrään
on se, että jotkin kehistä voivat esiintyä mustina. Koska mentaalihuone on pimeä, ne eivät tule siten
näkyviksi. Jos näin käy, sulauta kaikki kehät toisiinsa siitäkin huolimatta, että kaikki eivät ehkä ole
näkyviä. Jatka sitten kuten yllä on kuvattu.
Mentaalihuoneessa voi olla myös useampia valokehiä kuin kolme.Tässä tapauksessa sinun täytyy
ottaa selvää, mitkä kehistä ovat sinun sielusi, mielesi ja henkesi. Työskentele näiden kehien kanssa
ja unohda loput värikehät. Muut värilliset kehät häviävät silloin, kun tietoisuus on
menestyksellisesti integroitunut.
Ne, jotka haluavat, voivat tehdä mentaalisimulaation itse. Tämä tarkoittaa kuitenkin sitä, että
henkilön on ymmärrettävä teoriakokonaisuus, johon menetelmä perustuu. Joillekin menetelmä
voidaan tehdä ohjattuna, mutta suosittelemme kuitenkin, että teet sen ITSE. Voisimme väittää, että
yleensä ne, jotka kertovat olevansa kykenemättömiä suorittamaan menetelmää itse, haluavat
delegoida vastuun omasta olemisestaan toisen henkilön harteille. Heitä olisi mahdoton auttaa.
Ehdotankin kaikille niille, jotka eivät ymmärrä valitsemaamme lähetymistapaa, tekemään kyseisen
menetelmän itselleen ja sisäistämään sen toimintaperiaatteet. Ilman sitä, on mahdotonta esittää
mielipiteitään ja puhua asiasta, josta ei ole omakohtaista kokemusta ja tietoa.
Henkilön ei tarvitse koskaan pelätä, koska universumissa ei mitään muuta pelättävää kuin itse
tietämättömyys. Hyvää matkaa.


誘拐被害者の場合、これらの球体の色が、統計に基づいて識別された色(心には緑、精神には赤、そして魂には青か黄色)となるように、オペレータが訂正を助ける役目をしていた。脳内精神メカニズムの研究の詳細に関しては、これまでの研究、特にTCTに関する研究(同著者のI COLOR DELL’ANIMA)を参考にしてほしい。
続いて、その心の部屋に、点灯している球体が他にあるかを確認させた。これがエイリアンの侵入を示すものである。心の中では、侵入者の存在が各色に点灯した球体に見えると言われており、そこから、積極的エイリアンの記憶やルクス、実体のないパラサイト、対象の体内にありうるすべてのマイクロプラントを見分けることが可能であった。そして、この魂の球体自らが、すべての部外者や外的物質を心の部屋から心的に排除するように促していた。さらに、インド神話のシヴァ神とヴィシュヌ神(同著者のGenesi IIIを参考)にも見ることもできるこの構造の中でも特に高い階級にあたる部分と、反空間の被験者自身、第一の人間、そして二元的な仮想空間を作り上げた人物それぞれと魂の交信を切り離させた。


エイリアンがすでに確認不可能となるわけだから、結果、エイリアンと出くわす可能性は大きく減少する。仮想的側面においては、統合された意識によって経験を拒絶できるものへと姿を変えることが、この狙いである。しかし、量子論的側面においては、この結果は、我々が仮想性を創り出し、我々が望む場合にのみ、それと融合するものであるという前提から始まった確率的統計的結果と読むことができる。最近行われた量子熱力学の実験によって立証されたように、方法が処置を講ずるのではなく、我々が処置を創り出すのである(同著者のGenesi IIIを参考)。


量子論的観点から、統合された意思には、作り上げた仮想現実の中で、意識自身が表現できるように空間と時間とエネルギーの3ベクトルを有している。これに対し、Genesi IIIで記述した通り、自覚のベクトルは、3ベクトルが完全に重なり合い1つの自覚のベクトルとなっており(注釈:マルチベクトルとして全方向に作用)、間接的に自分の意識を判断する唯一の手段となっている。魂と心と精神の自覚の3ベクトル、3要素それぞれを特徴づける2成分のベクトルの積が、相互的に「切り替え不可」であることに注意する必要がある。つまり、それぞれが90度の角度で配置されているので、当初のDTCTで我々が得ていた白の球体内部で、重なり合うことは不可能なのだ。後述の方法で、透明の球体は、ある一定のところまで縮小されると、自覚の3ベクトルを最終的に重ね合わせ、不完全特に内部の一貫性の欠如にとっての最大の弱点であった精神と魂と心の間での統合失調症の分裂を根底から消滅させるのだ。







Triade Color Test Dinamico Flash
de Corrado Malanga  31/12/2012
Acest articol descrie procedura finală standard care permite, cui o practică,
să capete potențiala capacitate de a-și accesa propria conștiință. În acest test, sau
procedură experimentală, sunt canalizate toate experiențele tehnico-practice din
cercetările noastre în domeniul percepției umane, care au fost aplicate pentru
studiul fenomenelor exogene planetei Terra. Procedura precedentă, din care a luat
naștere aceasta, avea ca scop încercarea de a remedia fenomenul răpirilor
extraterestre. Identificasem o procedură numită Triade Color Test Dinamic
(TCTD), care dăduse rezultate optime.
Procedura simplului TCT prevedea o simulare mentală foarte complexă,
aceasta fiind ghidată de un operator extern, care îl ajuta pe răpit să simuleze o
cameră mentală complet întunecată, în care erau prezente niște sfere ce mimau
niște lămpi stinse. Aceste lămpi erau aprinse (evocate) mental de către subiectul
răpit într-o ordine exactă și simulau cele trei componente ale interiorului său:
minte, spirit, suflet. Printr-un simplu mecanism arhetipic, analizând culorile celor
trei lămpi, se putea obține un tablou psihologic precis al subiectului examinat și al
problemelor sale, fie că erau cauzate de interferența extraterestră, fie că proveneau
de la propriile probleme psihice, legate de experiențele din viața trăită.
În cazul subiecților răpiți, culorile sferelor luminoase erau corectate de
operator, ajungând să se obțină culorile arhetipale corecte, identificate pe o bază
statistică astfel: verde pentru minte, roșu pentru spirit și albastru sau galben pentru
suflet. Pentru un studiu aprofundat al mecanismului cerebral citiți articolele
precedente, mai ales cele care se referă la TCT (Culorile sufletului, de același
Mai departe se cerea subiectului să identifice prezența altor sfere luminoase
în interiorul camerei sale mentale, care corespundeau intrușilor de natură
extraterestră. Mintea subiectului vede arhetipic intrușii ca niște sfere luminoase de
diferite culori, și, în acel context, era posibil să se identifice memoriile extraterestre
active, lux-ul, paraziții fără corp și toate microimplanturile eventual prezente în
corpul subiectului.
Sfera sufletului (animică) era încurajată să elimine toate obiectele și ființele
străine din camera mentală prin voință proprie. Apoi se eliminau toate conexiunile
sufletului cu constructorii acestui univers virtual dual, cu Primul Om, cu
corespondentul subiectului din antiunivers și cu partea cea mai înaltă din punct de
vedere ierarhic din această structură, identificabilă în mitul indian cu figurile
creatorilor Shiva și Vishnu (A se citi Geneza III, de același autor).
Odată ce subiectul, dacă a fost diferențiat de creatorii săi manipulatori,
întreba partea sufletească să vizioneze, prin intermediul unui scaner imaginar,
corpul răpitului, verificând prezența microcipurilor extraterestre și militare, aceasta
le distrugea unul câte unul, prin propriul act de voință. Apoi se ruga partea
sufletească să caute în spațiu-timp toate corpurile copie ale răpitului, care erau
identificate și eliminate prin actul de voință.
Examinarea liniei timpului (time line), făcută de partea sufletească, verifica
ca în trecut sau în viitor să nu mai existe scene de răpire. Astfel subiectul era
eliberat complet de problema răpirilor. În anumite cazuri se parcurgea, prin
conștiința propriei părți sufletești, un drum pe care-l numeam “album de
fotografii”, unde se identificau toate tipologiile extratereștrilor care veniseră să
deranjeze existența răpitului, pentru a-l face pe suflet să ia conștiință de situația
care se petrecuse: astfel extratereștri erau recunoscuți și identificați, la nivel
conștient, pentru a evita alte răpiri ulterioare și inconștiente.
La sfârșit cele trei sfere erau unite într-una singură de culoare albă sau
galbenă, simbolizând suma dintre roșu, verde, albastru sau galben. Fuziunea celor
trei conștiințe ale triadei era percepută ca sumă algebrică ale celor trei frecvențe în
vizibil a celor trei culori, iar mintea producea automat culoarea sumă.
Rezultatele acestei proceduri, care dura în medie două ore și patruzeci de
minute, urmărea să aducă cunoștința necesară triadei pentru a nu se mai lăsa răpită,
fie de extratereștri, fie de militari, fie de influențele creatorilor cosmici de diferite
Rezultatele, chiar dacă erau bune, nu erau optime.
Mulți subiecți, după tratament, căpătau capacitatea de a se apăra (singuri) de
extratereștri, dar de multe ori, din cauza unor grave deficiențe psihotice anterioare,
nu erau în stare să mențină această poziție pe tot parcursul existenței lor pe această
Deci erau necesare alte aplicații ale acestei metodologii, care pe de altă
parte, dacă era făcută cu suficientă experiență, conducea oricum la eliberarea
răpitului, care, în arcul propriei vieți, putea să aibă vreo recădere, determinată de
faptul că, în agenda extraterestră nu sunt prevăzute alternative ale clasicei răpiri.
Utilizarea aceste lungi proceduri purta cu sine o serie de insuccese, toate
determinate numai și numai de lipsa de voință a acelorași răpiți, în a se elibera cu
adevărat din matricea extraterestră. De fapt, în interiorul răpiților se nășteau reacții
psihotice de diferite origini, care îl făceau pe răpit să ajungă la ideea că viața cu
extraterestrul era mai bună decât cea fără el. Vechiul procedeu prevedea și
construcția unui clopot protector în jurul camerei mentale a răpitului, astfel încât
imaginea extraterestrului să rămână în afara acesteia, neputând să mai invadeze
corpul răpitului. Această barieră era garantată de energia părții sufletești, care era
însărcinată să păzească triada în interiorul corpului uman, făcându-l astfel
Chiar făcând așa, observam că de fiecare dată când Super-Eului subiectului
îi lipsea autostima de care acesta este legat, bariera mentală devenea fragilă și mai
devreme sau mai târziu cădea sub manevrele insistente ale extratereștrilor.
Noua procedură
În ultimul an am putut efectua observări experimentale ulterioare, care ne-au
ajutat să identificăm erori procedurale conținute în vechiul TCTD. Aceste noi
observări au apărut dintr-un studiu al universului la nivel cuantic. Mai ales
înțelegând ideea că universul nu era dual ne punea în fața ideii că nu există
Dualitatea, cum am putut să o descriem în a treia parte din trilogia “Geneza”,
pe care am publicat-o cu puțin timp în urmă, este o păcăleală percepută de mintea
umană. Universul este văzut, în mod eronat, ca un fel de dublă ipoteză duală, unde
extremele aparțin a două categorii diferite. Buni și răi, deschis și închis, patroni și
sclavi, săraci și bogați, dar și operatorii hermitici lineari de semn opus, cum ar fi +
și – sau versorii de spațiu, timpul și energia potențială, erau doar iluzii perceptive.
În acest context, dualismul undă-particulă era restructurat într-o nouă optică care
nu este duală, legată de cunoașterea conștiinței și nu de parametri ascunși de
neînţeles, atât de căutați și niciodată găsiți de fizica modernă.
Bănuiala că universul virtual nu e dual ne făcea să înțelegem că ceva
încercase să ne facă să credem asta. Se descoperea că dualitatea e un sistem pentru
a categorisi omul, pentru a-l face să creadă că este responsabil de un front care se
contrapune cu o un altul. Dualismul era sistemul cu care extratereștri și alienații
încercau să constrângă omul să facă războaie care nu erau ale lui. Ideea dualului
prevedea ca fronturile să se înfrunte unul pe celălalt în etern și formula “divizează
și domnește” ar fi funcționat până în momentul în care cineva și-ar fi dat seama de
această păcăleală.
Anumite observații în câmpul fizicii cuantice ne-au permis să înțelegem că
dualitatea nu exista decât ca o formă perceptivă falsă. Înțelegeam că al doilea
principiu al termodinamicii trebuia revizuit, unde entropia universului trebuia să fie
pusă în relație, nu neapărat cu energia sistemului, ci cu conștiința sistemului, care
de altfel e legată de energia sa.
Dar concluzia tuturor acestor observații duceau într-o singură direcție. Dacă
nu există dualitatea, universul nu este divizat în două subuniversuri , ci este o unică
cutie în care există multe ființe vii cu grade de conștiință diferite, într-o vastă gamă
de nuanțe. O astfel de percepție diferită a universului era schimbată cu viziunea
duală a acestuia.
Universul nu este dual în sine, dar așa este perceput de conștiințele
neintegrate. Deci, dacă nu existau bariere categorice, în TCTD nu puteam să
ridicăm o barieră care sa ținea răpitul închis într-o cușcă construită chiar de el. Nu
puteam spera că această cușcă ar fi cu adevărat protectivă, când existența însăși a
cuști era reprezentarea posibilității de a-i depăși limitele. Când nu sunt granițe nu
ai posibilitatea de a le înlătura. Răpitul nu trebuia să se apere de extraterestru cu o
barieră; așa nu se puteau ține sufletul, mintea și spiritul separați, chiar dacă erau
uniți într-o sumă de trei sfere care puteau mereu să revină în poziția originală,
recuperând separarea dintre ele.
Nu exista separare între componentele triadei deoarece acestea fuseseră
separate la început, de către aceiași constructori ai dualității. Conștiința omului,
adică Creația, nu poate fi manipulată de nimeni și pentru a obține manipularea este
necesar ca, conștiința să fie separată în trei subconștiințe, categorizându-le. În
realitate se descoperea că sufletul, mintea și spiritul există doar în percepția noastră
duală, dar acestea sunt trei părți dintr-o unică parte originală – conștiința. Aceasta e
de toate culorile pentru că sufletul, mintea și spiritul sunt de toate culorile. Fiecare
culoare reprezintă o posibilitate de a se manifesta, și cum conștiința poate fi tot,
iată că cele trei componente ale sale nu mai există când recapătă cunoștința că au
fost divizate mai înainte.
Suma sufletului, a minții și a spiritului nu putea să fie o sferă albă, pentru că
albul e suma algebrică a celor trei frecvențe, proprie manifestării triadei, dar nu o
integrare completă a acestora. Albul poate fi recompus în cele trei culori originale,
făcând recuperabilă și separarea, iar cu asta și răpirea extraterestră.
Suma totală a culorilor prevede ca sfera finală a conștiinței integrată în
universul virtual să fie de toate culorile, nu suprapuse, ci integrate într-o culoaresumă
totală. Această culoare este nonculoarea.
Nonculoarea, sau culoarea transparentă, este percepută de mintea umană ca
totul și nimic, lucruri care au aceeași semnificație conform fizicii Punctului de
Energie Zero (Zero Point Energy).
Dacă considerăm că un punct al spațiului este gol, trebuie să ne întrebăm
dacă e gol pentru că nu este nimic în el, sau pentru că în acel punct este tot și
contrariul totului care se anihilează unul pe celălalt. Și iată că totul și nimic devin
același lucru.
Sfera transparentă este nimic, dar este și tot. Dar dacă sfera este transparentă
nu are niciun fel de consistență și de aceasta nimic nu se poate agăța. Sfera
transparentă evocă reprezentarea undei cuantice.
Conceptul de undă și particulă este legat de conceptul de conștient –
inconștient. Când conștiința este undă, aceasta se prezintă ca neștiutoare. Se știe că
există, dar nu știe unde e localizată în spațiu și timp. Cu alte cuvinte, e invizibilă
pentru că e peste tot în același timp. Particula însă e reprezentarea cunoașterii
totale. Conștiința integrată știe că poate fi atât undă cât și particulă și cea care
decide asta este chiar ea. A se prezenta extraterestrului ca undă înseamnă că există
în fața extraterestrului, complet transparentă și invizibilă, dar, din punct de vedere
cuantic, își asumă semnificația refuzului experienței extraterestre, urmată de lipsa
de interacțiune. Fenomenul fizic devine astfel perceptibil doar ca undă și nu
localizat ca particulă. A fi particulă înseamnă a accepta experiența interferenței.
Această concepție poate să fie adusă la cunoștința conștiinței integrate, astfel
încât această conștiință învață și devine conștientă de faptul că știe să facă un
singur lucru: să decidă, de un milion de ori pe zi, în fața întregului univers, dacă să
participe la o experiență, și să fie particulă în fața acesteia, sau să refuze experiența
și “să nu fie găsită de aceasta”, asumându-și aspectul de undă. A fi undă înseamnă
că “știu cine ești, dar nu știu nici unde și nici când”.
În termeni mai simpli, conștiința integrată, știa acum cum să devină
invizibilă experienței extraterestre.
Noua parte experimentală a TCTDF (Triade Color Test Dinamico Flash),
care nu durează mai mult de cincisprezece minute, într-o singură aplicare, face
ireversibilă fuziunea triadei, o învață pe conștiința integrată conceptele virtuale ale
fizicii cuantice, într-un mod comprehensibil ei și face pe oricine efectuează corect
acest exercițiu sa fie integrat cu el însuși.
Procedura nu e construită pentru a salva omul de extraterestru, ci pentru a
face omul să capete conștiință de sine. În acel moment, dacă subiectul care
folosește această practică ar fi un răpit, s-ar elibera imediat și pentru totdeauna de
problema sa. Dacă subiectul nu a fost niciodată răpit, se rupe de legăturile sale cu
creația falșilor zei și demoni, care, asupra sa nu vor mai avea niciodată putere.
Universul nonlocal și experiența răpirii
TCTDF-ul nu prevede distrugerea microcipurilor, nu prevede distrugerea și
căutarea copiilor, nu evocă nicio imagine a extratereștrilor, nu evocă niciun tip de
amintire virtuală, nu corectează culorile triadei, deci nu este traumatic. Prevede
stări ușoare de autohipnoză, ușor de modificat în funcție de exigențe. Trebuie
subliniat faptul că, universul fiind nonlocal și neexistând trecutul și viitorul, ci doar
prezentul, procedura provoacă imediat efecte asupra Liniei Timpului (Time Line) a
vechii Programări Neurolingvistice (PNL).
De fapt, exact din momentul în care cele trei sfere ale triadei, indiferent de
culoarea pe care o au, se unesc și ajung la o transparență perfectă, acestea nu numai
că s-au unit într-o singură esență de conștiință ireversibilă, ci rezultă ca și cum nu
ar fi fost niciodată separate pe axa timpului.
Fuziunile de undă cuantică ale trecutului și ale viitorului se pliază în prezent,
oferind realitate doar acestuia. În acest context, dacă conștiința totală este
reconstruită, acesta rezultă ca și cum niciodată nu a fost divizată și dacă nimeni nu
a divizat-o înseamnă că nimeni nu a putut să o manipuleze. Asta provoacă efectul
prin care, în momentul fuziunii, dispar toate memoriile răpirilor trecute, dispar
toate microcipurile pe care un răpit le are asupra sa, se elimină dintr-un foc toate
copiile răpitului care nu au fost făcute vreodată.
Experiența răpirilor rămâne ca “întâmplată”, dar nu se mai poate aminti,
pentru că mintea o vede ca pe o trăire care nu a existat niciodată, pentru că ar
aparține unui trecut modificabil, deci actual nu a existat niciodată.
Noua procedură garantează liberul arbitru al conștiinței integrate. Sfera
transparentă a conștiinței integrate poate decide în orice moment dacă să fie undă
(sfera transparentă) sau particulă, să fie vizibilă sau invizibilă, de a vrea să
interacționeze sau să refuze experiența.
Noua procedură nu prevede eliminarea fizică a extraterestrului, ci doar
transformarea evenimentului răpirii în undă. În acest context, conștiința integrată
devine invizibilă extraterestrului, care, din punct de vedere tehnic, nu mai are
posibilitatea de a interacționa cu evenimentul. Într-o altă accepțiune, conștiința
integrată îl face și pe extraterestru undă. Extraterestrul nu este distrus, numai că
probabilitatea de a ne întâlni cu el este redusă la o valoare pozitivă foarte mică.
Probabilitatea de a avea în față extraterestrul devine atât de mică, încât
extraterestrul nu mai poate fi identificabil. Acesta este rezultatul care, în termeni
virtuali, se transformă în refuz al experienței din partea conștiinței integrate; dar în
termeni cuantici se citește ca un rezultat probabilo-statistic, care pornește de la
ipoteza că noi suntem cei care construiesc virtualitatea și că noi interacționăm cu
ea, dar doar dacă dorim. Nu există instrumente pentru a face măsurători dar suntem
noi cei care le produc, așa cum s-a demonstrat în unele experimente de
termodinamică cuantică (a se citi Geneza III, de același autor).
Trebuie subliniat și faptul că tratamentul cuantic al evenimentelor poate fi
efectuat numai în contexte microscopice(lumea particulelor fizice elementare). De
fapt, atât componentele triadei cât și conștiința integrată sunt asimilabile, in tot și
complet, în componentele microscopice ale fizicii cuantice a lui Bohm.
Această tehnică nu are defecte
Trebuie să subliniem că orice tehnică are puncte slabe sau oricum trebuie să
i se cunoască limitele. TCTDF-ul nu are chiar nici o hibă, dar asta nu înseamnă că
răpitul nu va mai fi răpit. Subiectul va fi iar răpit doar dacă conștiința integrată
dorește asta.
Există multe pulsații care pot influența în această direcție. Un subiect răpit
este eliberat de această problemă de mai bine de un an, apoi este iar luat, sau mai
bine zis intră din nou în contact cu specii extraterestre într-o anumită noapte. A
doua zi, câteva vânătăi fac pe corpul său dovada a ceea ce s-a întâmplat.
Reconstituirea episodului, prin intermediul tehnicii ancorelor (PNL), scoate în
evidență doi factori importanți. În timpul nopții, extratereștri intraseră în casa
subiectului, dar acesta îi descrie ca și cum nu l-au văzut. De fapt, extratereștrii
merg direct prin camera sa, iar din camera răpitului ajung în camera fratelui său, și
acesta prins în problemă. Subiectul, fost răpit eliberat, se gândește în interiorul său
că trebuie să-și apere fratele: dar în acel moment decide inconștient să accepte iar
interferența extraterestră, devenind vizibil. Se naște astfel o adevărată luptă cu
extratereștri, ale cărei efecte vor fi vizibile pe lumină a doua zi dimineață. Al
doilea efect a fost că, în acest caz, oricum fostul nostru răpit nu mai este luat,
pentru că conștiința integrată nu mai poate fi separată și asupra ei nu se mai poate
Un alt caz în care corpul este iar luat pare să se datoreze faptului că fostul
răpit decide să se răzbune și simte o profundă ură față de răpitorii săi, aceștia fiind
considerați responsabili că au distrus existența răpitului. În acel moment subiectul
se predispune inconștient să se răzbune, deci reacceptă confruntarea cu
extraterestrul, care va reîncepe să deranjeze răpitul, incapabil să se elibereze de
problema sa, lăsată nerezolvată la nivel psihologic.
Această tehnică poate fi aplicată și persoanelor ce nu știu nimic despre
extratereștri, care nu sunt conștienți de situația lor, care nu au amintiri legate de ei
la nivel conștient. Dar după tratament, în aceste cazuri specifice, conștiința
integrată poate decide să-și amintească experiențele, de care este conștientă, dar în
legătură cu care nu mai are amintiri vii. În aceste cazuri se pare că conștiința
integrată se pune exact în fața extraterestrului, pentru a fi reprinsă și pentru a juca
un joc, care poate fi și periculos, dar care oricum nu va mai duce la supunerea
sferei transparente. Sfera transparentă nu mai este luată niciodată.
În această fază este important să integrăm sfera transparentă cu propriul
corp, căci de nu corpul va fi luat iar, dar sfera transparentă nu va mai putea să fie
manipulată. Acest fapt va conduce subiectul, mai ales dacă este femeie, să fie
utilizată în continuare ca născătoare de extratereștri. A învăța conștiința integrată
să se integreze și cu propriul corp este singura cale de ieșire din acest inconvenient.
Ce este Conștiința Integrată
Prin conștiință integrată se înțelege acea parte din conștiința primordială care
a creat universul virtual, care însă e integrată în virtualitate, având conștiință de
spațiu, timp și energie. Este vorba despre o conștiință care, fiind suma celor trei
componente ale sale, dar și cu caracteristici virtuale, știe că universul este creația
sa, știe ce însemnă spațiul, timpul și energia, vorbește la neutru și nu la feminin ca
vechea sa parte sufletească, domină spațiul, timpul și energia, și este în măsură să
se exprime în mod paranormal, utilizând corpul pentru a câștiga experiență.
Deci, cum conștiința integrată trebuie să facă experiență, aceasta nu cunoaște
totul, pentru că dacă ar avea o astfel de conștiință nu ar avea nevoie să se integreze
în universul virtual creat de ea.
A face experiența TCTDF-ului înseamnă a-l face pe om iar integrat și
niciodată de acum înainte divizat în cele trei componente ale sale, readucându-l la
condiția ORIGINALĂ: dar asta nu prevede experiența prefixată care trebuie să fie
Când a fost făcută experiența TCTDF-ului, harta descriptivă a teritoriului
fiecăruia se schimbă și îi apar subiectului adevăratele probleme ale virtualității pe
care el a decis s-o înfrunte și adesea asta creează și momente de confuzie, care, în
cel mai rău caz, pot să se răsfrângă și în actul decizional al conștiinței integrate,
determinând-o să dorească să se întoarcă la situația anterioară. Sunt mai buni
extratereștri sau dificultățile vieții cotidiene? Conștiința integrată care trebuie să
facă experiență are liber arbitru și poate alege mereu varianta foarte rară de a se
întoarce la situația precedentă, dar această situație nu reprezintă nereușita tehnicii,
ci mai degrabă este o dovadă de succes, remarcând că în acest univers liberul
arbitru rămâne absolut.
În cazurile studiate de noi pe parcursul unui an de zile, nicio conștiință integrată
nu s-a mai lăsat prinsă, unele corpuri au avut niște mici și deranjante probleme cu
orientarea la rezoluția totală a timpului, un singur caz a manifestat ideea de a
reintra în fenomen din propria dorință, dar după aceea, nici până azi, nu a făcut-o.
Conștiința Integrată, din punct de vedere cuantic, are cele trei valori ale
spațiului, timpului și energiei, care îi permit să se exprime în realitatea virtuală pe
care a creat-o, în timp ce cei trei vectori ai conștiinței, care, cum am spus în
Geneză III, reprezintă unicul mod de a măsura indirect însăși conștiința, s-au
suprapus perfect, devenind un singur vector de conștiință (acționând în toate
direcțiile, ca mulți versori N.A). Să reținem că cei trei vectori ai conștiinței
sufletului, minții și a spiritului, care sunt un produs vectorial a celor două
componente care caracterizează fiecare dintre cele trei elemente, sunt „
necomutabili” între ei. Adică sunt poziționați la nouăzeci de grade între ei și nu se
puteau suprapune în ceea ce era sfera albă pe care o obțineam la sfârșitul TCTDului
clasic. Sfera transparentă, odată ce este redusă la un punct, în procedeul pe
care-l vom vedea în continuare, produce suprapunerea finală a celor trei vectori de
conștiință, distrugând mai mult și până la final separarea schizoidă dintre spirit,
suflet și minte, care dădea naștere la o ființă imperfectă și mai ales foarte
vulnerabilă din pricina lipsei de coerență interioară.
Dacă subiectul este introdus în transă hipnotică, caracteristicile cele mai
evidente ale conștiinței integrate sunt următoarele:
– Subiectul vorbește la genul masculin (neutru)
– Subiectul știe că a construit universul, dar nu știe de ce l-a făcut în acest
– Subiectul susține că ființa există pentru că se manifestă prin a face.
– Subiectul susține că dualitatea nu există, dar dacă ar exista este pentru că
faci, și pentru a exista tot, trebuie să faci tot.
– Subiectul vede și percepe universul într-un mod total virtual, ca pe o
construcție artificială , fără soliditate aparentă.
– Conștiința Integrată vede universul și în mod real. Real si/sau virtual
împreună. Învață să fie propriul său observator, din puncte infinite care privesc
înspre centrul său, iar din centrul său privesc spre puncte infinite.
Prin realizarea conștiinței integrate se poate călători în virtualitate, înaintând
vizual în orice spațiu și timp, apoi încet, încet, apar aspecte de natură paranormală
tot mai evidente în viața de toate zilele.
Tehnica de operare pe noi înșine
Clasicul TCT prevedea, prin complexitatea și durata sa, nevoia unui ajutor
din exterior. Conducătorul ghida subiectul în stimularea mentală, făcându-l să
parcurgă toate etapele necesare, până la sfârșit, când se obținea sfera albă a
conștiinței. În timpul experimentării noii tehnici, ne-am dat seama la început de
anumite eșecuri parțiale care se obțineau, și, încercând să găsim cauzele, am dat
peste teoria efectului oglindă.
Universul, după concepțiile noastre, este de natură holistică, adică nimic nu
e separat de tot, cum de altfel se presupune că ar fi, cercetând ecuațiile fizicii lui
Bohm. În acest sens, reacțiile pe care le va avea altcineva față mine depind
exclusiv de mine. Dacă cineva se ceartă cu mine, asta se întâmplă pentru că în
interiorul meu nu am ajuns la armonie. De exemplu, dacă eu intru într-o încăpere
unde se află cineva antipatic, chiar dacă eu nu spun nimic, el va percepe în
interiorul său ostilitatea mea, și, va fi suficient orice gest de-al meu pentru a-i
produce o reacție violentă împotriva mea. În acel moment eu voi fi autorizat să
răspund, pentru că, tehnic vorbind, nu eu am comunicat primul, dar în realitate am
avut primul o reacție negativă împotriva altuia. În acest context, celălalt se va
revolta împotriva mea pentru că eu, prin intermediul unui câmp morfomagnetic
local, îi comunicasem antipatia față de el.
Observasem apoi că anumiți subiecți aveau niște părți din metodă pe care nu
le înțelegeau și care, dacă nu erau înțelese bine, produceau probleme după
tratament. Anumiți răpiți nu înțelegeau efectele cuantice de undă și particulă.
Extraterestrul nu-i mai răpea, dar acești răpiți nu reușeau să se facă invizibili
extraterestrului în sine, care rămânea prezent pasiv în experiența cotidiană. Alți
răpiți se chinuiau să se separe de figura extraterestrului pentru că nu înțelegeau că
trecutul nu există și deci rămânea legat de acesta.
Dintr-o analiză mai aprofundată pe care am făcut-o atât pe mine cât și asupra
unor colegi de-ai mei care practicau TCTDF-ul în faza sa experimentală, puteam
observa cum în timpul aplicării testului, cuvântul avea o importanță profundă, dar
în spatele cuvântului exista un alt tip de comunicare, mai profundă și mai eficientă.
În timpul testului, conductorul produce o situație în care transmite un pachet de
informații, care migrează din propria conștiință la conștiința răpitului. Dacă răpitul
vrea să ia pachetul informativ, el obține toate informațiile pe care conductorul i le
pasează. Cu alte cuvinte, TCTDF-ul ar putea fi condus chiar și în liniște
absolută,iar rezultatul ar fi probabil același. Dar dat fiind că ființele umane folosesc
cuvântul în această virtualitate pentru a simplifica (nu știu până în ce punct
N.A)lucrurile, am folosit verbul pentru a învăța conștiința ce este cuantica. Dar în
acel context, dacă pachetul meu de informații conștiinționale are câteva disonanțe,
iată că eu i le transmit complet și celuilalt.
Să dăm un exemplu simplu: dacă eu am vreo problemă nerezolvată cu
trecutul meu și conduc un TCTDF asupra unui subiect răpit, iată că acesta se
eliberează de extraterestru în mod total, dar poate să continue să vadă imaginea
extraterestrului lângă patul său noaptea, când încearcă să doarmă. Incapacitatea
mea de a mă elibera de trecutul meu a fost reîndreptată spre răpitul, care, dacă nu
are informații contrare, nu știe să gestioneze această parte a virtualității și va suferi
de aceeași problemă de care sufăr și eu. Cu alte cuvinte, dacă eu merg la medic
pentru că sunt răcit și vreau să fiu vindecat, nu trebuie să merg la un medic care și
el este răcit, pentru că acesta nu mă va putea vindeca niciodată, el însuși nereușind
să își învingă problema.
Era clar că acest tip de informație nu acționa numai la nivelul TCTDF-ului,
dar în mod constant și în toate relațiile zilnice dintre ființele vii.
Mai era clar unde anume greșisem în trecut și unde eșua așa-zisa veche
metodă destinată răpitului. Dacă nu ești pur ca un cristal ajungi să-l murdărești și
pe pacientul tău și aceasta putea fi unul dintre motivele pentru care anumiți răpiți
nu se eliberau complet de problemă, excluzând cazurile în care voința subiectului
rămăsese potrivnică.
Deci, în modul teoretic și în principiu, nimeni nu poate ajuta pe alții să facă
un TCTDF dacă nu este perfect în interior. Mai trebuie spus că nu există, din câte
știu eu, persoane perfecte în interior, și mai trebuie subliniat că TCTDF-urile pe
care grupul nostru le-a efectuat până acum, în experimentarea generală, au ajuns
toate la un bun final, chiar dacă cu ușoare imperfecții.
Cel mai bun lucru de făcut consta în a construi o parte experimentală simplă,
pe care oricine să o poată efectua pe el însuși, având grijă să manifeste o puternică
voință în a-și rezolva propriile probleme. Trebuie să mai subliniem aici că reușita
TCTDF-ului este condiționată foarte mult de înțelegerea lucrurilor care se fac. Nu
se poate efectua testul doar citind partea experimentală care urmează, ca și cum ar
fi un ritual al bisericii catolice sau o rețetă a unui medic oarecare, ci trebuie să se
înțeleagă exact ce înseamnă fiecare pasaj. Din acest motiv, cei care vor să
efectueze acest test pe ei înșiși, trebuie să citească, să studieze și să înțeleagă
multe lucruri pe le-am scris precedent. Trebuie să vă fie foarte clară semnificația
celor trei lucrări intitulate “Geneza”, de la prima la a treia, trebuie să înțelegeți cum
funcționează stimulările mentale și să înțelegeți funcționarea și teoria TCT-ului
clasic. Erorile interpretative ar putea invalida întreaga procedura pe de-o parte, dar
pe de alta știm că informațiile importante sunt deja la dispoziția tuturor, la nivel de
grilă holografică care, prin intermediul câmpului morfogenetic, sunt deja
dintotdeauna la dispoziția fiecăruia. Subiecții cu care am practicat TCTDF-ul în
fază experimentală trebuie să înțeleagă că, dacă după efectuarea testului, ar avea
încă dubii și incertitudini asupra anumitor situații din viața lor, asta se întâmplă
pentru că testul te integrează, abolind dualitatea, permițându-i conștiinței să facă
nederanjată munca sa în corp; dar sistemul nu ajută propriul “destin” (drumul
pentru experiență), care trebuie rezolvat de fiecare în parte.
În special, mai ales persoanele care au făcut testul nu trebuie să mi se mai
adreseze mie sau altora pentru problemele lor nerezolvate, ci trebuie să își întrebe
direct conștiința integrată, care este perfect capabilă să lămurească orice aspect al
realității, sau oricum este și reprezintă acea conștiință care trebuie să rezolve
lucrurile nerezolvate.
Armonia finală e rezultatul care trebuie obținut, nu doar banala alungare a
unui extraterestru care, în acest punct, chiar dacă ne-a distrus viața până acum, nu
mai reprezintă un pericol adevărat pentru noi.
Deci întreabă-te pe tine, pe acea parte divină din tine, iar aceasta îți va
răspunde mereu.
Boala e doar o condiție de neînțelegere datorată separării, pe când
vindecarea se datorează măririi cunoașterii. În acest context este evident că
TCTDF-ul folosește tuturor ființelor umane pentru că ajută la integrarea cu sinele
profund și te eliberează din sclavia falșilor zei – adevărații demoni, care au
încercat, cum spune și mitul, să trăiască etern fără să-și murdărească mâinile, prin
intermediul experienței durerii trăite de alții.
Universul dual prevede că iubirea și ura sunt în realitate o unică manifestare,
a unei unice monede cu două fețe. Guvernanții noștri zei, au decis să măsluiască
jocul și să facă astfel încât să iasă mereu cap, dar niciodată pajură, făcând astfel
doar jumătate din experiență și fiind deci mereu doar jumătate din sine însuși. Noi
am decis însă să fim totul și pentru asta am fost exploatați în tentativa de a ni se
fura partea de experiență care le lipsea altora.
Acest furt este doar reprezentarea unei conștiințe slabe, determinată din
neînțelegerea faptului că toți suntem unul. Când se înțelege acest lucru se înțelege
și cum funcționează oglinda. Oamenii vedeau în extratereștrii atât de demni de
dispreț, partea din ei ce era demnă de dispreț, iar extratereștrii vedeau în fragilitatea
umană fragilitatea lor.
Din momentul în care dualul moare, fiecare dintre noi devine conștient de
sine. Și din acel moment se oglindește doar în sine însuși, pentru că în interiorul
său este universul intern cu toate răspunsurile la toate întrebările.
TCTDF: partea experimentală
Asigurați-vă că nu veți fi deranjați. Relaxați-vă normal și închideți ochii.
Înotați în întunericul camerei voastre mentale. O cameră unde voi vă veți afla în
mijloc, în centrul ei, și unde este întuneric beznă. Acesta este camera pe care voi
trebuie să vi-o imaginați în minte.
Trebuie să știți că în această cameră există niște beculețe pe care probabil
voi nu le vedeți, pentru ce de obicei ele sunt stinse, dar este posibil ca ele să fie și
aprinse. Daca nu sunt aprinse le veți aprinde voi, unul câte unul. Aceste trei
beculețe sunt: mintea, pe care trebuie să o aprindeți prima, al doilea beculeț care
trebuie aprins este cel al spiritului, iar ultimul beculeț care trebuie aprins este cel al
sufletului. Observați cu atenție aceste beculețe care sunt în camera voastră mentala
pentru că ele sunteți voi, ele sunt esența voastră. Observați-le cu atenție culoarea,
mărimea, distanța față de voi, înălțimea față de podea. Ele sunt unica sursă de
lumină care există în camera voastră mentală.
Este posibil să vedeți o singura lumină, un singur beculeț, acesta fiind suma,
uniunea celor trei beculețe, sau puteți să le vedeți pe toate trei ca pe trei luminițe
individuale. Identificați care dintre ele reprezintă sfera sufletului vostru și încercați
să o atingeți. Introduceți o mână în interiorul acelei sfere. Ascultați și simțiți în
același timp: ce senzație tactilă aveți, ce simțiți în interiorul acelei sfere? Cald sau
frig, dens sau solid, lichid sau gazos? Există vreun miros particular sau un anumit
În timp ce simțiți partea sufletească care vi se arată ca o sferă luminoasă,
întrebați-o dacă își amintește când la începutul timpului era unita cu celelalte două
sfere, cea a spiritului și cea a minții, care în acea vreme nu existau separate, ci erau
Rugați sufletul să se întoarcă în timp, la acea secundă când cele trei părți
spirituale nu existau separat, pentru că acela era timpul de dinaintea separării lor
Rugați sufletul să se întoarcă în timp, în acel punct în care sufletul, mintea și
spiritul nu erau trei conștiințe separate, ci o singura conștiință. Încet, încet, veți
vedea că vă apar în minte imagini din acel moment. Întrebați sufletul dacă vrea să
se întoarcă în acel loc primordial. Observați cu atenție sfera sufletului, ce se
întâmplă și de ce sfera unică a conștiinței a fost separată în trei. Este important să
vedeți și să înțelegeți totul. Când sufletul decide, dacă vrea să decidă, să fie așa
cum era în acea secundă în care erau o singură sferă, nu o triadă împărțită în minte,
spirit si suflet, rugați-l să se unească cu celelalte două sfere, accentuând faptul că
nu există culori specifice pentru suflet, minte și spirit, și că, făcând parte dintr-un
singur întreg, ele pot să aibă orice culoare doresc.
Dacă sufletul dorește să schimbe culoarea și dacă și mintea și spiritul doresc
acest lucru, vor constata că pot să aibă orice culoare doresc pentru că ele sunt totul
și orice culoare reprezintă ceva ce poate exista.
Începem acum fuzionarea celor trei beculețe într-un singur beculeț, care la
început va avea toate culorile. Un beculeț în care orice punctuleț al său va avea
culori diferite, astfel încât, dacă se observă acest beculeț de departe va avea culoare
albă, iar de aproape va avea toate culorile universului.
În acel moment, spuneți sferei luminoase, cea care este suma celor trei sfere
originale, că, pentru a fuziona nu este suficient să se unească în acest mod, ci
trebuie să se amestece una cu cealaltă, astfel încât să devină o singură sferă care să
aibă o singura culoare, o culoare care reprezintă toate culorile: culoarea
Când sfera se transformă într-o sferă transparentă, invizibilă, căreia nu i se
văd nici măcar marginile, în acel moment unic, Conștiința Integrată (CI) va începe
să EXISTE. Conștiinței Integrate va trebui să i se spună că totul și nimic sunt
același lucru, dar că lipindu-se de nimic, nimic nu va exista.
Dacă în acea secundă sfera devine transparentă, nu vor mai exista
extratereștrii sau alte lucruri care să o deranjeze, pentru că, dacă ar exista în
interiorul unei structuri transparente, aceștia s-ar vedea și ar cădea la pământ. În
acel moment trebuie să i se spună sferei Conștiinței Integrate că nu mai există
bariere între minte, spirit și suflet și că nu vor mai exista deloc, pentru că trecutul a
fost modificat și nimeni nu a putut utiliza sferele originale separate, pentru că în
realitate ele nu au fost separate niciodată, iar acum sunt unite.
Acum, în camera voastră mentală, intrați cu tot corpul în sfera transparentă.
Ea și voi sunteți același lucru. Ea capătă forma corpului vostru, intră în corp făcând
ca însuși corpul vostru să devină imaginea ei, iar corpul devine și el o sferă
transparentă. Nu mai există nici o barieră. Pereții, tavanul și podeaua camerei nu
mai există pentru că nu mai au un motiv pentru care să existe. Conștiința Integrată
dărâmă orice barieră creată de ea însăși în camera mentală și în acel moment se
arată infinitului total. Așteaptă câteva momente și observă infinitul total. Cum îl
vezi? Privește și studiază locul unde exiști!
După câteva momente roagă Conștiința Integrată să asculte universul,
devenind ea însăși universul. Pentru a face acest lucru spune-i că trebuie să se
extindă încet. Te extinzi până la marginile universului, fără grabă, încet, încet. Și
în timp ce te extinzi, atingi universul pe care tu însuți l-ai creat, până la final, până
la limitele sale actuale. Sfera ta transparentă a inspirat într-o singură mare
respirație tot universul, pe care a reușit să-l înglobeze în interiorul său. Ca într-o
imensă inspirație. Pentru o secundă, care durează o eternitate, ascultă universul
tău, unde tu ești totul.
Încearcă să cunoști, să fii conștient de corpul tău, pentru că, cunoscând acest
corp este ca și când ai cunoaște întregul univers. Apoi inspiră și contractă-te,
încercând să devii cât mai mic posibil. Fă în așa fel încât sfera transparentă lipită
de corpul tău fizic să devină o sferă din ce în ce mai mică, dar făcând asta, ia cu
tine tot universul înglobat, făcându-l să devină și el mic, încet, încet, din ce în ce
mai mic, fără grabă, până devine un punctuleț mic, cu tot universul înăuntrul său.
Simte această senzație pentru câteva momente și apoi încearcă să te întorci la
dimensiunea ta originală.
Acum Conștiința ta Integrată știe că inspirând poate să devină o undă
imensă, o mare sferă, sau un punctuleț mic, mititel. Când este o undă imensă poate
fi în orice loc și în niciun loc în mod deosebit. În această stare ea este complet
invizibilă. În schimb, când este un punct micuț este vizibilă și este gata să
interacționeze cu totul. Vorbește cu tine însuți, tu care ești acea sferă integrată, și
spune-ți că tu poți să exiști în ambele moduri, manifestându-te ca undă sau ca
particulă, fiind invizibil sau vizibil în fața oricărei experiențe din realitatea virtuală.
În sfârșit, amintește-ți că această Conștiința Integrată utilizează propriul corp
pentru a face experiența pentru care a venit în această lume virtuală și că nu este
bine ca propriul corp să fie utilizat și de alții. Din acest motiv ea trebuie să
protejeze corpul, care este îmbrăcămintea sa.
Pentru câteva clipe ascultați-vă pe voi înșivă, așa cum nu s-a mai întâmplat
niciodată înainte de acesta uniune, ascultând în același timp și universul care vă
Exercițiul trebuie făcut fără să uitați niciun parametru al său și nu mai
trebuie refăcut niciodată după unirea sferelor într-o sferă unică, pentru că acest
proces de uniune este ireversibil (diviziunea nu se va mai putea face niciodată).
Experiențele pe care persoana respectivă vrea să le facă după această uniune,
călătoriile sale în univers, le va face fără a mai fi nevoie să urmărească sfera
transparentă externă ei însăși, pentru că acea sferă este persoana însăși. Însă dacă
sfera este văzută din exterior și este opacă, acest lucru înseamnă că într-o eventuală
răpire, corpul a fost luat iar. Toate aceste aspecte au putut fi deduse în baza
experimentelor făcute până la acesta oră.
Ar mai fi de subliniat că în camera inițială întunecată ar putea să fie mai
puțin de trei sfere, acest lucru datorându-se faptului că ele, fie au fost amestecate,
fuzionate într-o singură sferă transparentă, fie pentru că anumite sfere ar putea să
fie de culoare neagră, în acest caz acestea neputând să mai fie deosebite, camera
fiind tot de culoarea neagră, deci totul fiind de aceeași culoare. În cazul în care se
prezintă această situație, uniți sferele dumneavoastră fără probleme, chiar dacă nu
sunt vizibile bine toate sferele, așa cum am descris mai înainte, ignorând aceste
inconveniente. Este adevărat că în camera mentală pot să fie mai mult de trei sfere,
dar voi trebuie să identificați cele trei sfere ale voastre, mintea, sufletul și spiritul,
ca să lucrați cu ele, însă ignorându-le pe toate celelalte care vă înconjoară, pentru
că acestea vor dispărea în momentul în care Conștiința Integrată a fuzionat.
Cei care doresc, pot să experimenteze pe ei înșiși această simulare mentală,
dar mai întâi trebuie să studieze în amănunt toată teoria care există în spatele
acestei tehnici. Cei ce doresc, pot să fie ajutați de alții în a executa această tehnică
de simulare mentală, dar vă sfătuiesc din tot sufletul să efectuați totul SINGURI.
În același timp, considerăm că este necesar să subliniem că toate persoanele
care susțin că nu sunt capabile să efectueze această simulare independent, lucru
care se întâmplă în mare parte din cazuri, nu fac altceva decât să pună în mâinile
altora responsabilitățile lor. Ar fi inutil sa fie ajutați.
Pentru cei care nu au înțeles legăturile și obiectivul muncii noastre, le
sugerez ca înainte de a judeca în vreun fel aceste procedee, să facă această simplă
experiență pe ei înșiși, pentru a înțelege despre ce este vorba, pentru că nu este
posibil să vorbești despre ceva ce nu cunoști și nu înțelegi, până nu ai experimentat
pe tine însuți.
Nu trebuie să vă fie frică de nimic pentru că nu există nimic în univers de
care sa vă temeți, în afară de propria ignoranță.
Drum bun!

Tríade Color Teste Dinâmico Flash
De Corrado Malanga
31 Dezembro 2012
Este artigo descreve o procedimento final que permite, a quem o pratica, de adquirir
a potencial capacidade de aceder à consciência di si próprio.
Neste teste, ou procedimento experimental, convergem todas as experiências teórico-práticas
das nossas investigações no campo da percepção humana, aplicada ao estudo dos fenómenos
exógenos ao planeta Terra. O precedente procedimento, no qual este se inspira, tinha
como objectivo a tentativa de pôr remédio ao fenómeno das abduções alienígenas. Tínhamos
de facto individualizado um procedimento denominado Tríade Color Teste Dinâmico (TCTD),
que tinha dado óptimos resultados.
O processo do simples TCT previa uma simulação mental muito complexa, que era conduzida por
um operador externo, que fazia simular ao abduzido um quarto mental completamente escuro, no
qual estavam presentes algumas esferas que imitavam lâmpadas apagadas. Estas lâmpadas vinham
acendidas (evocadas) mentalmente pelo sujeito abduzido, numa ordem bem precisa e idealmente
simulavam as três componentes do próprio sê: mente, espírito e alma. Através de um simples
mecanismo arquetípico, analisando as cores das três lâmpadas, podia-se obter um quadro
psicológico preciso do sujeito examinado e das suas questões, seja que essas dependessem da
presença da interferência alienígena, seja que dependessem do psiquismo próprio do sujeito, ligado
às suas experiências de vida vivida.
No caso de sujeitos abduzidos, as cores das esferas luminosas vinham feitas corrigir do operador,
fazendo alcançar o objectivo de obter as cores arquetípicas correctas identificadas em base ideicoestatística
em verde, para a mente, vermelho para o espirito e azul ou amarelo para a parte anímica.
Para um estudo aprofundado do mecanismo cerebral das ideias, ler os precedentes trabalhos e im
particular aqueles que se referem ao TCT (Todas as cores da alma,do mesmo autor).
Pedia-se de seguida ao sujeito de individualizar a presença de outras esferas luminosas ao interno
do seu quarto mental que correspondiam a intrusos de natureza alienígena. A mente do sujeito,
arquetípicamente, vê os intrusos como esferas luminosas de cores apropriadas e, neste contexto, era
possível identificar as memórias alienígena activas, os lux, os parasitas sem corpo e todos os microimplantares
eventualmente presentes no corpo do sujeito.
A esfera anímica vinha encorajada a eliminar mentalmente todos os objectos e os sujeitos estranhos
ao quarto mental, com o próprio acto de vontade. Eliminavam-se depois as conexões de alma com
os construtores deste universo virtual dual, com o Homem Primeiro com o correspondente sujeito
do anti-universo e com a parte ainda hierarquicamente mais alta desta estrutura, indentificável no
mito indiano com as figuras dos criadores Shiva e Vishnu (Ler Génese III, do mesmo autor).
Uma vez que o sujeito se fosse diferenciado dos seus criadores manipuladores, pedia-se á parte
anímica de visionar, através de um ideico scanner, o corpo do abduzido, verificando a presença de
micro-implantares alienígenas e militares, destruindo-os um a um, com o próprio acto de vontade.
Sucessivamente pedia-se à parte anímica de procurar no espaço-tempo todos os contentores-cópia
do abduzido, que vinham individualizados e eliminados através de um acto de vontade.
O exame da linha do tempo, conduzido pela parte anímica, verificava que no futuro e no passado
não existissem mais cenas de abdução. O sujeito vinha assim completamente libertado do problema
abdução. Em alguns casos fazia-se percorrer, através da consciência da própria parte anímica, um
percurso que chamávamos “álbum de fotografias”, onde se individualizavam todas as tipologias dos
alienígenas que tinham vindo a disturbar a existência do abduzido, para fazer tomar consciência à
alma da situação passada: os alienígenas eram assim reconhecidos e identificados, a nível
consciente, para evitar ulteriores abduções inconscientes.
Por fim as três esferas vinham unidas numa esfera só, de cor branca ou amarela, simbolizando a
soma do vermelho, do verde e do azul ou do amarelo. A fusão das três consciências da tríade vinha
percebida ideicamente como a soma algébrica das três frequências no visível das três cores e a
mente produzia automaticamente a cor soma.
Os resultados deste procedimento, que durava em média duas horas e quarenta minutos, previa
de fazer adquirir à tríade, a necessária consciência para não se deixar mais submeter a
acções de abdução, seja da parte de alienígenas, que da parte dos militares, que da influência de
criadores cósmicos de vária natureza.
Os resultados, ainda se bons, não eram ainda óptimais.
Muitos sujeitos, depois do tratamento, adquiriam a capacidade de se defender do alieno mas
frequentemente, à causa de graves deficiências psicóticas precedentes, não eram capazes de
manter esta posição no arco de toda a sua existência neste planeta.
Eram portanto necessárias ulteriores aplicações desta metodologia que aliás, se
conduzida com suficiente experiência, conduzia contudo á liberação do abduzido
que, no arco da própria vida, podia acusar ainda alguma recaída, determinada do
facto que, na agenda aliena, não são previstas estratégias alternativas à clássica abdução.
O uso deste longo procedimento trazia consigo uma serie de insucessos totalmente
determinados da falta de óbvia vontade dos mesmos abduzidos, no querer-se realmente
libertar da matriz alienígena. Apareciam de facto, ao interno do abduzido, reacções psicóticas
de vária origem, que levavam o sujeito mesmo a concluir que a vida com o alieno era
melhor que aquela sem. O velho procedimento previa também a construção de um
sino ideico protector que teria envolvido o quarto mental do abduzido, fazendo de
modo que a imagem ideica do alienígena ficasse de fora do mesmo, não podendo mais
invadir o contentor (o corpo) do abduzido. Esta barreira, vinha garantida da
energia da parte anímica que vinha posta de guarda da tríade, ao interno do
mesmo contentor humano, feito assim inexpugnável.
Mas mesmo fazendo assim, notávamos que todas as vezes o Super-Eu do sujeito, ou seja
a auto-estima que ao Super-Eu é ligada, vinha a faltar, a barreira mental tornava-se frágil
e mais cedo ou mais tarde caía sob as insistentes manobras alienígenas.
O novo procedimento
No último ano, pudemos efectuar ulteriores observações experimentais que nos conduziram
a individualizar erros processuais contidos no velho TCTD. Tais novas
observações emergiram de um estudo, a nível quântico, do universo. Em particular
a compreensão que o universo não é dual punha-nos de fronte à ideia que não existe separação.
A dualidade, como tivemos modo de descrever na terceira parte da trilogia do título
Génese, que publicamos há algum tempo, é um engano perceptivo da mente humana.
O universo vem erradamente vivido como uma espécie de dupla hipótese dual,
onde os extremos pertencem a duas categorias diferentes. Bons e maus, aceso e apagado,
patrões e escravos, ricos e pobres mas também operadores hermitianos lineares de sinal oposto,
como o + e o – ou os versores de espaço, tempo e energia potencial, eram só ilusões
perceptivas. Neste contexto, o dualismo onda-partícula vinha reformado numa
óptica não dual, ligado á aquisição-de-consciência da consciência e não a esquivos
parâmetros escondidos, tanto procurados e nunca encontrados da física moderna.
A suposição que o universo virtual não é dual, fazia-nos compreender que qualquer coisa
tinha tentado fazer-no-lo crer. Descobria-se que a dualidade é um sistema para categorizar
o Homem, para o fazer acreditar de ser responsável de um fronte que se opõe a outro fronte.
O dualismo era o sistema com o qual os alienígenas e os alienados tentavam constranger
o homem a fazer batalhas que não eram suas. A ideia do dual previa que as frontes se
chocassem em eterno e a fórmula do divide e impera, teria funcionado até ao instante
Em que alguém não se fosse apercebido do engano.
Algumas observações no campo da física quântica tinham-nos permitido
compreender como a dualidade não existia se não como forma falsa perceptiva. Entendíamos
que o segundo princípio da termodinâmica era de rever onde a entropia do universo
devia ser posta em relação, não tanto à energia do sistema, mas à
aquisição-de-consciência do sistema que além do mais é ligada à sua energia.
Mas a conclusão de todas estas observações portavam numa só direcção. Se não
existe a dualidade, o universo não é dividido em dois sob-universos mas é uma única caixa na qual
existem tantos seres vivos com graus de consciência diferente, numa vasta gama de tonalidades.
Tal percepção diferente do universo vinha trocada por visão dual do mesmo.
O universo não é dual em si, mas fica dual porque percebido como tal, de consciências não
integradas. Por conseguinte, se não existiam barreiras categorizantes, não
podíamos, no TCTD, levantar uma barreira que tivesse o abduzido fechado numa gaiola construída
por ele mesmo. Não podíamos esperar que a gaiola fosse realmente protectora em quanto
a existência da própria gaiola, edeicamente, era a representação da possibilidade de
abater os confins. Se não existem confins não é possível abatê-los. O abduzido não
devia defender-se do alienígena com uma barreira; assim não se podia ter alma, mente e
espírito separados, ainda que unidos, mas uma soma de três esferas que podiam sempre ser
voltadas a levar a uma posição original, restabelecendo a separação entre essas.
Não existia separação entre as componentes da tríada pois que essas eram estadas separadas,
no Início, dos mesmos construtores da dualidade. A consciência do Homem, isto é, a Criação,
não pode ser manipulada por ninguém e para obter a manipulação é necessário separar
a consciência em três sob-consciências categorizando-as. Na realidade descobria-se que alma,
mente e espírito, existem só na nossa percepção dual mas essas são três partes de uma única
parte original, a Consciência. Essa é de todas as cores porque alma, mente e espírito, são de
todas as cores. Cada cor representa idealmente uma possibilidade de manifestar-se e assim como
a consciência pode ser tudo, eis que as suas três componentes não existem mais quando
readquirem a consciência de ser estadas divididas precedentemente.
A soma de alma, mente e espírito, não podia ser uma esfera idealmente branca
porque o branco é a soma algébrica das três frequências, próprias da manifestação
da tríada, mas não uma completa integração delas. O branco pode ser recomposto
nas três cores originais, tornando recuperável também a separação e com essa a abdução alienígena.
A soma total das cores prevê que a esfera final da consciência integrada
no universo virtual seja de todas as cores não sobrepostas mas integradas numa cor soma total.
Tal cor é a não cor.
Idealmente a “nenhuma cor” vem percebida da mente humana, como o tudo e o nada,
que têm, segundo a física do Zero Point Energy, o mesmo idêntico significado.
De facto se consideramos que um ponto do espaço seja vazio devemos perguntarmo-nos se é vazio
porque não tem nada ou é vazio porque naquele ponto tem o tudo e o contrário de tudo
que se aniquilam reciprocamente. E eis que o tudo e o nada se tornam a mesma coisa.
A esfera transparente é o nada que idealmente é tudo. Mas sendo que a esfera
transparente não há nenhum tipo de consistência, a essa, nada se pode enganchar. A esfera
transparente evoca a representação ideica da onda quântica.
O conceito de onda e partícula vem enganchado ao conceito de consciente inconsciente.
Quando a consciência é onda essa apresenta-se como inconsciência. Sabe-se que existe
mas não se sabe onde é localizada no espaço tempo. Em palavras pobres é invisível porque está
em toda a parte contemporaneamente. Ao contrário, a partícula é a representação ideica
da consciência total. A consciência integrada sabe de poder ser seja onda que
partícula e a decidi-lo é ela mesma. Apresentar-se ao alienígena como onda quer dizer ser, de
fronte ao alienígena, completamente transparente e invisível mas, de um ponto de vista quântico,
assume o significado de rejeito da experiência aliena, com consequente ausência de
interacção. O fenómeno físico torna-se assim perceptível só como onda e não localizado
como partícula. Ser partícula quer dizer aceitar a experiência da interferência.
Este conceito pode ser ensinado à consciência integrada idealmente e tal
consciência adquire o conhecimento de saber fazer uma coisa só, decidir, milhões de
vezes ao dia, di fronte a todo o universo, se participar a uma experiência, e ser
partícula de fronte a ela, ou recusar a experiência e “não se deixar encontrar por ela”,
assumindo o aspecto de onda. Ser onda significa que “sei que estás, mas não sei onde nem quando”.
Em termos mais simples, a consciência integrada sabia agora como tornar-se invisível
á experiência alienígena.
A nova parte experimental do tríade color teste dinâmico flash (TCTDF), que dura não
mais de quinze minutos, numa só aplicação, torna irreversível a fusão da tríade,
ensina à consciência integrada os conceitos virtuais da física quântica, num modo a ela
compreensível e torna qualquer um que faça correctamente este exercício, integrado consigo
O procedimento não é construído para salvar o Homem do alienígena mas para fazer sim que o
Homem adquira conhecimento de si próprio. Naquele instante, se o sujeito que pratica a
técnica fosse abduzido, libertar-se-ia imediatamente e para sempre do seu problema. Se
o sujeito nunca foi abduzido, liberta-se entretanto da sua ligação com a criação
de falsos Deuses e Demónios que, sobre ele não terão porém nunca mais poder.
O universo não local e a experiência da abdução.
O TCTDF não prevê a destruição de microchip, não prevê a destruição e a procura
de cópias, não evoca nenhuma imagem de alienígenas, não evoca nenhum tipo de recordação
virtual, não corrige as cores da tríade e não é portanto traumático. Prevê estados de auto-hipnose
muito ligeiros, facilmente modificáveis, segundo as exigências. Vai sublinhado que
sendo o universo não local e não existindo o passado ou o futuro mas só o presente, o
procedimento produz um efeito imediato sobre a Time Line da velha Programação Neuro-
Linguística (PNL).
De facto, no mesmo instante em que as três esferas da tríade, qualquer que seja a cor que tenham, se
unem e alcançam a perfeita transparência, essas não só são integradas numa
única essência consciencial irreversivelmente mas resultam como nunca separadas no asse do
As funções de onda quântica do passado e do futuro colapsam no presente dando realidade
só a esse. Neste contexto, se a consciência total vem reconstruída, essa resulta como
nunca dividida antes mas, se a consciência nunca esteve dividida ninguém nunca a pôde
manipular. Isto provoca experimentalmente o efeito que, no átimo da fusão,
desaparecem todas as memórias das abduções passadas, desaparecem todos os microchip que um
abduzido tem em si, eliminam-se de um golpe só todas as cópias do abduzido que nunca foram
A experiência abdutiva fica como “feita” mas não se há mais a lembrança, visível por parte da
mente, de um vivido que, nesse ponto, é como se nunca tivesse existido porque pertenceria a
um passado modificado e portanto actualmente nunca existido.
O novo procedimento garante além disso o total livre arbítrio da consciência integrada. A
esfera transparente da C.I. pode decidir, em qualquer momento, de ser onda (esfera transparente)
ou partícula, de ser visível ou invisível, de querer interagir ou querer recusar a experiência.
O novo procedimento não prevê a eliminação física do alienígena mas simplesmente a
transformação do evento abdutivo em onda. Neste contexto a consciência integrada
torna-se invisível ao alienígena que tecnicamente não tem mais a possibilidade de interagir com
o evento. Numa outra acepção, a consciência integrada, torna onda o alienígena. O alienígena
não vem destruído mas simplesmente, a probabilidade de encontrá-lo pela frente, vem
minimizada a um valor positivo mas arbitrariamente pequeno.
A probabilidade de ter o alienígena de frente a si torna-se assim tão pequena que o alienígena não
pode mais ser identificável. Este é o resultado que, em termos virtuais, se transforma na recusa,
por parte da consciência integrada, da experiência; mas em termos quânticos lê-se como
um resultado probabilístico estatístico, que parte da assunção que nós somos aqueles que
constroem a virtualidade e que nós interagimos com essa, mas só se queremos. Não são
os instrumentos a fazer as medidas mas nós a produzi-las, como recentemente demonstrado por
alguns experimentos de termodinâmica quântica (lê Génese III, do mesmo autor).
Deve também ser sublinhado que o tratamento quântico dos eventos pode ser efectuado só
em contextos microscópicos (o mundo das partículas físicas elementares). De facto, seja as
componentes da tríade que a consciência integrada, são semelhantes, em tudo e por tudo,
ás componentes microscópicas da física quântica bohmiana.
Não existem fracassos da técnica.
É preciso sublinhar que hoje cada técnica tem pontos débeis ou contudo é preciso conhecer-lhes
os limites. O TCTDF não tem propriamente nenhuma falha mas isto não quer dizer que o
sujeito não será mais retomado, se abduzido. O sujeito será retomado se a sua consciência
integrada o desejará.
Existem muitas pulsões que podem influir nesta direcção. Um sujeito abduzido e
libertado do problema à mais de um ano, vem retomado ou melhor entra novamente em
contacto com espécies alienígenas, durante uma noite particular. Ao outro dia são bem visíveis
algumas equimoses no corpo do ex-abduzido.
A reconstrução do episódio, mediante a técnica das âncoras (PNL), põe em evidência
dois factores importantes. Durante a noite os alienígenas tinham entrado na casa do sujeito mas
este descreve-os como se eles não o tivessem visto.
Os alienígenas de facto passam a direito e do quarto do abduzido acabam no quarto do seu
irmão, ele também no problema.
O sujeito ex-abduzido libertado, pensa, dentro de si, que deve defender o irmão: mas naquele
momento inconscientemente decide de re-aceitar a interferência aliena, retornando visível.
Daí nascerá uma verdadeira e própria luta com os alienígenas, cujos efeitos virão à luz,
no dia seguinte, ao despertar.
O segundo efeito foi o notar que, neste caso porém, o nosso ex-abduzido não
foi retomado porque não pode mais ser re-separada a consciência integrada e, sobre ela,
não se pode nunca mais agir.
Algum outro caso em que o contentor é retomado parece seja devido ao facto que o ex-
-abduzido decide de se vingar e guarda um profundo rancor contra os seus abdutores que
são considerados aqueles que arruinaram a existência do raptado. Naquele instante o
sujeito inconscientemente predispõe-se a vingar-se e portanto re-aceita o confronto com
o alieno que tornará a incomodar o abduzido, incapaz de libertar-se do seu problema não
resolvido a nível psicológico.
Esta técnica pode ser aplicada também a pessoas que não sabem nada de alienígenas, que
não têm consciência da sua situação, que não têm lembranças, a nível consciente, de
algum tipo. Mas depois do tratamento, a consciência integrada, nestes casos específicos, pode
decidir de recordar as experiências das quais tomou consciência, mas não mais a viva recordação.
Nestes casos, parece que a consciência integrada se ponha em boa mostra em frente do alieno para
se deixar retomar e para jogar um jogo que pode até ser perigoso, mas que
no entanto não leva mais à submissão da esfera transparente ao alieno. A esfera
transparente não é nunca mais retomada.
Nesta fase é importante integrar a esfera transparente com o próprio contentor,
caso contrário o contentor ainda será retomado mas a esfera transparente não poderá mais
ser manipulada. Este facto, leva o sujeito, sobretudo se fêmea, a ser ainda utilizado
para procriação aliena. Ensinar á consciência integrada a integrar-se com o próprio contentor
é a única via de saída deste inconveniente.
O que é a Consciência Integrada.
Por consciência integrada entende-se aquela parte de consciência primordial que criou
o universo virtual, que no entanto é integrada na virtualidade, tendo tomado consciência de
espaço, tempo e energia. Trata-se de uma consciência que, sendo a soma das suas três
componentes, com características também virtuais, sabe que o universo é uma sua criação,
sabe o que quer dizer espaço e tempo e energia, fala em neutro e não ao feminil como a
velha parte anímica, domina o espaço, o tempo e a energia, é potencialmente capaz de
exprimir-se para-normalmente, usa o contentor para fazer experiência.
Portanto, uma vez que a consciência integrada deve fazer experiência, ela não
adquiriu consciência do Tudo pois que, se tivesse adquirido consciência, não teria necessidade de
se integrar no universo virtual por ela criado.
Fazer a experiência do TCTDF torna o Homem integrado e não mais dividido nas suas três
componentes, trazendo-o à condição ORIGINAL: mas isto não prevê
a experiência prefixada que deve ainda ser completada.
Quando a experiência do TCTDF foi efectuada, o mapa descritivo do território de
cada um muda e aparecem ao sujeito os verdadeiros problemas da virtualidade que ele decidiu
afrontar e muitas vezes tudo isto cria também átimos de confusão que, ao extremo, poderiam
fluir hipoteticamente também no acto decisório, da parte da consciência integrada, de
voltar atrás. São melhores os alienígenas ou as dificuldades da vida quotidiana? A consciência
integrada que deve fazer experiência tem libero arbítrio e pode escolher sempre, mas a escolha
eventual e raríssima de voltar atrás não é representativa da falência da técnica,
antes pelo contrário é uma evidente prova de sucesso, remarcando que neste universo, o livre
arbítrio fica totalmente absoluto.
Nos casos por nós tratados num ano de tempo, nenhuma consciência integrada se deixou mais
retomar, alguns contentores tiveram algum pequeno e chato problema com a
tendência à resolução total no tempo, um só caso manifestou a ideia de retornar ao fenómeno
por própria escolha mas depois, até hoje, não o fez.
A C.I., dum ponto de vista quântico, possui os três vectores de espaço, tempo e energia
que lhe permitem exprimir-se na sua criada realidade virtual enquanto os três vectores de
aquisição-de-consciência que, como dissemos em Génese III, representam o único modo de
medir indirectamente a consciência em si, sobrepuseram-se perfeitamente,
tornando-se um único vector de aquisição-de-consciência (agente em todas as direcções como
multi versor N.d.A.). Vai recordado que os três vectores da aquisição-de-consciência de alma,
mente e espírito, quais produtos vectoriais das duas componentes que caracterizam cada um dos três
elementos, são “não permutáveis” entre eles. Isto é, estão postos a noventa graus entre eles e não
se podem sobrepor naquela que era a esfera branca que obtínhamos no final do TCTD clássico.
A esfera transparente, uma vez que vem reduzida a um ponto, no procedimento
que veremos de seguida, produz a sobreposição final dos três vectores de aquisição-de-consciência,
destruindo ainda mais e até ao fim, a separação esquizóide entre espírito e alma e mente, que
originava um ser imperfeito e sobretudo decididamente vulnerável por falta de coerência interna..
As características da consciência integrada mais evidentes, se posta em hipnose profunda, são
as seguintes:
O sujeito fala ao masculino (neutro)
. O sujeito sabe que construiu o universo mas não sabe porque o fez desta maneira.
. O sujeito sustem que o Ser existe porque se manifesta no fazer.
. O sujeito sustem que o dual não existe e se existe é porque faz, e para ser tudo, deve fazer tudo.
. O sujeito vê e percebe o universo de maneira totalmente virtual, como uma construção falsa,
sem solidez aparente.
. A consciência integrada vê o universo também em modo real. Real e/ou virtual
juntos. Aprende a ser observador de si mesmo desde infinitos pontos que observam
na direcção do seu centro e do centro olhando para infinitos pontos.
Através a realização da consciência integrada pode-se viajar na virtualidade
procedendo a visões em qualquer espaço e tempo, enquanto devagar devagarinho surgem aspectos
de natureza paranormal sempre mais evidentes na vida de todos os dias.
A técnica opera sobre si mesmos.
O TCT clássico previa, pela sua complexidade e duração, o emprego de uma ajuda externa.
O condutor conduzia o sujeito na simulação mental, fazendo-o percorrer todas as etapas necessárias,
até ao fim, ao alcance da esfera branca da consciência.
Durante a experimentação da nova técnica, apercebemo-nos, ao início, de alguns fracassos
parciais que se obtiveram e no andar a procurar as causas, embatemo-nos na teoria do efeitoespelho.
O universo, segundo as nossas concepções, é de natureza holística, isto é, (não) separado do tudo,
como de resto se supõe que seja, verificando as equações da física de Bohm. Neste sentido
as reacções que um outro tenha comigo dependem exclusivamente de mim. Se alguém
guerreia comigo é porque dentro de mim eu não atingi a harmonia. De facto se eu
por exemplo entro numa sala onde tem alguém antipático mesmo se não digo nada, ele
perceberá, dentro de si, a minha hostilidade e bastará um qualquer gesto meu para produzir uma
reacção violenta contra mim. Naquele momento eu ficarei autorizado a responder porque
tecnicamente não comecei primeiro mas na realidade tive, primeiro, uma reacção negativa
contra o outro. Neste contexto o outro se revoltará contra mim, porque eu, através de um campo
morfogenético local, terei comunicado o meu mau-estar para com ele.
Tínhamos depois notado que alguns sujeitos tinham substancialmente partes do método
que eram duras à compreensão e que, se não compreendidas, produziam problemáticas no pós-
-tratamento. Alguns abduzidos não compreendiam os efeitos quânticos de onda e partícula.
O alienígena não os retomava mais mas estes abduzidos não conseguiam tornar-se invisíveis ao
próprio alienígena, que de qualquer maneira ficava passivamente presente nas experiências
quotidianas. Outros abduzidos tinham dificuldade a separar-se da figura do alienígena pois que
o abduzido não compreendia a ideia que o passado não existe e portanto ficava vinculado a ele.
De uma análise mais profunda que fiz seja sobre mim que sobre alguns colegas que praticavam
o TCTDF em fase experimental, podia notar como durante a aplicação do teste, a palavra assumia
uma importância profunda mas por detrás da palavra existia um outro tipo de meta-comunicação
mais profunda e eficaz. Durante o teste, o condutor produz um tipo de situação em que ele
passa um pacote de informações que migram da própria consciência à consciência do abduzido.
Sempre que o abduzido seja capaz de querer adquirir o pacote informativo, ele obtém todas as
informações que o condutor lhe passa. Noutras palavras, o TCTDF poderia ser conduzido também
em total silêncio e o resultado seria provavelmente o mesmo. Mas dado que os seres humanos
usam a fala nesta virtualidade para simplificar (não sei até que ponto: N.d.A.) as coisas, usámos
o Verbo para ensinar á consciência o que é a quântica. Mas naquele contexto, se o meu pacote
informativo consciencial tem alguma dissonância, eis que eu a transmito ao outro completamente.
Façamos um exemplo simples: se eu tenho algum problema irresoluto com o meu passado e
conduzo um TCTDF sobre um sujeito abduzido, eis que ele se libertará do alienígena de modo total
mas possivelmente continuará a ver a sua imagem ao lado da cama de noite, enquanto procura
dormir. A minha incapacidade de libertar-me do meu passado estava re-endereçada ao abduzido que,
se não tem informações contrárias, não sabe gerir esta parte da virtualidade e sofrerá do meu mesmo
problema. Por outras palavras ainda, se eu vou ao médico com uma constipação e quero ser
curado, não devo ir a um médico constipado porque ele não me poderá curare, não tendo ele mesmo
vencido o seu problema.
Era claro que este tipo de meta-informação não só agia a nível de TCTDF mas constantemente em
todas as relações diárias entre os seres vivos.
Era também claro onde, no passado, tínhamos parcialmente fracassado e onde o, por assim dizer,
“velho designado” aos abduzidos, fracassava. Se não és puro como um cristal acabas por sujar
também o teu paciente e esta podia ser uma das razões pela qual alguns abduzidos não se
libertavam completamente do problema, excluindo os casos em que a vontade do sujeito
permaneceu contra.
Portanto, em linha teórica de princípio, ninguém pode efectuar um TCTDF sobre outros, a menos
que não seja perfeito dentro. Vai também dito que não existem, que eu saiba, pessoas perfeitas
dentro e vai também sublinhado como o TCTDF que o nosso grupo efectuou até agora, na
experimentação geral, tenham ido todas a bom fim, mesmo se com ligeiras pecas.
A coisa melhor a fazer era construir uma parte experimental simples que cada um
pudesse efectuar sobre si mesmo, tendo cuidado de manifestar um forte acto de vontade no
resolver as próprias problemáticas. Ressalta-se nesta sede como a percentagem de sucesso do
TCTDF é estreitamente ligada á compreensão das coisas que se estão a fazer.
Não se pode efectuar o teste lendo simplesmente a parte experimental que segue, como se fosse
um ritual da igreja católica ou da receita de um doutor qualquer, mas deve-se compreender
exactamente o que significa cada singular passagem.
Por isto quem quer efectuar o teste sobre si mesmo, tem que ler, estudar, compreender, muitas das
coisas que escrevi precedentemente. Tem que ter claro o significado dos três trabalhos intitulados
Génese, do primeiro ao terceiro, tem que compreender como funcionam as simulações mentais
e estudar a teoria do TCT clássico. Erros interpretativos poderiam invalidar o inteiro procedimento
por um lado, mas por outro sabemos que as informações importantes estão já à disposição de todos,
a nível de grelha holográfica que através do campo morfogenético estão já, desde sempre,
disponíveis a cada um. Os sujeitos a quem praticámos o TCTDF em fase experimental, têm
que compreender que se depois da aplicação do teste, tivessem ainda dúvidas e incertezas sobre
algumas situações da própria vida, é porque o teste te integra, abolindo a dualidade, permitindo
á consciência de poder fazer imperturbada o seu trabalho no contentor; mas o sistema não ajuda a
resolver o próprio “destino” (caminho experiencial), que deve ser resolvido por si mesmos.
Em particular, as pessoas que efectuaram o teste não devem endereçar-se mais a mim ou a
outros para as próprias questões irresolutas mas perguntá-lo directamente à própria consciência
integrada que é perfeitamente capaz de esclarecer qualquer aspecto da realidade ou contudo é, e
representa, aquela consciência que deve resolver as coisas irresolutas.
A harmonia final é o resultado a obter, não mais banalmente, expulsar um alienígena que a este
ponto, se bem que nos tenha destruído a vida até hoje, não representa mais nenhum sério perigo
para nós.
Pergunta portanto a ti mesmo, á parte divina de ti mesmo e esta parte responderá sempre.
A doença é só um estado de incompreensão devida à separação enquanto a cura está na aquisição
de consciência. Neste contexto é evidente como o TCTDF sirva a todos seres humanos
porque ajuda na integração com o eu profundo e liberta da escravidão dos falsos Deuses e
verdadeiros Demónios que têm, como o mito conta, procurando viver em eterno sem se sujar as
mãos através da experiência da dor vivida por outros.
O universo dual prevê que o amor e o ódio sejam na realidade, uma única manifestação de
uma única medalha com duas caras. Os nossos governantes Deuses, decidiram fraudar o jogo
e fazer sair sempre cara e nunca cruz, fazendo assim só metade experiência e sendo assim só
metade de si mesmos. Nós decidimos ao contrário, de ser tudo e por isto fomos instrumentalizados
na tentativa de nos roubarem a parte experimental que faltava a outros.
Este roubo é só a representação de uma consciência pobre, e determinada da não
compreensão que somos todos um. Assim quando se compreende isto entende-se
também como funciona o espelho. Os humanos viam nos alienígenas assim desprezáveis, a
parte desprezável de si mesmos e os alienígenas viam na fragilidade humana a própria fragilidade.
No instante em que o dual morre, cada um de nós torna-se consciente de si mesmo. E daquele
momento espelhar-se-há só em si mesmo, porque dentro de si há o universo inteiro com todas as
respostas a todas as perguntas.
TCTDF: parte experimental.
Certificai-vos de não ser disturbados, relaxai-vos normalmente e fechai os olhos.
Imergi-vos, no escuro do vosso quarto-mental. Um quarto no qual vós estejais no centro e
onde tudo é escuro. O vosso quarto-mental. Sabeis que neste quarto estarão lâmpadas que
provavelmente não vereis porque normalmente estão apagadas mas poderiam também estar já
acesas. Se não estão, acenderei-as uma de cada vez. As vossas três lâmpadas são:
a mente, que acendereis primeiro, o espírito que acendereis em segundo lugar e a alma que se
acenderá em terceiro lugar.
Observai estas três lâmpadas que estão no vosso quarto-mental, o vosso eu, a vossa essência.
Observai-lhes a posição, a cor, o tamanho, a distancia entre vós e a altura desde o chão do quarto.
As únicas fontes de luz, no vosso quarto, são as três lâmpadas.
Poderíeis ver só uma lâmpada como soma das três mas, se virdes três individualizai a lâmpada
que representa a vossa parte anímica e metei-lhe um braço dentro.
Escutai e percebei que sensação táctil que tendes. Que se sente dentro da lâmpada de alma?
Calor ou frio, denso ou sólido, líquido ou gasoso? Sente-se qualquer odor particular ou qualquer
som particular?
Perguntai-lhe se ela se lembra de quando, no início do tempo, é unida ás outras duas esferas de
mente e espirito que, naquele instante, ainda não existem, antes da separação actual.
Perguntai à vossa alma de retornar àquele ponto, quando alma, mente e espirito são
uma coisa só e não existem três consciências mas uma só. Devagarinho, devagarinho
chegarão sensações e imagens daquele instante. Perguntai agora á alma se quer voltar àquele
estado primordial. Observai e fazei observar á vossa esfera anímica o que acontece e
porque a esfera da consciência se separou em três sob-esferas. É bem tomar consciência
do todo. Quando alma decide, se decide, de voltar como naquele instante, a ser uma coisa só
e não mais dividida com mente e espirito, pedi-lhe que se una ás outras duas esferas, fazendo-lhe
notar que não existe uma cor específica para alma, mente e espirito mas que, sendo partes de um
todo, essas na realidade podem assumir qualquer cor que desejem. Se alma quer provar a mudar de
cor, assim como mente e espirito, elas notarão que podem adquirir qualquer cor: sendo que elas são
tudo e cada cor representa uma coisa que se pode ser. Procedemos agora á fusão das três lâmpadas
numa lâmpada só que terá primeiro todas as cores. Uma lâmpada em que cada pontinho luminoso
será de uma cor diferente, tanto que, se se observa a lâmpada de longe, essa aparecerá
inexoravelmente branca; mas, de perto, poderia assumir todas as cores do universo.
Neste ponto dizei mentalmente á esfera luminosa, soma das três esferas originais que,
para fazer a fusão, não basta somar-se deste modo mas precisa fundir-se irreversivelmente numa
coisa só, uma esfera que tenha uma só cor, a cor que representa todas as cores, a cor transparente.
Quando a esfera se transformará na esfera totalmente invisível (sem nem sequer poder distinguir
os bordos), naquele instante, a consciência integrada tornará a SER. Deverá dizer-se á consciência
integrada que o nada e o tudo são a mesma coisa mas que, agarrado ao nada, nada pode estar.
Se naquele instante a esfera se torna transparente, não há mais alienígenas ou outras coisas que a
possam perturbar, porque se estivessem ao interno de uma estrutura transparente, eles ver-se-iam
e cairiam ao chão.
Naquele instante far-se-á notar á esfera da consciência integrada, que não existem mais barreiras
entre alma, mente e espirito, que não existem mais, e que nunca existiram pois que o passado
foi modificado e ninguém pôde utilizar as esferas originais separadas porque essas nunca o foram,
já que agora tornadas unidas.
Agora, no quarto mental, entrai com o vosso corpo na esfera transparente. Ela e vós sois a
coisa do costume. Ela toma a vossa forma e se adagia no vosso contentor, fazendo o
contentor tornar-se uma imagem de si mesma. Tu tornas-te esfera transparente.
Não existem mais barreiras; as paredes, o chão e o tecto do quarto, não têm mais razão de ser.
A consciência integrada, abate as barreiras, criadas por ela própria, do quarto-mental, que agora
se debruça sobre o infinito total. Espera alguns instantes e observa o infinito total, assim como te
aparece. Contempla o lugar onde existes.
Depois de alguns instantes, pede á tua esfera transparente de escutar o universo tornando-te tu
mesmo o universo. Para fazer isso, pede á esfera de expandir-se lentamente. Tu expandes-te
lentamente até aos confins do universo, sem presas, devagarinho, devagarinho. E enquanto te
expandes tocas o universo que tu mesmo criastes, até ao fim, até ao actual limite. A tua esfera
transparente respirou num único grande respiro, englobando nele todo o universo absorvendo-o
dentro de si. Como em um grande respiro.
Por um instante, que dura uma eternidade, escuta o teu universo, onde tu és tudo.
Toma consciência do teu corpo porque é como tomar consciência do inteiro universo. Depois
expira e contraindo-te torna-te mais pequeno. Faz de modo que a tua esfera transparente, colada ao
teu corpo físico, se torne uma esfera cada vez mais pequena: mas, ao fazeres isto, leva-te dentro
todo o universo que englobaste, fazendo-o ficar, ele mesmo muito pequeno, devagarinho,
devagarinho, sempre mais pequeno, sem presas, até se tornar um pontinho infinitesimal com
todo o universo dentro. Saboreia por alguns instantes esta sensação muito particular e volta agora
á tua dimensão originaria. Agora a tua consciência integrada, sabe que pode respirar e tornar-se uma
grande onda, uma grande esfera ou um pontinho pequenino, pequenino.
Quando é grande onda ela está em todo o lugar e por isso em nenhum lugar em particular.
Naquele estado, ela é completamente invisível. Quando, ao contrário é uma pequena partícula,
ela é visível como tal e pronta a interagir com o todo. Fala a ti mesmo, qual esfera integrada e
explica á tua esfera integrada que pode sempre existir nestes dois estados e mostrar-se como
onda ou como partícula, sendo invisível ou visível de fronte a qualquer experiência da realidade
Recorda, no final de tudo isto, que a consciência integrada usa o próprio contentor (o corpo),
para fazer a experiência que ela veio fazer neste contexto virtual e que não está bem
que o próprio contentor venha capturado por outros e que é necessário proteger o próprio
contentor enquanto expansão e vestido da consciência integrada.
Ficai por alguns instantes a escutarem-vos a vós mesmos, como nunca o tivestes feito antes
e observai o universo á vossa volta.
O exercício, se efectuado sem negligenciar nenhum parâmetro daqueles descritos, não deve
ser refeito porque a fusão das esferas em uma única esfera é irreversível.
As experiências sucessivas deste tipo que o sujeito quererá conduzir, levá-lo-ão a viajar
no universo sem mais necessidade de visualizar a sua esfera transparente externa a si mesmo,
porque ele é a sua esfera transparente. Se a esfera vem vista do exterior e vem vista opaca, isto
significa que, numa eventual abdução, o corpo do sujeito foi retomado.
Tudo isto parece poder-se deduzir, sobre base da experimentação até agora concluída.
Deve-se sublinhar como no quarto-mental, no início, se possam encontrar menos de três
esferas seja porque elas poderiam já estar fundidas numa só esfera transparente, seja porque
algumas esferas poderiam assumir a cor preta e sendo o quarto-mental escuro, elas
poderiam não ser claramente visíveis. Se se apresenta esta eventualidade, unir as esferas
igualmente, ainda se algumas delas não resultam visíveis e proceder como descrito anteriormente.
No quarto-mental poderiam estar mais de três esferas mas neste caso individualizar as três esferas
de alma, mente e espirito e trabalhar com essas, negligenciando as outras, que desaparecerão
depois da concluída a fusão da consciência integrada.
Aqueles que o desejem, podem efectuar, sobre si mesmos, a simulação mental, tendo
cuidadosamente estudado toda a teoria que existe por trás desta aplicação. Alguns
sujeitos poderão ser ajudados por outros a efectuar o percurso desta simulação mental mas
aconselha-se vivamente de efectuar SOZINHOS todo o percurso. Usualmente retemos seja
necessário sublinhar que sujeitos que sustêm de não serem capazes de efectuar esta simulação,
de maneira independente, na maioria dos casos, desejam só pôr nas mãos dos outros,
a responsabilidade da própria existência.
Seria inútil ajudá-los.
A todos aqueles que não compreendem o tipo de abordagem que empreendemos,
sugiro, antes de exprimir um qualquer juízo em mérito, de fazer esta simples experiência
e de a compreender a fundo, enquanto não é possível falar de alguma coisa que não se conhece se
não se fez a experiência dela.
Não se deve nunca ter medo porque não há nada no universo de que ter medo fora
a própria ignorância.
Boa viagem.


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